Chapter 148 – Sentencing

“Since Ningning has made a decision, we’ll go along with Ningning’s choice,” Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian had no objections to Xu Jinning’s decision.

“Alright, let’s do it this way then.”

After saying that, Zhang Changzheng looked at Xu Jinning, fell silent for a moment, and said, “Ningning, I know this outcome is unfair to you, but it’s only temporary. Things will definitely get better in the future.”

Through this incident, Zhang Changzheng, who had been somewhat complacent, found the motivation to strive for higher goals.

Only from a higher position could he better protect those around him.

Not letting them get hurt and still not getting justice in the end would be a double injustice.

“Yeah, Dad Changzheng, I understand.”

Meanwhile, in the hospital room, members of the Xu family including Song Yi were also contemplating the same question at this time.

After this incident, they shared a common concern: what direction should they strive for in the future?

How should they act to better protect their family in the future?

They were aware that their current capabilities were too limited, and their influence too small. It would be very difficult for them, in their current state, to protect their family.

If it weren’t for Zhang Changzheng’s presence this time, Ningning would probably have had to bear an even greater injustice alone.

The feeling of wanting to protect one’s family but being powerless was truly frustrating.

So, they also resolved to work hard, each in their respective fields or seeking new opportunities, step by step advancing, striving to do their best and reach higher levels. They hoped that in the future, they would have the “wings” to protect their family under their shelter!

Xu Jinning didn’t know that her own incident had spurred her family members into action.

That day, Xu Jinning was discharged from the hospital and went home to recuperate.

Meanwhile, Lin Wangshu finally emerged from the police station.

She only noticed that her parents’ expressions were not very good, especially Yao Shui, Lin Wangshu always felt that her mother’s eyes sometimes carried a hint of blame when looking at her, but upon closer inspection, she couldn’t quite see it.

“Mom, Dad, should we hurry back to Haishi and buy train tickets?”

“Oh right, I originally only took four days off from work, but now it’s been a week, will there be any consequences? Shouldn’t I hurry back to work?”

Honestly, Lin Wangshu didn’t want to stay in Anren County for another moment; she urgently wanted to return to Haishi.

It seemed that only by returning to Haishi could she remain the glamorous city dweller Lin Wangshu, and not be seen as a disheveled Xu Fangfang in Anren County, treated as a criminal.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Lin Wangshu said this, her already silent parents became even more silent.

Then Lin Wangshu heard her mother say, “You don’t need to go back to work there anymore.”

Lin Wangshu hadn’t reacted yet. “Huh, why?”

“You’ve been fired, and not just you, I’ve been removed from my position, and your dad has been demoted. He can’t get promoted for the next ten years. Shushu, do you know how much our family sacrificed this time just to get you out?” Yao Shui didn’t mention her own past crime.

Through her mother’s explanation, Lin Wangshu realized that this time, the sacrifice made to get her out was indeed significant, even to the extent of compensating Xu Jinning with a small villa.

She couldn’t work at a government agency anymore. What would she do in the future?

Honestly, Lin Wangshu had never imagined such a situation.

For a moment, she felt lost.

“How did it get this serious?”

“Did you think this was easy? Zhang Changzheng isn’t just an ordinary person. Even that girl’s future brother-in-law, Song Yi, is a military doctor, the two of them have been relentlessly pursuing us to get you out. It’s not as simple as you think.” Yao Shui’s tone naturally carried a tone of resentment as she spoke. “This whole situation is because of you; you need to reflect on your actions.”

She didn’t even know how she would face her friends at the same school now that her professorship had been revoked.

She had lost all face.

Yao Shui’s expression blamed Lin Wangshu entirely, making Lin Wangshu feel uncomfortable.

Lin Wangshu wanted to say that it wasn’t all her fault, that she did make mistakes, but if they hadn’t committed crimes, hadn’t switched children, and hadn’t been caught with evidence, then getting her out might have been easier.

But Lin Wangshu knew she couldn’t say that.

Because her parents had switched children initially to give her a better life, and compared to Xu Jinning’s fifteen years, she had indeed lived a good life in the Xu family for fifteen years.

If she said that, it would seem heartless.

Moreover, she still had to rely on her parents now. Although her mother’s complaints made her uncomfortable, and it might be harder to be as close to her in the future, they would still have to get along.

“Yes, I know I was wrong, and I will definitely change in the future, not act so impulsively.” Lin Wangshu quietly lowered her head and admitted her mistake.

“Alright, hurry up and buy tickets back to Haishi,” Yao Shui said, turning and entering the house.

As the Lin family left Anren County, the case involving Zhong Dequan and others was soon resolved.

The incident made it to the newspapers that day, not just the local ones but also provincial, municipal, and national papers.

Nothing else, just because the event was too heinous.

Countless people condemned Zhong Dequan and his associates, cursing them as human tr*ffickers, along with anyone who cooperated with human tr*ffickers, saying they deserved to die.

Zhong Dequan and his associates did indeed deserve to die; they were all sentenced to death.

Because of this incident, various places began to take human tr*fficking more seriously. The authorities directly issued documents, initiating nationwide crackdowns and arrests of human tr*ffickers.

For a time, the abd*ction and tr*fficking of women and children greatly decreased.

Of course, hospitals were also essential areas for investigation.

Furthermore, after the authorities conducted investigations into hospitals nationwide, they indeed discovered that it wasn’t just Anren Hospital or only Zhong Dequan engaging in such activities. Other hospitals also had doctors collaborating with human tr*ffickers to s*ll newborns, although not as brazenly as Zhong Dequan. These individuals were naturally arrested as well.

Subsequently, each of these incidents made it to the newspapers.

In the case of Zhong Dequan, the newspapers not only reported the crimes of Zhong Dequan and his associates but also praised those who discovered their crimes, conducted investigations, and made arrests—specifically, Zhang Changzheng and Song Yi.

Zhang Changzheng had already gained attention due to several successful case resolutions, resulting in a promotion and even more recognition from higher authorities.

As for Song Yi, originally an outstanding military doctor, if he hadn’t insisted on returning to his hometown, he would have had limitless prospects in the future.

For the achievements of these two individuals in this case, they received rewards from higher authorities.

Zhang Changzheng was awarded a Second-Class Merit.

As for Song Yi, although he had retired, higher authorities restored his original military rank and benefits, allowing him to continue enjoying the privileges associated with that rank. Furthermore, if Song Yi continues to contribute in the future, there is a possibility for further promotions.

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