Chapter 173 – Someone worth forming deep bonds with

“The scene at that time was truly heart-stopping.”


The hunters on the mountain were talking excitedly about their battle with seven wild boars.

They gestured and acted out the scenes vividly, their expressions lively and dramatic.

The people around them were stunned, continuously exclaiming in surprise.

From this, it could be seen how thrilling the scene was at that time.

Especially the children and the elderly, each time they listened, they took a sharp breath and tightened their grip, especially during the thrilling parts.

“Thank goodness we had rifles.”

“The beast charged at us, and we had to shoot.”

“Yeah, Xu Xiangdong was the most skilled. He shot the beast right in the eye, then directly in its head, and it fell immediately.”

“Yes, indeed, Xu Xiangdong is truly skilled, no wonder he was a former militia member.”


Xu Xiangdong, who was being praised, quietly left the crowd.

Although the storyteller exaggerated a bit, what they said wasn’t far from the truth. At that time, when they encountered those seven adult wild boars and fought with them, it was indeed a dangerous process.

Actually, at that time, Xu Xiangdong was truly worried that someone might accidentally get attacked by the wild boars and get injured.

Fortunately, everyone ended up safe and sound.

They even successfully brought back a lot of game.

Regardless, everyone who went hunting on the mountain today is seen as extremely skilled and heroic in the villagers’ eyes!

After finishing the storytelling, the next enjoyable part for everyone was the distribution of the hunted game.

Since the resources in the back mountains are public property, the game from this hunt naturally belongs to everyone.

However, Xu Xiangdong discussed with everyone and decided to give one of the wild boars to the militia as compensation for lending them the rifles!

The rest of the game was shared among all the villagers.

Of course, each household received a different amount.

Those who didn’t go received the least, without any choice, while families who participated in the mountain hunt received more game and could choose their preferred meat.

No one in the village had any objections to this arrangement.

After all, more work meant more rewards.

Xu Xiangdong sent the boar belonging to the militia over and returned the rifles.

He Yi couldn’t believe Xu Xiangdong’s group managed to catch so much game, and he never expected that just by asking for half a boar, they would give him a whole one, and an adult at that.

As Xu Xiangdong left, He Yi pointed at the wild boar on the ground and said to the other militia members, “Look, this is why I was willing to lend Xu Xiangdong the rifles.”

It wasn’t just about getting half or a whole boar; it was because he knew Xu Xiangdong was someone who valued relationships, loyalty, and promises.

Anyone who helped him would never be mistreated!

Xu Xiangdong was someone worth forming deep bonds with.

Moreover, for some reason, He Yi had a feeling that the Xu family might achieve even greater heights in the future!

The distribution of so much game made the entire Qinghe Production Brigade have a prosperous year, especially the elderly and children, who all had smiles on their faces.

The common people’s desires are quite simple, really—they just want to have enough food and clothing!

And this year, with surplus food and money at home, with meat and vegetables on the table, everyone feels content just looking at it.

This year, everyone is living happily.

They are also looking forward to the arrival of the new year even more!

The future will surely get better, right? Yes, it definitely will.

In the midst of the lively firecrackers and New Year greetings, Xu Jinning welcomed the New Year of 1981.

This meant that 1981 had officially arrived.

And this year would bring significant changes for the country and its people.

Before the New Year, Xu Jinning and her family thoroughly cleaned both the inside and outside of their home.

On New Year’s Eve, after having the New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone gathered together to stay up late.

“Here, Ningning, your New Year’s red envelope.”

Xu Jinning received the red envelopes from her parents and siblings, feeling a bit stunned.

The so-called red envelopes were crafted from red paper, shaped like envelopes, with money inside.

“This is Ningning’s first New Year celebrating with us. I hope every year from now on, our family can be together, happily celebrating the New Year.”

“In the new year, may Ningning be healthy, safe, and joyful.”

“And I wish Ningning rapid progress in her studies, striving to get into university next year!”


As Xu Jinning listened to her family’s New Year wishes, she found herself tearing up without realizing it.

To be honest, in her entire life, this was the first time Xu Jinning had received a red envelope from her elders and the first time she had received their blessings.

In modern times, although there were New Year celebrations, they didn’t belong to her.

Her biological mother ignored her, and her stepmother and stepsister deliberately overlooked her.

On her father’s side, the New Year was even busier, with various gatherings and visits to friends, sometimes not even returning home.

No one wished her a happy New Year!

Naturally, she never received a New Year red envelope either.

In the past, she could only envy and peek at others’ happiness like a voyeur.

But now, she finally had it.

“Oh dear, why is Ningning crying?”

Hearing this, Xu Jinning snapped out of it, realizing she had been crying without realizing it.

Seeing everyone flustered and blaming themselves, she quickly wiped her tears, lifted her tear-stained face, and smiled, saying, “I’m not crying. I’m just… happy.”

The Xu family exchanged glances, seeming to understand something.


What kind of life had Ningning been living for the past fifteen years, that she would be moved to tears by such a small moment of happiness now?

Xu Jinning’s family felt even more sorry towards her.

The whole family hugged tightly, their hearts feeling warmer than ever.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, the daughter who had married returned to her parents’ home.

In the morning, Xu Jinning and her mother welcomed her elder sister Xu Fanghua, who had recently gotten married. In the afternoon, she went with her parents and two brothers to visit their grandmother at the Qinghe Production Brigade.

Ever since she accompanied her mother to visit her grandmother a few months ago, her grandmother’s health had been improving day by day.

And on this second day of the Lunar New Year, Xu Jinning’s arrival made the old lady even happier, especially when talking about her missing daughter, Linglan.

The old lady could see glimpses of Linglan’s current appearance in Xu Jinning’s demeanor.

If she hadn’t restrained herself, Grandma Zhang might have been so excited that she would have fainted right there.

Of course, Xu Jinning was unaware of this.

She just felt that her grandmother seemed to like her very much.

In the rural areas, the New Year isn’t considered complete until after the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

As Xu Jinning enjoyed her tangyuan (glutinous rice ball), watching her family gathered around, her heart felt warm.

This year was novel and distinctive for Xu Jinning.

She had to admit, in the 21st century, with technology advancing and people’s living standards improving, the traditional festive atmosphere of each New Year was gradually fading.

The New Year spirit seemed to be diminishing year by year.

But Xu Jinning still believed that celebrating a traditional New Year with a festive atmosphere was better.

After all, the New Year marks the beginning of a year and is a traditional festival of China that has been passed down for thousands of years. It should always be lively and unique!

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    1. Song Yi does. They mentioned them early when he came back. His grandparents were both military people. He initially learned medicine from his grandmother’s old books. He kept his thing for xu fanghua secret from his parents. When he tells them about, his mom scolds him for keeping her waiting for three years. They also approve of her.

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