Chapter 174 – Educated Youth Marriage

In Qinghe Production Brigade last year, some events occurred at the Educated Youth Spot. For instance, around the time Xu Fanghua, the older sister of Xu Jinning, married Song Yi, another educated youth, Sun Meiwen, married Zhao Hongxing.

Yes, it’s the same Sun Meiwen that Xu Xiangdong used to passionately pursue before his awakening.

Zhao Hongxing was known as a troublemaker in the village.

As for why Sun Meiwen married Zhao Hongxing, there were various speculations.

Some young men who admired Sun Meiwen sighed in regret, feeling that she was like a flower planted in manure, and that Zhao Hongxing wouldn’t amount to much in the future.

Others speculated if there were any threats or inducements involved.

However, these were all just guesses.

After all, on the day Sun Meiwen married Zhao Hongxing, there didn’t seem to be any signs of her unwillingness.

Although it was heard that Zhao Hongxing’s mother was not very pleased with Sun Meiwen after the marriage, thinking she was too delicate and incapable of doing any work.

However, not long after, Sun Meiwen became pregnant, which delighted Zhao Hongxing’s mother. After that, these disparaging comments diminished.

Xu Xiangdong didn’t have much reaction to Sun Meiwen marrying Zhao Hongxing, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Indeed, after his awakening and seeing Sun Meiwen’s true nature, he felt nothing for her, so whoever she married didn’t concern him.

Now, Xu Xiangdong’s heart is entirely with Wen Yulan.

The two of them are already engaged, although they haven’t married yet. However, as they spend more time together, their relationship grows stronger.

Last year, besides Sun Meiwen, several other educated youth got married as well. Some male educated youth married local girls from the production brigade, while some female educated youth married young men from nearby production brigades. Perhaps, after spending so long in the countryside and feeling like they might never have a chance to return to the city, they simply decided to get married there.

When Xu Jinning saw this, she couldn’t help but feel emotional.

What’s unknown is how these married educated youth will feel when they find out that in October 1981, the college entrance examination will be reinstated. As long as they pass the exam and get into university, they’ll have the opportunity to return to the city. Many educated youth might regret their decisions then.

It’s not surprising that in the years following the reinstatement of the college entrance examination, there were cases of educated youth abandoning their spouses and children.

This year, not long after the Spring Festival, there were more educated youth getting married at the educated youth spot.

This particular wedding caught a lot of attention because the groom was the famous male educated youth from the educated youth spot, Fu Zhixu.

And the bride was the well-known martyr’s orphan from Qinghe Production Brigade, Xu Ci.

Today is their wedding day.

Xu Jinning was brought by her sister to Xu Ci’s house to witness their wedding.

Yes, the wedding of Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci took place at Xu Ci’s house, and afterward, Fu Zhixu would live there as well.

Fu Zhixu’s marriage undoubtedly caused many young girls to secretly feel heartbroken and cry.

Fu Zhixu, with his identity of a Beijing city-dweller and his handsome and restrained appearance wearing a white shirt, charmed many girls as soon as he arrived at Qinghe Production Brigade. It wasn’t just the village girls; more than half of the female educated youth at the educated youth spot also liked Fu Zhixu.

No one knows how many girls confessed their feelings to Fu Zhixu and wanted to be in a relationship with him, but he rejected them all.

The person Fu Zhixu liked was Xu Ci.

Xu Ci’s parents were both martyrs, leaving her to live alone.

Xu Ci’s parents were from the second family, having her and her younger brother. Unfortunately, Xu Ci’s brother was abducted when he was young and has not been found to this day.

Her grandparents had two sons and three daughters in total.

The eldest son’s family was Xu Ci’s uncle’s family.

Initially, after her parents’ sacrifice, Xu Ci did not fare well. She was raised by her parents to be pure, kind, and gentle, possessing many good qualities. After her parents passed away, she had to become strong.

However, at first, she was still b*llied by her uncle’s family, especially since her uncle shamelessly tricked and took away her parents’ pension, intending to build brick and tile houses.

It was from that time that Xu Ci saw the true colors of her uncle’s family. She was gentle in character but not weak.

So, she reported this matter to her parents’ good friend, who was also their comrade when they were alive.

Upon learning about it, that person was furious. Using the crime of her uncle embezzling the pension, they directly arrested her uncle and his wife.

Later, her uncle’s wife was released, but her uncle was still imprisoned for several years. The embezzled pension was also fully returned.

After the release, her uncle’s family harbored hatred towards Xu Ci, and Xu Ci learned from her experience and no longer associated with her uncle’s family.

This year, Xu Ci turned eighteen. In the past few years, her uncle’s family had been thinking about her marriage, but they were afraid of getting caught and imprisoned again, so they ultimately suppressed their desires and didn’t dare to act on them.

Fu Zhixu arrived at Qinghe Production Brigade three years ago. It was from that time that he met Xu Ci. Xu Ci’s gentleness and innocence made people feel protective of her, her pure appearance was enchanting, and her kind and resilient character also attracted Fu Zhixu.

As Xu Ci and Fu Zhixu occasionally interacted and spent time together, Xu Ci also fell in love with this educated youth from the city.

Even though they knew their relationship might not have a future, they still became a couple.

If it weren’t for Xu Ci’s reluctance to publicly acknowledge their relationship, Fu Zhixu had intended to announce it when they confirmed their relationship two years ago.

Xu Ci continued her education until graduating from high school, fulfilling her parents’ wishes. Despite her parents’ sacrifice, Xu Ci never gave up on her education.

Even though the college entrance examination was halted, she still managed to graduate from high school.

Xu Ci is just one year younger than Xu Fanghua, but undoubtedly, Xu Ci is intelligent, and her academic success has been excellent.

In this lifetime, Xu Ci has three wishes.

One of Xu Ci’s wishes is for the college entrance examination to be reinstated one day. She wants to go to university and explore the outside world, receiving higher education.

Her second wish is to go outside and find her abducted younger brother, to reunite with him as siblings.

Her final wish is to meet a soulmate, someone who understands her and will stay by her side like her parents did.

Today, Xu Ci, dressed in red, sat behind Fu Zhixu on a bicycle, looking at the wide road ahead. She thought she might have met her third wish, that it had come true.

Since the wedding was held at Xu Ci’s home, Fu Zhixu came on a bicycle to pick her up. They rode around the village before returning to the Xu family residence to recite their vows in front of the leader’s portrait.

Of course, there were several banquet tables set up at Xu Ci’s home today. However, since Xu Ci was alone and the bride, she naturally couldn’t manage everything herself. She had entrusted the arrangements to the wife of the brigade leader, with an agreement for compensation afterward.

Due to Xu Ci’s status and her warm personality, these aunts naturally helped her with the preparations.

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