Chapter 175 – “80’s Group Favorite: Changing My Fate Against All Odds”

When Xu Jinning was brought to the Xu family residence by Xu Fanghua, Fu Zhixu had just returned after driving around the village with Xu Ci.

She saw Fu Zhixu’s face adorned with a bright smile, making the already handsome person look even more attractive.

Just in a simple suit and trousers, he appeared clean, handsome, no wonder so many girls secretly cried when they heard he was getting married.

As for Xu Ci, probably because she was getting married, she had put on makeup today, and as she lowered her head, her face was filled with a shy expression.

Xu Jinning saw Xu Ci’s face and knew that Xu Ci really had a pure and innocent face, with a small face and not very delicate features, just delicate and even a bit dull, but she had very good eyes, and when those eyes looked at people, it was as if they could speak.

If she were to cry, she should be very charming.

Don’t ask why Xu Jinning knew this, because in the 21st century, she had seen female celebrities with similar looks to Xu Ci, not particularly beautiful, but when they cried, they could make people feel sorry for them.

At this moment, Xu Jinning keenly felt that someone in the crowd seemed to be looking at the new couple in front of them with hostility, resentment, and jealousy in their eyes.

She looked up and saw it was a girl, about the same age as Xu Ci, and even her features were quite similar to Xu Ci’s.

Seeing someone who looked so much like Xu Ci, Xu Jinning thought of someone, that was Xu Ci’s cousin, her uncle’s daughter, Xu Ru.

Fu Zhixu parked the bicycle and led Xu Ci in. The wedding had reached the stage of vows.

The officiant this time was a good friend of Xu Ci’s parents, the uncle who had once helped her family clean up Uncle Xu’s house.

Their Xu family and Xu Ci got along well, being relatives, so they were also among those invited to the feast.

However, because Xu Aiguo was busy, Zhang Ailian brought Xu Jinning along, and Xu Fanghua was originally going to come with Song Yi, and they were also on the guest list.

But now, Zhang Ailian had long been helping out at Xu Ci’s house, so Xu Fanghua left Song Yi behind and came with Xu Jinning first.

At this point, during the vow ceremony, Zhang Ailian returned, the feast was set up, and everyone took their seats.

Naturally, Xu Jinning sat next to Zhang Ailian.

Watching the couple in front of her taking their vows.

Xu Jinning felt endless emotions in her heart.

[Ah, who would have thought that this golden couple in front of us would have such a heartbreaking and tragic ending later on.]

It was very quiet around, everyone stopped to not disturb the couple reciting their vows.

So, Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts sounded particularly clear to those who could hear her thoughts.

At the forefront, Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci, who were reciting their vows, also paused, their voices coming to a stop.

The two looked at each other, both with a look of doubt in their eyes. Soon, Fu Zhixu reacted first, scanning the people sitting below with a slight frown, then continued reciting the vows with Xu Ci.

Yes, the people who could hear Xu Jinning’s thoughts this time were Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci.

Saying those four words, “heartbreaking and tragic ending,” at their wedding ceremony or vow-taking moment, was no different from cursing them.

They were just short of saying outright that their marriage wouldn’t be happy in the future.

So, Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci’s first reaction upon hearing it was anger.

However, Fu Zhixu scanned the surroundings and was shocked to discover that the words had indeed come from a young girl below.

Strangely, it seemed like no one else heard it except him and Xu Ci.

What could this possibly mean?

Despite all the confusion in his mind, as it was a critical moment during the vow ceremony, Fu Zhixu dared not make any mistakes. He signaled Xu Ci, who had also heard the words, to continue reciting the vows together.

As the vows continued, Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts continued as well.

Naturally, she didn’t know that Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci could hear her thoughts at that moment.

Otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t have chosen this day to furrow their brows.

[The two got married today and agreed to take the university entrance examination together. Unfortunately, a month later, Fu Zhixu would receive the news that his mother was seriously ill and would soon die. Therefore, Fu Zhixu left.]

[After leaving this time, Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci didn’t expect that after that, they would be separated.]

As soon as the words “separated” were said, Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci, who had just finished reciting their vows, were startled.

Immediately, some images appeared in their minds simultaneously.

In these images, it seemed like they were already married.

And Fu Zhixu was opening a letter…

Xu Jinning actually confirmed that the world she was in was not just made up of one novel when she knew about Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci’s existence.

Especially when Jiang Xiao, the protagonist of another book, also appeared.

The name Fu Zhixu had some reputation in Qinghe Production Brigade. Last year, during her recovery period when she came out to walk around the village, she heard the name Fu Zhixu. Later, when she heard the name Xu Ci, she knew that the world she was in was not just made up of one novel.

Because Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci were from another book.

Written by the same author.

However, Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci were not the main characters, or rather, they were the former main characters.

In the original novel where Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci were supposed to be the main characters, although their statuses were not quite equal, they still got married in the end. Later on, they went to college together, raised children, and even developed their careers.

Although at first, Xu Ci didn’t have the approval and liking of Fu Zhixu’s family, their marriage was somewhat impulsive.

But later on, Xu Ci became successful in her career, had a genius son, and eventually gained the approval of the Fu family.

They lived happily together, accompanying each other until old age.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, they were only the former main characters.

In the novel written by this author, the female protagonist of the book became Xu Ci’s cousin, Xu Ru.

Not only was she the female protagonist, but she also became the main protagonist of a harem subplot later on.

This was because the author gave Xu Ru, who was originally ordinary, a “golden finger” that allowed her to dream about future events.

Unfortunately, Xu Ru’s character was not good.

In the novel where Xu Ru could dream about the future, the title was “80’s Group Favorite: Changing My Fate Against All Odds.”

The “My” in the title refers to Xu Ru.

Xu Ru was also one of the girls who liked Fu Zhixu. She even confessed her feelings to him, but Fu Zhixu rejected her.

Little did Xu Ru know that Fu Zhixu would fall in love with her least favorite cousin, Xu Ci, and eventually marry Xu Ci.

It was during the time when Xu Ci and Fu Zhixu were getting married that Xu Ru started having dreams.

At first, she didn’t pay much attention to them. However, later on, she discovered that all of her dreams were coming true one by one, even in reality.

At that moment, Xu Ru felt like she might be favored by the heavens, perhaps even the daughter of the heavens themselves, allowing her to have these dreams and know the future in advance!

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  1. I’m a bit confused about Xu Ci’s and Fu Zhixu’s original trajectory as main characters. Were they the main characters from another book and then Xu Jinning’s stepsister in her previous life (I can’t remember her name, lol) used them as cannon fodders in her version of the story?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. i believe the intention was them having the “main character” designation in this immoral author’s book. Like, the book is about the scheming cousin who could see the future changing her fate and overcoming the so-called “main characters” (Xu Ci/Fu Zhixu)

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