Chapter 176 – Fu’s Scenes (1)

After Xu Ru felt like the proud daughter of heaven and gained control of the golden finger.

The first thing she did was to ensure that Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci could not be together, preferably by having Fu Zhixu be with her instead.

However, it was a bit late, as Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci were already getting married.

Watching Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci get married, Xu Ru was filled with jealousy.

Nevertheless, she didn’t give up.

After dreaming again, Xu Ru found out Fu Zhixu’s home address. She also knew that Fu Zhixu had married Xu Ci without approval.

So, she wrote a letter to Fu Zhixu’s mother.

Mother Fu naturally didn’t like that her son, who was so outstanding with a bright future, had married a girl from the countryside. In fact, she had long found a good girl for her son and was just waiting for him to come back from the countryside to get married.

But her son actually…

This made Mother Fu very angry.

However, she also knew that her son was stubborn. Once he set his mind on something, no one could change it, even if that person was his own mother.

But Mother Fu also knew how to handle her son from another angle.

So, Mother Fu wrote a letter, telling Fu Zhixu that she was seriously ill and hoped to see him one last time.

Fu Zhixu had no idea that his mother’s illness was a lie made up to coax him back, so after bidding farewell to Xu Ci, he left Qinghe Production Brigade.

But before leaving, he left Xu Ci his home address and phone number, so she could contact him if necessary.

He also told Xu Ci that he would come back as soon as possible.

As soon as Fu Zhixu left, a whole month passed, which was also two months since they got married.

During this time, while working, Xu Ci fainted and was found to be pregnant.

Xu Ci was overjoyed and immediately wanted to call Fu Zhixu to tell him, but unfortunately, the call didn’t go through.

In frustration, she resorted to writing a letter instead.

However, what Xu Ci didn’t know was that her letters were intercepted by Xu Ru using her connections, and many of the letters she wrote never made it out successfully.

As time passed and Fu Zhixu’s absence grew longer, there was not a single phone call or letter from him.

It was as if Fu Zhixu had disappeared after leaving.

Xu Ci believed in Fu Zhixu, but rumors and gossip in the village began to spread.

“How could Fu Zhixu, being from the city, come back after leaving? If it were me, I wouldn’t come back either.”

“I never expected Fu Zhixu to be like that. I never thought he would be just like everyone else.”

“We were all deceived by him, and Xu Ci was deceived too.”

“Ah, Xu Ci is also pitiful. So young and now pregnant with Fu Zhixu’s child. How will she get through the days ahead?”

With a large belly, Xu Ci listened to the whispers and gossip in the village, her once firm eyes now filled with confusion.

Big Brother Fu, did he really abandon her and the child?

Xu Ci was already a sensitive person, and with Fu Zhixu not returning and no news whatsoever, coupled with her pregnancy, her emotions became even more fragile, and her physical condition deteriorated gradually.

Her body grew thinner while her belly became noticeably large.

This was because she was carrying twins.

The current condition of this pregnancy wasn’t good either; the doctor had warned of insufficient nutrition. If Xu Ci didn’t take care of herself and supplement the babies’ nutrition, one of them might not survive after birth.

For the sake of the babies in her womb, Xu Ci forced herself to stay strong.

At that moment, Xu Ci learned from her cousin Xu Ru that Fu Zhixu had already married a girl from the city in Beijing, and it had even made the newspapers.

Staring at the newspaper, Xu Ci couldn’t believe it. Just then, she felt a pain in her belly.

Xu Ci went into premature labor. Although twins often arrive early, this timing was too soon.

Perhaps, fate really favored Xu Ru. In this author’s narrative, Xu Ru was the protagonist with a halo, while Xu Ci, the former protagonist, was just a character without any luck, even destined for misfortune.

So, Xu Ci, who delivered prematurely, died, and one of the babies in her belly, originally twins, also died.

The surviving baby was adopted by Xu Ru.

Those who didn’t know thought Xu Ru was kind-hearted.

Only Xu Ru knew that adopting this child served her own purposes.

Watching the scene of Xu Ci’s death, Fu Zhixu felt an unbearable pain in his heart, unable to close his eyes no matter what.

And their child…

How could he have married another woman? Why hadn’t he gone to find Xu Ci? Why had all contact been cut off?

Was he truly heartless?

Similarly, Xu Ci couldn’t believe what she was seeing in the image.

Seeing herself and her child die in the image, Xu Ci felt the pain as if it were her own. Her heart ached, and tears welled up in her eyes involuntarily.

However, she now believed that there must be a reason for Fu Zhixu’s lack of contact and his marriage.

She still believed in her choice and in Fu Zhixu’s character.

Soon, their questions and speculations were answered in the next scenes of Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

After returning to the city, Fu Zhixu realized he had been deceived by his mother.

Upon learning that his mother wanted him to marry another girl, Fu Zhixu naturally refused. He loved Xu Ci and was already married to her; how could he marry another girl?

His stance was firm, but his mother was not one to back down easily.

The girl in question came from a prestigious family and had admired Fu Zhixu since childhood, to the point of obsession. It could be said that she was willing to do anything to get Fu Zhixu.

So, when Mother Fu contacted her to set a trap for Fu Zhixu, she agreed.

Mother Fu found an opportunity to drug Fu Zhixu, making him mistake the girl named Mengyun for Xu Ci.

By the time Fu Zhixu woke up again, it was too late. He was devastated, never imagining that his own mother would do this to him, all while claiming it was for his own good.

Of course, Mother Fu didn’t stop there. She went to great lengths to prevent Fu Zhixu from going to the countryside and cut off all contact between Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci.

Any calls from Xu Ci were intercepted by Mother Fu in advance.

Letters sent by Xu Ci never reached Fu Zhixu’s hands as Mother Fu took them.

When Fu Zhixu tried to call the Qinghe Production Brigade, Xu Ru intercepted the call.

Even when Fu Zhixu tried to write a letter to Xu Ci, it was intercepted by Mother Fu’s contacts at the post office. Not a single letter was able to be sent out.

Mother Fu still insisted on Fu Zhixu marrying Bai Mengyun.

Despite everything, Fu Zhixu refused to agree.

But things took a turn.

Fu Zhixu’s grandfather fell critically ill and was nearing the end of his life. His dying wish was for Fu Zhixu to marry Bai Mengyun.

Meanwhile, Bai Mengyun began contemplating s**cide. If Fu Zhixu refused to marry her, she would e*d her own life!

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