BH (QT) 151 – Rogue Scholar (127 – Extra 3)

Chapter 151 – Rogue Scholar (27 – Extra 3)

After chopping firewood for a while, he felt hot, so he took off his long robe and cotton-padded jacket. Now he is wearing a thin white dress, so everyone can see clearly the shape of the muscles on his arms.

Coupled with his tall stature… everyone will think this is a servant who does hard labor.

As a result, this is Yan Jing Ze?

That Yan Jing Ze who is said to be no worse than Cai Shaozhang?

Wei Lingxiu also said at this time: “What do I have that is not worthy of my fame? I am just a xiucai!”

He is a xiucai who can draw such paintings and write such characters, he is already very good!

Cai Shaozhang was a little embarrassed for a while, but soon recovered, and said to Yan Jing Ze: “I want to have a match with you.”

“Come on, it’s okay to compare two games to three games.” Yan Jing Ze threw the axe in his hand to the ground.

Cai Shaozhang subconsciously dodged to the side, his heart jumped – he was really afraid that Yan Jing Ze would cut him with the axe!

Yan Jing Ze admits that he lacks a bit in poetry, he lacks feelings.

But to be honest, the most famous poets throughout the ages, there are only dozens of amazing poems left behind, and most of them are made only when they have sentiments on specific scenes. If they really write one in the exam, it may not be possible to immediately make a poem that can be passed down through the ages.

And compared with these people, Cai Shaozhang is far inferior.

Therefore, in terms of poetry, Cai Shaozhang may not be able to compare Yan Jing Ze who has read a few years’ worth of poetry.

As for the others…

Yan Jing Ze is now a walking library! This walking library is quite smart, he understands all the books he has read!

Cai Shaozhang alone, how can he memorize more than one “library”?

Cai Shaozhang came over aggressively, and competed with Yan Jing Ze, but eventually left in a desperate manner.

The existence of Yan Jing Ze was almost immediately known to the people of the capital and a number of scholars came to visit.

And whenever people who have not seen Yan Jing Ze ask these people about Yan Jing Ze’s appearance, the expressions of these people will be very strange.

Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu spent a year in the capital.

Speaking of it, Zhou Song welcomed them very much, and invited them to live in the Zhou residence several times, but Zhou Song’s wife treated them indifferently, so Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu didn’t come in to embarrass themselves.

In February of the following year, the spring examinations began.

At the time of the examination, the candidates could only wear single clothing, so many examinees were shivering from the cold. Among the candidates, Yan Jing Ze did not only stood out from the crowd, but he also didn’t feel cold at all.

All the people who knew him were envious—this Yan Jing Ze really does not look like a scholar at all!

Yet it was this person who didn’t look like a scholar who did better than everyone else on the exam.

The questions for this year’s exam are difficult. Many people don’t even know the source, but Yan Jing Ze answered them very well. There was also a question at the end asking about problems encountered in the court and he quoted from the history books and answered everything.

What’s more, his calligraphy is just too good!

The huiyuan is the one that will leave a mark in history and there are people in the court who don’t want him to get it. But these papers will be shown to His Majesty, and when His Majesty asks why he’s not number one, how will they answer?

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, was not surprised to get the huiyuan.

On the day that the list was posted, his name hung high on the first.

” Huiyuan has not yet married!” Don’t know who yelled, but there are still people who plan to catch a son-in-law from the list, but if Yan Jing Ze is caught…

However, they thought too much.

Yan Jing Ze was a man who was like a gate that even ten thousand men cannot open. With a wave of his hand, all those who wanted to “catch” him were pushed away by him.

He is Wei Lingxiu’s!

Next people: “……” Cannot catch, then they better change!

After the national exam is over, it will be the palace exam next. You have to take the exam again in the presence of the Emperor and ministers.

Because at this time, people are slow in writing and everything, it takes a long time to finish the test.

In front of the emperor, everyone else was very nervous, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t feel nervous at all. Even if the emperor stood in front of him for a long time and kept staring at him, his hands were still very stable.

Emperor: “…” When he saw this Yan Jing Ze, he felt that this man did not look like a scholar, so he specifically came down to see his examination, and it turned out…this is really a scholar!

That handwriting is outstanding! And the answer sheet speaks for itself!

It is a good thing to have this person as a zhuangyuan! Yan Jing Ze’s talents and learning are indeed above everyone… he was named the zhuangyuan on the spot.

Then, when the new graduates paraded through the streets on horseback…

Someone asked: “Who is the person in front?”

Someone answered: “Could it be a guard?”

Someone looked at these two people speechlessly: “You are stupid! Look at his clothes! He is the champion!”

It’s really weird, this year’s champion, actually looks like a general.

After winning the examination, Yan Jing Ze’s official career was prosperous.

He’s still very good at what he does. He can remember everything that others have said to him, or what people he has seen have seen… If he can’t walk far in officialdom, don’t even mention others.

Years later, he even became a close minister of the emperor and was well liked by the present emperor.

Who wouldn’t like a minister who could answer any question he was asked?

And then later on, when the emperor was old, the young emperor ascended to the throne, Yan Jing Ze also held power over the dynasty.

Usually, after the minister was given power over the court, the end is inevitably bad. Because when they become officials, they will definitely do things to benefit the family, and they will have a large network of relationships. In this way, they must have selfishness, and when you have selfishness, it is easy to stand on the opposite side of the throne.

However, there is no such thing when it comes to Yan Jing Ze.

He has only one mother who has remarried. Although he has a lot of care for his mother and his half-siblings, but those people are not even scholars. His so-called care is to buy more land and let them be rich.

He has not yet worshipped a teacher and hasn’t been under anyone’s tutelage.

More importantly… he didn’t get married; he didn’t even have a child!

Coupled with his appearance, it always makes people think that he is an outspoken warrior, and it is somehow believable.

Of course, there is another reason why the emperor believes him.

No matter what official position he later achieved, he never left Wei Lingxiu.

Such a man of great affection is naturally trustworthy.

Hundreds of years later, in Donggu County, the old house of the Yan family.

A tour guide led a group of tourists into a house.

“Everyone, the old house of the Yan family that we are going to visit today is the former residence of the very famous prime minister Yan Jing Ze! The house in front is the place where Yan Jing Ze was born, and the house behind is the house he built after he returned to his hometown in his old age!”

“Everyone should know the life of Yan Jing Ze? After all, you’ll have to take the middle school history test. I will tell you more today. Yan Jing Ze is a famous calligrapher, philosopher, military expert, and politician in history. The most comprehensive history book recognized by scholars was written by him.”

“He put together many books throughout his life, and also preserved them properly, leaving us with precious historical information!”

“His calligraphy is even more outstanding. He can copy many people’s calligraphy vividly, even making it difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Moreover, sometimes he can write better than those masters… When he reached his old age, he created a unique font!”

“He even went to battle. At that time, the emperor originally just let him go as a supervisor. But he did not expect when he arrived at the place, he actually found the defenders there were cowardly and incompetent. He grabbed the commander flag, went into battle, and also led the soldiers. A war that was originally losing, was won!”


“Of course, the most talked about thing about him is his love life. Everyone should know that he likes men and still remained devoted to his lover!”

“However, his lover is hardly mentioned in the history books. Today I will focus on his lover… Yan Jing Ze’s lover in history records is called Zhou Lingxiu, formerly known as Wei Lingxiu, in fact, he is also a scholar.”

“Yan Jing Ze made a lot of contributions to public service throughout his life, and was known as the Star of Literature coming down to earth, so after his death, his old residence was well kept. And a year ago, when the government allocated funds to repair the old residence, surprisingly, a secret room was found, and in the secret room, there were still many old manuscripts of Yan Jing Ze and his lover, and it was these old manuscripts that let us know about the real Yan Jing Ze.”

The tour guide led people slowly inside, and soon came to a hall where many precious manuscripts were displayed.

“As we all know, after passing the juren exam, Yan Jing Ze’s lover did not continue to take the gongshi examination. Some people thought it was because he did not learn enough. In fact, this is not the case. He did not take the gongshi examination because he didn’t want to be separated from Yan Jing Ze because of being an official.”

“He is actually very talented. In the secret room, there are more than 5,000 paintings he made for Yan Jing Ze. The paintings he painted in his later period are not inferior to well-known painters in history!”

“Of course, you can only see some of his early paintings here. All of his later paintings have been collected by the National Museum.”


“In addition, he has many poems handed down to us, and we can see from his poems that he was a very romantic person!”

The tour guide introduced Wei Lingxiu in detail, and also showed everyone Wei Lingxiu’s manuscript—Wei Lingxiu’s writing is equally outstanding!

At this time, the tour guide said: “In history, there are still many rumors. Among them, Yan Jing Ze used to be a thug in the village… Previously, historians always thought this was nonsense, but since the discovery of the old house of the Yan family, this was confirmed! When he was young, Yan Jing Ze was indeed illiterate and was a casino thug.”

The tourists were shocked.

The tour guide added: “What is even more shocking is from the content of a memoir-like book left by Wei Lingxiu… Yan Jing Ze had done unexpected things back then. It is said that when Yan Jing Ze was young, he fell in love with Wei Lingxiu, so he let people act on Wei Lingxiu, and he pretended to be a hero who saved the beauty…”

Tourists: “!!!” There is such a thing? Shouldn’t Yan Jing Ze be a mature and stable grandfather? Why would he do such a thing?

“By the way, in front is the place dedicated to the display of Wei Lingxiu’s paintings. Before you go in, you should prepare yourselves and forget about the Prime Minister Yan who looks so worried about the country in the history books,” the tour guide said.

The visitors readied themselves.

Then they saw a lot of paintings.

Some were of Yan Jing Ze chopping wood, some were cooking, and some even on top of the roof.

Some of these paintings are accompanied by poems, and some have a few written sentences, stating where they were and what Yan Jing Ze was doing. Regardless of the painting, or the words above, you can see the love of the painter for the person in the painting.

The person in the painting must also be in love with the person who made the painting.

Otherwise, how could such a great Confucian as Yan Jing Ze chop wood and do cooking, willingly?

Of course, there is another important thing… The portrait of Yan Jing Ze in the history book looks no different from the portraits of other ministers, but the portrait here…

This muscular man is really Yan Jing Ze?

Now they believe he’s worked as a thug!

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Zhuangyuan – overall highest scorer in Jinshi exam

Jinshi – scholars who passed the palace exam

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