Chapter 14 — “The human world is so boring, what is there to yearn for.”

Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City. The Jackson family.

Everyone in Magnolia City knows that Olivia Jackson, the young lady of the Jackson family, is a freak among the noble ladies. She doesn’t like social etiquette, nor does she like the afternoon tea of noble ladies. God of Light above, she sometimes wears only one set of clothes a day, and she actually never changes! This is too terrible.

You should know that a qualified noble lady has to change her clothes several times during the day.

And what makes some noble ladies jealous the most is that she actually has a good relationship with many upper-class male gentlemen, she can ride horses, and even do fencing. Of course, some noble ladies sneered at her, but she had a good relationship with some noble widows, so although some noble ladies did not like her, they could not isolate her. And Olivia’s father, Duke Jackson, is an old Duke, and he is still serving in the court. Duke Jackson is quite doting on Olivia which makes Olivia more and more maverick.

Before the start of the Jackson’s social dinner on this day, Olivia received many gifts as usual. One of them, an all-black package, caught her attention. She was not worried about anything harmful in it because all the gifts she received here are magically checked. She opened the package and found that there was a projection stone inside, next to it was a card with the words “Daughter of the Sea” movie, can be used five times.

The logo below is a Q (cute) version of a skull.

Olivia recognized this as a skull shape at first glance, but she didn’t expect that the skull could be drawn so cute—there is no Q version in this world. So, when Olivia was so hit by cuteness, she couldn’t help but think that this is really cool, and she must design a signature of her own according to this style.

She couldn’t help but be interested in the content of the projection stone. What is a movie? And is it only used five times? The dinner was about to begin but she decided to look at the content in the projection stone first.

She asked the servant to bring the tool for projecting the projection stone—those who have magic can directly push magic to make it project, and if there is no magic power, they will have to use the tool.

The first thing that appeared on the white wall were the words “Demon King’s Studio”.

At this moment, the door was knocked, and Olivia went to open the door and found out that it was her friend, Duchess Eri Dalle, who was a beautiful widow and also a famous socialite in Magnolia City.

“Oh, my dear Olivia, you look so beautiful today, presumably those teenagers will be fascinated by you,” Eri said with a smile.

“Come on, I’m not interested in them.” Olivia shrugged.

Because Eri came, Olivia temporarily forgot about the projection stone.

Suddenly there was a sound of water from behind and the two ladies were attracted at the same time. They saw that the image projected on the white wall turned into the sea and when the camera went all the way down, the sea bloomed in front of them like the petals of a beautiful cornflower.

“What is this?” Eri asked, covering her slightly opened mouth with a fan.

Olivia then remembered that she had just opened the projection stone, and she explained: “It’s called a movie, the gift I received today. I don’t exactly know what it is.” At this point the camera went all the way down and the water got deeper and deeper, but clear and crystal blue, like the sapphire brooch Olivia had bought a few days before – “but it looks kind of interesting,” she said.

“It’s very interesting,” Eri said, “but the most important thing now is to go to the banquet, my dear little princess, let’s go.”

“…Okay,” Olivia said with some reluctance, intending to turn off the projection stone now.

At this point, the picture turned into a rather charming radiant blue, the camera pulled away, it turned out that the radiant blue was the eyes of the Siren Princess.

This image immediately stunned the two ladies.

First, the beautiful sea, and then directly turn the camera to the eyes of the Siren Princess… This shot will be always amazing even on the earth, let alone such an ancient world.

Then the narration sounded:

“Unlike other legends, this story does not take place on land, but takes place under mysterious water, and the protagonist of the story…”

The screen kept moving down, Olivia had opened her mouth slightly, because the woman who appeared on the screen was actually wearing a fish tail underneath!

“It’s her—our beautiful Siren Princess,” the narrator continued.

It turned out to be a siren! It’s really a siren! Olivia was completely excited. She suddenly remembered the demon king’s studio. Wow, this “movie” is really from the lower realm?

Eri beside her was obviously also attracted.

The siren princess on the screen got up from her beautiful bed of shells. Her beauty is quite amazing, her skin is smooth and soft like the petals of a rose, her azure eyes are like a deep lake, serene and charming. She swept out of the bedroom like a light bubble, and what was shown in front of Eri and Olivia was the Siren King’s Palace at the bottom of the sea.

The walls of the palace are made of coral, the spire windows are made of amber, and the roof is covered with black clam shells. Those beautiful clam shells open and close freely with the flow of water—and inside the clam shells, there are shiny pearls.

Eri’s eyes darted around, she had just purchased a similar pearl the day before, that had cost her a lot of gold coins. As a rich widow, her ability to identify these jewels is naturally quite high.

The beauty and luxury of the Siren King’s Palace left both ladies stunned and yearning. But Olivia was more interested in the siren princess herself, she suggested: “Should we take a look before going down, Eri?”

“I think it’s okay.” Eri covered half of her face with a feather fan and said, “It’s okay to be a little late.”

So, the two happily reached a consensus.

The siren princess passed through the hall with flowers on the wall, she swam to the large window inlaid with amber, she stretched out her hand, and the beautiful fishes outside swam towards her, looking for something to eat in her hand, and let her touch themselves. It was as if swallows would fly in when humans opened the window, but the scene in front of them was obviously more dreamy and beautiful.

Then the siren princess came to the garden outside the palace. There were many brightly colored trees growing in the garden, some fiery red, some dark blue, and the fruit on the tree was as bright as gold—Hill took the initiative to try this kind of fruit, it’s edible—blooming flowers are like burning flames, very beautiful. There is fine sand on the ground, but it is as blue as the flame of sulfur…

Olivia’s eyes straightened, “God of Light above, there is actually such a beautiful place in this world!”

Eri said with some uncertainty, “Is this the lower realm?”

“I don’t know.” Olivia shook her head, “But the Church of Light said that the environment in the lower realm is quite terrible, full of demons and miasma.”

“It might be better in the sea?” Eri asked.

“I don’t know…” Olivia shook her head.

While the two human women had a deep longing for the underwater world, the siren princess approached her old grandmother and begged her to tell her about the human world, saying, “I long so much for the human world, grandmother.”

Eri and Olivia both shook their heads in unison.

Olivia couldn’t help saying: “The human world is so boring, what is there to yearn for.”

Eri nodded.

After seeing such a dreamy underwater world and the wonderful daily life of the siren princess, when they heard that she was actually interested in the human world, these two humans were of course quite speechless.

In fact, almost all the humans who saw this scene could not help but think so.

In fact, this feeling is exactly what Hill wants to convey.

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