Chapter 13 – Take a walk and prepare for publicity

In the second half of the finale banquet, Hill originally planned to discuss with the five elders how to carry out effective publicity, but the five elders are immersed in the movie plot, and they have no knowledge of this ‘movie publicity’… Of course, it is impossible to have knowledge about this, so Hill had to follow his own ideas.

He first asked the death knight Goldnia to contact the Dark Church, and let some people from the Dark Church enter the capital of the Magnolia Empire with the projection stone.

Hill’s plan is to first give some of the projection stones as gifts to some of Magnolia Empire’s famous socialites. They will spread them in their salons and then after it makes a certain impact among the upper-class women, he will contact an opera house for the official release of the film with the head of the promotion: A fairy tale that even Mrs. XXX burst into tears!

Of course, some money play in between is indispensable.

Hill knew that he could not be anxious. Although the Church of Light was not very powerful in the Magnolia Empire, the Magnolia Empire was also a participant in the attack on the Lower Realm.

Hill is not currently approaching humans with a desire for peace. Maybe in the future he may seek peaceful coexistence between humans and demons. But now, what he wants is not only to invade culture and ideas, but also to plunder wealth and beliefs.

After laying out the first plan for the publicity, Hill suddenly took a rest. In the past period of time, he has always filled his life with various jobs, and he was still a little restless in his spare time. He sat on the bed and flipped through his phone, searching various materials on the Internet, trying to find some inspiration. Then he went around in the palace a few more times. He felt that this was not a problem, so he decided to go for a walk.

This time he took the dark elf Albrecht, Paladin Monroe who was guarding under the Blackrock Tower followed him. He naturally wants to bring Irvine, the fire elemental spirit, after all, he is now a mobile campfire + chef. Under Hill’s tuning, Irvine’s cooking skills are getting better and better.

This time they went straight to walk on the beach of the endless sea. It was dusk at this time. The sky was a dreamy pink, pink with purple-blue. As it made the transition to the sky, it became a comfortable-looking dark blue, with large clouds of orange red, and there were both the sun and the moon. It was quite a magical scene and dreamy enough.

The beach was glistening with various rocks, and Hill saw a number of large red crabs waving their pincers, one of which was even as high as his knee.

Hill stared at the big crab for a while and asked, “Have you guys ever eaten this one?”

Albrecht said disgustedly, “This one looks too disgusting too, My King, it has so many legs.”

The corners of Hill’s mouth twitched: “Aren’t spiders disgusting? Aren’t you guys eating it up?”

“The spider is smaller, and it is bigger, so it’s gross.” Albrecht said, “And, uh, it’s very unpleasant to eat it.”

Walking on the beach, gossiping, killing time, dusk soon came to an end. They three demons and a human still appreciate the seaside sunset scenery, Hill looked at the stern-faced Paladin Monroe next to him, and lamented: “You’ve been here for a long time, Paladin.”

“Yes,” Monroe said.

“When are you going back?” Hill was just chatting.

“I don’t know,” Monroe replied.

“It stands to reason that your job is very dangerous. Did you offend someone so you were sent to me?” Hill continued, “I think you seem to be quite capable.”

“I follow all the arrangements of my lord,” Monroe replied coldly.

At this time, a crab, nearly as tall as a man, suddenly came charging towards where they were standing, waving its pincers, and its target was Monroe. Previously, Hill and the other demons’ have reduced their aura, so these monsters could not perceive their identities.

As for Monroe, a human being, the seductive breath radiating from his body made these monsters eager to move, so one of them couldn’t stand it and attacked.

Hill raised his hand to stop Irvine who was about to do something, and said, “Let’s watch.”

Monroe drew his sword to block the giant crab’s first attack, he took a few steps back, apparently this giant crab’s strength was very impressive.

The dark elf whispered: “The power of this magical beast can be called terrifying, and its pincers are able to easily cut the waist of a human. Our senior knight will use this as a mount and it is reasonable to say that this paladin is doomed.”

Hill nodded, the situation did seem to be the same as Monroe narrowly avoided one of the giant crab’s attacks and looked defenseless.

Hill shook his head, ready for Irvine to get on.

But at that moment, Monroe thrust his sword directly into the ground, his hands together in one place, bright blue holy fire like lightning arc immediately dazzled above his gloves, buzzing. At this time, the giant crab’s pincers had almost reached his head, he pulled out his sword and in the next second, the highly concentrated flame released a palpitating destructive aura, then he leaped high, his speed instantly increased, and directly stabbed the giant crab’s head.

The tendons and bones collapsed one by one, flames burned brightly in sight, the entire body of the crab was enveloped by the sacred flame and was quickly burned.

Hill’s bare skin was a little bit painful by the heat radiation emitted by the hot flames. He rubbed his arms and asked the dark elf next to him, “What do you say?”

“A human elite, the absolute elite.” Dark Elf Albrecht said, “There are no more than twenty humans who can do that move just now.”

“So that’s it.” After Hill finished speaking, he walked up to Monroe and asked, “You heard our conversation just now, right?”

Monroe nodded silently and didn’t say anything.

“You’re very impressive… but what a pity, what a pity,” Hill shook his head and said sincerely.

Monroe felt a little sad, the Demon King was feeling pity for him. Of course, Monroe knew his strength, and of course he knew that with his strength and record, he shouldn’t always be ordered to do these tasks. He even felt that he could be in charge of a group of paladins—after all, the head of the paladin group he was in was able to refresh Monroe’s understanding of the word “stupid c*nt” many times.

In fact, the church also knows his strength, but no one feels pity about it. The leaders above will sometimes encourage a few words, saying that he was an indispensable talent of the church, his future was inestimable, and some “good-hearted people” will advise him that he should be more sleek, such as to say something good to the bishop and so on…. But no oneever said that to him.

In fact, Monroe’s heart was really shaken for a while.

Hill certainly didn’t know that his words made Monroe uneasy. At this moment, he smelled the scent of the burned giant crab, and felt regret.

If Irvine took the shot, this crab can be eaten ah… Now that Monroe took the shot, many parts of the crab have been corrupted by the sacred fire… Hey. What a pity, what a pity.

Okay, this is another wonderful misunderstanding.


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