BH (QT) 146 – Rogue Scholar (22)

Chapter 146 – Rogue Scholar (22)

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Zhou Song, in fact, would kick the door for a reason.

When he arrived at Xing’an Village, he woke up a family, gave some copper coins to ask for directions, and found where Yan Jing Ze lived, so he hurried over.

By coincidence, after Wei Lingxiu helped Yan Jing Ze down from the carriage before, because he was thinking about Yan Jing Ze, he forgot to plug the door bolt. It was just the coachman, who brought them here, covered the door for them.

So, Zhou Song, who just originally wanted to knock on the door, touched the door and pushed it open.

When he went into the house…

There are only three rooms in this house. The main room is empty. The next room is obviously a bedroom but there is no one, but another room… the door is tightly closed!

This is… his nephew is sleeping with that Yan Da?

Zhou Song didn’t hold it back, so he kicked the door.

But he did not kick it open.

Although Wei Lingxiu forgot to close the door, he bolted the bedroom door!

He also did this subconsciously and now he heard someone kicking the door… Wei Lingxiu suddenly thought that this was an error to his plan. If he pretended to be with Yan Jing Ze and sleeps with him. Tomorrow, when Yan Jing Ze gets up and take a look, seeing the bolt inserted in the door, he will definitely feel that something is wrong.

Of course, this is not the time to think about this, Wei Lingxiu is really indescribably angry right now.

He had gone to a lot of trouble to be with Yan Jing Ze but someone came to interrupt!

It’s probably the person from the Wei family who came to bother them again! Why are these people always lingering in their shadows?

Wei Lingxiu’s face turned black.

Yan Jing Ze was equally depressed and also felt that it was the Wei family who was asking for trouble.

He had been holding back for a year, and he was about to eat the person he liked into his mouth, when he was suddenly disturbed: “Let me see!”

Yan Jing Ze finished speaking, got up and walked out, looking at the menacing momentum.

The door of his room was just bolted with a non-thick door bolt. Although Zhou Song kicked it and didn’t kick it open, the Zhou family’s servants then kicked the door and kicked it open.

The people inside and outside the house, at the same time, opened the door.

Yan Jing Ze was originally a little worried. If someone from the Wei family brought a knife, he might not have been able to beat him. No matter how powerful he was, he was still a flesh and blood—when the original owner was drunk, he was stabbed to death, right?

As a result… through the moonlight, he found that not many people had come, not only that, but these people were still bare-handed!

Yan Jing Ze picked up the person in front of him and threw him out: “You have a lot of guts to come and kick the door of my house at night!”

As he was talking, he picked up the second person again and threw it out…

There was a total of four people dressed up as family servants. After a quick confrontation, they were all thrown aside by Yan Jing Ze. As a result, only an old man and a middle-aged man in his thirties remained standing.

“You… impudent!” The old man stood in front of the middle-aged man and pointed to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze waved his hand and pushed him away: “Old man, step aside!” He won’t beat the old man! What should he do if such an old man is accidentally beaten to death?

He is a xiucai and he will be accepted as a gongsheng soon. He cannot have a human life in his hands.

When Yan Jing Ze thought about it this way, he suddenly realized that the only middle-aged man was wearing delicate clothes. Besides, what the old man said just now seemed to be in official language?

He felt something was wrong.

Because he didn’t use any force when he threw the family servants, now those lads have gotten up. At this time, he must catch the thieves first!

Yan Jing Ze grabbed the middle-aged man and said to the others, “Don’t move!”

Their master fell into the hands of others… those family servants they dare not move.

At this time, Wei Lingxiu had already lit a candle and walked out with the candlestick.

He put on his pants and a coat, and when he came out, he stared at the visitor ferociously: “Brother Yan, who is this?”

“I don’t know, they don’t seem to be a local.” Yan Jing Ze said, and looked at the middle-aged man who was being held by him: “Who are you? What are you here for?”

Wei Lingxiu also frowned and looked at this person.

Zhou Song was so angry that he was almost vomiting blood and couldn’t say a word. Fortunately, the steward beside him shouted to Wei Lingxiu: “Young master, you are the young master! Young master, my master is your uncle!” Wei Lingxiu looked very much like his mother, so the old man recognized him at a glance!

Wei Lingxiu: “…” This is… my uncle?

Yan Jing Ze: “…” This is… Wei Lingxiu’s uncle?

Yan Jing Ze let Zhou Song go, smiled in embarrassment, and helped Zhou Song tidy up the clothes that had been messed up by him. After finishing these, he saluted Zhou Song: “I didn’t know it was my uncle who came to visit, I was rude.”

Zhou Song breathed heavily: “I’m not your uncle!” He was furious at this moment!

Before he actually came, he had imagined the scene of the meeting, and also thought that if this Yan Da was not good to his nephew, he would have to vent his anger.

As a result, forget even fighting with this Yan Da, he was almost beaten by this Yan Da!

Zhou Song was obviously very angry. Wei Lingxiu was afraid that he would confront Yan Jing Ze, so he quickly stood between him and Yan Jing Ze, “You… are you really my uncle?”

This middle-aged man is indeed a bit like him…

At the beginning of Wei’s house, the Wei family never told him about his mother, nor did he mention his mother’s natal family, so although he knew he had an uncle, he actually didn’t know anything about his uncle.

When he was in the Wei family, the Wei family never told him anything about his mother, nor did they mention his mother’s natal family, so although he knew he had an uncle, he actually didn’t know anything about his uncle.

It was only a few days before he was even kicked out of the house that he learned that his uncle, who was originally an official, had been demoted.

But he really didn’t expect that his uncle would come to him.

“I’m your uncle!” Zhou Song said.

“Uncle, wait a minute. I’ll light more candles and everyone can have a good chat,” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

“I’m not your uncle!” Zhou Song said again.

But Yan Jing Ze had already gone to light candles and Wei Ling Xiu did not speak for him.

Zhou Song had a feeling that it was over.

Yan Jing Ze added an extra candle, plus the one that Wei Lingxiu had lit, and put it on the table of the Eight Immortals.

Then, Zhou Song sat in a south-facing position, and Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu sat in a north-facing position and sat down opposite each other.

Zhou Song was still angry, and as soon as he sat down, he asked Wei Lingxiu, “What the hell is going on with you two? You two…two…”

Zhou Song’s tone was not very good and Wei Lingxiu suddenly became unhappy: “We are fine.”

Yan Jing Ze added: “Uncle, Lingxiu and I intend to stay together and never separate for the rest of our lives.”

Wei Lingxiu’s unhappiness disappeared immediately, and he blushed in an instant, and went to see Yan Jing Ze: “Well…that’s it!”

Wei Lingxiu looks good, the candlelight flickers at this time, and the beauty under the lamp will be added a few points, so when Yan Jing Ze looked at him, his heartbeat accelerated.

The two looked at each other like that.

Zhou Song felt heartbroken: “Lingxiu, you are still young… Do you know what you are doing?”

Wei Lingxiu said, “Uncle, I know what I am doing, I like Brother Yan.”

“Why do you like him? What is so great about him? He is just a casino thug!” Zhou Song said. The mother of the xiucai who told him about Donggu County was a member of the Li family, so she was very clear about the details of Yan Jing Ze, and knew that Yan Jing Ze was a thug working for the Li family’s casino.

But Wei Lingxiu didn’t know this: “You made a mistake! Yan Jing Ze is not a casino thug at all!”

Wei Lingxiu was so sure that Zhou Song even wondered if he had made a mistake… “What is he if not a casino thug?!” This man was able to fight so much, he managed to throw out all of his four men when he confronted them.

Wei Lingxiu didn’t hesitate: “Brother Yan is a linsheng in Donggu County and he just won the three exams!”

When Wei Lingxiu talked about this, he was particularly proud.

Zhou Song looked at his nephew silently.

Although he is only seeing this nephew for the second time today, this is his sister’s only child and he has an innate affinity for Wei Lingxiu and is particularly fond of him.

However, Wei Lingxiu doesn’t seem to like him!

This kid even glared at him before and now he is still using this kind of nonsense to deceive him!

How could this brawny man become a linsheng and top the three exams?

County exams, prefecture exams, academy exams, if you get the first place in the academy exam, you can become a gongsheng. Such a person will basically have no problem in taking the exams for juren. He can be called the pride of heaven… How can the brawny man in front of him win the three exams?

“Brother Yan is amazing, he has an ability to never forget!”

“When he just got the first place in the academy exam, the Schoolmaster wanted to accept him as a disciple, but he didn’t want to!”

” Some time earlier, Lord Zhou, the county magistrate from the neighboring county, also wanted to accept him as a disciple, but he didn’t agree and only agreed to discuss his knowledge with others.”

Zhou Song: “…” What is his nephew talking about?!

In the eyes of these officials, a xiucai… Unless the father of this xiucai is very powerful, otherwise, they will not be regarded by them no matter what.

Those are different level of people.

So many officials are rushing to accept a xiucai as a disciple… This is a joke!

His nephew is said to be not fond of reading, is it because he has never read, so he can’t even brag properly?

“If you don’t believe me, look at Brother Yan’s writings!” Wei Lingxiu took some calligraphies written by Yan Jing Ze from the desk next to him and gave them to Zhou Song.

Zhou Song was stunned at once: “Good writing!”

Wait, such a good handwritten copy of books, even the notes… This is not like something his nephew can get!

Wei Lingxiu: “Right, Brother Yan is especially talented!” He said, and brought a book basket, from which he took out many books: “Brother Yan can write several kinds of characters! You can read them all!”

Wei Lingxiu also took out all the paperworks that he and Yan Jing Ze had done after they were admitted as a xiucai: “The documents are also here! You see, Brother Yan and I both passed the exam for xiucai! It’s just that, Brother Yan is the anshou, I’m behind…”

After Wei Lingxiu talked about it, he was a little embarrassed, but soon became proud again: “Brother Yan got the first place, everyone is convinced!”

Zhou Song looked at the piles of books copied using the best fonts, looked at those documents, and suddenly realized that he seemed to have made a mistake.

That xiucai actually lied to him!

No, not only that xiucai lied to him, the Wei family also lied to him!

Didn’t the Wei family say that his nephew is not a good student? If he is not good in learning, can he be admitted as a xiucai at such a young age?!

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Xiucai – (distinguished talent) this is equiv to college students / has 3 classes 1. Linsheng (high grades 2. Zengsheng mid grades 3. Fusheng low grades)

    •  Linsheng – Granary student (1st class) / they can guarantee for tongsheng (equiv to highshcool) examinees, they can also receive rations from the govt. and some money for their acad achievements 
        • Gongsheng – (tribute student) the cream of the crop from Linsheng group / almost Juren (this is prob equiv to masters degree)
      • Anshou – highest in Linsheng / first placer in the xiucai exam

Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ AHH! So many terms! Xiucai is only a 2nd level scholar, there are still Juren, Gongshi, and Jinshi! (x~x)

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