BH (QT) 147 – Rogue Scholar (23)

Chapter 147 – Rogue Scholar (23)

Wei Lingxiu, after the new year, was only nineteen years old. At this age, he was able to pass the exams for xiucai, it was already very good. If he could find a good teacher and learn for a few years, there is a great hope to be able to pass the exams for juren.

Zhou Song was very pleased but also a little uncomfortable.

He still paid too little attention to this nephew.

At this moment, Wei Lingxiu was still saying enthusiastically: “I was able to be admitted as a xiucai, thanks to Brother Yan! I always thought that I was not good in learning, but Brother Yan forced me to memorize books every day. After memorizing, now, I can also recite it!”

“Brother Yan also wrote notes for me.”

“Brother Yan even sent me to school!”

Wei Lingxiu was really very happy today, he suddenly learned that Yan Jing Ze also liked him, and he also gained an extra family member.

More importantly… He has always wanted to boast about Yan Jing Ze, wanting to let people know how good Yan Jing Ze is to him, but he can’t tell anyone about it.

Now there is someone who can listen to him, and this person already knows the relationship between Yan Jing Ze and him, so he simply said all the good things.

Zhou Song: “…”

Zhou Song looked at his nephew with complicated eyes.

Before he came, he thought that Yan Da was a real bastard. He also thought that his nephew might be held hostage by Yan Da, and if Yan Da did something to hurt his nephew… He doesn’t have to do it himself, he can just spend money to ask people who have grudges with Yan Da to teach Yan Da a lesson.

The result…

He still doesn’t know how Yan Da feels about his nephew, but it is obvious that his nephew can only see Yan Da.

If he really got into a fight with Yan Da, maybe his nephew would choose to help Yan Da!

Of course, Wei Lingxiu would want to help Yan Jing Ze.

He had no impression of Zhou Song. Before today, he was a stranger. How could he help Zhou Song?

Wei Lingxiu said a lot of good things before looking at Zhou Song, “You… why would you come to me?”

Zhou Song immediately said that he thought Wei Lingxiu was framed by the Wei family and driven out of the house.

“It’s true that they framed me,” Wei Lingxiu said, and said what happened that day.

Zhou Song was furious after hearing it: “It’s really unreasonable! You are his son, I thought…” He himself has a very poor relationship with his wife, but he will not ruin his child. Wei Zhiyuan is simply sick! “If I had known, I would have picked you up long ago! I always thought you were doing well…”

Zhou Song had also sent someone to inquire about the news before. At that time, when they saw Wei Lingxiu playing outside the whole day, they thought Wei Lingxiu had a good life.

He could not have imagined in any way that there would be someone who would not even care for his own child.

When Zhou Song talked about what happened back then, Wei Lingxiu’s interest was piqued and started to talk about the past.

Zhou Song said that he gave New Year gifts every year and also wrote letters to Wei Lingxiu.

Wei Lingxiu said he didn’t know at all and he didn’t receive a letter.

Zhou Song said that his sister actually had a lot of dowry.

Wei Lingxiu said that he always thought his mother had left nothing.

As they talked, they both had a sense of recognition with each other.

Yan Jing Ze listened to the two people chatting next to him, but he thought of something.

In the original historical trajectory, the original owner died a few days later.

If he is not mistaken… the original owner should have been killed by Zhou Song…

He suddenly got a good feeling about this uncle!

Wei Lingxiu and Zhou Song were talking and he couldn’t interject, Yan Jing Ze said, “Uncle, you’ve come a long way, have you eaten? I’ll go and make something to eat?”

“Ahem…Thank you.” Zhou Song hasn’t really eaten anything today. He’s already hungry now…

In fact, even Wei Lingxiu and Yan Jing Ze have been hungry after tossing for so long.

Yan Jing Ze smiled, and went straight to the other side of the hall, ready to cook.

Shopkeeper Wei even prepared some rice, vegetables, and meat for him. Not only that, he now has two pots, so he can cook in one pot and cook in another pot…

“Brother Yan, I’m here to set the fire,” Wei Lingxiu said quickly. He used to live here with Yan Jing Ze. When cooking, it was always him who stoked the fire, while Yan Jing Ze took charge of the kitchen.

“Young master, you talk to Master, and I’ll set the fire,” the steward quickly said, taking those few subordinates who had been thrown by Yan Jing Ze with him. They stood by without saying a word and stoked the fire for Yan Jing Ze.

Upon seeing this, Wei Lingxiu asked, “Do you know how to cook?” They’d better cook as well!

The steward was a little helpless: “Everyone cooks at home…” These people, it’s okay to cook rice, but other than that…

“I’ll do it.” Yan Jing Ze smiled. He used to go to restaurants to eat and he would also pay attention to how others cook. Now, the craftsmanship is getting better and better.

And with help, it doesn’t take much effort to make a dish.

Cooking rice in one pot and putting oil in the other pot. Yan Jing Ze first fried a scrambled egg with pork, which he was good at, followed by two more green vegetables that he stir-fried quickly and made a soup.

In addition, he steamed small pieces of meat on the steaming rack when cooking rice. There was a total of four dishes and one soup, and the portions of these dishes were not small.

Yan Jing Ze divided all the dishes into two, one for the steward and the others, and the other for himself, Wei Lingxiu, and Zhou Song.

“Brother Yan is amazing and the cooking is particularly delicious. After I left the Wei house, I lived with Brother Yan. Brother Yan cooked for me,” Wei Lingxiu said to Zhou Song.

Zhou Song took a bite of scrambled eggs, then glanced at Yan Jing Ze, but said nothing.

The food that Yan Jing Ze cooks is not so delicious, at least not as good as the food in the restaurant, but it is already better than his cook, after all, he is willing to put oil.

He is a scholar, willing to cook like this… Zhou Song admitted that this man is very good.

In addition, he had misunderstood Yan Jing Ze before, and even said that Yan Jing Ze was a casino thug… He was also a little embarrassed, so he ate silently.

Then… he saw that Yan Jing Ze had eaten three bowls of rice in one go, and he was still a little bit unsatisfied.

Zhou Song: “…” This person really doesn’t look like a scholar!

Speaking of which, it’s a good thing they brought some dry food, otherwise so many people, a pot of rice is not enough to eat.

When everyone finished eating, it was already early in the morning.

Yan Jing Ze said: “It’s already late, uncle, do you want to go to sleep?”

People get sleepy when they are full, let alone Zhou Song who didn’t sleep the night before. He nodded, “Alright.”

After speaking, he sighed secretly. Wei Lingxiu talked with him for so long, and didn’t call him uncle a few times, but this Yan Jing Ze’s mouth is full of “uncle”…

“You can sleep in my room… If others want to rest, they can use the door panels.” Wei Lingxiu got up, acting like the owner of the house, and began to entertain the guests.

The four servants brought by Zhou Song picked up the door panels that Wei Lingxiu had slept on before and put them on the two stools, and arranged them as a bed for the housekeeper. As for themselves, they took some straw from the kitchen and spread it on the floor.

Zhou Song was taken into his room by Wei Lingxiu: “Uncle, this is my room, don’t dislike it.”

“This is your room?” Zhou Song remembered that this room was empty before, so his nephew…

“I took the initiative to find Brother Yan.” Wei Lingxiu said directly: “I liked him before I left the Wei house and it took a lot of effort to get him to agree today…”

Wei Lingxiu knew that Zhou Song was probably not happy about him and Yan Jing Ze, so he must make a clear stand.

Zhou Song: “…” This is completely different from what he thought!

But this is not surprising.

This Yan Jing Ze is not only knowledgeable, but also willing to cook, even if he looks fierce… But this person is not fierce at all when facing his nephew, which naturally makes people feel good.

Zhou Song lay down and fell asleep in a complicated mood.

Although he is still entangled now, his nephew is fine, and he has also been admitted as a xiucai… He has actually relaxed and fell asleep soon.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu also entered the room, but they were not sleepy.

Now that the room was lit with candles, Wei Lingxiu’s appearance could be seen clearly, and Yan Jing Ze looked at Wei Lingxiu and couldn’t help but laugh: “How did you… come up with that kind of method before?”

He couldn’t hold back his desire to laugh when he watched Wei Lingxiu make marks on his body.

Why is Wei Lingxiu so cute!

At that time, he really resisted, fearing that Wei Lingxiu would be embarrassed when he made a sound, and he even thought about how to cooperate with Wei Lingxiu tomorrow and tell Wei Lingxiu that he was willing to take responsibility.

Unexpectedly, Wei Lingxiu actually planned to use the knife. He finally couldn’t help it, and spoke out to stop it.

Wei Lingxiu saw Yan Jing Ze laughing and his face flushed red: “You…you…” He had deliberately forgotten about this matter and Yan Jing Ze still specifically mentioned!

And… Wei Lingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “You pretended to be drunk! Why were you pretending to be drunk?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “In order to take advantage of you.”

Wei Lingxiu: “…” His face flushed even more.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “The traces on your body are all fake, do you want me to make some real ones for you?”

Wei Lingxiu said nothing, just nodded.

Yan Jing Ze directly pounced on the person.

With Zhou Song here, it is impossible to do it in the end, but it is still possible to help each other!

Yan Jing Ze pressed Wei Lingxiu to kiss him and Wei Lingxiu suddenly said, “I was very scared before, for fear that you will despise me tomorrow.”

“How can I despise you; I can’t wait to have you!” Yan Jing Ze said: “I’ll like you all my life, just like you alone.” When he first came through, he only had the memory of the original owner, and his head was full of curses. He didn’t know anything except for fighting, he can’t say anything sweet.

Later, they were busy studying, so after the pattern of getting along is set, he did not know how to break it.

It wasn’t until now that he pierced the window paper between them, and he suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment.

“You won’t get married in the future?” Wei Lingxiu asked.

“I just want to be with you and never touch others.” Yan Jing Ze said: “The same is true for you, you can’t get married in the future!”

Wei Lingxiu took the initiative to kiss Yan Jing Ze: “Okay!”

He thought about what he was going to do from now on.

It is possible that Yan Jing Ze would dislike him and drive him away.

It is also possible that Yan Jing Ze wouldn’t dislike him and keep him by his side, but Yan Jing Ze would still want to marry a wife and have children.

As a result, Yan Jing Ze actually said that he wouldn’t get married and would always be with him!

This is really great!

Wei Lingxiu became more and more active.

Yan Jing Ze…is a little bit overwhelmed! It seems that in the future, he must read more books, learn more sweet words, and memorize love poems.

Thinking so, Yan Jing Ze came to Wei Lingxiu’s ear: “I only hope that your heart is like my heart, so will not fail to love each other.”

Wei Lingxiu felt hot blood on his head.

Why did his uncle come here last night! How come it is so coincidental?

He couldn’t resist sucking up on Yan Jing Ze’s body, he wants to leave some marks as remembrance. As a result, Yan Jing Ze’s skin was rough and thick, and he couldn’t leave a trace…

Yan Jing Ze laughed silently.

This night, Yan Jing Ze had a very pleasant time, until the day was almost dawn, and only then did he sleep together with Wei Lingxiu in his arms.

He and Wei Lingxiu were both awakened by the noise outside, and it was almost noon when they woke up.

They walked out together, and then they saw that there were several dishes on the eight-immortal table, and Zhou Song was drinking porridge at the table.

The Zhou family’s steward was up long ago and asked the servants to cook porridge with the stove in the hall, and then sent them to the nearby farmhouse to buy something to eat.

At this time, there are pickled vegetables, salted duck eggs, freshly cooked and still steaming, marinated chicken on the table.

Seeing Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu get up together, Zhou Song’s expression changed slightly at first, and then his expression quickly eased: “Both of you are up… come and eat something.”

“Uncle, good morning.” Yan Jing Ze smiled and said: “Let’s wash up first and eat right away.”

After speaking, he took Wei Lingxiu and went outside to wash.

The two had just settled their relationship yesterday, and they are very excited about what they are going to do today.

Wei Lingxiu went to pour mouthwash, Yan Jing Ze wrung towels for him, and after washing his face, Yan Jing Ze whispered: “The white rising moon is your bright beauty, binding me with spells ‘till my heart’s devoured.

Wei Lingxiu blushed again and also whispered in a low voice: “At dawn, watching the sky, at dusk, watching the clouds.Thinking of you when you walk, and thinking of you when you sit.

Zhou Song: “…” Why does he feel that his porridge is a bit sour?

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Smooth~ This is how they flirt in ancient times. o(>///<)o

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