BH (QT) 145 – Rogue Scholar (21)

Chapter 145 – Rogue Scholar (21)

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Yan Jing Ze leaned on Wei Lingxiu but did not dare to put all his weight on Wei Lingxiu… What if Wei Lingxiu was crushed?

His body is too heavy!

But he grabbed Wei Lingxiu and just didn’t let go.

Wei Lingxiu didn’t plan to let go. He carried Yan Jing Ze and entered Yan Jing Ze’s room.

They haven’t lived in the house in Xing’an Village for a long time, but because they gave the key to Shopkeeper Wei before leaving Donggu County and entrusted the shopkeeper to take care of it, the house is clean and even the bedding on the bed is covered neatly.

Shopkeeper Wei is really caring.

Entering the room, Yan Jing Ze’s heart beat faster and faster. Wei Lingxiu helped him to the bed, he stumbled again, and pushed Wei Lingxiu straight down on the bed.

Now the bed in his room is also a new one. It is not only big but also firm, but when two people fell on it like this, the bed also made a dull noise.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart beat a drum, pretending to be drunk and unconscious, squinted slightly, grabbed Wei Lingxiu beside him, and kissed Wei Lingxiu’s face.

Wei Lingxiu’s face is very soft, kissing it feels especially good… After Yan Jing Ze kissed, he lay aside, and quietly went to see Wei Lingxiu’s reaction.

The room was dark and there was no light on. Even if he opened his eyes, Wei Lingxiu would definitely not be able to see it.

Yan Jing Ze observed Wei Lingxiu next to him, and then saw Wei Lingxiu frowning and staring at himself seriously.

Wei Lingxiu seems a little unhappy? Yan Jing Ze’s heart was up and down, a little worried.

Wei Lingxiu was not unhappy. In fact, when Yan Jing Ze kissed him, the hairs on his body stood up, he was comfortable but also nervous.

Why did Yan Jing Ze kiss him?

Yan Jing Ze likes him too?

Or Yan Jing Ze was just drunk and didn’t know who he was, so he kissed him casually?

Various thoughts flashed in his mind, Wei Lingxiu gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to take off his clothes.

He had never been close to anyone before, but knew how it was between men and women, and how it was between men and men.

A few years ago, people around him brought some illustrated books and the like to show him.

He also studied for a long time at that time, but to find someone to try, he had no interest, so there was never a real experience, but now…

Wei Lingxiu quickly took off Yan Jing Ze’s coat and went to take off Yan Jing Ze’s pants.

Yan Jing Ze breathed a sigh of relief. Wei Lingxiu was kissed by him, and he still remembered to undress him and take off his pants. So, he’s probably… not repulsive to him?

That’s great!

Wait, that’s not great! He has been feeling very hot recently, so he will react easily, this…this…

Yan Jing Ze let out an “um” and turned over, putting certain situations under his body so that no one could see it.

Wei Lingxiu was taken aback by Yan Jing Ze, but if Yan Jing Ze was like this, he couldn’t get rid of Yan Jing Ze’s clothes…

After thinking about it, Wei Lingxiu began to take off his clothes.

Although Yan Jing Ze turned over, his head was turned to Wei Lingxiu’s side.

Although it was too dark to see Wei Lingxiu’s appearance, Yan Jing Ze could roughly guess what Wei Lingxiu was doing.

Wei Lingxiu is undressing!

Why did Wei Lingxiu take off his clothes? What does he want to do?

Yan Jing Ze was a little dazed and even wanted to ask questions, but he was pretending to be drunk so he couldn’t say anything at this time.

For a moment, there was only the sound of rustling undressing in the room.

Yan Jing Ze felt that his whole body was going to be on fire.

Zhou Song also felt that his whole body was going to be on fire.

After he went south, he worked as an academic commissioner in Nanzhou Prefecture next door.

Nanzhou Prefecture is very close to Donggu County and can be reached in one day, but there are still not many people who come and go, so he will not get news from Donggu County in Nanzhou Prefecture. In addition, as the chief examiner of the academy examination, he had to be cautious about his words and actions after setting the questions. He stayed with the candidates during the academy examination, so he never had time to come to Donggu County.

Until the academy examination in Nanzhou ended.

After the academy examination, he hosted a banquet inviting the xiucai of Nanzhou Prefecture and chatted with these people. As a result, he suddenly learned that one of the xiucai, whose mother was from Donggu County, had also studied in Donggu County before.

Zhou Song immediately called the man over and asked about the Wei family’s situation.

When his father wanted to marry his sister to Wei Zhiyuan, he was very unwilling. Unfortunately, he was young and weak at the time, his father didn’t listen to him at all.

His sister also comforted him, saying that with her ability, no matter who she marries, she can live well, so he did not make a fuss.

Later, his sister followed Wei Zhiyuan back to Donggu County and gave birth to a son. He was relieved, thinking that his sister could live a good life as a rich wife in a small county.

However, it was too early for him to rest assured!

Not long after he was promoted, he was approached by his sister’s accompanying maid who ran from Donggu County, saying that his sister had died of illness.

His elder sister was indeed sick and died naturally, but before she became ill, the Wei family treated her badly. After she fell ill, the old lady of the Wei family still stopped her servants from seeking medicine for his sister…

He was anxious and frustrated, but he had already been granted an official title, so he could not leave the capital easily.

After two years, when he sought to be released, he found the opportunity to go to Donggu County and beat Wei Zhiyuan.

At that time, the place he was going to was very poor. He didn’t take care of Wei Lingxiu because the wife that his father chose for him cannot get along with him. In addition, Wei Lingxiu was still part of the Wei family, it was not easy to take him away at will, so Wei Lingxiu could only stay in the Wei family.

But since then, he would find someone to visit Wei Lingxiu every year, write a few letters and give a generous New Year gift.

Although his nephew Wei Lingxiu said he didn’t like to read, he had a good personality and good health, and the Wei family treated him very well, so he was relieved.

Last year, his father did a foolish thing and got involved in things that he shouldn’t be involved in, he was also dismissed with him. Fortunately, he secretly helped His Majesty. When this matter was over, His Majesty found another cause and reinstated him.

The ups and downs of officialdom are very common. He didn’t think there was anything. There were many things last year, so he didn’t think much about his nephew. As a result…

Now this xiucai who has lived in Donggu County before and only returned to Nanzhou Prefecture this year for the academy examination, told him that his nephew was entangled with a rogue and was kicked out of the house?

Zhou Song met his nephew more than ten years ago, and never saw him again, but that is the only bloodline of his sister who protected him when growing up

Yesterday, the banquet ended, today, Zhou Song immediately set out to Donggu County.

Many of the rivers here are narrow and Zhou Song was on a small boat with a housekeeper and four small servants.

Under the moonlight, the boat slowly moved forward, and Zhou Song’s expression became more and more ugly.

The steward who watched Zhou Song and his sister grow up, reassured Zhou Song: “Master, you don’t need to be anxious, the young master will be fine.”

“That Yan Da is said to be a casino thug… This must be the Wei family’s tricks, taking advantage of my accident to deal with Lingxiu.” Zhou Song gritted his teeth.

The steward was also silent when he heard the words.

How could things be so coincidental? As soon as something happened to his master, the Wei family kicked the young master out of the house!

“I only hope Lingxiu is doing okay,” Zhou Song said.

While they were talking, they arrived at Donggu County.

It was dark, but at the dock in Donggu County, there was a merchant who hired people to load the ship.

Zhou Song got up and asked, “Excuse me, do you know Yan Da and Wei Lingxiu?”

Zhou family is from the capital, and the dialect spoken by Donggu County are a hundred and eight thousand miles away. Although Zhou Song has been out of the capital for the past few years, it’s still a bit difficult to communicate with this native of Donggu County.

But he learned from this person that Yan Da and Wei Lingxiu lived in a certain village.

His nephew was really with that Yan Da…

He gave some money, and this man was willing to go with them and show them the way.

The boat went from Donggu County to Xing’an Village.

After the person leading the way for Zhou Song found that Zhou Song looked like a big man, he didn’t dare to talk too much, just thinking that these people might be looking for Yan Jing Ze to get some calligraphies.

How come Yan Da is so powerful! He’s only been studying books for a year and he’s already a xiucai?

Since the news came out, many of them who were working hard in the county town had specially borrowed books or at least the calendar to read, wanting to learn a few words. As a result, they were dizzy from reading the characters, in the end they didn’t learn anything!

Yan Da is really amazing…

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know about Zhou Song’s arrival. Now he…the whole person is joyful and stunned.

Wei Lingxiu actually removed his clothes and lay beside him!

What does Wei Lingxiu want to do?

Is it the same as he thought?

At this time, should he should use the strength of the wine to half push, or tell Wei Lingxiu that he is actually not drunk?

Yan Jing Ze was worried, but Wei Lingxiu turned his head and sucked hard on his own shoulder with his mouth, sucking out and leaving some traces by himself.

He used to read illustrated books and saw people doing this when they were making out!

Thinking so, Wei Lingxiu sucked on his arm a few more times.

Then… Should he scratch a few wounds on Yan Jing Ze’s body?

Some blood are probably needed for the first time? Shouldn’t there still be a bit of blood on the bed?

This is the first time Wei Lingxiu did this kind of thing, his heart was in turmoil, his hands and feet trembled. As for Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, he was still lying on his stomach, it could not be pulled for a while, so he first pinched traces on his legs.

While he was busy, Wei Lingxiu suddenly found a pair of scissors on the bedside table.

This can cut Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, as for the blood…

Wei Lingxiu stretched out a finger, and wanted to use scissors to make a cut on it, and then wipe the blood on the bed.

He was about to do it but the scissors were snatched away: “It’s not necessary…”

Yan Jing Ze probably knew what Wei Lingxiu wanted to do, for a time both, he was both angry and happy.

Wei Lingxiu liked him too, he was happy, but Wei Lingxiu wanted to stupidly wound himself, he disapproved.

How can this be done!

Yan Jing Ze, who was sleeping deeply, suddenly woke up… Wei Lingxiu was stunned and looked at Yan Jing Ze dumbly: “Aren’t you… drunk?”

Yan Jing Ze was a little embarrassed: “I pretended to be drunk.”

Wei Lingxiu: “…” Yan Jing Ze was pretending to be drunk, so what he did before was all seen by Yan Jing Ze?

Wei Lingxiu didn’t know what to do for a while.

Yan Jing Ze was actually a bit embarrassed, there was a wave of blood that rushed to the top of his head: “Do you want to… really?”

Wei Lingxiu went out: “Yes!”

After speaking, he relaxed for a while and thought of other things.

Not only did Yan Jing Ze pretend to be drunk, he also kissed him… Does Yan Jing Ze like him?

If so, that would be great!

Wei Lingxiu could not think of anything else for a while, and only wanted to be close to Yan Jing Ze, however, at this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from outside.

If he was not mistaken, the door to their room should have been kicked in!

Surprisingly, someone kicked the door again!

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