BH (QT) 144 – Rogue Scholar (20)

Chapter 144 – Rogue Scholar (20)

The academy exams also need someone to guarantee for them and the rules are similar to those of the previous prefectural exams.

A few days before the exam, Wei Lingxiu was a little restless.

His younger brother Wei Lingyuan will also participate in the academy exam this year. He previously felt that he was not good at studying and he couldn’t be compared with his younger brother at all. Now he has the mind to compare with him, but he is afraid that his younger brother will be admitted as a talent but he won’t.

His younger brother has been a child prodigy praised by everyone in the clan since he was a child.

After another night, Wei Lingxiu couldn’t sleep anymore, and got up and went to the courtyard.

They lived in the small courtyard behind the Wei Family Bookstore in Fucheng. In addition to them, there were also two guys living in this courtyard. At this time, everyone else was probably sleeping soundly, the whole world was silent, as if he was alone…

Wei Lingxiu didn’t know how long he had been sitting there when he suddenly heard a voice: “Why are you up so early?”

He turned his head to look and saw Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze frowned and asked, “You can’t sleep at night?” He had already discovered that Wei Lingxiu was a little bit tired these days… was it because he couldn’t sleep at night?

“What if I can’t pass the test?” Wei Lingxiu asked. Although he had passed the prefectural exam, he ranked low, so there was little hope of passing the academy exam.

“If you can’t pass the exam, you can’t pass the exam. You’ll take the exam later.” Yan Jing Ze didn’t care.

Wei Lingxiu gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t have much money, if I don’t pass the exam, then…” He eats, drinks, and spends money these days, almost entirely relying on Yan Jing Ze.

If he can be admitted as a xiucai, he can always make money in the future, if he fails to pass…

He was embarrassed to spend any more money.

“I have money and all my money is yours,” Yan Jing Ze said without thinking: “Don’t worry, I will give you all the money I make.”

Yan Jing Ze suddenly realized that he had made some oversight—he didn’t even give Wei Lingxiu any money!

He has made a lot of money these days, but because the money is very heavy, he has always carried it by himself. At this time, everyone mainly uses copper coins, he carries ten catties of copper coins. Of course, there are also silvers, but the silver portion is not light.

As for the banknotes, he doesn’t have a lot of money. In which store the banknotes are stored, they must go to that store to exchange them, so it’s actually very inconvenient. People who don’t do business usually don’t use it.

Wei Lingxiu was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “If you fail the exam this time, you will take the exam next time and I will teach you. Don’t worry about the money. We are not short of money now. I will give you all my money…” What does he want to earn money for? Isn’t it to let Wei Lingxiu live a good life?

Wei Lingxiu asked: “Will you be with me in the future?”

“Of course, if I’m not with you, who will I be with?” Yan Jing Ze asked. He felt that if Wei Lingxiu could not be admitted as a xiucai, it would be fine, he could just continue to stare at Wei Lingxiu’s studies…

By the way, when the time comes, he will also think about doing something that Wei Lingxiu likes.

Thinking about it this way, Yan Jing Ze seemed to be struck by lightning for a while.

It suddenly occurred to him that, apart from forcing Wei Lingxiu to study every day, he had never coaxed Wei Lingxiu!

Wei Lingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze and just laughed. He also thinks that it’s good if he can’t pass the exam, this way, he can continue to follow Yan Jing Ze.

Even though he was a deadbeat like this, he didn’t know what else to do besides this.

When the examination is over, can he think of a way to make Yan Jing Ze unable to let go of him?

No matter what he thought, Wei Lingxiu felt relaxed for a while, and in the next few days, he would eat and sleep well.

On the day of the academy examination, a crowd of candidates came to the vicinity of the examination room for a body search.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Turning his head, he saw that not far away, Wei Lingxiu’s brother Wei Lingyuan was looking at himself with an ugly expression.

This child… Yan Jing Ze turned his head and didn’t respond.

Wei Lingyuan was so angry that he wanted to go over and argue with Yan Jing Ze, but before he could go forward, he was stopped by the servants of the Wei family – that Yan Jing Ze was an unscrupulous person, their second young master went over to look for trouble, what if he was picked up by Yan Jing Ze and thrown out?

Not only did they stop the second young master from picking a fight, but they even had to stop the second young master from saying bad things about Wei Lingxiu… They are brothers and Wei Lingxiu’s bad reputation in Fucheng would not be good for their second young master!

They are really tired!

However, these servants failed to stop it completely in the end.

When everyone was searched and when they were about to enter the examination room, Wei Lingyuan came to Wei Lingxiu’s side and gave Wei Lingxiu a cold look: “Someone like you actually dared to come to the academy exam… Aren’t you afraid of losing face?”

“What’s wrong with Lingxiu? He is very smart, he can be admitted as a tongsheng after only a few months of hard work. Unlike you who is still a tongsheng after so many years of studying… If it weren’t for your mother, he would have been a xiucai already,” Yan Jing Ze said immediately.

“You…” Wei Lingyuan glared at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “What about you, your family is holding you and saying you are a child prodigy. But do you even know the meaning of ‘sù lìng chū fǎn’?”

Wei Lingyuan was stunned, what is ‘sù lìng chū fǎn’?

Yan Jing Ze glanced at Wei Lingyuan contemptuously and went to take the exam.

At this time, the papers are all without a complete sentence. Because the test questions cannot be repeated, the examiner will cut off a few words from books as test questions. The four characters in the middle of the sentence “If your Majesty will make haste to issue…. captives, old and young” are intercepted.

When Yan Jing Ze said those things, it was only because he didn’t like the way Wei Lingyuan acted, he easily forgot about it after speaking, but Wei Lingyuan kept thinking about it.

Wei Lingyuan was only fifteen years old, arrogant, and easily influenced by people around him.

In the original historical trajectory, at this time Wei Lingxiu was not only kicked out of the house, he also died, but it did not affect Wei Lingyuan’s concentration on his studies, but now…

In the past few months, because of rumors that Wei Lingxiu was driven out of the house by Mrs. Wei’s design, Wei Lingyuan has been unable to calm down and study. Today, Yan Jing Ze mentioned it again…

He couldn’t help but start to wonder if he wasn’t really smart.

He always felt that he was very good for becoming a tongsheng at the age of fourteen, but now… his brother, who has been said to be not smart, has also become to tongsheng!

Wei Lingyuan simply couldn’t take the exam well.

Yan Jing Ze is different, he has a very good mentality, plus he writes quickly and does questions quickly…

It didn’t take long for him to finish all his questions and get a break.

As for Wei Lingxiu…

Wei Lingxiu thought that it didn’t matter if he didn’t pass the exam for xiucai, he felt relaxed in his heart, and when he was relaxed, he was also casual when doing questions, and he answered smoothly. Later, he was asked to write a poem, which he answered even better.

There were three consecutive exams in the academy exam, each for one day. After all the three exams were completed, Wei Lingxiu and Yan Jing Ze were both in good spirits, but Wei Lingyuan was different… He failed the first exam, and the pressure afterwards it was so big that the second and third exam were even worse. In the past few days, it was difficult to sleep almost every night…

Soon after, the academy released the list of names who passed the exam, and Yan Jing Ze once again ranked first in the exam. Wei Lingxiu was second to the last, but Wei Lingyuan was not on the list.

Yan Jing Ze was not surprised that he was able to rank first.

Although he has not studied for a long time, he has read all the things that others may not have been able to learn for decades. In addition, he has a good handwriting, and he has gained some fame in Fucheng in the past few months… It’s normal for the Schoolmaster to make him the champion of the examination.

Wei Lingxiu made it in the bottom list… Actually, it’s not surprising.

Although Wei Lingxiu said that he did not memorize enough books, his strokes were still very good, and he wrote very soulful poems.

So even if there are deficiencies in the article, the examiner will let him pass.

However, Wei Lingyuan was not admitted as a xiucai, which surprised Yan Jing Ze.

After all, on the original historical trajectory, Wei Lingyuan had a very good test.

But he actually wanted Wei Lingyuan to fail the exam… Yan Jing Ze didn’t think about it too much. After being admitted as a xiucai, he and Wei Lingxiu attended the banquet hosted by the Schoolmaster who presided over the exam.

When the Schoolmaster saw Yan Jing Ze: “…” He admired the literary and calligraphic excellence of the champion but… he looks like this?

After talking with Yan Jing Ze, the Schoolmaster: “…” This person’s knowledge is really outstanding!

The idea of accepting Yan Jing Ze as an apprentice even arose.

However, Yan Jing Ze politely refused.

In fact, whether it is the County Magistrate Zhu, the Lord Zhou in the next county, or the current Schoolmaster, they all intend to accept him as a disciple.

Who wouldn’t want a student like him who could make it big without putting too much effort into teaching?

But Yan Jing Ze does not intend to worship a master.

This world is very particular about respecting the teacher. Students must listen to what the teacher says… He feels that he can’t do this. If that’s the case, he won’t find someone to take care of himself.

Yan Jing Ze was unwilling, and naturally he would not force it.

After attending the banquet hosted by the Schoolmaster, Yan Jing Ze returned to Donggu County. When he arrived, the County Magistrate Zhu hosted a banquet and invited the five xiucai who had passed the examination in Donggu County to the banquet. Some students in Donggu County were also invited to join in the fun.

After the examination, because he has been living in Wei’s bookstore, although Yan Jing Ze wanted to do something to make Wei Lingxiu happy, he couldn’t. Now back in Donggu County, there are so many people eating and drinking, Yan Jing Ze was very depressed.

Suddenly, a juren who came to the banquet looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Master Yan, I have a daughter who likes your writing very much. Recently, I always go to the Wei Family Bookstore to see the writings you left there.”

“Hmm,” Yan Jing Ze replied casually and drank a glass of wine. How should he get along with Wei Lingxiu, should he test the waters first?

That Juren: “…” Why did Yan Jing Ze only give a “hmm”? Did he hear what he meant? He wants his daughter to get married with Yan Jing Ze!

Yan Jing Ze did not hear it, but Wei Lingxiu did.

After being drunk last time, Wei Lingxiu stopped drinking, and now he heard someone tempting Yan Jing Ze, his heart “thumped”.

No matter how bad his relationship with the Wei family is, he is still a member of the Wei family, so someone who wants to tie the knot with him will not find him personally, but Yan Jing Ze is different.

Although Yan Jing Ze’s mother is still alive, she has remarried and is not considered a family member. She cannot be the master of his marriage and those who are interested in him will directly test him.

Will Yan Jing Ze get married?

Most of the men want to pass on the family name, Yan Jing Ze should want to get married, right?

If Yan Jing Ze gets married, what should he do?

What did Yan Jing Ze think of him?

Various thoughts flashed in Wei Lingxiu’s mind, and he lowered his eyelids and stopped talking.

When the banquet was over, Yan Jing Ze was already “drunk”.

There will be no provincial test this year and it will only take place in August next year. So, he is not in a hurry to study now, he only wants to get his lifelong affairs done.

He and Wei Lingxiu can conceal themselves in front of outsiders, but at home, it’s best to be “honest with each other”?

Although Yan Jing Ze drank a lot of alcohol, the original owner had a good alcohol tolerance. In fact, he was not drunk, so he waiting until they get home and take advantage of the drunkenness to kiss Wei Lingxiu, and then see Wei Lingxiu’s reaction…

If Wei Lingxiu doesn’t hate it, he will confess to him tomorrow. If Wei Lingxiu hates it… he will pester Wei Lingxiu more?

Even though he’s a big, brawny man, he’s not necessarily inferior to a beautiful woman, is he?

He can make a lot of money for Wei Lingxiu!

Wei Lingxiu helped Yan Jing Ze get into the carriage. Seeing Yan Jing Ze drunk as if he didn’t know anything, a dark thought emerged from the bottom of his heart.

Yan Jing Ze is drunk today, it is estimated that nothing will be remembered. If he later on, without clothes, sleeps with Yan Jing Ze…

Wei Lingxiu scorned himself somewhat, but the thought coiled in his mind and lingered on.

In fact, he wanted to do something for a long time but he didn’t do anything because he was worried that it would affect Yan Jing Ze’s exam. Now…

The County Magistrate Zhu’s carriage swayed slowly and sent Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu to Xing’an Village.

Yan Jing Ze fell asleep in the car and was full of alcohol. Fortunately, when Wei Lingxiu helped him get out of the car, he was a little awake, otherwise Wei Lingxiu would not be able to move him.

“I’m okay…” After getting out of the carriage, Yan Jing Ze said he was okay, but he was staggering and leaning on Wei Lingxiu…

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速另出反 sù lìng chū fǎn – I think this is about a reversal or sth? I’m not sure. I’ll edit this later if I find the proper translation for it. I got stuck with this lol

It also took me some time to find Yan Jing Ze’s exam. It was about Liang Hui Wang IIIf your Majesty will make haste to issue an ordinance, restoring your captives, old and young

Man, this is the hardest chapter so far… Scholars… (✖╭╮✖)

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