BH (QT) 143 – Rogue Scholar (19)

Chapter 143 – Rogue Scholar (19)

Wei Lingxiu felt that life in the past few months was like a dream.

When he was in the Wei family’s house, they always called him stupid. It seemed that he could not do anything other than eating, drinking, and having fun. After a long time, he also felt that he was useless, and he felt that he was not for studying.

But in the past few months, he studied with Yan Jing Ze and he found that it was not the case.

He was forced by Yan Jing Ze but he actually was able to memorize those difficult books. The teacher explained the meaning to him and he was able to write it all down.

During the period, he got a few collections of poems, and he liked it very much. After reading it repeatedly, some of the sentences made him feel more relaxed, and some of them made him cry.

It was from those collections of poems that he suddenly became interested in reading.

But even so, he didn’t expect that he would still be admitted as a tongsheng, and he would even go to the academy exam soon.

Although his younger brother was four years younger than him, he was already a tongsheng last year, and although his father was admitted as a xiucai at his age, Wei Lingxiu was still indescribably happy.

However, while feeling happy, he was also a little depressed.

At this time, he and Yan Jing Ze were drinking in a restaurant with some people who had passed the prefectural exam like them.

Among these people, Yan Jing Ze is definitely the most eye-catching one. There are always many people around him, and when someone finally leaves him, someone immediately fills it up.

Wei Lingxiu was suddenly a little frightened.

When he left Wei’s house that day, he knew that he would have no family anymore, but at that time, he still had Yan Jing Ze.

He still remembered that they didn’t have much money when they first arrived in Xing’an Village, and Yan Jing Ze secretly ate the old rice and gave him new rice.

Yan Jing Ze gave him a better bed, repaired his house, and made furniture for him.

At that time, he felt sweet in his heart.

He had a feeling that they had formed a family, and that Yan Jing Ze was working hard for this family, and that they were going to live together in the future.

He even felt that he was willing to cook at home every day and take care of the household chores.

However, Yan Jing Ze’s ability to never forget was too good, so he told Yan Jing Ze about the examinations…

He had always worried that his father would trouble Yan Jing Ze, but if Yan Jing Ze became a scholar, his father would not be able to hurt Yan Jing Ze.

But now, he regrets it a bit.

Nowadays, not to mention the Donggu County’s tongsheng and xiucai, even the scholars in Fucheng admire Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is so dazzling, is he still willing to be with him?

Think about it carefully, since Yan Jing Ze started to study, they spent less and less time together. It is not easy for them to have time together and Yan Jing Ze kept letting him study.

He likes to read books and didn’t think much about it before, but at this time, after drinking a few more glasses of wine and got dizzy, he thought of some other things.

If Yan Jing Ze really likes him, why should he be allowed to study and take the examinations?

Shouldn’t he just let him stay by his side and forbid him to go out to see the world?

In fact, he couldn’t help thinking, after discovering Yan Jing Ze’s talent, if he didn’t let Yan Jing Ze go out to contact people outside, if he didn’t teach Yan Jing Ze to recognize characters… Would Yan Jing Ze stay in Xing’an Village and be his alone?

There are so many people paying attention to Yan Jing Ze, even if Yan Jing Ze has not yet passed the xiucai exam, some people already want to get married with Yan Jing Ze…

Wei Lingxiu drank another glass of wine.

“Brother Wei has a good drink!” a tongsheng sitting beside Wei Lingxiu said to Wei Lingxiu.

“Yeah.” Wei Lingxiu replied, frowning. The wine tastes so awful, he doesn’t know why his father always had to drink at every turn.

Of course, there are also good wines.

Every summer, people will sell sweet wine on the streets of Donggu County. The method of sweet wine is simple. The wine and medicine are mixed with rice and put on for two days. After adding water, the water inside is very sweet. The rice is also sweet and can be eaten together.

He loves that kind of wine!

Wei Lingxiu drank another cup of awful wine and gave Yan Jing Ze a vicious look.

Yan Jing Ze asked him to take the exam for xiucai, maybe because he didn’t want to raise him… No, he must not be dumped by Yan Jing Ze.

He must think of ways to pester Yan Jing Ze!

“Yan Jing Ze really makes people jealous, Brother Wei don’t you think so?” The tongsheng sitting opposite Wei Lingxiu is from this side of the city and does not know the affair between Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu in Donggu County. At this time, seeing Wei Lingxiu’s gnashing of teeth, he only thinks that Wei Lingxiu is jealous of Yan Jing Ze.

Wei Lingxiu looked up at him.

This person said again: “There will be an examination in the academy soon and Yan Jing Ze will be in the limelight. I am afraid that he will get the first place again…” That Yan Jing Ze has an extensive knowledge of books and also has a good handwriting. His paper is bound to stand out from the rest of the papers.

This person was sour in his heart, and when talking to Wei Lingxiu at this time, he also hoped to complain a few words with Wei Lingxiu.

As a result…

Wei Lingxiu didn’t stare at Yan Jing Ze anymore but turned to look at him: “I also think that Yan Jing Ze will definitely win the first place!”

The person who was talking to Wei Lingxiu was taken aback and then listened to Wei Lingxiu’s words: “He never forgets, he is definitely the smartest person in the world…”

Wei Lingxiu talked endlessly.

The person sitting opposite Wei Lingxiu: “……” Brother, weren’t you glaring at Yan Jing Ze before? Why do you keep praising him now?

Wei Lingxiu said again: “Yan Jing Ze also has outstanding looks, he is handsome, don’t you think so? In this He Xing House, is there anyone taller than him?”

The face of the person sitting opposite Wei Lingxiu is stiff with smile. The looks of Yan Jing Ze is very distinctive, but actually not good-looking, right? Nowadays, it’s handsome men like him that are sought after! Wei Lingxiu even thought that Yan Jing Ze looked handsome, what kind of eyes does he have?

Wei Lingxiu wanted to say something but was suddenly pulled up.

Yan Jing Ze pulled Wei Lingxiu up and said to the person opposite Wei Lingxiu: “He is drunk, I will take him back first.”

Wei Lingxiu looked up at Yan Jing Ze: “I’m not drunk!”

“You’re drunk,” Yan Jing Ze said, wrapping Wei Lingxiu’s shoulder with his arm, and then walked out.

In fact, Wei Lingxiu is not short. In Jiangnan, which generally has short people, he is considered tall. After all, he has never lacked food and drink since he was a child.

But being hugged by Yan Jing Ze, he suddenly felt petite.

The person who talked to Wei Lingxiu before couldn’t help but worry: “This… Brother Wei will be fine, right?”

Although he and Wei Lingxiu didn’t talk too much, but he didn’t want Wei Lingxiu to have an accident.

“Nothing will happen.” A tongsheng of Donggu County said with a tangled expression: “They are good friends.” Before in Donggu County, everyone knows they have a leg! Although he didn’t make it clear at this time, if someone came to ask him, he would be willing to talk about it.

However, no one asked him. Those who were worried about Wei Lingxiu knew that Wei Lingxiu would be fine and said: “It’s fine if it’s all right, I’ll go back.”

Others also bid farewell.

After they talked with Yan Jing Ze, they were hit a little bit and needed to go back and sort out their feelings.

In the end, only the tongsheng of Donggu County were left, chatting together, talking about Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu.

After talking, they also said, “We should not talk about this matter outside, lest we be said to be jealous of Yan Jing Ze and throw dirty water on him.”

“Right…” The others responded. All scholars pay attention to reputation, if they tell people about this matter and if it gets passed around… it would be bad for their reputation.

Moreover, Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu seem to be really innocent.

The really innocent, Yan Jing Ze, has taken Wei Lingxiu to the guest room where Wei Lingxiu lives.

He and Wei Lingxiu live in one room.

In fact, it is possible to share a room with two more people, but it is easy to have a bad rest. He is even more likely to… not have any sleep.

The body he traveled through was really energetic. He was at an age where he could think more when he saw a hole… cough, he better not toss himself.

Speaking of which, he was a little moved at this moment.

Yan Jing Ze originally wanted to change Wei Lingxiu’s clothes, but he was afraid that he couldn’t help it, so he didn’t dare to do it. In the end, he only helped him take off his shoes and fled.

Back in his room, Yan Jing Ze also regretted it.

Why did he let Wei Lingxiu participate in the imperial examination?

Wei Lingxiu was originally a young master, his father did not love him, his stepmother did not love him, and other people were unwilling to pay attention to him, so people like the original owner could coax him. But now he came out to see the world, his vision will definitely become high!

Today, Wei Lingxiu was chatting with others happily, and those eyes were bright!

He knew the person who was chatting with Wei Lingxiu, wasn’t he the second placer in the test? This person is very knowledgeable and only seventeen this year! He came from a family of scholars and they also have a jinshi in their family!

Will Wei Lingxiu… like him?

The more Yan Jing Ze thought about it, the more troubled he was. He ran into the courtyard behind the inn where he picked up the stone to hone his strength.

The tongsheng who lived in this inn came back and saw this scene and they were stunned for a while.

Their champion is really different.

“Brother Yan, what are you doing?” someone asked suspiciously.

Yan Jing Ze said: “It is said that in the future, you will have to take the provincial exam for nine days in a row. It is best to have a good body, so I will train.”

Those people suddenly realized: “Brother Yan, you think so far!”

“So it is! We should also practice!”

Wait, they are too weak, so they should practice well. But with Yan Jing Ze’s strength, it is easy to demolish the testing center of the provincial examination, he still needs to train?

No matter what everyone thinks, after Yan Jing Ze got sweaty, he just took a bath with well water, and then went back to the room.

Those tongsheng: “…” Yan Jing Ze’s body is really good!

They only dared to wipe their bodies with hot water, but he used cold water to bathe directly!

The date of the academy examinations for xiucai will be in August of this year, and it is already May, just over two months left.

Yan Jing Ze was confident that he would pass the exam, but Wei Lingxiu was different… So after this day, he took Wei Lingxiu into the Wei Family Bookstore in Fucheng and continued his studies—the academy exams are also conducted in Fucheng, so they simply stayed!

Wei Lingxiu was full of distracting thoughts at first, but Yan Jing Ze watched him read the books for a few days, so he slowly put all his thoughts on books.

He also feels suffocated in his heart; he wants to be admitted as a xiucai.

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Drunk Wei Lingxiu is so cute! XD

I really like how most scholars here are all decent people, it’s so unlike those other novels where there are so many arrogant young masters here and there, always planning to sabotage the MC. lol

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