Chapter 151 – I won’t marry, even if I die

In fact, the Lin family of three guessed correctly.

This matter was indeed intentionally spread in the places where they lived and worked.

And the mastermind behind this matter was Song Yi.

Although Song Yi had retired, he still had many comrades.

In Haishi, there was also a retired comrade, so Song Yi told his friend about the matter in detail and asked for his help.

Although the Lin family of three were all punished for this matter, Song Yi felt that it was still too lenient.

People like the Lin family cared most about their reputation and face, so they had to start from this aspect and not let them off too easily.

So, the current situation came about.

Song Yi, who was far away in Anren County, received a letter from his friend and was quite satisfied with the current situation.

Although their strength is still too weak to shake the Lin family, they can slowly chip away at it.

Now, many people who were originally close to the Lin family have distanced themselves, and the Lin family’s reputation is no longer as perfect as before.

Instead, it has been tainted.

That’s enough.

One day, the big tree of the Lin family, which is currently difficult for them to shake, will surely fall.

However, although Song Yi did this, he did not tell his family, including Xu Fanghua.

Xu Jinning went home to recuperate after being discharged from the hospital.

And the Qinghe Production Brigade became even more lively.

Originally, the matter of the real and fake daughter had been a hot topic in the village for several months. After all, initially, Xu Fangfang was everyone’s ideal daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law.

Moreover, in a virtually entertainment-free, almost closed-off rural area, the real and fake daughter matter was explosive, to the extent that even after so long, many people were still paying attention.

This time, when Lin Wangshu returned, everyone also watched with a curious attitude.

They wanted to see how the Xu family would treat these two daughters—whether there would be differential treatment, equal treatment, or something else entirely…

Some people even made bets about it.

However, these bets had just started when something happened to the Xu family.

Xu Jinning was injured and taken to the hospital, reportedly hurt by Lin Wangshu.

Soon, police cars arrived and directly took Lin Wangshu away.

In this normally remote rural area, when would police cars come, when would public security come to arrest someone? Every time it happened, it was a big deal for the villagers.

Because of this incident, the Xu family, Xu Jinning, and Lin Wangshu, who were already topics of discussion among the people, became even more talked about.

The emotions of the people remained high until today, wanting to know the exact truth of the matter.

As soon as the Xu family members and Xu Jinning returned, villagers began asking questions under various pretexts.

“Yes, Lin Wangshu did injure Ningning. She deliberately pushed Ningning down, causing Ningning’s head to hit the corner.”

“Oh, Lin Wangshu is Xu Fangfang, but she changed her name when she went to the city.”

“Her biological parents specifically came from Haishi to save her.”

“A while ago, didn’t the public security arrest Anren Hospital’s Zhong Dequan? It turns out, the Lin couple conspired with Zhong Dequan fifteen years ago, intentionally swapping the children—Ningning and Lin Wangshu. They did this so that Lin Wangshu wouldn’t suffer with them, but our Ningning, for these fifteen years, hasn’t been living in the city at all; she has been suffering, ab*sed by the Lin couple, nearly died several times!”

Since the villagers asked, the Xu family members spoke up; there was nothing they couldn’t say about this matter.

And they also didn’t want the hypocritical Lin family of three, especially Lin Wangshu, to continue to maintain a good reputation in the village.

As soon as these words were spoken, the villagers were outraged.

“I didn’t expect Xu Fangfang, no, Lin Wangshu, to be that kind of person. It seems like we were all deceived by her before.”

“This time she came back, probably no good will come of it; maybe she’s specifically here to retaliate against Ningning.”

“That Lin couple is the most despicable, intentionally swapping the children fifteen years ago; it’s truly despicable.”

“Ningning has suffered too much following them these years; no wonder she came back so thin, barely recognizable.”

“This is called… how does that saying go? ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!'”

“Like father, like daughter!”

“Yes, that’s it.”

The villagers were all very angry, feeling sorry for Xu Jinning.

Seeing this, Xu Xiangbei hurriedly added, “Do you think the Lin family is just like this? There’s more.”

“The Lin couple intentionally swapped the children, Lin Wangshu intentionally harmed Ningning, causing a huge hole in the back of Ningning’s head and so much blood loss; this is a crime.”

“Yet, none of them had to go to jail! Lin Wangshu was locked up for a few days, then released.”

“What? How can this be?”

Xu Xiangbei sighed, “It’s because the Lin couple have status, influence, and connections. As for us… sigh…”

He waved his hand, “Forget it, forget it, let’s not talk about it.”

“Anyway, that’s how it is.”

The villagers wanted to ask more, but the Xu family had already turned back to their house, seemingly too sad and frustrated to talk about it further.

However, by now, the villagers understood the full truth of the matter.

As the villagers passed on the story, it didn’t take long for it to spread throughout the village.

From then on, Xu Jinning became a complete figure of sympathy in the villagers’ hearts.

So much so that after her recovery and return to walking around the village, wherever she went, she received the villagers’ attentive gazes, and some elderly people would even hold her hand, full of compassion, saying, “Child, you’ve suffered so much in these past years.”

“Look at how thin you’ve become.”

“Here, this is some candy this old lady hid; have some.”

Xu Jinning looked at the candy in her palm, feeling a bit confused, but still, after the elderly person lovingly patted her head, she earnestly said thank you.

Of course, Xu Jinning became the villagers’ top figure of sympathy, while Lin Wangshu’s reputation plummeted. From being seen as the ideal daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law, she became someone everyone shook their heads at when mentioned.

People felt that Lin Wangshu had hidden too much; they hadn’t seen it before.

As for the Lin couple, they became objects of disgust for the villagers. After all, anyone who could do something like swapping children wasn’t just a ruthless person.

It’s fortunate that the Lin family of three didn’t live in the Qinghe Production Brigade; otherwise, they might have been drowned in the villagers’ spit.

While Xu Jinning and Lin Wangshu’s situation was the talk of the town, capturing everyone’s attention, some people didn’t bother to pay attention to it.

“I’ve said it before, I won’t marry Yang Zhiwen, even if I die!” Wei Rou exclaimed, then slammed the door shut.

Mother Wei stared at the tightly closed door, her gaze deep, and coldly snorted inwardly. Stubborn girl, you’ll marry that second son of the Yang family whether you like it or not! I have plenty of ways to make you marry him!

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  1. Isn’t Wei You a bit stupid? If she revealed that Zhiwen was an eunuch, I don’t think her mother would want her to marry him… Why is she keeping it silent?

    1. That’s what I don’t get either–if Wei Rou just told the truth about Yang Zhiwen’s inability to have children, she wouldn’t be forced to marry him. Even if she reveals the truth, will the Yang family kill her or something as revenge? If anything, people will be furious learning they were deceived this entire time by the Yang family and trying to get their daughters to marry Yang Zhiwen.

      The only possibility I can think of at this time is that Wei Rou’s reputation would be negatively impacted because it would be questionable how she found out about his incapability in that area. She might be seen as trying to have improper relations with him when it was discovered midway that he was incapable or that she has a improper nature for skulking around people’s homes and eavesdropping on them, especially a man’s family, when there’s no relation between them. Either way, I hope the truth about Yang Zhiwen will be revealed to prevent other unfortunate women being tormented in his household due to the twisted nature of his family and him.

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