Chapter 152 – I Stole It

Because she didn’t want to marry Yang Zhiwen, Wei Rou’s relationship with Mother Wei which was already strained now plummeted to freezing point.

Wei Rou didn’t want to work. Even when Mother Wei ordered her, she refused to do anything anymore, spending most of her time in her room.

As for Mother Wei, the most direct way to deal with Wei Rou was to not give her any food.

At meal times, Mother Wei never prepared any food for Wei Rou.

Seeing that there was no portion for herself on the table while her siblings each held a bowl, eating heartily without even glancing at her, Wei Rou’s face darkened slightly.

Mother Wei also held a bowl, snorting coldly and saying, “You don’t want to work but still want food? Hmph.”

“If you want food, agree to marry Yang’s second son.”

“I’ve said it before, I won’t marry, I just won’t!” Wei Rou’s attitude remained resolute. Enduring her hunger, she turned and left, returning to her room.

Wei Rou was hungry. Once back in her room, she started searching for something to eat and finally found some peach pastries in a box.

She stared at the peach pastries in front of her for a while before slowly putting one in her mouth.

They had been sitting for some time, so the pastries were a bit soft, but they still tasted good.

These were the peach pastries that Xu Fanghua had given her before they had fallen out. Peach pastries were a rare treat, something Wei Rou had never eaten since she was little.

It was only after becoming good friends with Xu Fanghua that she knew what peach pastries tasted like, thanks to Xu Fanghua’s gift.

After their fallout, Wei Rou had almost forgotten about these peach pastries.

Wei Rou viewed everything Xu Fanghua gave her with a sarcastic attitude.

After their falling out, she had no intention of using anything from Xu Fanghua again.

However, she didn’t expect that she would now have to rely on the peach pastries Xu Fanghua had once given her to alleviate her hunger.

Thinking about it, it was truly ironic!

If Xu Fanghua were here, who knows how she would mock herself.

Wei Rou ate a piece of peach pastry, barely satisfying her hunger. She dared not eat more, fearing that if she finished them all at once, she would have nothing left for later when she got hungry again.

Moreover, Wei Rou knew that if Mother Wei starved her for one meal, she would starve her for two meals, three meals…

Until she complied.

As for whether she would starve or even starve to death, Wei Rou thought that perhaps this was never within her mother’s consideration.

That’s Wei Rou’s mother for you, capable of deliberately starving her own daughter.

If it were Xu Fanghua’s mother, she definitely wouldn’t do such a thing.

So, Xu Fanghua, tell me, why shouldn’t I envy and resent you?

As it turned out, Wei Rou understood Mother Wei well.

Over the next two days, Mother Wei not only ordered not to cook for Wei Rou, but also added another lock to the food storage cabinet.

She also instructed Wei Rou’s sisters not to give her anything to eat, or else they would be punished.

As for Wei Rou’s brothers, Mother Wei didn’t give any instructions.

Because this only son was always kept indoors and never went out, he didn’t care much about his older sisters.

Even in Mother Wei’s long-standing indoctrination, Wei Tianbao saw his older sisters as tools to be married off in exchange for money in the future. This money would either be used as a dowry for his own marriage or to buy a job in the city.

For tools, Wei Tianbao naturally had no emotional attachment. He might not even have much affection for Mother Wei; he had been raised to be selfish and self-centered, thinking only of himself.

As for Wei Rou’s younger sisters, perhaps because they were all daughters of the Wei family and shared similar hardships, their relationship with Wei Rou was relatively decent on normal days.

But as soon as Mother Wei spoke, they dared not do anything.

Living under the constant pressure of their mother’s authority, they lived in fear, cautiously navigating their lives.

These past two days, Wei Rou would eat a bite or two of peach pastry when hungry, then drink more water to stave off hunger as best as she could.

But her stomach still grumbled.

Because of hunger, Wei Rou’s condition wasn’t great, and she felt weak.

Eating the last piece of peach pastry, Wei Rou frowned.

With no more pastries, what was she going to do next?

Rubbing her stomach, Wei Rou wasn’t one to sit around and wait for death. She didn’t plan on starving herself.

“It looks like I’ll have to figure out a way to find something to eat,” Wei Rou muttered to herself.

Late at night, everything was quiet. Everyone had gone to sleep, and the surroundings were dim, illuminated only by the faint light of the moon.

In her room, Wei Rou opened her eyes, then quietly got out of bed, holding her stomach as she made her way stealthily toward the kitchen.

Wei Rou knew that the family’s food was either stored in the cellar by Mother Wei and locked up or kept in cabinets, also locked. Normally, any food would be in the cabinets.

Tonight, Mother Wei had rarely made fish stew, and the aroma wafted through the air, reaching Wei Rou even in her room despite her hunger.

However, the fish stew was only for Father Wei, Mother Wei, and Wei Tianbao to drink.

Father Wei was a silent and reclusive person in the house, almost invisible and unable to make decisions; everything was managed and decided by Mother Wei.

But when it came to valuing sons over daughters and being selfish, wanting to use daughters to get dowries, his attitude was in line with Mother Wei’s.

So, Wei Rou never even considered seeking help from her father because it would be futile; her parents were of the same mindset.

In the kitchen, Wei Rou searched. She knew that there would be some leftover fish stew tonight, probably kept by Mother Wei for Wei Tianbao to drink tomorrow.

As this speculation crossed her mind, a cold expression settled on Wei Rou’s face.

In other parts of the kitchen, Wei Rou couldn’t find the fish stew, so she knew that the remaining stew must have been locked in the cabinet by Mother Wei.

Looking at the locked cabinet, Wei Rou knew that if it weren’t for the late hour and the risk of waking up sleeping people with any noise, she would have used a stone to break the lock.

“What should I do…” Wei Rou held her stomach, realizing that if she continued to go hungry, she wouldn’t be able to endure much longer.

“Big sister.” At that moment, a young and tender voice sounded from behind, startling Wei Rou.

Turning around, Wei Rou realized it was her third younger sister, who shared a room with her.

Wei Rou’s third sister was fourteen years old.

In Wei Rou’s impression, this third sister was the most silent and timid among all her sisters, always quietly doing chores without complaint.

Wei Rou looked down on her for being like this.

“Little sister, why are you awake? Why are you here?” Wei Rou asked.

“Big, big sister, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” This was the longest sentence Wei Rou had ever heard from her third sister.

“I have the key.” The third sister took out the key from her pocket.

In the moonlight, Wei Rou could see clearly that this key with a string attached was none other than the key her mother used to lock the kitchen cabinet.

“How did you get this?” Wei Rou snatched the key and examined it.

“I stole it.”

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