Chapter 12 – The Finale Banquet and the Premiere of the Demons

Finale banquet.

The meals at the banquet are clearly divided. The traditional dishes of the demons are on black plates, while the ones from Hill’s recipes are on white plates.

The food on the black plate all looked weird, some of them exuded a weird taste, and some of them were still squirming…er, writhing. Hill tried not to look at those things as much as possible, he felt his stomach churning again.

It’s really not that he is too weak, but some of the Demon Race’s things are terrible. He was a normal human back then and now he is a former human who wants to be a good Demon King. He is not the kind of big brother who will be worshipped by eight countries when the tiger body shakes, nor is he the ultimate beauty that will cause countless gods to have mercy when the delicate body trembles.

Fortunately, the food from his recipe all looked pretty good.

The large plate in the middle is crispy Bayer meat. This crispy meat is made by first making some condiments into a delicious sauce, then cutting the Bayer meat into large pieces, cutting each piece a few times, and then coating the surface with the sauce, followed by grilling it over the fire and constantly drizzling oil over it repeatedly until it is cooked through. The Bayer skin is crispy and tender, without the slightest mutton smell, and it is especially flavorful and quite delicious.

Once placed on the table, the smell of grease, meat, and spicy seasonings came to the surface. The appetizing smell overwhelmed the strange smell of the demon race’s food for a while.

Hill moved his fingers and took a piece of meat across the air and flew it to himself. Then he stuck a knife and fork into it and brought it to his mouth, charred on the outside and crispy on the inside, and with the right flavor. He nodded, feeling that it was not bad, but there was still room for improvement. After taking the first bite, he said, “Everyone, feel free to eat.”

The lich Aligeli spoke first: “Then the old man will not be polite.” So a piece of crispy Bayer meat also floated to his side.

The ghost, Bins, of the five elders, was shocked. He remembered that Aligeli looked down on all kinds of human things, so why did he eat it without restraint at all today? But, cough, it smells pretty good.

There was the usual grilled fish and the not-so-usual pot of mushroom soup. In fact, there are a few poisonous mushrooms in it, but everyone, as a high-level demon race, is immune to these poisons, so Hill simply used them directly for the dishes. These wild mushrooms in the lower realm are very delicious, fragrant, and fresh. When boiled into mushroom soup, the soup shows an attractive creamy white color, while the mushroom slices inside are crisp and firm, which is very tempting.

A few uninformed elders ate some demon food first, and later couldn’t resist that other colleagues were eating human food, so they tried it too… Well… Although demons don’t value appetite, but it’s always great to be able to eat something delicious… and this is an order from Lord Demon King, yes, this is an order from Lord Demon King.

After a meal, everyone showed a rare expression of satisfaction.

During this period of time, the demons have been filled with dull and sad feelings. The five elders felt the pain much more than the ordinary demon race, so this period of time, no one has a smile on their face. There was something really healing about this meal today.

Hill observed everyone’s expressions and felt that the meal had worked out pretty well. He understands that it is good for the demons to carry out cultural invasion of human beings. However, the prerequisite is that, the demons should also be able to connect with this culture. If it is a cultural invasion of the Earth culture that has no connection with the demon race… then there is not much political significance.

So Hill knew that he had to gradually change something in the lower realm while carrying out a cultural invasion, after all, he was planning something big.

So, let’s start with the food that meets human tastes.

After the banquet, it’s time to watch the movie.

The movie started to play. The first scene is the long shot directly from the sky to the sea. The dark elf Albrecht couldn’t help but say: “Is our Endless Sea that beautiful?”

“With some post effects added.” Hill explained, “so that humans would look at it with great yearning.”

“Forgive me for asking, Lord Demon King,” one of the Five Elders, the Demon Dragon Gormund, said, “Your film shows a beautiful and unrealistic lower realm, which is something that can make some humans yearn for, but what is the point of that?”

“Then we can tell them that such a beautiful lower realm has been violated by the human church, and the lives have been devastated, and the beautiful scenery has been destroyed.” Hill shrugged and spread his hands. In fact, this is true on the border. The environmental pollution caused by the abuse of magic is very serious.

The dark elf Albrecht blurted out, “That’ll make some good humans to protest… You’re so cunning! Your deviousness makes me deeply admire!”

Hill: “Okay, okay…” He felt he needed to work on adapting to the demon’s way of boasting.

The shots and story rhythm of the movie are top-notch. Hill has referenced many Hollywood commercial movie routines, and also copied some classic storyboards from the Disney’s Little Mermaid movie, so the quality of the movie itself is quite high.

Everyone was still discussing in low voices at first, but then they all closed their mouths and were immersed in the world of movies.

This is especially true of the Sirens, who are seeing the full movie for the first time as bystanders.

They saw the siren bravely praying to the Demon King to help her become a human being for the human prince, and then the human prince was going to marry the princess of the neighboring country, and said to her: “You will be happy for my happiness, because you are the one who likes me the most among all people.”

The demon dragon elder, Gormund, cursed directly: “What kind of shameless human is this? The siren should go and slit his throat!”

Then the dark knight Goldnia, who played the prince, looked over in silence.

“Uh, Goldnia, of course I am not referring to you, I am referring to this prince,” demon dragon elder Gormund said quickly.

This little tidbit made Hill want to laugh a little, it looked like his five elders had gotten into the movie.

The sisters of the little mermaid appeared, they cut off their hair and gave it to the Demon King to get a sharp knife from him.

The dark elf Albrecht murmured: “She should kill the prince with the knife given by the Lord Demon King.”

The ghost Binns had already started shedding big tears, his assistant took out the test tube familiarly and collected his tears: “She won’t… because she is so kind…”

Demon Dragon Gormund said in a low voice: “This is the pride of being a demon!”

Albrecht said: “This is the knife bestowed by Lord Demon King! Anything bestowed by Lord Demon King should be put to its value!”

Hill listened a little helplessly beside him. The values were different, but everyone was angry, indicating that they had watched the movie. However, the dark elf’s reason was a bit too funny. After all, the movie was controlled by the director so there was no way, ah.

In the final ending, the little mermaid turned into a bubble.

No one spoke this time, everyone was very, very quiet.

Ghost Binns was on the verge of tears but his men didn’t pick it up this time because his men were also moved to tears.

Hill intends to discuss the political significance of the film and how to promote it immediately after watching the film. “Okay,” he clapped his hands and said, “Don’t be moved, anyway it’s all made up. Let’s get down to business.”

No one answered for a while.

Ghost Binns sniffed and said sullenly, “Lord Demon King, have a little humanity…”

Dark Elf Albrecht said reluctantly, “Lord Demon King, you, your coldness has deeply engrossed me, but now I want to indulge in the plot of the movie for a while longer…”

The demon dragon Gormund also said sullenly, “Lord Demon King, I request a little more delay.”

“Okay.” Hill couldn’t cry or laugh.

No way… They are all great demons; how can they be so moved by such fairy tales?

Hill then thought about it, it’s also possible ah, after all, the presentation of the film is too new. The first time you watch it, you will inevitably have a strong sense of immersion, so even the five elders are not immune.

Good. Hill became more confident in an instant. Having the demon elders be so moved like this, wouldn’t the film be invincible in the human world?

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