BH (QT) 133 – Rogue Scholar (9)

Chapter 133 – Rogue Scholar (9)

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Yan Jing Ze doesn’t know what kind of person he was before, but now… he is just a person who just does what he says.

After making the decision to go to the imperial examination, Yan Jing Ze immediately began to think about how to do it.

The work of copying books must continue. He is still too poor and needs to make more money. In addition, he has to read more books.

With this in mind, Yan Jing Ze immediately looked at the shopkeeper: “Shopkeeper, are you looking for people to stay in the store to copy books?”

The shopkeeper was stunned and then said: “Young Master Wei wants to come to my place to copy books?”

Professional copying is not easy to do. Many people will have various problems with their body after doing it for a long time. The body will have a variety of problems, back problems, neck problems, shoulder problems, wrist problems, it’s endless.

Generally, only poor scholars who really have no money would do this job.

“No, I’ll copy the book,” Yan Jing Ze said.

The shopkeeper: “…”

The bookstore shopkeeper looked at Yan Da in shock.

In fact, people in Donggu County are afraid of Yan Da, the reason is not really because of how Yan Da bullies people… A large part of the reason is related to Yan Da’s height and appearance.

He is only as tall as Yan Da’s shoulders and he has to raise his head to see the appearance of Yan Da.

In addition, although Yan Da’s appearance is good, it is full of fierceness. Just his blank face can already scare a lot of people.

In addition, Yan Da’s job is a thug, and he often does things like eating and not giving money in the county… Naturally, everyone is unwilling to provoke him.

The bookstore’s shopkeeper was getting older, so he was not too scared to talk to him. It was just that he was stunned to hear that such a person was going to copy the book.

“I copied these books.” Yan Jing Ze pointed to the thick pile of paper.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze came, the few scholars who were staying in the bookstore, followed Wei Lingyuan and left. Thus, only the shopkeeper heard the words of Yan Jing Ze.

The shopkeeper of the bookstore was particularly speechless: “Do you recognize characters?” How could Yan Da, who had been hanging around in the county seat ever since he was young and had never read a book, be able to read? And how could he possibly copy books?

What’s more, this book cannot be written without ten years of practice.

“I can read and I can write it to you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Shopkeeper, these books were indeed copied by Brother Yan!” Wei Lingxiu also hurriedly spoke for Yan Jing Ze: “Brother Yan never forgets anything.”

The two of them were too confident and determined… The bookstore shopkeeper glanced at Yan Jing Ze suspiciously, and took out a pen and paper.

Yan Jing Ze just lifted his pen to write and quickly wrote the beginning of a section of “Three Character Classic” which was exactly the same as the one on the stack of paper next to it.

The shopkeeper: “…”

There is a yard behind the bookstore where the shopkeeper’s residence is located, and there is also a room dedicated to people who copy books.

But the shopkeeper didn’t take Yan Jing Ze there, he took Yan Jing Ze and Wei Ling Xiu to another empty room and had someone serve tea.

After serving tea, the shopkeeper did not speak for a long time, and only after some time did he say, “Yan Da, I remember you never went to school, how did you learn how to read?”

“It was taught by Lingxiu and the characters were also learned from him,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“How long have you been studying?” the shopkeeper asked again, his hands trembling slightly—Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu seemed to have only known each other for a few months?

“Brother Yan only started to learn to read after I left Wei’s house. He never forgets!” Wei Lingxiu emphasized again.

The shopkeeper took a deep breath, thought about it, took out a dictionary and gave it to Yan Jing Ze: “Look at it first and then recite it to me later.”

This book just came out in the capital and the only person in Donggu County who has read it is him.

Yan Jing Ze took the book and read it.

The book is quite beautiful and the words used are simple. Although he can recite the four books and five classics, he can’t understand them. This one is different. He can understand it.

Yan Jing Ze read with great interest and kept flipping backwards.

“Wait, you need to recite a paragraph to me.” The shopkeeper said, don’t look at the previous one too much?

Yan Jing Ze closed the book: “I can recite now…” He said, opening his mouth and recite.

The shopkeeper hastily took the books and compared them one by one, only to find that Yan Jing Ze had memorized every word.

His hands trembled even harder.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Shopkeeper, can you let me copy books in the bookstore? I promise to copy books quickly and properly.”

The shopkeeper looked towards Yan Jing Ze: “Are you really going to take the imperial examination?”

“Really,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Jing Ze has this ability… He stays in the bookstore to copy books, it is absolutely for reading.

The bookstore shopkeeper looked up and down Yan Jing Ze, and then said: “Alright.”

Although he doesn’t know why Yan Da has such an ability, but when he meets such a person, the bookstore shopkeeper has no other ideas besides making good friends.

Thinking about this, he glanced at Yan Jing Ze with a tangled look—this guy really doesn’t look like a scholar at all!

Yan Jing Ze was overjoyed: “Thank you shopkeeper! I will copy the book tomorrow!”

Right now, he doesn’t understand the things in these books, so he should remember all of them first, and then ask someone to explain what they mean.

Wait… There are other ways to learn!

Yan Jing Ze does things in a quick and easy manner. After talking to the shopkeeper about copying books, he looked at Wei Lingxiu, who was talking to the shopkeeper and also wanted to come to the bookstore to copy books: “Lingxiu, in this Donggu County, which school is better?”

Wei Lingxiu: “Wei family and Li family, these large families have their own clan schools, and they are very good. There is the clan’s xiucai who is dedicated to teaching the students in the clan school. In addition, there are also a few scholars with good knowledge… “

There have been many Juren in Donggu County, but those Juren either studied and taught in the county seat, or they accepted a few disciples alone and did not open a school.

Yan Jing Ze carefully asked about the situation of several xiucai scholars, and finally said: “That Zhao Xiucai, I know, he is a very good person. Later, you will go to him to be his apprentice and let him accept you.”

“What?” Wei Lingxiu was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze looked at him and said, “Lingxiu, I want to copy books to make money and I also have to memorize books. I don’t have time to study. You can go to Zhao Xiucai to study and tell me what you have learned at night. This is the best way.”

“I can’t, I can’t study,” Wei Lingxiu quickly refused.

“You must do it. If you are afraid of forgetting, you can take notes,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Although Wei Lingxiu said he could not participate in the imperial examination, Yan Jing Ze still wanted him to study.

Maybe someday, he can take the examination? It doesn’t hurt to study more books!

The most important thing is, if Wei Lingxiu doesn’t go to school, what else can he do? Let Wei Lingxiu copy books with him?

He can’t bear it!

You have to keep writing at the desk when copying books. Wei Lingxiu is copying and copying. What should he do if his body breaks?

As for him… his body is too strong to break.

In the past, Wei Lingxiu was always told that he was not good at studying. Now Yan Jing Ze supports him so firmly. He is happy in his heart but does not agree with Yan Jing Ze’s words: “You can go to Teacher Zhao to study. I’ll copy the books in the bookstore…”

“You are too slow in copying books and can’t save enough money to catch up with the exam,” Yan Jing Ze said.

It’s really… Wei Lingxiu also had to admit this.

“Lingxiu, whether I can take the examination depends on you,” Yan Jing Ze said, pulling Wei Lingxiu and went to Zhao Xiucai.

The original owner is a native of Donggu County, and he knows some famous people in Donggu County, and this Zhao Xiucai, the original owner knows something.

There are many talents in Donggu County and more xiucai accept students to subsidize their families. They all pick the ones from good families so that they can take more filial piety from the students. They are different from Zhao Xiucai who accepts many from poor families.

It’s just that most of the poor students can’t keep studying. Many people have studied under Zhao Xiucai’s tutelage for a few years and then stopped studying, as a result, Zhao Xiucai has not produced a tongsheng for so many years. Gradually, there are rumors that he doesn’t know how to teach students, and people who want their children to take the exam will not go to him to worship.

However, Yan Jing Ze has seen the memory of the original owner and has a good impression of this old man.

What’s more, Wei Lingxiu is in this current situation. It is easy to be bullied when going to those schools where rich people study, but he will not be bullied when he goes to Zhao Xiucai. If Zhao Xiucai is really not good at teaching, no big deal, just change to another teacher later.

When Yan Jing Ze arrived at the door of Zhao Xiucai’s house, there were a few children playing at the door of Zhao Xiucai’s house. When they saw him, the faces of these children changed drastically, and they turned around and ran: “Yan Da is here!”

In Donggu County, it is the children who are most afraid of Yan Jing Ze. Who let the parents use Yan Jing Ze to scare kids these days?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t care about these children and walked inside with Wei Lingxiu.

As a result, just as he stepped over the threshold, a man in his fifties with a long beard and a long robe came out of the house and glared at him, “Stop, what are you doing here?”

“Master Xiucai, my family’s Lingxiu is coming to pay respects to his teacher.” Yan Jing Ze grinned – this man was Zhao Xiucai.

Wei Lingxiu’s reputation is not very good in Donggu County at the moment. But everyone does not dislike him very much and instead sympathizes with him.

They think he must have been cheated by Yan Jing Ze.

That’s what Zhao Xiucai thought.

He kept looking at Yan Jing Ze warily, but after asking Wei Lingxiu about his studies, he agreed to take Wei Lingxiu.

His family is poor, more students means more income, which is always a good thing.

What’s more, that Yan Da had been standing behind Wei Lingxiu, looking at him with a creepy smile, and he didn’t dare not to accept.

Who knows, if he doesn’t accept, will Yan Da hit him?

In just one day, Yan Jing Ze did a lot of things. Wei Lingxiu followed him, only feeling that his Brother Yan was too powerful.

However, when he was about to walk out of the city gate… Yan Jing Ze suddenly pulled up Wei Lingxiu, turned and ran.

Wei Lingxiu was dragged by him and ran for a long time. He was out of breath. When Yan Jing Ze finally stopped, he couldn’t help asking: “Hu… Brother Yan, why are you running?”

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t say that he just saw his former little brothers.

The original owner is the head of the casino thugs, the others are his little brothers.

Before, the original owner let his little brothers block Wei Lingxiu and then perform a “hero saves the beauty”.

So, just now, he saw his little brothers from a distance, and saw that those little brothers still wanted to say hello to him… Yan Jing Ze took Wei Lingxiu and ran away.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Wei Lingxiu seriously: “From now on, we will come to the county seat to study and copy books every day. If we walk back and forth, it takes too much time, it’s better to run back and forth.”

Wei Lingxiu: “…” Run? Let him run such a long way?

Yan Jing Ze hurriedly said, “Of course you don’t have to run all the time… You can still walk most of the time. We can exchange knowledge while walking.”

“Good.” Wei Lingxiu breathed a sigh of relief.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Come on, you can recite the book now, and if you’re wrong, I’ll remind you!”

Wei Lingxiu: “…”

Wei Lingxiu really didn’t like to study, but looking at Yan Jing Ze’s face, he unconsciously started to recite.

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