Chapter 28 – She Met the Original Owner

Xu Fanghua racked her brains but couldn’t figure out why she had been so foolish for the past three years.

However, she could guarantee that now that she knew Wei Rou’s true identity, she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Without much thought, Xu Fanghua picked up a pen and wrote a letter to Song Yi. In the letter, she explained that she had been writing to him for the past three years but due to a mistake with a friend and her own foolishness, the letters were never sent. Today was the day she found out.

However, Xu Fanghua wasn’t very certain whether Song Yi had ever written to her.

Did he not write at all, or as Xu Jinning suggested, were all of Song Yi’s letters in the past three years intercepted by Wei Rou?

She decided to ask when she sent the letter tomorrow and also find an opportunity to visit Wei Rou’s home.

However, she included this speculation in the letter to Song Yi.

She mentioned that she hadn’t received any of his letters in the past three years, and they might have been intercepted by that friend. She would verify it later.

In the end, she asked Song Yi when he would return or if he planned to return in the future.

She was already 19 years old this year, an age when most girls were married off at 15 or 16. She was on the verge of becoming an old maid.

If Song Yi didn’t respond, she might not be able to wait any longer.

In the final part of the letter, Xu Fanghua mentioned that she would wait for another four months because she would turn 20 by then.

If there was still no response from Song Yi by then, she would consider finding someone else and getting married.

She liked Song Yi, but sustaining a relationship without meeting or companionship for over three years was enough. She wasn’t someone who would persist in love until death. On the contrary, she was very rational and wouldn’t choose to hang herself on one tree.

If Song Yi did fall in love with another girl, as Wei Rou claimed, she would choose to let go and not entangle herself.

After finishing the letter, Xu Fanghua sighed deeply, staring at the candle on the table, supporting her chin, lost in deep thought.

The candlelight flickered, revealing the shadow of a lost one.

In another room, Xu Jinning was having a dream.

Or rather, it didn’t seem like a dream.

In the dream, she saw a face almost identical to hers, or rather, she saw the original owner.

It was this dream that made Xu Jinning understand the reason for her transmigration.

It turns out, she was brought here by the original owner.

And the relationship between the original owner and her spanned across past and present lives.

Not only the world where the original owner is located, but the entire past world is constructed as a book titled “Group Favorite: Real Daughter.” The protagonist is Xu Fangfang, now renamed Lin Wangshu, and even the modern world where Xu Jinning currently resides is also a world constructed by a book. She, too, is a cannon fodder character with no independent thoughts, forced into a pre-set plot. The female lead of that book is her step-sister, Xu Jinwen, while she serves as a malicious cannon fodder just to pave the way for her step-sister.

In this book, what is presented to others is not her being killed by her step-sister, but rather her attempting to push her step-sister down the stairs and accidentally falling herself.

Everyone who learns about this incident claims that she got what she deserved, while the female lead Xu Jinwen is forever portrayed as kind and virtuous.

In this world of the 1980s, both the original owner and the Xu family members are cannon fodder characters, pre-set to have their intelligence forcibly reduced, leading to a tragic NPC ending, all designed to pave the way for the female lead, Lin Wangshu.

The original owner became conscious during the first death.

Yes, the first death. When the original owner realized that she returned three years ago after her death, right when she returned to Qinghe Production Brigade, the storyline repeated itself.

The awakened original owner desperately tried to change things, but no matter how she changed, the Xu family members and other cannon fodder characters in this world still failed to awaken. They continued to follow their predetermined plots, and the original owner also met her demise three years later.

But after death, she returned to life again, and despite her continued efforts to alter the course of events, nothing changed.

This world fell into an inescapable and unalterable loop.

The only one who awakened was her.

In countless cycles, it’s easy to imagine how the original owner felt overwhelmed and desperate.

In the end, she became numb, even on the brink of insanity.

Then, a few days ago, for some reason, she suddenly saw Xu Jinning, the other version of herself, being killed in the modern era.

So she sacrificed herself and pulled Xu Jinning over.

“I can feel it, only you can awaken them.”

“Since you entered this world, it no longer repeats.”

“This world, from now on, belongs to you.”

“Xu Jinning, live well. In fact, the Xu family, your parents, brothers, and sisters, they can all lead good lives.”

“Even though you don’t say it, I know, just like me, you also crave the love and companionship of family.”

“Awaken them, and you will have a family. Then, with my share, live happily together.”

“Xu Jinning, you deserve happiness. If possible, please be happy for me too.”

“As for the modern side, you don’t need to worry. Good and evil will face their consequences; wrongdoers will receive their due retribution.”

“Xu Jinning, I’m sorry for pulling you here, and thank you for helping me find release.”

“You must be happy.”

After saying these words, the original owner, with tears in her eyes, smiled and dissipated in front of Xu Jinning.

Lying in bed, Xu Jinning suddenly opened her eyes.

She turned around, looked at the bright moon outside the window, pondering the dream she just had.

Perhaps it wasn’t a dream after all.

So, it turns out, not only this world but even the world she resides in is controlled by the plot, and she, too, is a thoughtless cannon fodder.

It wasn’t until the original owner, the person from her past life, pulled her into this world that she gained her own thoughts.

In reality, Xu Jinning doesn’t blame the original owner for bringing her here.

Because rather than living in a haze, she’d prefer coming to this era and live with her own thoughts.

She wants to be a person – one with flesh and blood, emotions, and thoughts – not a tool without her own ideas.

The relationship between the original owner and her is one of past and present lives.

But Xu Jinning has to admit that she’s living much better than the original owner. After all, how many people can endure an unchangeable death-loop world without breaking down in despair?

She understands the original owner.

From the state of the original owner, she can indeed see that dissipation is the best release for her.

Moreover, Xu Jinning remembers what the original owner said.

The original owner mentioned that after being brought to this world, the cannon fodder in this world can be awakened.

In other words, the Xu family members, originally manipulated by the plot, can be awakened by her, thus gaining individual consciousness.

So, can she have expectations?

Does she dare to hope for love and companionship from her family?

Even though Xu Jinning never admits it, thinking she can live well alone without needing the companionship and love of family, she is human. Humans are social beings; who doesn’t crave love and companionship?

She’s just stubborn with her words, only pretending to be tough, hurt by her modern parents and family, too afraid to hope again.

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