Chapter 27 – The Yang Family that Violated Moral Ethics

Xu Jinning racked her brains, but couldn’t figure it out.

For things she couldn’t figure out, she no longer bothered thinking about them and chose to set them aside.

Xu Jinning was like that; she wouldn’t get entangled or worried about anything. She wouldn’t ask too many whys but chose to go with the flow and live in the moment.


Her weathered skin was something she wasn’t very satisfied with. Unfortunately, she didn’t have modern skincare products here, and there were no beauty salons. She was somewhat worried.

Now, seeing the snowflake cream that Xu Fanghua gave her, her eyes lit up.

Her inner thoughts also became jubilant.

[Snowflake cream that can make the skin fair and delicate, I like it!]

Xu Fanghua hummed lightly, raised her chin slightly, thinking, ‘the little girl knows how precious the snowflake cream I gave her is.’

[I didn’t expect my big sister to be quite good to me.]

Xu Fanghua: Of course, you said it yourself; I am your big sister!

Xu Fanghua was quite proud.

Holding this snowflake cream, Xu Jinning seemed to have forgotten the previous sarcasm and ambiguous remarks from Xu Fanghua. Thinking about Xu Fanghua’s future plot and destiny, even though Xu Fanghua just said she would be on guard against Wei Rou, she still felt a bit worried.

[My silly big sister, you must be careful with Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen.]

[That Wei Rou is like a venomous snake, and Yang Zhiwen is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No, it shouldn’t be said as Yang Zhiwen; it’s the whole Yang family that is very disgusting.]

[That Yang Zhiwen is a eunuch, silly big sister, do you know how you’ll conceive a child after marrying Yang Zhiwen?]

Xu Fanghua didn’t expect Xu Jinning to bring up this matter in her mind.

Yes, this was also a point of doubt that Xu Fanghua had before.

Since it’s said that Yang Zhiwen is a eunuch, it means he surely doesn’t have the ability to make a girl pregnant. So why did the little girl say that she got pregnant after marrying Yang Zhiwen and even suffered a miscarriage?

This statement itself is contradictory.

This was also the reason why Xu Fanghua initially didn’t fully believe what the little girl said in her heart.

She wanted to ask the little girl, but the words couldn’t come out of her mouth.

Unexpectedly, the little girl now suddenly brought this up in her mind.

Soon, Xu Fanghua heard the answer.

[That Yang Zhiwen has an older brother. My silly big sister, those three children you miscarried were actually his older brother’s!]

Xu Fanghua was completely shocked.

She married Yang Zhiwen, but the children in her belly belonged to Yang Zhiwen’s older brother?

Why? Could it be that after knowing Yang Zhiwen was a eunuch, she had an affair with Yang Zhiwen’s elder brother?

No, no, Xu Fanghua didn’t think of herself as that kind of person.

[That older brother of Yang Zhiwen is a fool!]

What, Yang Zhiwen’s older brother is a fool?! To be honest, Xu Fanghua really didn’t know this.

She didn’t know much about Yang Zhiwen. The little she knew was from Wei Rou, but Wei Rou never mentioned that Yang Zhiwen’s older brother was a fool.

[The Yang family parents have two sons, Yang Zhiwen and his older brother, and three daughters. They knew early on that Yang Zhiwen was a eunuch, and they also knew that their own foolish son would find it difficult to marry. But the old Yang family needed heirs, so they came up with a bad idea.]

The rest of Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts weren’t spoken yet, but Xu Fanghua, who was quite clever and quick-minded, almost instantly thought of a possibility. Could it be that… could it be that…

[So, the parents of the Yang family, along with Yang Zhiwen, collaborated. On the wedding night, Yang Zhiwen’s older brother replaced him, and the children born afterward were still considered Yang family’s children.]

No more.

Xu Fanghua had already guessed in her heart, but hearing Xu Jinning actually voice her inner speculation made her first reaction disbelief.

The second reaction was finding it absurd.

The final reaction was nausea!

Yes, pure nausea!

It was too disgusting, such behavior was too shocking and outrageous.

Educated Xu Fanghua received a conventional upbringing, and she expressed that she simply couldn’t accept such a thing.

She married Yang Zhiwen, but on the wedding night, it turned out to be Yang Zhiwen’s older brother, and it was arranged by Yang Zhiwen and Yang family’s parents?

This was truly absurd, and it lacked all moral and ethical standards.

How did the Yang family treat her?

Xu Fanghua didn’t think the Yang family considered her a daughter-in-law or even as a person. They treated her as a breeding sow. It didn’t matter whether it was Yang Zhiwen or Yang Zhiwen’s older brother who made her pregnant; all that mattered was that she could bear children.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

Xu Fanghua felt that the Yang family was truly disgusting.

In the end, Xu Fanghua couldn’t hold back, ran outside, and started vomiting in a corner.

Leaving Xu Jinning bewildered.

Xu Jinning blinked, feeling somewhat lost.

What happened? Why did she run away, and why did she vomit? Did she say something that disgusted Xu Fanghua?

Xu Jinning naturally didn’t know that Xu Fanghua had heard her inner thoughts.

So, she was quite puzzled.

While Xu Fanghua leaned against the wall, she vomited for a long time, though nothing came out. However, she was genuinely disgusted by the actions of the Yang family.

After a while, she began to feel better.

Leaning against the wall, Xu Fanghua wiped away the tears that had unconsciously welled up due to vomiting. A single thought rose firmly in her heart: she had to find out whether the things the little girl said about Yang Zhiwen were true.

Of course, whether true or not, she could never marry Yang Zhiwen.

She would rather die than marry him.

If it was true, not only would she not marry him, but she would also discreetly release information about Yang Zhiwen and his older brother. She would expose the true face of the Yang family. She couldn’t let innocent girls marry into that family and suffer such a tragic fate.

Xu Fanghua silently clenched her fist, firming her resolve.

In the afternoon, Xu Fanghua returned to teach at the commune’s primary school. In the evening, she took out stationery, intending to write another letter to Song Yi.

This time, she planned to send it herself.

She knew that the previous letters were torn by Wei Rou, and not a single one reached Song Yi. She also took some responsibility for this. First, she didn’t discern right from wrong and was deceived by Wei Rou. Second, she didn’t personally send any letters; she immediately agreed when Wei Rou offered to help.

Although Xu Fanghua felt that even if she didn’t know Wei Rou’s true nature, she couldn’t have let her handle every letter. So she wondered why, for three years, all the letters were sent by Wei Rou? Couldn’t she send one herself?

Strange, really strange!

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