Chapter 26 – What was the relationship between her and the original owner?

Xu Fanghua, listening to these words, felt a warmth in her heart. Clearly, she had treated the little girl with such a bad attitude before, but the little girl still cared for her.

Xu Fanghua increasingly felt that she had made mistakes before, and it was truly not right.

Originally, she had no intention of mentioning the torn letter, but seeing the little girl’s concern, she still took out the letter.

Then, with a stern face, she angrily said, “I didn’t expect that I just forgot to tell Wei Rou about some things and chased after her. I didn’t expect to see her tearing up my letter. Why did she do that? Clearly, she promised to help me send the letter. Could it be that she wasn’t sincerely trying to help me? Does she also like Song Yi? Did she tear up my letters over these three years, so Song Yi never saw them?”

Xu Jinning was shocked and nodded.

[Yes, my dear sister, you’ve finally figured it out. Your guesses are all correct. You’ve finally seen Wei Rou’s true colors; she’s like a venomous snake. One day, she’ll jump up and bite you, and then you’ll be done for.]

Xu Fanghua felt that Xu Jinning’s description was spot on.

Wei Rou was indeed like a venomous snake, lurking beside her. When she wasn’t paying attention, she would jump up and bite her, making it impossible to guard against.

No wonder she ended up in such a miserable state in the end.

Yes, Xu Fanghua now basically confirmed that Xu Jinning’s thoughts about her were true.

Although she hadn’t discovered everything yet, she would verify them one by one.

And as for those who schemed against her…

Xu Fanghua didn’t consider herself a kind person. When others schemed against her, she would definitely find the opportunity to pay them back.

Just wait a bit longer; it’s coming soon.

“In the future, I’ll be cautious of Wei Rou. I, Xu Fanghua, am not someone easy to b*lly.”

[Yes, you should be cautious of her.] Xu Jinning finally breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing Xu Fanghua’s words.

In the eyes of some people, they might think Xu Jinning was meddling too much and didn’t need to bother with the life and death of the Xu family members, especially since they didn’t like her and only favored Xu Fangfang. So why was she acting like a little flatterer?

However, Xu Jinning didn’t see herself as a flatterer. She believed that since she had transmigrated into Xu Jinning, she was also a part of the Xu family. Only when the Xu family was doing well, and the Xu family members were well, could she be well.

Despite the unfriendly attitudes and tones of the Xu family members towards her, they still provided her with a place to stay and food to eat, almost the same as the rest of the family.

Even Zhang Ailian made white flour buns for her.

Moreover, observing the actions of the Xu family members these past few days, she felt that the plot might not be unchangeable. The controlled NPC cannon fodder might have their own thoughts and awaken one day.

Because the behavior of some Xu family members these past few days was completely different from the plot.

Perhaps everything could be changed?

For example, Xu Fanghua now began to suspect and guard against Wei Rou, unlike in the plot where she considered Wei Rou her good friend until the end.

In Xu Jinning’s heart, there was still a small expectation.

On the other side, Xu Fanghua looked at Xu Jinning’s dark and thin face, remembered something, turned and entered the house. When she came out again, she handed a can of snowflake cream to Xu Jinning.

“For you.”

Xu Jinning was a bit bewildered.

“Hold it. You wouldn’t happen to not recognize this thing, right? This is precious snowflake cream. A can of it is valuable, and I bought it with my own savings. I haven’t even used it yet.”

“Look at you, with such a tanned and weathered face. You don’t look like a young girl. Remember to apply some snowflake cream on your face every day.”

“Girls should have smooth and delicate skin.”

“Little girl, do you want it or not? If not, I’ll take it back.”

“I want it, I want it.” Xu Jinning quickly took the snowflake cream, held it in her hands, and examined it curiously.

To be honest, she had heard of snowflake cream and knew that it was a characteristic skincare product of this era, and it wasn’t cheap. The original owner had never even seen it.

So, Xu Jinning was genuinely curious, and now, she blinked her eyes, carefully studying it with the curiosity of a baby.

See, Xu Fanghua was willing to give her such an expensive snowflake cream. In the world of the plot, Xu Fanghua felt that even if she lost her own things, she would not give them to the original owner.

But now, Xu Fanghua was doing the opposite of the plot.

Doesn’t this indicate that Xu Fanghua is changing?

Perhaps she is awakening quietly, not being controlled by the plot of this world, having her own thoughts.

In fact, Xu Jinning’s speculation was correct.

Whether it was the Xu family members or cannon fodders like Zhang Changzheng, they began to awaken the moment they heard her inner thoughts. Destiny quietly changed, but for now, Xu Jinning was still unaware of all this.

Yesterday, while washing her face, Xu Jinning had already seen what she looked like.

What shocked Xu Jinning was that the facial features of this body were almost identical to her modern self.

The reason for saying “almost” is because although the facial features are the same, the face shape is different.

It’s not entirely different, but in her modern self, even though she wasn’t pampered, she had enough to eat and drink, so her face had some flesh.

On the other hand, the original owner was thin, and her face appeared sunken due to the lack of flesh. It definitely looked different.

Furthermore, her modern self had fair and smooth skin, with a cold light tone. Her skin was delicate and smooth, leaving red marks with just a slight touch. However, the original owner, due to constant laboring in the fields, endured the elements, resulting in dark and rough skin.

Add to that the thin frame and timid personality, and it naturally doesn’t make for a good appearance.

So, when Xu Jinning read this novel initially, the description of the original owner’s appearance in her mind was one word: ugly!

Especially when controlled by the plot, the Xu family members often compared the original owner to Xu Fangfang, saying that the original owner was not as good as Xu Fangfang and was so ugly.

When Xu Jinning first transmigrated, she really thought that this body was very ugly.

But now, it seems that it’s not ugly.

Yes, if the facial features and face shape are indeed the same as her modern self, then it’s not only not ugly but rather a beautiful person.

Modern Xu Jinning was often praised for being a potential beauty since childhood. Despite being a poor student with consistently low grades, one thing that remained first-rate was her appearance, especially during high school and university, where she consistently held the title of the school’s number one beauty.

Xu Jinning was quite concerned and satisfied with her appearance.

After transmigrating and seeing that the original owner looked almost identical to her, she instantly felt relieved.

However, after seeing the original owner’s appearance, she was also puzzled. Why were their names, appearances, and even the act of transmigration identical?

Moreover, where did the original owner go? Did she dissipate, or did she go to the modern world where Xu Jinning was previously?

What exactly was the relationship between her and the original owner?

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