BH (QT) 134 – Rogue Scholar (10)

Chapter 134 – Rogue Scholar (10)

Yan Jing Ze bought a lot of food and went home that day. In the evening, he steamed several dishes, which seemed very hearty when they were placed on the desk.

Of course… it’s not very tasty.

But Wei Lingxiu is not picky, he just keeps on giving meat to Yan Jing Ze, letting Yan Jing Ze eat more.

He has found out that Yan Jing Ze didn’t eat much with him. He also found that Yan Jing Ze got up and cooked a pot of rough rice every morning. He ate the throat-inflaming rice secretly to fill him up—he goes to bed early at night and actually wakes up early in the morning.

But he didn’t know what to do, so he could only leave more meat for Yan Jing Ze, so Yan Jing Ze can eat more.

When Yan Jing Ze saw Wei Lingxiu kept giving himself meat, he directly picked up the meat bowl: “Let’s split this meat!”

He poured half a bowl into Wei Lingxiu’s bowl, then poured half a bowl into his own bowl, and done!

Wei Lingxiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze and ate in silence.

Before dawn the next day, the two set off together.

On the way out, Wei Lingxiu explained the “Three Character Classic” to Yan Jing Ze.

He studied in the Wei family’s clan school. Although he did not learn very well, he has been studying with a group of little kids, and the “Three Character Clasic” was learned well. And even because he had studied it several times, he particularly remembered it.

He talked all the way, for a full half an hour, making his throat dry and thirsty. All the things he said, Yan Jing Ze remembered and also understood.

Wei Lingxiu felt a tremendous amount of pressure, Yan Jing Ze is too powerful! His little knowledge is simply not enough to teach!

He must study hard!

Yan Jing Ze sent Wei Lingxiu to Zhao Xiucai and went to a separate house behind the bookstore to copy books.

The shopkeeper went to look around specially and suddenly had the same idea as Wei Lingxiu—this Yan Da is too powerful!

No, he can’t be called Yan Da anymore. Yan Da now also gave himself a name, he is now called Yan Jing Ze.

The bookstore shopkeeper watched him copying books quickly, and the more he looked at it, the more astonished he became, and he almost suspected that this was a monster.

However, this person… really just has a particularly good memory.

No matter what book he reads, he can recite it once after reading it. No matter what character he has seen, he can write it out once. He really knows nothing about what he hasn’t read yet.

With this kind of ability, it is not difficult to pass the xiucai exam… The shopkeeper looked at Yan Jing Ze thoughtfully.

While Yan Jing Ze copied books and memorized them at the same time, Wei Ling Xiu was in the school receiving lessons from Zhao Xiucai.

Zhao Xiucai read Wei Lingxiu’s characters and couldn’t help but admire: “Good characters!” His characters aren’t as good as Wei Lingxiu’s.

When he carefully asked Wei Lingxiu about his studies…

“They say you are uneducated, but I see that you are still quite solid in your studies…” Zhao Xiucai was a bit puzzled.

Wei Lingxiu did not memorize the book well, but he understood the meaning of the sentences. He didn’t memorize the book that should be memorized, not because he was too stupid to memorize it, he was just not committed to studying before.

Such a student, if you lock him up and force him to recite, beat him if he can’t and ruthlessly not give him food, according to reason, can always learn.

Wei Lingxiu also didn’t want to tell people about the Wei family. He just pointed to a sentence that he didn’t understand and smiled at Zhao Xiucai: “Teacher, what does this sentence mean?”

He just wants to learn more now so that he can teach Yan Jing Ze later.

This Young Master Wei’s smile can really make people feel heartache! Zhao Xiucai immediately explained.

Wei Lingxiu flipped the book and asked Zhao Xucai when he encountered something he didn’t understand, and learned a lot in one day.

At the same time, Zhao Xucai cannot help but wonder – this Wei family young master is so diligent, how come they all said before that he does not love to read?

Now the last thing he should do now is to hang out with that Yan Da.

Most of the students from Zhao Xiucai’s side just came to learn to read, trying not to be an ignorant person. Not many people asked him to explain the scriptures. He did not let Wei Lingxiu sit with them and study, but let Wei Lingxiu follow him and gave Wei Lingxiu answers whenever he was free.

After a day like this, Zhao Xiucai liked Wei Lingxiu more and more.

Who doesn’t like handsome and smart students?

Therefore, when the other students have left, Zhao Xiucai also specially reminded Wei Lingxiu: “Yan Da, this person… you have to be careful.”

Wei Lingxiu saw that his teacher did not like Yan Jing Ze and said hurriedly: “Teacher, Brother Yan is a good person!”

Zhao Xiucai: “???” On their street, there was someone who owed a debt to the casino, and he witnessed Yan Da dragging the man out of his home, throwing him into the river, and then making the family pay, and not letting the gambler in the river come ashore unless they paid.

At that time, he had several students who were scared and cried!

“Brother Yan was really good to me, he ate stale rice himself and gave me new rice.”

“He always gave me meat when we cooked it at home.”

“He gave me his bed too!”

“By the way, Brother Yan is actually very smart and never forgets!”

“It’s just that his family is not well off and can’t study, if not, he would probably be a scholar by now!”


Zhao Xiucai: “…” Are you really talking about Yan Da?

Zhao Xiucai felt that his student was probably poisoned by Yan Da!

No, he must make this student read more enlightening books and be more clear-headed.

Thinking of this, Zhao Xiucai swallowed back what he had originally wanted to say.

His student looks like this now, if he says something bad to him about Yan Da, will he turn around and tell Yan Da?

He didn’t want to be dragged out and thrown into the river by Yan Da at all, so it was better not to say anything.

Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu started their life of copying books and going to school.

After eating at home in the morning, they set off, recited on the road, and studied separately during the day. At noon, Wei Lingxiu handed over the food and money to Zhao Xucai  and ate with Zhao Xiucai, while Yan Jing Ze ate at the bookstore. In the evening, Yan Jing Ze went to pick up Wei Lingxiu, and the two returned to Xing’an Village together.

Their lives are regular, but people in Donggu County are a little uncomfortable.

How come Yan Da doesn’t hang out on the street all day? They don’t even know where Yan Da has gone!

Is it really like the casino people said that Yan Da, for the Wei family’s young master, decided not to become a thug and live a good life?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know that the people in Donggu County had started to “miss” himself.

As he copied more and more books, he felt that the original, hazy world in front of him suddenly became clear.

Another new, hazy world appeared in front of him.

Before, he only had the memories of the original owner and did not know much about this world, but now, he understood more and more.

He also found that there was truth in the saying that ‘reading a book a hundred times will make its meaning appear’.

In addition to copying the commonly used books on imperial examinations, he copied all kinds of books such as dictionaries, travelogues, etc. He would also read them while copying, and when he copied more and read more, he naturally understood the meaning of some books.

Not to mention, there was Wei Lingxiu to explain to him.

The more he learns, the more he wants to learn. He is full of interest in learning and the speed of copying books is getting faster and faster. He can steadily copy 20,000 characters after working for five hours during the day.

He even developed another skill of his own.

He can imitate other people’s handwriting.

His initial handwriting was imitated from Wei Lingxiu and he memorized the way Wei Lingxiu wrote and wrote exactly as he did.

He would only write such characters at first, but as he wrote more, his characters slowly changed, and then he saw a few postcards in the bookstore and discovered that he could write other fonts.

However, it usually takes time to practice, and when copying, he still uses Wei Lingxiu’s handwriting.

After all, he is used to writing like this. It is the fastest to copy books with these handwriting, and there are not many characters on those postcards. He can write those characters exactly like the original, but other characters can’t be written at once without reference.

Yan Jing Ze imitated the bookstore shopkeeper and hung the most prized character handbook copy and did not sell it. He practiced it several times in private and also practiced the characters that are not on the handbook. Only after finally writing to perfection did he use the handwriting and finished a copy of the “Three Character Classic”.

This is the book he is most familiar with. He wrote this book subconsciously when he started to write in a new font.

After writing, Yan Jing Ze bound the book himself.

Before, this work was done by others, but later he found it troublesome, so he learned to do it by himself. Every time he copied two thousand words, he would get up and take a rest, and would also bind the copied book.

Because he never made mistakes when copying books, the shopkeeper didn’t even check them, and the books he copied were sold directly.

After all, it is troublesome to check the characters one by one.

At this moment, the shopkeeper came and took away the book that Yan Jing Ze had just copied. There was some doubt: “Why did you copy the Three Character Classic again?”

Although this book is easy to sell, it does not sell at a high price. Some books cost a large amount of money. This book only sells for 300 wen.

Moreover, Yan Jing Ze has copied many copies before and has not copied this book recently.

“Practicing handwriting.” Yan Jing Ze said, continuing to copy the book.

The shopkeeper didn’t bother him and left with the book.

It was also a coincidence that when the shopkeeper arrived outside, someone came to buy the “Three Character Classic”.

A thirty-something-year-old Li Xiucai from Donggu County came. Li Xiucai is a member of the Li family. Although he is only from a side branch, he is also from a wealthy family. This time, his son wants to be enlightened and needs a set of books. He is too lazy to copy it himself, so he just buys it at the bookstore.

The shopkeeper quickly helped Li Xiucai choose the book, including the “Three Character Classic” just copied by Yan Jing Ze.

Li Xiucai didn’t look through it either and he took the book and left after paying the bill.

Not long after he left, Yan Jing Ze also came out.

He just learned a new font. He felt that he had a very productive day and intended to go out for a stroll, also to see Wei Lingxiu along the way to urge Wei Lingxiu to study.

The streets of Donggu County are basically next to the river. Yan Jing Ze walked along the stone paved road by the river and soon arrived at Zhao Xiucai’s house.

Housing prices in the county are expensive and Zhao Xiucai’s house is not big. The door outside his house is open. After entering, there is a small yard of no more than ten square meters for drying clothes. Behind the yard is their family’s residence. In addition, on the right-hand side of the entrance is a fence, and on the left-hand side is a large room for Zhao Xiucai to teach.

These days, Wei Lingxiu was sent here every day at dawn and picked up again when it was almost dark, so Yan Jing Ze was familiar with the place, and walked in at this time.

These days, not only did Yan Jing Ze write down what he did not understand to Wei Lingxiu to let Wei Lingxiu ask Zhao Xiucai, but also after realizing Wei Lingxiu’s weaknesses, he pretended that he didn’t understand, so he let Wei Lingxiu ask and let him learn a lot.

As for Zhao Xiucai… Zhao Xiucai turned bald when asked by Wei Lingxiu.

When Zhao Xiucai first accepted Wei Lingxiu, he only felt that Wei Lingxiu had a solid foundation and looked smart, but after a month of teaching… he suddenly discovered that Wei Lingxiu was far smarter than he thought.

This guy is simply a genius!

What is going on with the Wei family? Such a smart and hard-working child, they all said that he was not good at studying?

Zhao Xiucai felt that something was wrong with the Wei family and at the same time he became more energetic as he taught.

He might be able to produce a xiucai!

At that time, he could reasonably get a big gift! In the future, he can accept more students!

When the time comes, he is reasonably able to get a big gift! In the future, the admission of students is also higher!

Today, Zhao Xiucai was teaching students in the classroom again and then he suddenly saw that there was a very tall person at the back of his classroom.

The sound of his lecture stopped abruptly.

The students who attended the class saw the teacher’s expression and subconsciously looked back…

With a “waah”, a child burst into tears: “It’s Yan Da!”

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