BH (QT) 135 – Rogue Scholar (11)

Chapter 135 – Rogue Scholar (11)

Yan Jing Ze felt that the reaction of these children is really a little too exaggerated.

He admits he is tall and slightly intimidating but there is no need to cry when they see him, right?

Wei Lingxiu was sitting next to Zhao Xiucai and was originally reading a book. When he heard the movement, he raised his head and saw the youngest dark-skinned fat child in the school crying. The other children were also full of fear and helplessness.

Zhao Xiucai has a gentle personality, and most of these children come from the countryside so they are not disciplined, he often can’t control them.

But since Wei Lingxiu was sent by Yan Jing Ze to study… These children were afraid of Yan Jing Ze and they were even afraid of Wei Lingxiu. They didn’t dare to cause trouble in the school which made it a lot easier for Zhao Xiucai.

This is one of the reasons why Zhao Xiucai likes Wei Lingxiu.

However, these children were only a little scared when they saw Wei Lingxiu, but when they saw Yan Jing Ze, they get so scared and cry.

“Am I so scary?” Yan Jing Ze touched his nose and looked at Zhao Xiucai.

Zhao Xiucai said: “A few months ago, you were collecting debts nearby. They all saw it.”

When Yan Jing Ze thought about it, he remembered the incident and his heart jumped, but Wei Lingxiu asked, “Collecting debts?”

“If someone owes a debt and doesn’t pay it back, I will ask them to pay…” Yan Jing Ze laughed and looked at Zhao Xiucai again.

Zhao Xiucai was agitated and nodded again and again: “Yes! Yes!” He is a good scholar, why bother with Yan Da… He is really frightened!

“President Xiucai, how is Lingxiu’s studies?” Yan Jing Ze smiled gently at Zhao Xiucai.

Zhao Xiucai met his smile, feeling a bit nervous: “He has learned very well; he can try taking the exam in February next year. As long as he can memorize those books more familiarly.”

They can take the exam in February next year? Yan Jing Ze was moved in his heart and couldn’t help asking, “How will he take the next exam?”

Zhao Xiucai was a little afraid of Yan Jing Ze but he kept talking about things he was familiar with.

He soon said everything he knew.

If you want to become a scholar, you have to go through three exams: the county exam, the government exam and the academy exam. The county exam is conducted in the county, so you can register at the county office. After registering your profile at the county office, five candidates will be able to take the exam by guaranteeing each other and finding a linsheng to be their guarantor.

After passing the county exam and then passing the government exam, you are a tongsheng. If you can pass the academy exam, you can become a xiucai.

Yan Jing Ze said: “…” Wait, examinees still need to find other examinees to guarantee each other when they go to the exam? And you still need a linsheng to guarantee yourself?

Linsheng is also a scholar, a scholar who ranks very high in the xiucai exam. Such people are generally high-minded and arrogant…

The most important thing is whether these people would be willing to guarantee him?

Yan Jing Ze suddenly realized that the imperial examination was not a simple matter.

Zhao Xiucai and his students were all trembling when they saw Yan Jing Ze’s warlike expression. Yan Jing Ze did not stay long and took Wei Lingxiu back home.

On the way home, Yan Jing Ze kept thinking about the exam.

When Wei Lingxiu left the Wei house with him, it was autumn, but now it has already entered winter, and within a month, it will be the New Year.

February next year will be the county test… He must plan early!

Now that he had made up his mind to participate in the county test, Yan Jing Ze would not give up. He quickly thought about it and figured out a solution from the books he had read.

Of course, he was thinking about it while stoking the fire, cooking, and watching Wei Lingxiu memorize his books.

In his opinion, Wei Lingxiu was a bit… stupid.

But he knows very well that others are more stupid!

What’s more, even if Wei Lingxiu is stupid, he’s still stupid enough for him to like it!

The two of them recited sentence after sentence, and after the meal was over, Yan Jing Ze said to Wei Lingxiu: “I want to go out, you will wait for me at home.”

Wei Lingxiu nodded.

Yan Jing Ze asked him to close the door and ran to the county seat, where he found the casino where the original owner used to work.

The casino at night is still very lively, and there are two people guarding the door, it is the former subordinates of the original owner.

Yan Jing Ze asked him to close the door and ran to the county seat and found the casino where the original owner used to work.

The casino at night is still very lively, and there are two people guarding the door, it is the former little brothers of the original owner.

“Big brother, you’re finally here!”

“Big brother, do you really plan to live a good life with that Wei Lingxiu?”

“Big brother, come and play a few games!”


That day when Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu went home together, they encountered these people and these people wanted to say hello. Yan Jing Ze looked for them once and repeatedly told them not to come to him in the future, let alone say something that shouldn’t be said in front of Wei Lingxiu. So these days, Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu spent their days in peace.

However, these people are not concerned about the fact that Yan Jing Ze wants to be “virtuous”, now they are smiling and inviting Yan Jing Ze to play.

“I have said that I will not play these in the future!” Yan Jing Ze said: “I am looking for you because I have something that needs your help.”

Those thugs said one after another: “Big brother, just give your orders!”

“Who are you going to fight?”

“I will help you get things done!”

Yan Jing Ze spoke in a low voice.

Thugs: “…” What does their big brother intend to do with this?

Finally, a thug who used to have a good relationship with Yan Jing Ze asked cautiously: “Boss, what do you want to do?”

Yan Jing Ze glanced at him, his face full of majesty: “I want to take the exam for scholars.”

Thugs: “…” The boss is not crazy, right?

Yan Jing Ze did not even bother to appease their frightened hearts, he said again his intention, and then took out some money and gave it to these people: “You take it to buy some wine to drink.”

After finishing things, Yan Jing Ze left.

At the same time, Li Xiucai, who bought the book and went home, welcomed some of his friends.

The friends who interact with Li Xiucai are also xiucai. Li Xiucai is a lisheng, today these people came to Li Xiucai, because they want Li Xiucai to help their students as a guarantor.

Li Xiucai did not agree to all of them, only that he would consider it carefully. As he said this, everyone talked about going to find someone to worship.

Recently, an official in Linxian County returned to his hometown because of mourning. This official is still young, only forty years old, although he is only a seventh-rank official, they all want to worship him as a teacher.

“I heard that that Lord Zhou is most fond of calligraphy… Unfortunately, the Wei family bookstore treats the books written by that former dynasty as the treasure of the store and refused to sell, otherwise it would be a good gift.”

“There are also famous calligraphy artists in this dynasty but it is not easy to find.”

“Lord Zhou himself has written a good calligraphy; ordinary people’s handwriting will be difficult to enter his eyes.”

As the crowd discussed and discussed, someone asked Li Xiucai, “Brother Li, you must have already prepared the gifts, right?”

They are all scholars, and it is hard to find gifts that can impress an official, but Li Xiucai is a family member of Li and can always find gifts better.

“Not really, I am also worrying about it,” Li Xiucai sighed.

“Good for you, Brother Li, you have found a good gift, but you still hide it and do not say it!” suddenly someone said.

Li Xiucai was confused: “Good gift?”

“If you didn’t find a good gift, what is this?” The man put the Three Character Classic in his hand on the table and pointed to the characters inside.

Isn’t this the book that he bought for his child’s enlightenment? Li Xiucai took a look at the Three Character Classic and was confused.

What did he see?

The words on the “Three Character Classic” are iron-painted and silver-tipped, strong and powerful, not much different from the handwriting of that great calligraphy master of the previous dynasty!

The current Emperor likes that calligraphy master’s handwriting the most. In recent years, everyone has used this character in imperial examinations. However, although ordinary people have learned it, but only its form and not its spirit. The characters on this book is different.

The writing actually looks like it was written by that great calligraphy master himself!

“Great writing! Good characters!”

“Such characters, in the past we saw at most a few, this is actually… a whole book? More than a thousand words?”

“Brother Li, where did you get this book from?”

“Brother Li, can you let me examine this book for a few days? I can come to your home every day to study it!”


The more those showmen looked at it, the more alarmed they became, especially after looking through the whole book and finding that from beginning to end, there was not a single error or omission!

This is just a book of “Three Character Classic”, but it’s not one of those “Three Character Classic”!

This is a book copied by a calligraphy master!

Such a great man should be hard to find on a regular basis, but now they have seen a copy of the Three Character Classic he transcribed!

“This… this…”

“This book is worth a thousand pieces of gold!”

“Brother Li, this kind of treasure, you even put it on the table casually!”

Everyone said a word and went to look at other books, only to find that those books were also hand-written. Although the characters on it were not as good as this “Three Character Classic”, they were also very graceful.

Several scholars looked at Li Xiucai enviously.

When Li Xiucai saw the “Three Character Classic”, he was already dumbfounded.

He bought this book from Wei’s bookstore for three hundred wen, it only took three hundred wen. Surprisingly, there is something else inside…?

Li Xiucai looked up at his friend: “I bought this book from a bookstore for my son’s enlightenment, do you believe it?”

Of course not!


Although Yan Jing Ze went to the casino yesterday, he got up early the next day and made breakfast.

He cooked egg fried rice for breakfast, he was in charge of frying, and Wei Lingxiu was in charge of stoking the fire.

When he first arrived, Wei Lingxiu didn’t know how to do the farming family’s work, but after gradually learning, he will do it.

Put a small piece of lard into the pot, beat in four eggs, stir-fry, and finally pour in the extra cooked rice last night…

In a short while, Yan Jing Ze made a pot of fragrant egg fried rice.

His cooking skills have really improved! What’s more, he can earn at least 1,500 Wen a day by copying books every day, and now he can eat as many eggs as he wants, and meat every day!

This day is really beautiful!

After eating, Yan Jing Ze took Wei Lingxiu to the county, first sending him to Zhao Xiucai, and then went to the bookstore.

When he recently went to the bookstore to copy books, he always went through the back door, but he would pass by the door of the bookstore. When he passed by today, he saw a few people in long gowns wandering in front of the bookstore against the cold wind.

These scholars are really eager to learn and they came to buy books early in the morning…

Yan Jing Ze ignored them and walked through the back door into the courtyard behind the bookstore and picked up the book.

He learned a new type of handwriting yesterday. It is said that this is still the favorite of the examiner in the current imperial examinations, so he started to copy books with this type of handwriting, just treat it as calligraphy practice.

He is just imitating other people’s handwriting now, but when he writes them more often, they become his own.

Scholars usually visit the bookstore in the afternoon and the bookstore is not open in the morning. Yan Jing Ze has copied two thousand characters. The shopkeeper came late, he saw some scholars who have their noses red from the cold standing in front of the shop.

“Li Xiucai, Wang Xiucai… How come you guys are here so early?” the shopkeeper asked.

Li Xiucai and the others read the Three Character Classic all night last night. They were not sure how this bookstore would have such a book, but they didn’t dare to ignore this book… They came over with the book early in the morning.

The bookstore should have given the wrong book. Perhaps this Three Character Classic may have been ordered by some important person, so it would be better to return it.

But asking who is the person who wrote the book and trying to ask for another copy… It should be okay?

Li Xiucai said: “Shopkeeper, yesterday I bought a copy of Three Character Classic from your store…”

“Is there a problem with this book?” the shopkeeper asked. He remembered that this book was copied by Yan Jing Ze. Could it be that he copied it wrong? But even if the copy is wrong, these people don’t have to come to trouble early in the morning, right?

“Shopkeeper, did you give me the wrong book?” Li Xiucai asked with a smile: “I’m returning this book to you but I don’t know who wrote it? Can I ask for a calligraphy?”

The shopkeeper: “…” The copywriter is in his shop. As for the calligraphy of that person… it’s everywhere in the shop.

What exactly is going on?

The shopkeeper took the book and opened it to read…

The shopkeeper: “…”

This handwriting, this handwriting…

He also noticed that Yan Da was practicing other characters but he really didn’t know that Yan Da had already written the characters like this!

The normal Three Character Classic can only sell 300 wen, but the ones copied previously by Yan Jing Ze, because the characters are very beautiful, they can be sold a little more expensively, as for the current copy…

Even if the price is 300 taels, someone might buy it!

“Shopkeeper, which great master actually wrote this book?” Li Xiucai and others were full of expectation.

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