Chapter 170 – Wishing for good people to receive good rewards!

As soon as Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts fell, the two brothers, Xu Xiangdong and Xu Xiangbei, somehow began to see some images in their minds.

In those images, they saw several villagers carrying axes, sickles, and machetes, chatting and laughing as they headed towards the hills.

They were heading towards the area where a wild boar group might be.

However, after walking for most of the day, they still hadn’t found anything.

When everyone was exhausted, they finally heard the wild boars’ grunts.

Then they spotted four wild boars, just as they had speculated: two large adults, a male and a female, along with two piglets.

As they approached, the wild boars noticed them and immediately attacked.

Luckily, they were a large group, armed with weapons. Even so, facing four wild boars required a tremendous effort, and they managed to bring them down only after a fierce struggle. There were a few minor injuries from the wild boars’ attacks, but fortunately, nothing serious.

After killing the four wild boars and realizing that it was getting late, they decided to head back down the mountain with the dead boars.

Despite some minor injuries, which were just scratches, they considered the trip a success because they had obtained four wild boars, including two piglets, which was quite a good haul.

It was evident from their relaxed smiles and the laughter along the way that they were satisfied with the outcome.

However, their joy was short-lived as they soon encountered another group of wild boars, this time consisting of seven fully grown adults, each weighing three to four hundred pounds.

With just one glance, everyone knew that this wild boar group was not something they could provoke.

Although they numbered thirty, sometimes, in the face of absolute strength, numbers meant nothing; they could only become the wild boars’ meal.

Moreover, they had recently fought with the four wild boars and had been on the road for so long that they had little strength left.

So, without a word, they exchanged knowing glances and turned around silently.


Since there were wild boars ahead, they decided to take a different path down the mountain.

At that moment of stepping away, everyone’s bodies tensed, their faces showing nervous expressions, and some even had beads of sweat forming.

Not only these people but also the Xu brothers, who were watching the images, instinctively tightened their grip and held their breath.

However, Xu Xiangdong also knew that since Ningning had already said it would be a bloody hunt with casualties, and he would end up with a broken leg, there was no way they would leave as they had hoped.

As expected, the group of around thirty people was eventually discovered by the wild boar group.

Despite their larger numbers and cautious steps in the jungle, they still made noise, which instantly caught the attention of the wild boars.

Consequently, the seven wild boars aggressively attacked them upon noticing their presence.

“Everyone, run for your lives!” someone suddenly shouted.

With that, the thirty or so individuals scattered to escape, putting their lives on the line, but the wild boars were incredibly fast.

Sure enough, some were caught up by the wild boars—one person or two against a wild boar was no match.

“I’ll fight you beasts to the end!”


Soon after, the Xu brothers witnessed a fierce and bloody battle.

Some were bitten on the legs by the wild boars and couldn’t escape, resulting in torn flesh. Others were impaled by the wild boars’ tusks from behind, their eyes wide open in shock, bodies stiffening, unable to move anymore. And some…

These scenes of bloodshed sent chills down the spines of the Xu brothers.

It was terrifying, too terrifying.

In the footage, Xu Xiangdong also saw the entire process of his leg being torn by the wild boar.

Originally, he could have escaped.

But he had returned to save a younger relative from the same clan, who was the only child in their family. If he died, his parents, grandparents, and others would not bear it.

In the end, Xu Xiangdong saved him, at the cost of his leg being mauled by the wild boar.

The final scene in the footage showed the villagers, originally full of joy and anticipation, waiting for them to return home with the victorious wild boars. Instead, they saw only a few survivors fleeing for their lives. As for those who didn’t make it out, when the militia went to search the mountains the next day with guns, they couldn’t find any trace of them.

As for why they couldn’t find them, it was undoubtedly because of the wild boars…

The upcoming New Year, which should have been lively and joyful, was shrouded in a heavy shadow because of this incident…

For the Xu brothers, the images in their minds seemed long, but in reality, only a few seconds had passed.

To outsiders, they just seemed momentarily stunned, quickly returning to normal.

But for the Xu brothers, they were shocked.

They were shocked that they could not only hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts but also see them as images appearing in their minds.

If you were to ask them which was better…

Seeing the images is definitely better, as it allows for a more precise understanding of many things.

However, how did they suddenly start seeing these images?

While they were shocked, they were also filled with curiosity.

What the brothers didn’t know was that there were others who had been able to see these images through Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts even earlier: Song Yi, Zhang Changzheng, and later, Wen Yulan.

And now, it was their turn.

Because Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts essentially predicted future events, the brothers also kept the wild boar hunting incident in mind.

They needed to think of a way to either prevent everyone from hunting wild boars or ensure everyone’s safety.

However, Xu Xiangdong found it strange that in this segment of the footage, he only saw himself and not his younger brother, Xu Xiangbei.

That was really odd.

Did Xiangbei not go?

Only Xu Xiangbei knew the reason.

Naturally, he also realized that he wasn’t in this hunt.

There was only one reason for that: in the original timeline, he was already gone.

A few months ago during that commotion, he was reported by Cui Zhiqiang, arrested, and according to Ningning, ended up eating peanuts.

So, how could he, who had already passed away, be part of the wild boar hunting team at the end of the year?

It’s just…

Several months ago, he died.

And by the end of the year, his older brother had lost a leg.

Xu Xiangbei even thought about his older sister, Xu Fanghua, and his father, Zhang Aiguo.

His sister might be forced into marrying Yang Zhiwen.

While his father was framed by people at the factory and lost his job.

In the original timeline, their family must have been going through a lot of hardship.

Luckily, very luckily, they had Ningning, this lucky star.

Fortunately, they could hear Ningning’s inner thoughts and make changes as a result.

Perhaps, in a mysterious way, heaven was giving their Xu family a chance at survival.

In fact, Xu Xiangbei’s thoughts were quite accurate. However, what he didn’t know was that heaven wasn’t just giving his family a chance at survival, but also giving a chance at survival to those kind-hearted cannon fodder.

They didn’t want people with distorted views to ruin this world and faith.

And they also wished for good people to receive good rewards!

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