BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (9)

Chapter Nine – Phoenix Man (9)

“I believe in you.” Yan Jing Ze heard Jiang Ping Xiu’s firm words and then he kissed Jiang Ping Xiu again—Jiang Ping Xiu is really cute.

Jiang Ping Xiu’s face suddenly turned red. He subconsciously tried to avoid it but he really didn’t want to.

Yan Jing Ze laughed at the sight, rubbed his hair, and told him his next plan.

He is not going to go back for the Chinese New Year this time but after the Spring Festival, he will go back and give his parents some money to arrange for his brother and sisters to study.

He crossed and did not have a deep affection for the parents and family of the original owner. During the New Year, he still wanted to accompany Jiang Ping Xiu but he would not turn a blind eye to his family like the original owner.

Whether it is for his brother or sister, or for Jiang Ping Xiu, studying can change their lives… He must let them all study.

After listening to Yan Jing Ze’s plan, Jiang Ping Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze in shock.

He actually thought about the Chinese New Year.

He didn’t want to go back to the village for the Chinese New Year. He always remembered that when the neighbors turned over their land, they also turned over the land of their house and then insisted that the land belonged to them. Not only that, but he also remembers that whenever someone in their village lost their things, they will always block their door and accuse his Grandmother of stealing things. He was also always being bullied by kids his age.
He always thought that Yan Jing Ze would go back for Chinese New Year.

Life is so happy now, but as long as he thought of being separated from Yan Jing Ze and that he will spend the New Year alone with his grandmother, he will feel very uncomfortable in his heart. So, he simply did not ask Yan Jing Ze about the Chinese New Year… and now he heard that Yan Jing Ze will not go back to the village?

Jiang Ping Xiu’s voice trembled a little: “You… you want to celebrate Chinese New Year with me?”

“You are my wife. If I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year with you then with whom?” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Jiang Ping Xiu’s face was red again and his heart was beating faster and faster.

He felt that today is the happiest day of his life!

The next day, when Jiang Ping Xiu went to the store, he brought a first-grade Chinese textbook.

He basically didn’t study much in junior high school, he couldn’t understand Mathematics textbooks and English textbooks. He could only take first grade Chinese textbook for self-study right now.

In the morning, the shop is generally not busy. Jiang Ping Xiu wanted to read a book but he was a little embarrassed… He was tangled and thought of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is a college student. If he only graduated from junior high school, how can he be worthy of Yan Jing Ze?

And… there are so many people in college who are good-looking and well-educated, what if Yan Jing Ze likes someone else?

In the past, Jiang Ping Xiu was prepared to say goodbye, he was ready to be abandoned anytime. If Yan Jing Ze had to break up with him, he would leave immediately.

But it’s different now.

He doesn’t want to let go of his Jing Ze at all.

If Yan Jing Ze now wants to break up with him…

Just thinking about it, Jiang Ping Xiu will be uncomfortable and his eyes will be red.

He can’t live without Yan Jing Ze.

He wants to be a person who deserves Yan Jing Ze.

Thinking this way, Jiang Ping Xiu immediately took out the first-grade Chinese textbooks.

“Ping Xiu, what are you looking at?” Xiao Zhang first noticed that Jiang Ping Xiu was reading. He walked to Jiang Ping Xiu. After pulling Jiang Ping Xiu’s book, he looked at the cover: “First grade Chinese? What are you doing with a first-grade Chinese textbook?”

“My brother… he told me to continue studying.” Jiang Ping Xiu pulled the book back from Xiao Zhang’s hand.

“Studying? Can you still study?” Xiao Zhang said: “And how much does it cost to study? How much time do you have to spend? It’s better to use those seven or eight years to make money. Now some people have graduated from college and still earn only three or four thousand a month. If they didn’t study, in those seven years they can already earn 200,000 yuan.”

Xiao Zhang said this very loudly and attracted the attention of Brother Wang and Master Chen.

Brother Wang laughed: “Do you want to study in Ping Xiu? Work hard! Go to college and become a college student in the future!”

Master Chen glared at Xiao Zhang: “What are you talking about Xiao Zhang? Studying is always good! Even if you only earn three or four thousand yuan after graduation, there will be five insurances and one gold to sit in the office, and there are weekends. Do we have it?”

Xiao Zhang was a little dissatisfied: “Some bosses only graduated from elementary school and college students work for them!”

“Those bosses were all poor in the early years. They didn’t have the conditions to study. If they were born now, if their parents were staring at them and forced them to study, would they still fail to go to college?” Master Chen said and looked at Jiang Ping Xiu again: ” Xiao Jiang, if you want to study, you should study well. At your age, you should go to school. Even if you don’t take college, you can learn some skills, and we need to have a certificate for car repairs.”

Jiang Ping Xiu nodded seriously: “Well!” He must study hard and be admitted to college!

Jiang Ping Xiu read books more seriously and read books whenever he was free.

However, he secretly studied during working hours which made him quite embarrassed so he still did his work and did more. But whenever there was some free time between work, he would always look at the ancient poems copied on the paper.

However, in this way, he can’t study hard at all. He wants to take the university entrance exam so he must concentrate on studying as Yan Jing Ze said.

When the Boss’s wife came over at noon, Jiang Ping Xiu took a deep breath and went to the lady boss. During the period, Ping Xiu said that he wanted to resign.

The lady boss wanted to convince Jiang Ping Xiu to stay. Later, when she heard that Jiang Ping Xiu was going to study, she did not persuade him anymore but let Jiang Ping Xiu stay for fifteen days and wait for them to recruit new employees before resigning.

There are quite a lot of people washing cars during the Chinese New Year and the price of car washing will rise, so even in the New Year, the boss does not want to close the door.

Jiang Ping Xiu agreed.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know about it until this evening but smiled and didn’t object.

At the car wash shop, people work 13 hours a day. Even if you are eating, when there are customers arriving then you must work immediately, the income is not high. The monthly salary is now increased by 500 and now he has 3,500. In his opinion, it wasn’t a good job to have, there was no contract signed at all… In fact, if Jiang Ping Xiu directly left, it wouldn’t really matter.

But Jiang Ping Xiu liked the shop quite a bit. Now when it comes to resigning, Jiang Ping Xiu feels sorry for the lady boss. In this case, it is no problem to let him stay for fifteen days more.

In Yan Jingze’s hometown, there is no phone, but there is a phone in the village.

Some time ago, Yan Jing Ze made a phone call back and said that he had to work in the winter vacation and the ticket was expensive so he would go back a few days later, probably on the eighth day.

Then, he began to teach children in tutoring classes, do online work at home, a non-stop money-making life.

Today is February 11, New Year’s Eve.
A few days before the New Year, the tutoring class institute did not open. And because of that, Yan Jing Ze turned his focus on doing some online works.
During the Chinese New Year, many people want to take a rest. This let him take a lot of work and let him make a lot of money. The only problem was sitting in front of the computer for a long time made his backache.

Yan Jing Ze is very busy and when he works, Grandma Jiang will put the sound of the TV to the lightest.

The old lady hasn’t figured it out for a long time. How does Yan Jing Ze make money by banging on the computer? But she still feels that Yan Jing Ze is very powerful and admires Yan Jing Ze.

When Yan Jing Ze takes an occasional break, she will immediately cook an egg soup to give Yan Jing Ze to make up the body.

The egg-flavored soup with brown sugar was hot and Yan Jing Ze ate it every time.

Although this is the standard meal in their hometown, the mental worker needs to add sugar and it is actually quite good to drink some egg soup.

This is the mind of the old lady.

On New Year’s Eve, the car wash shop was only open in the morning, and looking at the time, it was almost over. Yan Jing Ze rode out and took Jiang Ping Xiu home.

The store gave employees a few new year goods, a packet of red dates, a packet of sunflower seeds, a packet of peanuts, and a pot of oil. These things are not valuable but it was Jiang Ping Xiu’s first time to receive New Year gifts from others. He was especially happy.

He put the new year’s goods in the basket in front of the bicycle, followed Yan Jing Ze, and hurried to the house. On the way, he had not forgotten to recite the text.

The teacher of remote mountain village elementary school teaches mandarin which is very standard. When he speaks, he has a flat tongue sound, a front nasal sound, and a rear nasal sound, and it is completely indistinguishable. So, when there’s something wrong, Yan Jing Ze would remind him.

The original owner’s mandarin was also standard, but he started to change it after he entered high school. It has been completely changed, and now he can teach people.

There was no one on the streets of New Year’s Eve. They were riding slowly along the non-motorized lanes, talking while riding, and they didn’t feel cold.

When they got home, they saw Grandma Jiang making dumplings.

The white dough swayed in her hands, quickly turning into dumplings, filling their hearts.

They made dumplings, stewed a chicken, boiled a pot of braised pork, fried meatballs, steamed a fish, and mixed with a variety of vegetables. The New Year’s Eve dinner was very rich.

Yan Jing Ze only has the memory of the original owner and this meal can be said to be the most abundant meal in the original owner’s memory. Not to mention Jiang Ping Xiu and grandmother Jiang, they used to eat dumplings and often couldn’t wrap pure meat.

Before Jiang Ping Xiu could make money, they couldn’t even eat meat, that is, later Jiang Ping Xiu could make money and their life was a little better. Although Jiang Ping Xiu gave most of the money to Yan Jing Ze, he also gave his grandmother some money.

That night, the three of them ate too much. After eating, they went to Grandma Jiang’s room to watch the Spring Festival Gala. While watching, Grandma Jiang took out two red envelopes and gave Yan Jing Ze and Jiang Ping Xiu two hundred dollars in each red envelope.

This is the old lady’s intention, but in Yan Jing Ze’s mind, he was thinking about taking the old lady to go shopping in a few days.

In big cities, the New Year’s celebratory atmosphere is not that strong, just like Jiang Ping Xiu’s carwash shop continues to open until New Year’s Eve and there was only a day of rest before it opens again. Many shops are like that and some shops will not even rest for New Year.

Supermarkets and the like are still operating as usual.

On New Year’s Day, Yan Jing Ze took Jiang Ping Xiu to a large shopping mall in the city.

After Jiang Ping Xiu went to work on the second day, Yan Jing Ze took the old lady to the hospital for a personal examination.

The old lady’s health is quite good, probably because she hadn’t eaten too much fish and meat before, her blood pressure is particularly good. She has to take good care of her and live for another 20 to 30 years.

Yan Jing Ze was very happy, and accompanied the old lady to the zoo once and told the old lady some strange things.

For example, now that medicine is developed, women can become men, and for example, in foreign countries, men and men, women and women, can get married.

The old lady was stunned. After watching some videos and pictures on Yan Jing Ze’s mobile phone, she was even more amazed.

After spending two days with the old lady, Yan Jing Ze continued to work.

He did not work until the seventh day and then set foot on his hometown again.

On the morning of the eighth day, he returned to the village with big bags.

His younger brother was playing a game with a wooden gun at the entrance of the village. When he saw him, the child started to run to the house: “Brother is back! Brother is back!”


When Yan Jing Ze finally walked home, Yan family was already waiting for him.

Although the original owner did not care about this family from the bottom of his heart, he wouldn’t even help pouring oil bottle at home, but the original owner’s learning is really good. It can be said that he is the most prosperous person in the village. And because he can squeeze Jiang Ping Xiu, he never asked his family for any money.

No matter the Yan family or others in the village, the impression of the original owner at this time is very good.

When father Yan and mother Yan saw Yan Jing Ze, a smile blossomed on their faces. Yan Ermei’s and Yan Xiaoyan’s faces were full of worship. It was only Yan Damei who did not show anything on her face, but she still welcomed her brother obediently.

“Have you eaten?” Father Yan asked.

“Not yet,” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

Father Yan immediately said: “We are about to eat. Damei, you heat up the chicken legs!”

Yan Damei pursed her lips, took Yan Ermei into the kitchen, and soon there was heat from the inside. After a while, they brought out some meals.

The food is very simple, the meat dish is only a shallow plate of bacon and a chicken leg. Father Yan gave the chicken leg to Yan Jing Ze and said with a smile: “Yan Da, the chicken leg of the Chinese New Year, you and your brother have one each. I have been keeping it for you frozen, it’s definitely not bad!”

Yan Jing Ze looked at the chicken leg and felt a bit complicated.

The original owner complained about his family. He felt that the family that raised him was too bad and he was angry that the family was so poor.

Obviously, as long as they only have one child, the life of their family can be much better. But father Yan thinks that if there was only one son, he was not reassured so they had to have another one. In the end, they ended up with four children. With four children in the family, how can life be better?

The original owner was full of resentment.

Yan Jing Ze can see the situation clearly, he has no disgust towards his parents and siblings.

It is true that father Yan and mother Yan are not very good parents but it is also something that cannot be helped.

They have never left this county town where they lived since childhood, their knowledge is shallow. The idea of ​​raising children and helping them in old age is deep-rooted. But even if they are foolish, they have no place to be sorry for their children.

For example, eating chicken during the Chinese New Year. Although the father and mother are more patriarchal and the chicken legs are always given to the two sons, the two daughters can also eat large pieces of chicken, but they can eat chicken butt and chicken head.
Yan Jing Ze gave the chicken leg to Yan Ermei who stared at him. According to his memory, the most overlooked member of this family was Yan Ermei.

“Why did you give her the chicken leg?” Father Yan frowned and Yan Xiaoyan was also a little unhappy. The second sister was trembling, staring at the chicken leg in front of her and did not dare to move.

“I can eat chicken legs for every meal at the university. There is no shortage of chicken legs. Let the second sister eat it.”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze said it, Yan Damei, Yan Ermei, and Yan Xiaoyan all looked at him enviously. Can they even eat chicken legs every day in college?!

Yan Jing Ze then said: “By the way, Dad, I came back this time for Damei, Ermei, and Xiaoyan’s studies. Studying is a great thing; they all have to go to college!”

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Damei, Ermei, Xiaoyan – Big Sister, Little Sister, Little Brother (these are not their names but like ‘Yan Da’ nickname of Yan Jing Ze.)

LOL Yan Jing Ze teaching grandma about same-sex couples. XD

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