BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (8)

Chapter Eight – Phoenix Man (8)

Yan Jing Ze left the car wash, went to buy some daily necessities at home, and then went to school.

Today is Saturday but the university cafeteria still sells food and those foods are especially cheap.

Yan Jing Ze bought six chicken legs, six large tenderloins, and bought a few kinds of vegetables and two servings of rice, packed them and brought home.

At noon, he and Grandmother Jiang ate chicken leg, large pork meat, some vegetables, and rice. Their bellies were full and round. After eating, he went back and bought some rice noodles and vegetables.

He decided to buy meat dishes from the school in the future, cook the rice and vegetables at home. This way, they can save money and can still eat healthy foods.

In this regard, Grandma Jiang had no other opinion except to think that she was eating too well.

This old lady carrying the name of ‘broom star’ has always been rejected by people in the village. At this time, she doesn’t think that living in a big city was bad. She also doesn’t mind being left alone in the house. She just feels that she needs to be careful. There are many things at home she doesn’t dare move.
But she learned how to open the TV in her room. Although the old lady couldn’t understand Mandarin she wasn’t picky at all, she was even watching the advertisements with great interest.

Yan Jing Ze pondered if he could find a way to connect the TV to the internet so that the old lady could watch some funny cartoons or something, such as “Unlucky Bear”. You don’t need to know Mandarin to be able to understand it. (it’s a show like Mr. Bean but with a white bear instead)

In the afternoon, Yan Jing Ze went to the tutoring class and came back after class to have dinner with Grandma Jiang and then went back to the tutoring class again.

At more than nine o’clock in the evening, he stepped on the bicycle again to pick up Jiang Ping Xiu.

This time he didn’t carry Jiang Ping Xiu. On the way back, he let Jiang Ping Xiu ride the bicycle while he runs from behind. The twenty-minute ride turned to forty minutes. Jiang Ping Xiu was okay but Yan Jing Ze was covered in sweat from his running.
After his exercise, he was hungry.

It happened that he wanted to make Jiang Ping Xiu fat, so he cooked porridge especially. Yan Jing Ze drank porridge with Jiang Ping Xiu and ate chicken legs. After eating, they took a bath and prepared to sleep.
Before going to bed, Yan Jing Ze took away Jiang Ping Xiu’s mobile phone and prevented him from turning on the alarm clock.

Early the next morning, Yan Jing Ze fried the leftover rice yesterday into egg fried rice and also heated the remaining chicken legs and large tenderloins. He also fried some vegetables so that Jiang Ping Xiu was fed enough before going to work.
During this period, Yan Jing Ze also bought a second-hand bicycle.

Starting on Monday, he will go to school and have no time to send Jiang Ping Xiu in the morning. At that time, Jiang Ping Xiu will have to ride his own bicycle.

But in the evening, he can pick up Jiang Ping Xiu and they can talk on the way back together.

Yan Jing Ze’s life became stable and the time passed by from the beginning of December to the end of December.

At the end of December, there was Christmas, followed by New Year’s Day, and with the fact that it won’t be long before a semester ends, the A University organized many activities.
Yan Jing Ze didn’t attend, he just prepared some food for Jiang Ping Xiu as a gift on Christmas Day.

After all, he was too busy… he has been busy making money.

Yan Jing Ze felt that before crossing, he must have been a very smart person or just a programmer.

Because he learned computer programming quickly.
It is precisely because of this, in early January, he received a long-term and stable job helping a small company abroad.

This work is more complicated and has some difficulties but the income is quite good. You can get three thousand US dollars a month, which is more than 10,000 yuan!

Yan Jing Ze did the job very seriously and at the same time did not put down the work of the tutoring agency.

Although teaching a little kid is a little annoying, it is not tiring, and he can even use this time to rest.

Yan Jing Ze was so busy that he had no time to socialize with his classmates at school. Huo Liang, who had a good relationship with him, was puzzled: “Yan Jing Ze, what are you doing recently? I don’t see you in class and you don’t come back to the dorm to live.”

“I found some part-time jobs to earn money,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Why are you eager to make money before you graduate from college? The most important thing is to study,” Huo Liang couldn’t help say it.

The courses of A University are not easy. If Yan Jing Ze is busy working and neglecting his study, he is afraid that it will not be worth the gains.

Yan Jing Ze actually knows this, but fortunately, his brain is so easy to use: “I can’t help it, I can’t afford to eat! But rest assured, I make sure to attend every class.”

Many classes check attendance, he can’t not come. And if there is something in his part-time job that he finds difficult, he can also ask the teachers about it.
Huo Liang heard Yan Jing Ze said this and said immediately: “The school has a subsidy for poor students. Do you want to apply for it?”

Yan Jing Ze thought about it and rejected it. The subsidy for poor students is not enough to improve his life and he now rents a house to live outside. With this money, how can he explain to someone that he is a “poor student” renting a house outside?

Yan Jing Ze lost some weight because he was too busy but Jiang Ping Xiu did the opposite.

He was getting fatter and taller!

Speaking of this, although the car wash shop includes meals and accommodation, there are not many meat dishes, and no one cooks in the morning. The boss only bought a few boxes of instant noodles and put them there for people to eat casually.

Although Jiang Ping Xiu was able to eat fully at that time, he did not eat healthily.

It’s different now.

Yan Jing Ze let Jiang Ping Xiu have a snack every night and the breakfast was also very rich. Jiang Ping Xiu gained a lot of weight quickly and his appearance became very good.

Not only that, people knew him as someone who didn’t talk very much, but now he became talkative.

“Brother Zhang, my brother has been making supper for me every day recently!”

” Brother Wang, the braised chicken legs in the canteen of A University are delicious!”

“Master Chen, my brother comes to pick me up every night!”

He used to stutter a lot when talking but now there was no trace of stuttering at all.
Not only that, as long as he is free, he will stick to Master Chen and learn craftsmanship with Master Chen.

In addition to car washing, they also do car customization and so on, and this is also the most profitable. Master Chen knows how to repair the car so the salary is so high and he can go to work from 9 am to 5 pm. Jiang Ping Xiu wants to learn from Master Chen’s craftsmanship and make a lot of money in the future.

In a blink of an eye, the winter vacation came.

Most of the students of A University went home but Yan Jing Ze did not go back and took more work at the tutoring institution. He is still very short of money now!

However, now that he didn’t need to attend school, he felt a little relaxed. And his contact with Grandma Jiang became more.

Grandma Jiang is an old lady who is easy to get along with. She feels that Yan Jing Ze is very powerful from the bottom of her heart. So she would always listen to Yan Jing Ze.

In front of Jiang Ping Xiu, she would complain a few times from time to time. She felt that the food was too good and that she eats too much food every day. But in front of Yan Jing Ze…

Whenever Yan Jing Ze gives her how many dishes, she would obediently eat them all. She would always eat more food every time. So after raising for more than a month, the skinny old lady became as fat as Jiang Ping Xiu.
Yan Jing Ze is very satisfied with the changes of these two people around him.


He likes life now.

Jiang Ping Xiu prefers life now.

He even felt that his life these days was like a dream!

His grandmother came to him and Yan Jing Ze lived with him. Yan Jing Ze was especially good to him!

All these made him uneasy, but he was reluctant to give up this life now.

Today is a rare rest-day for Jiang Ping Xiu.

He has not been having breakfast at the carwash shop recently. The instant noodles in the store are not finished. Xiao Zhang took a few packs for him to take back. This afternoon, Jiang Ping Xiu cooked instant noodles and ate them with his grandma.

“This instant noodle is so delicious! There are so many ingredients!” Grandma Jiang sighed while eating. “I bought the instant noodles for you when you were a kid and there was a packet of ingredients inside.”

Jiang Ping Xiu nodded in agreement: “It’s very delicious. Grandma, there are many flavors of instant noodles!”

Grandma Jiang said: “The life I’ve lived these days is a lot better. I can eat meat and eggs every meal! I never knew life could be this good!”


In this respect, Jiang Ping Xiu was not as emotional as Grandma Jiang. He knew that people in the city all ate meat.

But he was just like Grandma Jiang, he never thought there would be such a good thing in the world.

He grew up being bullied by others and there was no one who would say nice things to him, but now, Yan Jing Ze likes him.

He has a home he likes!

Both Jiang Ping Xiu and Grandma Jiang were eating noodles and drinking soup. They ate very comfortably. They were still eating when Yan Jing Ze returned.

Seeing Yan Jing Ze, Jiang Ping Xiu was a little bit nervous and wanted to hide the bowl in his hand.

He had previously asked Yan Jing Ze not to prepare breakfast and supper for him, saying that he could eat instant noodles in the store, but Yan Jing Ze did not agree. He said that instant noodles were junk food and did not let him eat more.
Now, Yan Jing Ze saw him secretly eating instant noodles behind his back. This…


Yan Jing Ze really did not want Jiang Ping Xiu to eat junk food like instant noodles but he was not angry when he saw Jiang Ping Xiu eating.

Especially, Grandma Jiang was still talking next to him: “Yan Da, are you back? This instant noodle is delicious. Do you want to eat them?”

“Grandma, I’m okay,” Yan Jing Ze laughed and then put the vegetables and meat he bought in the kitchen.
The school cafeteria is closed. They will have to cook their own meals from now on.

In addition, he has one more thing to discuss with Jiang Ping Xiu.

After lunch, Grandma Jiang went to bed. Yan Jing Ze called Jiang Ping Xiu to the room: “Ping Xiu, I have something to discuss with you.”

“What?” Jiang Ping Xiu asked.

“After the new year, you will resign from the car wash shop and continue to study, okay?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Study?” Jiang Ping Xiu was stunned.

“Yes, go to school. You are young, reading a book is good for you.”

“What about money? I want to make money…” Jiang Ping Xiu was a little flustered.

“I can make money.” Yan Jing Ze took out his mobile phone and showed it to Jiang Ping Xiu: “Look, I can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month now. I can afford to raise you.” He already got his salary so he had the confidence to mention this to Jiang Ping Xiu.

“But…but…” Jiang Ping Xiu didn’t know what to say. Many thoughts flashed in his head.

Of course, he wanted to study, God knows how much he wants to study!

But now he has no money to study at all.

He and his grandmother live in the city, eating and drinking, everything needs money.

Yan Jing Ze now makes more money and can indeed support him, but he always feels that he cannot use Yan Jing Ze’s money.

“How can I use your money?” Jiang Ping Xiu said.

“I can use your money, why can’t you use my money?” Yan Jing Ze asked back.

Jiang Ping Xiu was speechless for a while.

When he gave money to Jing Ze, he felt that he needed himself, which was very satisfying. But if he wanted to use the money from Jing Ze, would Jing Ze hate him? Will he not want him in the future?

He wants to be with Yan Jing Ze. He wants to be with Yan Jing Ze for a lifetime.

Yan Jing Ze then said: “Before, we were too poor so there was no way for you to study but now it is different. We are rich, you must go to study.”

Seeing Jiang Ping Xiu was a little hesitant, Yan Jing Ze touched his head: “You think about it, when I graduate from college in the future, I will definitely go to a big company and sit in the office. When the time comes, other people will ask me what my partner is doing. Do I have to tell them that you are washing cars for a living?”

That would definitely not work. He was so embarrassed to Yan Jing Ze too.

It’s just… Yan Jing Ze is willing to stay with him for a lifetime?

In fact, Jiang Ping Xiu has never been confident and feels that he will definitely be separated from Yan Jing Ze in the future. But now… Yan Jing Ze is really willing to stay with him for a lifetime?

Jiang Ping Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze without blinking.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t hold back and kissed him on his forehead: “Ping Xiu, I believe that if you study hard, you will be admitted to college!”

Jiang Ping Xiu’s whole body froze—Yan Jing Ze actually kissed him!

However, Yan Jing Ze did not care about his complicated mood. He took Jiang Ping Xiu to the bedside and then put the textbooks for third-year junior high students in Jiang Ping Xiu’s hands: “You start reading today if you have time. I’ll think of a way to get you to take high school here next semester.”

It’s been six months since Jiang Ping Xiu graduated from junior high school. Jiang Ping Xiu can still restore his knowledge from when he was a student and then find a low-enrollment requirement. Those students who did not pass the regular high school entrance exam can’t enter private schools. For now, Jiang Ping Xiu can only enter a technical secondary high school which is also good. You can still enter college from a secondary high school.


As long as one is willing to study there is always a way.

And it’s better to learn a few more years in school than to sell hard labor in society at a young age.

“I didn’t study well in junior high school. I may not understand these books,” Jiang Ping Xiu was anxious.

“If you don’t understand, you can ask me,” Yan Jing Ze said. “You can quit your job at the end of the year. Stay at home and review these books for the next six months.”
“Brother Jing Ze, can I really go to high school?” Jiang Ping Xiu asked while looking at Yan Jing Ze. They used to be junior high school students. Almost all the students did not study after they graduated from junior high school. High school is unreachable for them.

“Yes!” Yan Jing Ze said: “You can’t go to a regular high school but you can go to a technical secondary high school. As long as you work hard, you will definitely be able to enter the university to study in the future.”

Yan Jing Ze was full of confidence as if Jiang Ping Xiu going to school is a particularly simple thing.
Jiang Ping Xiu looked at him and suddenly courage rose in his heart.

He is going to study. He wants Yan Jing Ze to know that he is great.

“Brother, I must work hard and find a way to enter the university,” Jiang Ping Xiu said seriously, his eyes were full of light.

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Unlucky Bear – here’s a Link for a short clip. He’s an unlucky bear who gets into accidents most of the time. lol



I got confused a bit with the timeline here, like the new year part. But then, oh right. He’s probably talking about the Chinese New Year. lol

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