Chapter 202 – Hou Chen Returned

Waiting and waiting, that night, just as Jiang Xiao was about to go to sleep, she suddenly heard some noise at the front door.

Woken by the sound, she immediately got up and walked out.

By the moonlight, she saw the man stepping inside. Standing over six feet tall, wearing camouflage clothes that outlined his strong and upright figure, his long legs wrapped in trousers looked powerful and lean.

His belt emphasized his narrow waist, clearly full of explosive strength.

Hearing the noise, the man also looked up, revealing a chiseled face, his deep gaze landing on Jiang Xiao.

When he saw Jiang Xiao, a touch of tenderness appeared in his eyes.

“Achen, you’re back.” At the moment she saw Hou Chen, a look of joy instantly spread across Jiang Xiao’s face.

She immediately ran towards Hou Chen.

As soon as Hou Chen placed his backpack on the ground, Jiang Xiao was already in his arms, hugging him tightly.

“Achen, I missed you so much.” Leaning against Hou Chen’s chest, Jiang Xiao’s eyes were full of infatuation, her hands around his waist, unintentionally stroking the muscles of his waist through his clothes.

Hou Chen also embraced Jiang Xiao, thinking it was his wife’s longing for him. He didn’t notice Jiang Xiao taking a deep breath against his chest, her face showing an almost p*rverse infatuation.

The next moment, she pulled Hou Chen into the room.

“What’s wrong? Is Mom asleep? I wanted to go say hello to her.”

“Mom’s asleep. Tonight, she happens to be sleeping with our three children.” After speaking, Jiang Xiao seemed to think the sentence wasn’t quite appropriate, so she added, “Mom loves her grandsons, loves sleeping with them. The eldest, the second, and the third also love Mom more than they love me, their own mother.”

She spoke as if she were a bit jealous.

Hearing that his mother was asleep, Hou Chen dismissed the idea of immediately going to see her.

No rush, since he was already home, he could see her tomorrow.

While he was thinking, Jiang Xiao had already pulled him into the room.

Jiang Xiao closed the door behind her and immediately began to remove Hou Chen’s clothes.

For a moment, her eagerness and glowing eyes made her look like a ravenous wolf, which startled Hou Chen. He instinctively grabbed Jiang Xiao’s hand to stop her.

“Xiaoxiao, don’t rush. Let’s talk first,” Hou Chen said softly. Although their marriage hadn’t been based on love initially, Jiang Xiao had changed after marrying him. She took good care of his mother and bore him three children.

Hou Chen was a patriotic and honest man. Since he was married and his wife intended to live well with him, Hou Chen was committed to this marriage, to his wife, and to his family.

Over time, he noticed Jiang Xiao’s growing affection for him, and he developed feelings for her as well.

A loving wife and a harmonious family, with children, was what Hou Chen had always longed for.

He missed his wife, but he valued emotional connection even more.

“No talking, not now. Achen, it’s been so long since we last saw each other. I missed you so much,” Jiang Xiao said, having no interest in talking. She eagerly wanted to be close to Hou Chen.

With that, Jiang Xiao stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around Hou Chen’s neck, pulled him down, and kissed him.

Jiang Xiao’s kiss was skillful, owing to her rich past experiences.

Though Hou Chen was older than Jiang Xiao physically, his soul was younger, and he lacked the kind of experiences Jiang Xiao had.

At just over twenty, Hou Chen had only ever been with Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao’s skilled kiss quickly overwhelmed Hou Chen, who was already in the prime of his youth.

Unconsciously, he hugged Jiang Xiao back.

Encouraged by his response, Jiang Xiao grew even more excited and began pulling off Hou Chen’s clothes.

The light inside the room was on, and the door was tightly shut.

After a while, the creaking sound of the wooden bed and the passionate moans of the couple filled the room, the noise so loud it could make anyone blush and their ears burn.

“Xiaoxiao, no, stop.”

“Achen, don’t talk, kiss me.”

The occasional sounds of their conversation drifted out, the heat in the room steadily rising.

At that moment, another door in the courtyard quietly opened.

Someone slowly emerged from the darkness of that house, eventually reaching the doorway. The moonlight fell on her, revealing her face—it was Hou Chen’s mother, Cai Juhua, who had difficulty walking.

Cai Juhua’s legs were paralyzed, so she had to move out slowly.

As she moved, her clothes became dirty.

But upon hearing the noise, she still came out.

Cai Juhua sat quietly at her own door, staring at the room where Jiang Xiao and Hou Chen were, listening to the sounds.

Half of her body was bathed in moonlight, the other half in darkness, making her expression hard to decipher.

She watched silently, her originally cloudy eyes gradually becoming dark and worried. As time passed, her brows furrowed.

Cai Juhua knew her son Hou Chen had returned.

She also knew that he was now ensnared in that room by that woman.

She was well aware of what they were doing.

She knew her son well enough to understand he wasn’t typically impulsive or frivolous; his first action upon returning home was always to see her.

But now…

He was captivated by that wild spirit who had come from who knows where.

Actually, if that woman were truly her daughter-in-law, Cai Juhua wouldn’t mind seeing her son and daughter-in-law getting along well. Even if she, the old mother, was put aside, she wouldn’t care.

What bothered her was that this person wasn’t Jiang Xiao at all, but some wandering ghost with unknown origins and intentions.

Cai Juhua’s greatest fear was that this woman might harm her three grandsons and her son, Hou Chen.

Tonight was the perfect proof.

Jiang Xiao and Hou Chen had been performing their intimate act in the house for a long time, and Cai Juhua quietly watched for as long as it lasted in the dark night.

At first, the candlelight in the house was still bright, but later, the candlelight went out, and the sounds became even louder, especially the woman’s voice.

There was a moment when Cai Juhua wanted to speak up, wanted to move closer, but she restrained herself.

The noises from the room paused for a moment, but soon, louder sounds resumed.

Cai Juhua didn’t know how long she had been sitting at the threshold, but gradually, dawn broke.

It wasn’t until that moment that the noises from the room finally stopped completely.

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