Chapter 201 – Jiang Xiao’s Panic

Yang Zhiwen was impatient with his mother’s wailing, so he got up and left.

Wei Rou watched from a distance, smiling as she saw Yang’s mother sitting on the ground, crying.

Revenge had finally taken a big step forward.

There was no rush. Wei Rou planned to let them know that their worst moments were yet to come.

Without a job, Yang Zhiwen had to return to working in the fields.

The villagers also found out that Yang Zhiwen had lost his job.

Privately, they murmured that this was the Yang family’s retribution, a result of the spirits of those who had died because of Yang Yuxiang.

Yang Zhiwen naturally heard the gossip and noticed the mocking and disdainful looks directed at him.

But he was powerless.

He could only continue to work hard.

Now, there were three people in his family, including himself. His mother had not worked in the fields since his father became a senior official in the village. Nowadays, she only did house chores and would not work in the fields.

Wei Rou, pregnant with the only heir of the Yang family, could not be put at risk.

The family’s savings had been exhausted by the compensation payments.

Aside from what Yang Zhiwen had previously saved from his job, the family had no money left.

So, there was no one else in the family to support them but him.

No matter how unwilling or reluctant he was, he had to work.

Despite Yang Zhiwen’s hard work in the fields, by the end of the day, he was exhausted and had only earned six work points, the same as what the women earned.

Seeing the looks others cast at him, Yang Zhiwen felt his face heat up, burning with discomfort.

There was no helping it. Before he went to work in the county, his physical strength had always been mediocre. Compared to other men, he was more delicate and couldn’t handle much physical labor.

And now…

For the past few years, he had always been working in the county and never did any fieldwork. Now, even though he worked hard, with his hands blistered and his feet covered in sores, he could only earn six work points a day at most.

After returning home, eating dinner, and taking a bath, Yang Zhiwen fell asleep as soon as he lay down.

Wei Rou watched Yang Zhiwen, lying beside her, snoring from exhaustion.

Her gaze was icy cold.

She reached out her hand, gesturing at Yang Zhiwen’s neck, making a choking motion. For a moment, her eyes were filled with malice, as if she wanted to tighten her grip.

But in the end, she slowly moved her hand away.

No rush, take it slow.

Squeezing his neck now might not even kill Yang Zhiwen.

If she failed to kill him, he might turn on her, and her disguise all these years would be exposed.

If she succeeded in killing him, she might get caught and end up in prison. It wasn’t worth it.

Besides, rather than killing him outright, it was better to torture him slowly.

Cutting him piece by piece, letting him know what real pain was!

She would make Yang Zhiwen understand what it meant to wish for death over life!

Just like that night, when she was so scared, begging for mercy, in so much pain, continuously crying and pleading, but it was all in vain.

That night, a deep-seated hatred took root against the Yang family and her own so-called good parents.

No rush; she would exact her revenge step by step.


Recently, Jiang Xiao’s days had not been going well at all. In fact, she was somewhat anxious and restless.

She had noticed that some things were different from her memories.

This inexplicable difference caused her to panic.

Previously, the incident with Sun family’s Tiedan and the fish soup had already been beyond her expectations.

Originally, Sun family’s Tiedan should have been dead, but he survived because of a bowl of fish soup.

And now, there was another issue with the Yang family.

In her previous life, she had returned to the Dahe Production Brigade, but that was more than thirty years later.

By then, the Dahe Production Brigade was naturally different from what it was now.

At that time, it was no longer called the Dahe Production Brigade but had been renamed Dahe Village.

Despite the name change, Yang Yuxiang was still the village official in Dahe Village.

The Yang family lived in great wealth and glory.

The village had small villas, they had contracted large areas of mountains and fields, and they had built a private modern agricultural park, earning an unknown amount of money.

It was said that they also bought houses in the city, along with many cars.

She remembered that at that time, the fool Yang Zhigang had not gone missing but had always stayed with the Yang family.

She also remembered that the woman Yang Zhiwen married was not Wei Rou.

At that time, Yang Zhiwen had married his fourth wife.

His first wife was named Xu Fanghua. Yes, she was the older sister of Xu Jinning, the one Jiang Xiao had suspected earlier.

She was Yang Zhiwen’s first wife, but she died of massive bleeding while giving birth to their first child.

Later, Yang Zhiwen married two more wives. The second wife died of illness less than a year after their marriage, though she did give birth to a daughter.

The third wife gave birth to a son, but within two years, she committed suicide due to depression.

For the first three wives, Yang Zhiwen had not been married to any of them for long before they died for various reasons.

However, the fourth wife lived with Yang Zhiwen for decades.

She bore him a son and a daughter.

But this fourth wife always had a bitter look on her face, appearing much older than Yang Zhiwen, who had by then achieved a successful career. She was very silent and rarely spoke, only taking care of the children and seemingly very afraid of Yang Zhiwen.

At that time, Yang Yuxiang had long since retired. In her previous life, Yang Yuxiang lived well for decades.

But now, things were different.

Yang Zhiwen’s wife turned out to be Wei Rou.

And Yang Yuxiang was exposed for embezzling collective property, arrested, and executed.

The fool Yang Zhigang had wandered into the mountains and disappeared.

Jiang Xiao felt that more and more things were slipping out of her control and diverging from the memories of her previous life.

This made Jiang Xiao, who had been confident and felt in control after her rebirth, quite panicked.

She remained anxious for several days until Hou Chen was about to return, which gradually calmed her down.

It didn’t matter if others changed; after all, they had nothing to do with her. At worst, it just meant losing some opportunities.

As long as Hou Chen didn’t change, everything would be fine.

As long as Hou Chen remained the same as in her previous life, she was guaranteed to be his only wife.

So, no matter what, she had to firmly grasp Hou Chen’s heart. Ideally, she should go with him this time, taking care of him closely if he got injured, and definitely not give Ruan Xiaohui, that mistress, any chance to seduce him.

Thinking about Hou Chen’s imminent return, Jiang Xiao was filled with impatience.

As a woman with the soul of someone in her fifties, Jiang Xiao deeply missed Hou Chen’s strong, robust, and powerful body.

Those few nights in the army were like a heavenly experience for her, so she eagerly awaited Hou Chen’s return, longing for him to hold her in his arms and to spend time with him in bed.

At that moment, Hou Chen, who was preparing to return home, had no idea that a fifty-year-old soul was eagerly anticipating his body.

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