BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (14)

Chapter Fourteen – Phoenix Man (14)

Jiang Ping Xiu is very smart. If he was born in a wealthy urban family, it would be a logical thing for him to take a college entrance examination.

Unfortunately, he was born in a poor mountain village.

Over the past three years, he worked very hard, but it was not easy to catch up all at once.

However, his performance has been amazing. For several mock exams, he has steadily entered the undergraduate course. Maybe he can’t get to a good key university but he can definitely get to a good university.

There were still a few days before the college entrance examination, Yan Jing Ze put aside his work and concentrated on Jiang Ping Xiu.

There is also Grandma Jiang who did the same.

In the first two years that Yan Jing Ze crossed through, Jiang Ping Xiu has gained a lot of weight, but this year, Jiang Ping Xiu has lost a little more weight. As he approaches the college entrance examination, he is still a little restless.

Yan Jing Ze took him to stroll around the city.

At this time, he advised Jiang Ping Xiu not to be nervous or anything. It might not be necessarily useful so he didn’t say much. He just took him to the zoo, to the museum, to the science and technology museum, sightseeing everywhere. Of course, he did not forget to tell him repeatedly: “I love you.”

Jiang Ping Xiu really calmed down gradually, he became less anxious and his relationship with him became more intimate.

With two days left in the college entrance examination, Yan Jing Ze took Jiang Ping Xiu and Grandma Jiang back to his home county.

The college entrance examination test center is the key high school where Yan Damei attended and the students from the school of Jiang Ping Xiu all come here to take the test.

Yan Jing Ze booked a suite in the best hotel in the county in advance. This suite has two bedrooms and can also cook. It is just right for them.

Grandma Jiang got up early in the morning of the college entrance examination and made breakfast.

Grandma Jiang had a hard life in the past, but now she is particularly relaxed and satisfied. She is happy every day, plus she is actually in her early sixties. After living in the city for three and a half years, she not only speaks a little Mandarin, she also learned how to pay by mobile phone, how to watch videos on her mobile phone, and even have a few friends. Looking at her now, she seems how many years younger than when she first came to the city.

She has also learned all the utensils in the kitchen and spent the past two years with her friends all day studying how to make healthy meals.

For today’s breakfast, she did a very good meal.

After breakfast, she and Yan Jing Ze sent Jiang Ping Xiu to the exam.

The hotel is not far from the high school. They walked over. On the way, Grandma Jiang quietly said to Jiang Ping Xiu: “Ping Wa, don’t be nervous. It doesn’t matter if the exam is not good, you have a partner now.”

Jiang Ping Xiu was amused by his grandmother but secretly made up his mind to take the exam.

It is precisely because he has a partner that he wants to make himself better.

Jiang Ping Xiu entered the school for the exam but Yan Jing Ze took Granny Jiang and waited at the door. Granny Jiang was still talking to people around her enthusiastically.

After talking to people for a while, Grandma Jiang looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Xiao Yan, thank you so much…”

Before, Grandma Jiang had no idea about the college entrance examination. Today, she saw that the school gate was crowded with people and even the police helped to maintain order, only now did she realize how important this is.

If there is no Yan Jing Ze, her grandson will definitely not have the chance to take the college entrance examination.

Grandma Jiang now looks at Yan Jing Ze and she likes him more and more, even thinking that her grandson has found a man, which is pretty good.

Up to now, she doesn’t care whether her grandson will have children in the future. Although she has only one son and one grandson, her deceased husband has brothers and sisters, the Jiang family does not lack people.

She only needs to have a good grandson and he doesn’t have to have children.

The people in the city, how many of them have a wife? Don’t they still live well?
“Grandma, what are you thanking me for?” Yan Jing smiled.

Grandma Jiang is very easy to get along with. For the past three years at home, she has been rushing to do housework, washing, cooking, and everything. Yan Jing Ze has already regarded her as his own grandmother. This time he bought ice cream for her to eat.

Both Jiang Ping Xiu and Grandmother Jiang have a deep love for all kinds of snacks, whether it is spicy ham or all kinds of sweets. They all like them, but for their health, he usually lets them eat less.

Grandma Jiang happily digs out ice cream with a small wooden spoon to eat, while Yan Jing Ze looks at the school gate.

Time passed by, and finally, the exam was over.

Yan Damei also came nearby.

Yan Damei’s real name is certainly not Yan Damei. However, Father Yan didn’t spend an egg to ask the teacher Zhijiao to name her, but followed the name of Yan Jing Ze and named her Yan Jing Hong.

In the past few days, her school was used for the college entrance examination. Yan Jing Hong went to live in the town after the holiday but she had a schedule to go to the bookstore to buy school materials today.

Since she was in high school, her living expenses have been given to her alone by Yan Jing Ze. Not much, 800 per month, but it is enough for her to live comfortably. She even saved a little money.

She bought the school materials today. Together with her classmates, she went to the gate of their school subconsciously, wanting to see the situation here.

Then she saw countless parents waiting at the school gate.

Isn’t it just taking a test? Even the parents are waiting at the door… Yan Jing Hong glanced at the people and was about to leave when suddenly she saw Yan Jing Ze in the crowd.

Why is her brother here?

Yan Jing Hong thought saw it wrong, but when she looked carefully, it was indeed her brother!

Her brother grew up the best looking in their village since he was a child and now he gets better as he grows older. Standing among a group of middle-aged parents, he stands out from the crowd.

Just… how could her brother be here?

Yan Jing Hong was a little confused at first, but suddenly thought of another thing—Jiang Ping Xiu took the college entrance examination today!

She was the same age as Jiang Ping Xiu and was still in the same village but had very little contact but she did not have any bad relationship with him. She had been very busy since she was a child and had no time to play so naturally she would not follow others to bully Jiang Ping Xiu.

Before, Yan Jing Ze asked her to study with Jiang Ping Xiu online and she became more familiar with Jiang Ping Xiu.

But there is a difference between men and women, they don’t speak much and because Jiang Ping Xiu graduated from junior high school a long time ago, she always thought that Jiang Ping Xiu just made some money and wanted to go to a technical high school or something.
But not long ago, when she was chatting with Jiang Ping Xiu, she accidentally learned that Jiang Ping Xiu was going to take the college entrance examination.

She was quite surprised at the time, but now seeing her brother, she is even more surprised.

Her brother is here to accompany Jiang Ping Xiu?

When Yan Jing Hong thought this way, the two female classmates beside her excitedly grabbed her arms on both sides: “Jing Hong, that man is so handsome!”

“Much more handsome than the school heartthrob!”

“He’s more beautiful than a star!”

Yan Jing Hong found out that it was her brother they were pointing at.

It was at this time that the gate of the school opened and those who took the college entrance examination came out one by one.

Yan Jing Hong saw her brother walking towards one of them and gave him a hug. Who else but Jiang Ping Xiu?

Her brother always said that he was very busy in recent years, so how could he have time to accompany Jiang Ping Xiu to take the college entrance examination.

Yan Jing Hong was puzzled and wanted to ask her brother but there were too many people, and she could no longer see her brother.

But this afternoon, she found her brother at the school gate.

In the afternoon, when the sun was big, Yan Jing Ze didn’t let Grandma Jiang come over. He waited for Jiang Ping Xiu alone and while he was waiting, Yan Jing Hong came to him.

“Brother, why are you here?” Yan Jing Hong asked.

“I am waiting for Jiang Ping Xiu,” Yan Jing Ze said calmly as if it were an ordinary thing.

“Brother, why are you waiting for Jiang Ping Xiu’s college entrance examination?” Yan Jing Hong was puzzled: “Are you good friends?”

“He is not my good friend,” Yan Jing Ze looked at his sister calmly, “He is your sister-in-law.”

Yan Jing Hong was stunned.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t care much about his sister’s reaction at all and said: “If you see him later, remember to call him sister-in-law.”

Jiang Ping Xiu likes to be called a wife by him and he certainly likes to be called a sister-in-law by the sister.

Yan Jing Hong looked at her brother in shock, suspecting that she had heard it wrong: “Brother, what did you say?”

“I’m telling you to call Jiang Ping Xiu sister-in-law,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“You are all men!” Yan Jing Hong said. Although she suppressed her voice, the shock on her face was obvious.

“I’m not blind,” Yan Jing said. “Don’t tell the family about this matter. In a few days, after Ping Xiu and the Ermei have finished the exam, I will go back and talk to them.”


Jiang Ping Xiu will finish the college entrance examination. In ten days, it will be Yan Ermei’s high school entrance examination. Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to affect their exams but after that… he planned to explain clearly to Father Yan and Mother Yan.

He will be responsible for the allowance of his father and his mother, and his younger siblings’ schooling. But his family can’t interfere with his and Jiang Ping Xiu’s affairs.

Yan Jing Ze’s expression is very calm but Yan Jing Hong has been struck by lightning.

Her brother is now in his senior year and has almost graduated. Because of this, her dad has started looking for a matchmaker to give her brother a wife.

His father has always felt that the women in the city are troublesome and Yan Jing Ze should find a woman from their village to marry. So that the daughter-in-law will not dislike their old couple and they can live with his son and daughter-in-law.

But… her brother actually found a man?

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