BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (13)

Chapter Thirteen – Phoenix Man (13)

After coming out in front of grandma, Jiang Ping Xiu was obviously very happy, but he refused to accept Jing Ze’s card.

When Yan Jing Ze saw it, he smiled and said, “Everyone else’s wife takes care of the money. Are you unwilling to accept the money?”

Jiang Ping Xiu immediately said: “No!”

“Then take it.” Yan Jing Ze said: “When a man has money, he will go bad. You have to pay close attention to me.”


Jiang Ping Xiu nodded seriously and accepted the card.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t hold back and kissed him again.

He had never given Jiang Ping Xiu any money before.

No way, he was short of money.

At first, the money he earned from part-time jobs was spent to repay the family’s debts and buy some things, and then the money he earned later had to be paid to Yan’s family for living expenses. There were also rent and living expenses that he had to bear. He had never had much money.

He can’t wait to give a card to Jiang Ping Xiu and let Jiang Ping Xiu handle the money. As a result, there was no money at all?

However, recently he has a lot of money and this card was given to him. In the future, he may not have so much time to take care of all aspects of the family.

It happened that Jiang Ping Xiu and his grandmother had already adapted to life in the city and they could be held responsible for future chores in life such as grocery shopping.

It is not good for Jiang Ping Xiu to stay home and study all day long. It’s good to go out shopping for groceries.

“By the way, it’s boring to just give you my card. I will transfer the money to your card,” Yan Jing Ze said while transferring the 30,000 yuan from his card to Jiang Ping Xiu’s card.

Before, Jiang Ping Xiu gave him his own card, now he gave his card to Jiang Ping Xiu, but in fact… it is more practical to transfer the money directly.

Jiang Ping Xiu did not refuse, but promised: “I will take care of the money.”

“I believe you.” Yan Jing Ze said with a smile: “I will be a little busy in the future. When you buy vegetables or something at home, don’t save money. You must ensure that you eat well, you know?”

Jiang Ping Xiu is serious. Nodding his head, he wrote down all that Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Jing Ze will become busy because he plans to start a business.

It is not easy for college students to start a business. Many people have no experience and the money they invested, in the end, is lost. Therefore, he does not plan to invest any money.

He plans to make small programs and small games and sell them to big companies.

There is a lot of knowledge to learn about programming, and most people need to study for a few years before they can do it smoothly. However, Yan Jing Ze never forgets and the current level of knowledge is no worse than the graduates of their school.

He persuaded a few junior and senior students with his glib tongue and finally started a business with these seniors.

Starting a business is very hard and he has no time to do part-time jobs so that he has no income for a long time and his mood is a little anxious. However, as long as he returns home and sees Jiang Ping Xiu, his whole body can relax.

Jiang Ping Xiu unconditionally supported him and he always calmed down quickly.

Explaining various topics in high school to Jiang Ping Xiu will also give him a lot of inspiration inexplicably!

After several months of tossing, Yan Jing Ze really made a product. Then he did not ask people to invest in his own company like some people did, but sold the product directly.

After dividing the money between himself and his classmates, Yan Jing Ze set up a small studio with these classmates and continued to make products.

Of course, he did not forget to transfer his money to Jiang Ping Xiu.

From small to big, he always had a bitter life. Because of this, Jiang Ping Xiu has a deep inferiority complex but Yan Jing Ze is very clear that this needs to be changed slowly. As for how to change… Of course, it is to give him money.

When the economy becomes richer, the marks of poverty on Jiang Ping Xiu’s body will naturally disappear gradually.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze saw Jiang Ping Xiu sending him a message, asking him what he wanted to eat.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and replied: “I want to eat you.”

Jiang Ping Xiu sent him a bunch of dots.

When the child chats with him now, he is no longer so restrained and even jokes with him!

After Yan Jing Ze’s studio produced one result, it quickly produced a second result which made him famous in school earlier than the original owner and also allowed him to meet Li Weiwei again.

In the original plot, the original owner took the initiative to pursue Li Weiwei after he knew that Li Weiwei’s family was rich. At that time, there were some unpleasant things in the original owner. Li Weiwei was hesitant at first and was unwilling to accept the original owner.

Later, the original owner got better and better and Li Weiwei was moved.

But now… Li Weiwei actually took the initiative to contact Yan Jing Ze.

However, Yan Jing Ze’s refusal was very obvious. For example, Li Weiwei had already introduced herself when they met last time, and the second time they met, he pretended not to know her.
Li Weiwei is a rich lady; she can’t be brazened and shameless to pursue others. Not to mention that she still has other pursuers. She finally got together with a very handsome man.


Yan Jing Ze found out, this girl is a face-con!


Regardless of the facts, it does not have anything to do with him.

At the end of Yan Jing Ze’s sophomore year, Yan Damei took the high school entrance examination and was admitted to the best high school in the county where Yan Jing Ze studied.

Yan Ermei and Yan Xiaodi (little brother) had very average grades before, but their grades have also improved at this time.

As for Jiang Ping Xiu, he went back to the technical high school to take the test and his grades were not good, even lower than average, but after so many years of homeschooling, he was able to pass the exam, which is already very good.

At the end of the junior year of Yan Jing Ze, Yan Damei successfully counterattacked with her grades ranked lower at the time of enrollment, and now got into the top ten in the final exam.

Yan Ermei’s grades have improved again, but Yan Xiaodi’s grades have not improved. Compared to the previous year, Yan Xiaodi has even regressed. Yan Jing Ze contacted Yan Ermei and learned that after Yan Damei went to high school, Father Yan, Mother Yan, and Yan Ermei can’t watch over Yan Xiaodi, so Yan Xiaodi who used to listen to online classes on a tablet before is now thinking about playing games on the tablet all day long.

Forget it, Father Yan still thinks it’s not a big deal.

In Father Yan’s view, Yan Jing Ze is already very good. A college student can already make money and he will definitely earn more in the future. In this case, Yan Xiaodi will not worry about money when he gets married in the future.

And even if the youngest son doesn’t study, he can still support himself by doing a part-time job. He will never starve to death and he can stay with them. Isn’t that good?

Father Yan had such thoughts and coupled with his preference for his sons over daughters, he even more vigorously spoiled Yan Xiaodi. He became keen on his eldest son’s reluctance to stay in the village so he was unenthusiastic to make Yan Xiaodi study more.
Yan Jing Ze learned of this and went back this summer vacation.

Before, he would go back for a few days in the New Year, but he would usually go back around the tenth day of the month and leave before the Lantern Festival.

The relationship between him and his family is not so deep. Living in that home is actually very unaccustomed.

But it was his family, after all, so he still values ​​the study of his three younger siblings. When he went back this time, he found a private elementary school in the city and stuffed Yan Xiaodi in. He was afraid that Yan Xiaodi could not keep up, so he put Yan Xiaodi a grade lower.

Father Yan was very upset about this, but Yan Jing Ze never listened to him. He couldn’t control Yan Jing Ze’s rules so he finally accepted this fact, then turned around and went to the village, boasting that his eldest son was very rich. , Actually sent the youngest son to study in the city.

In fact, Yan Jing Ze not only sent his little brother to study in the city, but he also enrolled Yan Ermei in several tutoring classes because her grades were not good enough.

In fact, it is best for Yan Ermei to change school but she is already in junior high school and it is not so easy to transfer to a good junior high school at this time.

Public junior high schools must have a registered permanent residence to enter. Those who are in private junior high schools, for the sake of enrollment rate, don’t want students with poor grades.


Children in junior high school like to compare. And those in private schools are basically a little bit rich. Yan Ermei’s character is weak and he is afraid that she will be bullied so Yan Jing Ze dare not let her go.

Yan Xiaodi is in elementary school and that elementary school is still strictly controlled. Relatively speaking, there are not so many things. Moreover, Yan Xiaodi grew up in a patriarchal family. He is actually very domineering and will not be bullied.

Of course, Yan Xiaodi actually didn’t want to go to a well-regulated school at all but Yan Jing Ze did not listen to him and even told him clearly that he would provide for his studies but if he didn’t go to school, he would not get a single penny from him again.

As an elder brother, he has done his best for his younger siblings to finish school but he will not provide for them all the time.

He can only provide for their studies.

The original owner was able to read a book before mainly relying on Jiang Ping Xiu. If he relied on his father… unless the father sold his daughter, otherwise the original owner should not think about studying hard. But when the original owner was just in high school, Yan Damei was still young and could not be ‘sold’ at all.

Sometimes Yan Jing Ze feels that fortunately, the target he is looking for is Jiang Ping Xiu…

If you change to someone else, I am afraid that they will not be able to stand him giving so much money to his family.

Yan Jing Ze is very concerned about the study of his younger siblings, but he was most concerned about Jian Ping Xiu.

Jiang Ping Xiu is actually quite clever but he has fallen too much. When he went back to the exam at the end of the semester, he passed the junior high exam but his high school exam results were very poor. With his grades, he can only go to mediocre college in the future.

Jiang Ping Xiu was already very satisfied with this. He had never thought that he would have such a day before, but Yan Jing Ze hoped that he would be better, so he also enrolled him in a remedial class and also enrolled him in a high-level reinstatement class to make the final sprint.

Usually, he will give him lectures when he has the time or help him build a foundation.

Jiang Ping Xiu is really not stupid, but the foundation has fallen too much.

Jiang Ping Xiu was already an adult at this time. In fact, Yan Jing Ze had a little bit of itchiness. However, being a senior high school student was hard and he was embarrassed to do anything to Jiang Ping Xiu. In the end, he could only bear it.

But time passed quickly and in the blink of an eye, Jiang Ping Xiu was about to take the college entrance examination.

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