Chapter 11 – “Daughter of the Sea”, finished

The recent day-to-day life has been relatively easy. Hill studied power every day, made movies, flipped through his mobile phone, and at the same time began to think about how to promote movies in the human world when the shooting was nearing the end.

In fact, there are still quite a few methods, such as using the power of the Dark Church.

In addition to some minor beliefs among human beings, there are two general beliefs, one is the God of Light of the Church of Light, and the other is the Lord of Darkness of the Dark Church.

However, the power of the Dark Church among humans has never been very large. Now that the demons are defeated, the Dark Church has lost a large area of land, which is even worse.

But after all, the lean camel is bigger than the horse, and the Dark Church has also had a certain influence over the years… Although Hill didn’t have much hope for it.

The film “Daughter of the Sea” is mainly aimed at women and children. Of course, this novel entertainment method will certainly attract many men, but their reaction is estimated to be less than the more emotional women.

So, in response to this, Hill currently has two options. First, focus on the Füssen Empire. The Füssen Empire is a country of artists. The education level per capita is very high. The top artists in the whole continent are also gathered there. The artistic value of “Daughter of the Sea” is certainly high, after all, this is Andersen’s masterpiece, so Hill is very confident about it.

The second option is to invest energy in the Magnolia Empire. The Magnolia Empire is the largest empire on the Magnolia Continent. However, the current situation is chaotic because of internal and external troubles. The Oitin Empire supported by the Church of Light is eyeing her. The advantage of focusing their energy here is that they can reap other political benefits.

Hill is a little unsure… The Füssen Empire is good for a rookie starter. The Magnolia Empire is undoubtedly more difficult but the rewards may be higher.

He twirled the projection stone between his fingers, lost in thought.

What should he do?

Then he looked at himself in the mirror, ah, he is so handsome.

Okay, let’s do it, Magnolia Empire then.

Hill rolled up his sleeves, set aside the stack of recipes next to him, then took a piece of parchment, dipped a quill pen in ink, and began to write the propaganda plan.

The quality of the film is definitely guaranteed, after all, it is an unprecedented art form in this world which combines the visual and auditory senses. In addition, the film itself is a combination of many arts, and also has a considerable entertainment value, which can be appreciated by both commoners and aristocrats.

In the last scene, the little mermaid melted into foam on the sea, and her soul finally kissed the prince’s bride, then rose into the sky and disappeared.

Then Hill hurriedly manipulated the black parchment to fly in front of the projection stone. The original author Hans Christian Andersen was written on the parchment, followed by the stage names of the actors. In this world, real names have a certain magic power, so Hill let them have their own stage names for safety purposes.

Finally, after a few additional shots, the film was officially finished. All the demons were in a good mood on the day of the finale, after all, everyone did put a lot of energy into filming during this time.

Hill gathered all the actors together, and first encouraged them according to the MLM phrase that he had memorized a few days ago. Before, he memorized the MLM phrase to encourage the death knight Goldnia who played the role of the prince, as a result, he found that Goldnia didn’t need his encouragement, he acted quite well on his own. So Hill, in order not to waste his effort of memorizing the phrase, gathered everyone together this time and recited the lines. All of them listened with great enthusiasm, and each of them was very excited.

Hill knew in his heart that the demons’ emotions were now easily provoked mainly because of three points. First, the demons had just suffered such a disgrace, and everyone felt uncomfortable in their hearts, so they wanted to seek encouragement. Second, he was the Demon King, the Demon King is the supreme existence of the Demon Race, so the words made by the Demon King are naturally full of weight. Third, they have not heard such encouraging words before, so the effect is better.

What he understands better is that, as time goes by, this method will gradually become useless. In order to really get the demon race to always support him, he has to show them the actual results, rather than casually moving his lips like this.

Well, this first film, “Daughter of the Sea,” is a good place to start.

Hill understands that as long as the film achieves the results it deserves, his position in the hearts of the demons who participated in the filming will be unshakable for a long time.

The film is finished, so the next step is the issue of publicity.

But before that, one thing has to be done first—the finale banquet.

During the filming days, the crew of “Daughter of the Sea” only ate the items in Hill’s recipe once. So far, everyone has been in a state of obsession. At this time, when they heard that there was a closing party for the film, the cast and crew were in a state of “should I be reserved or not at that time”.

Hill found that they were a little absent-minded, but he didn’t take it seriously. He invited the remaining three of the five elders over.

This caused most of the crew to return to their senses immediately. Most of the demons were very excited, especially the ugly actresses among the sirens. They felt that their life during this period of time was simply too dreamy, and now they were actually going to have dinner with the five elders and the Lord Demon King himself! God, if they tell others, the other female sirens will be so jealous that they will change their color.

They are so happy that they spit bubbles → In this world, this sentence is not cute, but real.

As a result, Hill looked at a bunch of female sirens spitting bubbles wildly over there and wondered what was happening.

The arrangement of the finale banquet is as follows, mainly divided into two steps:

First, for the meal, Hill specially asked Irvine to prepare two kinds of food, one is what the demons are used to eating, and the other is made by Hill’s recipes. Hill doesn’t go out much these days, so the ingredients in his recipe are still the poor ones from when he went out last time, but because there are too many ways to cook it, it is not repetitive.

Hill intends to finish the follow-up to the film in the next two days, so he could take a look at the actual situation of the lower world, and find some other edible things by the way… Um… Actually, the point is not to find food. Yes, really.

After the meal, they will all watch the movie together. Post-editing is very easy. Hill can directly control it with his power. After all, the images that are captured into the projection stone can already be treated as energy streams.

Hill can even add a filter and simple special effects, but complex special effects cannot be added in the later stage because the energy flow will impact the picture in the projection stone. Hill accidentally charged one and now regrets it deeply. Fortunately, that shot itself was not particularly important, so he just glossed over it with something else.

After watching the movie, Hill intends to explain to everyone the content of the film and why he actually made the film. What he said to the five elders before was too general and too official. This time, he intends to hollow out his heart and say a few words.

Hill was actually a little excited in his heart. After all, this was the first time he had communicated with his five theoretically important subordinates on the major policies of the demon race.

This is his first step to being a good Demon King.

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