Chapter 10 – Thinking is Gradually Disintegrating

Hill was actually a little flustered when he first went into the sea. To be honest, he was afraid that he would drown… Although he knew that this was theoretically impossible, but letting a native northerner… well, at least the soul being a northerner—going directly to the sea, and jumping into the sea, is undoubtedly a very challenging behavior.

He was looking at the small wooden boat anchored on the sea and felt quite uncomfortable.

According to the description of the Siren Patriarch next to them, they will need to get on a small wooden boat later, and then the small wooden boat will sink directly to the bottom of the sea and take them to the Siren Palace. It sounds terrible, Hill thought mournfully.

Then in the eyes of others, they saw their noble Demon King’s face turned gloomy and his eyes seemed to flash with the desire to kill and destroy. He lowered his head slightly, the red color in his eyes showed the light gathered by the blood moon for millions of years in the lower realm, and then he slowly gathered all his aura.

This process made other demons frightened, because they felt that when that aura is released without reservation, it will be the destruction of heaven and earth, the twilight of the gods.

Their Lord Demon King is dissatisfied.

The Siren Patriarch was quite frightened in his heart. He seems to have offended Lord Demon King, damn it, did he do something wrong? Ah, is it because he wasn’t so active when the Demon King was casting the role? Is it because he didn’t put enough effort into building the set? Is it because Lord Demon King discovered that he had hidden his private money? Ah, yes, it must be so.

Now the Lower Realm is raising money to compensate the humans, but his siren clan has only given out what they should have. Since he still has some jewels and money hidden, he should contribute… Lord Demon King must have known about this! He’ll hurry up and bring it up himself now!

Hill certainly didn’t know that the Siren Patriarch had finished a complete script in his heart. He bit the bullet and got on the boat and then the boat rushed out at the speed of a roller coaster. Hill groaned silently in his heart, and then squeezed the railing of the ship.

The Siren Patriarch felt even more frightened after seeing this scene. Of course, he would not have thought that the Demon King was holding the railing because the speed was too fast and he was a little scared (…), He saw that the Demon King’s hand was about to burst into blue veins and he immediately thought: Lord Demon King is suppressing his anger! He must act! Then the Siren Patriarch said, “Well, that, Your Eminence, Lord Demon King.”

Lord Demon King glanced at him coldly and spit out a word: “Say.”

In fact, Hill felt like he was nauseous, so he didn’t want to talk.

The Siren Patriarch felt even more alarmed. He stammered: “I, I suddenly thought that our clan still has some private money and private property, then, that…”

The Demon King looked at him blankly without speaking.

Seeing how the Demon King had expected it so early, the Siren Patriarch was even more alarmed: “I am willing to contribute all my property to overcome the difficulties with the Demon Race!”

The Demon King did not speak for a long time, but cast his gaze to the outside of the ship.

When the Siren Patriarch wanted to jump off the ship and escape, he heard Lord Demon King finally speak: “You can figure it out.”

The Siren Patriarch was really scared to pee. He was a military horse, he had experienced strong winds and waves, but he has never been so terribly scared.

Someone’s thinking is gradually disintegrating.

One of the five elders, the bystander Lich Aligeli, immediately admired their Lord Demon King even more. He had been an elder for hundreds of years. Of course, he knew what the virtues of the patriarchs of these races were. Now Lord Demon King used a method he didn’t know. The Siren Patriarch opened his own treasure trove… It was really amazing.

Hill breathed out with difficulty. He really was about to vomit just now, so he hurriedly looked at the scenery outside and suppressed the desire to vomit for a long time before he released such a sentence. But it seems to have caused a strange effect… Forget it, no matter what, he really feels like vomiting.

“Daughter of the Sea” continued filming.

The mermaid princess floated to the sea for the first time and met a big ship with three masts. There was a handsome prince on board. The little mermaid could not look away from the prince.

Hill had been prepared for one of the five elders, the Death Knight Goldnia who will play the bad prince. He made a special effort last night to search a bunch of MLM brainwashing words (?) on his phone and had them memorized, ready to be used to motivate Goldnia when the time comes.

Unexpectedly, Goldnia played very well. He joked loudly with the people around him, saying the lines made up by Hill’s stupid nonsense (this is not a key scene anyway, so it’s not important). This made Hill very happy, but he also had some doubts. He knew that the death knights were all humans during their past life. Looking at the natural grace of Goldnia, Hill couldn’t help thinking. What was Goldnia’s identity when he was alive? He heard that he was a very young death knight.

But now, the film is the focus of attention. Hill returned his attention to shooting, letting the projection stone fly directly from the outside of the ship to the inside of the ship, and through the cabin. Such footage is simply a great visual treat when seen in a movie theater, as Hill knows.

After shooting enough beautiful scenes, it’s time to shoot the storm.

Hill gave the Lich Aligeli next to him a gesture, Aligeli immediately understood and began to wave his staff to call the wind and rain. Hill looked at the suddenly surging sea, and thought to himself, wow, this is really convenient. If this were to be seen by the directors of the previous world, they would have to die of jealousy.

The ship split and the demons on it showed horrified expressions according to the script. After the ship sank, everyone floated calmly on the sea and pretended to be dead. There was a demon over there pretending to be a floating corpse, but suddenly his head got a little itchy and scratched it. Hill was focused on the prince and didn’t see him. As a result, this resulted as the only flaw in the movie…

A long time later, after Hill discovered this broken shot, he was very angry and ordered him to partner with another peerless ugly girl in the next movie, and the demon was about to cry to death.

In fact, if according to human standards, partnering with that kind of stunning beauty is not a punishment, but a benefit.

But who told the two sides to have different aesthetics? It can’t be helped.

Then the first contact between the male and female protagonists began. Aria, the siren who played the little mermaid, swam to Goldnia who played the prince, holding his head and intending to send him ashore.

At this moment, Goldnia, who closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and said coldly: “Remove your hands from the honorable body of this seat, humble commoner.”

The nearby Hill: “…”

Your sister.

So, the first NG was produced on this day.

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Thinking is gradually disintegrating – means someone is thinking too much, making up plots inside their heads

This Seat – I often see this being used by high ranking nobles in C-novels. Probably means This Noble Lord…

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  1. Realmente significa eso.
    Cuando dice “Quita tus manos del honorable cuerpo de [este asiento]” también se le puede interpretar como “este señor”, “este noble” o en caso de que Glodnia♡ fuese un antiguo miembro de realeza se diría “Quita tus manos del honorable cuerpo de este príncipe”.

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