BH (QT) 125 – Rogue Scholar (1)

Chapter 125 – Rogue Scholar (1)

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Under him is a soft bed, covered with a thick quilt, and a faint scent fills the tip of his nose. Yan Jing Ze can’t wait to sleep for a long time.

But he felt that he should wake up.

Reaching out his hand, Yan Jing Ze wanted to rub his forehead, but suddenly found that his hand was pillowed… Is he sleeping with someone else?

He opened his eyes with a jolt and Yan Jing Ze saw a person lying beside him.

This is… how cute, how beautiful, what a perfect person ah!

Yan Jing Ze felt that even using all the beautiful adjectives in this world to describe this sleeping person would be a blasphemy against this person.

This is not a mortal person!

He forgot to breathe for a while, and when he found that they were both naked, and after seeing the smooth shoulders of the person beside him, he felt his heart stop. There was a wave of hot blood poured from his chest to his head, following closely, a nosebleed rushed out of his nose and landed on the quilt.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” What a shame! He had a nosebleed!

But this cannot be blamed on him, this scene is too exciting!

Yan Jing Ze wiped his nosebleed, only feeling exuberant.

What can be happier than having the person you love at first sight lying in your bed? None!

Yan Jing Ze’s mind is still a bit unclear at this moment. He doesn’t know who he is or where he is. He only knows that he has probably crossed.

Thanks for this crossing!

Let him find the one he loves!

He fell in love at first sight!

Yan Jing Ze looked at the person lying on his bed, a little bit wanted to touch him, but didn’t dare to touch him, so he hurriedly continued to wipe his nosebleeds.

At this time, the person on the bed moved: “Hmm…”

This person’s voice is also very nice! It is definitely the best voice he has ever heard in his life!

Well, his mind is blank now. The moment he woke up is the beginning of his life, but he believes that even if he sees more people in the future, this person must be the most perfect in his heart.

Now such a living and breathing beauty lying in bed with him… This is his room, so this person is his wife?

Thinking of this possibility, Yan Jing Ze was immediately excited, but at this moment, some loud noises came from outside the house. It seemed that someone was coming from outside.

Who is it?! Coming to disturb people at this time! Yan Jing Ze was angry, his head was dizzy again.

Some memories suddenly appeared in his mind. He didn’t remember what happened before he crossed, but he had the memory of the original owner.

He thinks too much.

This room is not his, this bed is not his, and the person in the bed… is not yet his either.

With a “clang”, the door of the room was pushed open, and a large group of people rushed in before Yan Jing Ze could do anything.

Yan Jing Ze grabbed the bed rail and slammed on it.

He has the memory of the original owner, and now… he can’t wait to hack the original owner to death.

The original owner is a scumbag!

The original owner was born in Xing’an Village in Donggu County, and was the son of a gangster in Xing’an Village.

The original owner’s grandfather was a butcher, he was very capable, and the family also had some money. So, he spoiled the original owner’s father in various ways, and finally raised the original owner’s father to become a waste and only knew about drinking and gambling.

An ordinary farming family with such a son is doomed to end badly—the money saved by the original owner’s grandfather was lost by the original owner’s father.

In order to be able to control his son, the original owner’s grandfather used the last money to give the original owner’s father a wife, that is, the original owner’s mother.

After that, the family’s life became more and more difficult. When the original owner was born, the family was already destitute, and only a few houses were left after selling off their lands.

On top of that, the original owner’s father still refuses to do things properly. The original owner’s grandfather and the original owner’s mother worked hard to earn some money back home, but they will be snatched away by him and spent all by him.

However, because the original owner’s grandfather had a skill in killing pigs and he even cooked the farm’s banquets, there was some money in the family, the original owner would not go hungry or cold.

However, when the original owner was five years old, the original owner’s grandfather went out to kill the pigs in the middle of the night and fell into the ditch. When he was discovered, he had been long dead, and they didn’t know how he died.

No matter how the original owner’s grandfather died, his family will have no income at all after his death.

The original owner’s father is a scumbag just like the original owner. He first beat up the original owner’s mother to get some money, and when he couldn’t, he sold the original owner’s mother.

In fact, the original owner was almost sold. In the end, the original owner was not sold because the original owner was his seed. He wanted to pass on the lineage. Second, the original owner was five years old at the time. He was too big to be sold to someone as a son and too small to be sold as a family servant.

The original owner has lived with his father alone since he was five years old. He grew up to eight years old hungry and never had a full meal.

In the past three years, the original owner has seen various “abilities” of his father, and also saw how his father lives, and he has learned a lot.

When the original owner was eight years old, the old hooligan, the original owner’s father, died in a fight.

Then, the original owner began his magnificent journey of becoming… a rogue.

The original owner saw that his father was domineering at home and didn’t put his grandfather and mother in his eyes. He didn’t think his father was wrong, but he felt that his father was prestigious. In short, his thinking was crooked since he was a child.

However, he was young and couldn’t do much at the time. Most of the time, he relied on trickery and deception to get money for food.

Until he was thirteen or fourteen years old, he grew bigger and bigger.

The original owner’s grandfather is a well-known big and tall man, his good-for-nothing father is actually tall. The original owner, out of the of blue, grew taller than many adults at the age of thirteen or fourteen.

He also dared to fight hard.

The original owner eventually became one of the thugs of the Donggu County Casino and officially began his life as a rampage through the countryside.

The original owner has no hobbies, he likes to gamble, and because he is a thug in the casino, although he will lose his money, but the money owed to the casino can be written off. He lived like this until he turned eighteen.

It’s the time to marry a wife.

But how can the original owner have the money to marry a wife? The wages of the casino are only enough for him to eat and drink. No one in the neighborhood wants to marry their daughters to such a person like him.

The original owner was in a hurry and received a business. Someone asked him to invite a rich young master to gamble and let the rich young master lose everything in the casino. It is best to become addicted to gambling.

Of course, the original owner would agree to such a good thing. He took the money and turned around to find his brothers who were thugs like him. He asked them to wait on the road for the young master and rob the young master, and he himself will come forward to save the young master. The hero saves the young master.

The young master who was set up by the original owner is the one who is now lying next to him, whom he fell in love with at first sight, named Wei Lingxiu.

After being rescued by the original owner, Wei Lingxiu was very grateful to the original owner and especially worshipped the original owner, but although the original owner was talking about eating, drinking and having fun all day long, he was unwilling to gamble.

The original owner forcibly pulled the young master into the casino and the young master almost vomited by the smell inside.

The original owner had no choice but to give up this plan but he was not at a loss either—Wei Lingxiu was generous in his actions and was particularly willing to spend money for him.

Following Wei Lingxiu, the original owner lived a rich life of delicious and spicy food.

But the original owner spent it all when he had money, and still didn’t the enough money to marry a wife.

It was at this time that the person who had asked the original owner to take Wei Lingxiu to the casino before came to the original owner again.

They already knew that Wei Lingxiu refused to go to the casino, so this time they thought of other ways to deal with Wei Lingxiu again – they asked the original owner to go to the Wei family during the birthday of old Mrs. Wei, forcing Wei Lingxiu to sleep with him, and then they will bring people to “catch the affair in bed”.

They gave too much money and it happened that recently Wei Lingxiu had no chance to come out and give money to the original owner because of the old lady’s birthday… The original owner who lacked money agreed.

Within a few days, the original owner lost all the money. At this time, the 60th birthday of the old Mrs. Wei came, and the original owner entered Wei’s house under the arrangement of those people and entered Wei Lingxiu’s room.

Now, he is in Wei Lingxiu’s room and in Wei Lingxiu’s bed.

After the original owner sneaked in today, he hid in Wei Lingxiu’s room, and then those people sent Wei Lingxiu who was drugged.

The original owner was not interested in men, he did not force Wei Lingxiu to do anything, but according to those people, took off Wei Lingxiu’s clothes to lie together.

And now, the people who caught the affair have come.

When Yan Jing Ze looked up, he saw the appearance of the group of people who rushed in.

These people are mostly female family members, each dressed especially rich, and surrounded by a large group of maids and maids…

Wei Lingxiu’s room is not small, but after these people rushed in, it seems crowded.

Yan Jing Ze saw them clearly, and they naturally saw Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu clearly.

An old lady at the head of the group covered her chest and kept shouting: “How disgusting, how shameless! This villain, how dare he do such a thing!”

The old lady cried as she talked. At this time, a woman in her 30s or 40s, dressed in elegant and luxurious clothes, supported the old lady: “Mother, don’t be angry, this might be a misunderstanding…”

“How can this be a misunderstanding!” The old lady kept patting her chest angrily: “This kind of thing happened at home… I am really ashamed of my ancestors!”



“Old lady!”

People around hurried to persuade.

But the old lady pushed the people around her away: “Get out of my way! Drag that evil bastard over to me!”

As soon as the old lady’s voice fell, two servants rushed towards the bed to grab Wei Lingxiu.

Yan Jing Ze was very thankful that the original owner did not take off his pants.

He was completely awake by this time, rolled over and got out of bed, and was not at all polite to the two sturdy servants, and kicked them out with one foot: “How dare you, how dare you make a move on my person!”

Yan Jing Ze was in a complete rage right now, beating them both, he just wanted to fight with others!

He stood in front of the bed, at least a head taller than the servants and even the housekeeper in front of him. All these years in the casino, he had enough good food and drink to raise his body extra strong. Now he looks very intimidating, so much so that those who came in to catch the affair were stunned for a while.

Even the young female relatives covered their eyes in shock after seeing his upper body full of muscles and scars and did not dare to look again.

However, the old lady didn’t cover her eyes, she just pointed at Yan Jing Ze as if she was going to die of anger and said: “You, you…”

“What ‘you, you’, don’t you know it’s impolite to point at someone?” Yan Jing Ze sneered.

This old lady was very pretentious, there was no sadness in her eyes. She obviously didn’t take Wei Lingxiu in the heart. Maybe she was the one who asked the original owner to come here.

As he was thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze looked behind the crowd and saw an old woman in her 50s or 60s, dressed as a servant, winking at him.

It was this old woman who sent the original owner to this room!

Yan Jing Ze was full of anger in his heart, wishing to kick all these people away!

Wei Lingxiu is too miserable!

The memory of the original owner is very clear in his mind, and at the same time, he still has some vague memories of the original owner.

If he didn’t traverse, according to the original historical trajectory, Wei Lingxiu was still unconscious and would have been dragged outside naked to be whipped.

Wei Lingxiu woke up in a daze, followed by dozens of lashes, and was driven out of the house covered in blood.

Wei Lingxiu wore only one piece of clothing and was driven out with a few of his belongings. He had nowhere to go. He first went to the drugstore to buy some medicine for golden sore and then went to the original owner.

By the way, the original owner had run away from the Wei family when Wei Lingxiu was whipped. Wei Lingxiu was jerked awake, only to realize that he and the original owner were lying in the same bed.

This person is also really stupid.

After he was rescued by the original owner, he developed a good impression of the original owner and fell in love with the original owner. So, he was not too angry when he learned about this incident, and thought that the original owner liked him, so he came to him and slept with him. Now everyone knows this matter, he wants to live his life with the original owner.

Will the original owner live with him?

Of course not!

Wei Lingxiu, who was covered in whip injuries, found the original owner.

At first, the original owner thought that Wei Lingxiu was a young master and he must have money on him, so he didn’t show his true colors. He only coaxed Wei Lingxiu and asked Wei Lingxiu for money.

But when Wei Lingxiu was kicked out of the house, he didn’t have much money with him. He was wiped clean by the original owner within two days. He could only think about making money but how can he make money as a young master? Even if he made it, how could the little bit of money he worked so hard fill the bottomless pit of the original owner?

Moreover, he found that the original owner had a problem, so he refused to give any more money.

As a result, the original owner couldn’t ask for money from Wei Lingxiu, so he started to snatch the money. After stealing the money, he still hit Wei Lingxiu just like his father did to his mother.

Wei Lingxiu was beaten and bruised by the original master and had no money to buy gold sore medicine. He even had to go out and try to make money in order to fill his stomach.

The original owner did this many times and found that he couldn’t really squeeze out any money from Wei Lingxiu anymore. So, he began to follow his father—he planned to sell Wei Lingxiu, so that he could marry a wife in exchange for money.

Of course, he just thinks about it, and after he really gets the money, the odds are that he will lose it all.

The original owner thought this was a good idea and told Wei Lingxiu about it.

As a result, Wei Lingxiu, who was beaten by him and never ran away, wanted to escape when he learned about it…

The original owner was not easy to provoke. He was afraid that Wei Lingxiu would run away so he beat him up again and accidentally killed Wei Lingxiu…

Not only that, the original owner did not take killing people seriously. He just grumbled and said “bad luck”, threw Wei Lingxiu into the river, and went drinking and gambling again.

Wei Lingxiu thought about living with him happily but ended up in such a situation!

When Yan Jing Ze thought of this, his eyes were red, and his teeth were clenched.

The person he liked was so badly ruined!

Now he can’t get himself killed, so he would like to get all these people in front of him killed!

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