BH (QT) 126 – Rogue Scholar (2)

Chapter 126 – Rogue Scholar (2)

The original owner is extraordinarily tall, in this Donggu County, there is almost no one taller than him.

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze was standing at the edge of the bed, looking at the female relatives aggressively, making the female relatives a little scared. Some people even retracted subconsciously and the expressions of watching a good show were also put away.

The servant woman who brought Yan Jing Ze had an even more ugly face.

“Hurry up and get this man out of here!” The old Mrs. Wei, who had seen a lot of things in the end, was the first to come back to her senses.

However, no one dared to move.

The palm of Yan Jing Ze’s hand is bigger than their heads!

Yan Jing Ze looked at these people with a sneer. He looked around for a while, grabbed the small round table next to the bed and pointed at these people: “All of you get out!”

Yan Jing Ze thought carefully about what he was going to do next, leaving with Wei Lingxiu was necessary.

Someone in the Wei family couldn’t tolerate Wei Lingxiu, so that the original owner would come here to frame Wei Lingxiu. Wei Lingxiu’s end in his last life also shows that no one in this Wei family is thinking about Wei Lingxiu.

These people don’t want Wei Lingxiu, he does.

He wants to take Wei Lingxiu away.

“You are so courageous!” The old Mrs. Wei looked at Yan Jing Ze angrily.

“I’m very courageous, so what?” Yan Jing Ze sneered and waved the table in his hand.

The people behind the old Mrs. Wei retreated quickly, and the old lady also turned and ran away at a very fast speed.

When these people are out, Yan Jing Ze carried the table and closed the door, turned his head to look at Wei Lingxiu.

Wei Lingxiu has opened his eyes and is looking at him.

Wei Lingxiu is already awake? He looked fierce just now, did he see it? Yan Jing Ze put down the table in his hand nervously.

Wei Lingxiu did wake up. He looked at the person standing in front of him and blinked: “Brother Yan…”

“Lingxiu, it’s me,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Brother Yan…” Wei Lingxiu saw Yan Jing Ze with his upper body naked, and only thought that he was dreaming. He was frozen.

He is really uncomfortable these few days.

Their Wei family had lived in Donggu County for generations and was a family of cultivators and students.

Although there has never been a high official in the family, they have a Juren in almost every generation. With a Juren fame, it is possible to be a ninth-ranking official, or teach and educate people, it is also profitable.

His father, a Juren, taught in the academy in Fucheng, and he was the child left by his first wife.

His mother died young and his father soon remarried. He was only three years old when his stepmother was introduced and did not know anything yet. Hearing that she was his mother, he called her ‘mother’ happily.

His stepmother was very kind to him and he was very obedient to her, he was even closer to her stepmother… In the blink of an eye, fifteen years have passed.

The stepmother always spoke softly to him and never reprimanded him. For a time, he felt that his stepmother loved him more than the two younger brothers she had given birth, and he was very proud of it. He was also a fun-loving person, and usually refused to study, but knew to ask his stepmother for money and go out to play.

His younger brother was two years younger than him. He was already a Tongsheng and he was preparing for the exam for Xiucai. On the other hand, he was nothing, he just recognized the characters, simply useless.

In fact, Wei Lingxiu had never thought of this before and he also subconsciously avoided it. At this time, such feelings had to be talked about from a few days ago.

He got acquainted with Yan Jing Ze a few days ago, and always played with Yan Jing Ze, and saw a lot of things. This incident attracted the displeasure of his father who came home because of his grandmother’s birthday. His father grounded him and asked him to copy Buddhist scriptures.

He often copied Buddhist scriptures with his grandmother and wrote very quickly. After he finished writing, he missed Yan Jing Ze, so he wanted to sneak over the wall and go out to find Yan Jing Ze to play. He just didn’t expect, when he was about to climb the wall in the backyard, he saw his stepmother coming with his brother.

He hid behind the bamboo tank and heard his stepmother telling his brother, “Don’t be like your brother, that waste.”

When he heard the word “waste”, he was struck by lightning.

His stepmother always praised him for his intelligence and good looks but he didn’t expect she dislikes him so much in private ……

“Even if my brother is waste, doesn’t my grandmother still spoil him? Dad never used a ruler against him? He stayed with that thug all day and Dad only punished him to copy Buddhist scriptures.” His brother was full of resentment.

“That’s all because his uncle has the ability, but it will be hard to say in the future… The news came from the capital saying that your brother’s uncle was demoted, just wait for it! He does not have a few good days left!” Stepmother gloating.

“He is father’s son…”

“Your father doesn’t like him!”

Wei Lingxiu wanted to climb over the wall, but finally returned to the room in a muddled manner and copied two more Buddhist scriptures.

It suddenly occurred to him that his stepmother would follow him in everything and give money happily, but never got close to him. He wanted to be next to his mother when he was a child, and she never refused, only letting her servants take him away.

He also thought that when his father came back, he always talked to his two younger brothers, stared at the two younger brothers, and had nothing to say in front of him.

Even… the grandma who always took him around to copy the Buddhist scriptures didn’t necessarily like him. He once asked his brother to copy with him, but his grandma immediately stopped him and told his brother not to copy.


He just didn’t dare to think about these things before.

Wei Lingxiu has been living in a muddle-headed manner these days. Today, he drank too much alcohol so he did not wake up until there was loud noises around him. When he woke up, he saw Yan Jing Ze.

He felt a little wronged.

“What’s the matter? Are you uncomfortable?” Yan Jing Ze leaned over and asked.

When Wei Lingxiu met Yan Jing Ze’s face, his heart missed two beats.

Yan Jing Ze looked tough, the unshaven stubble and the messy bundled hair looked very unruly and a little loose, but he didn’t know why, he just liked him inexplicably, and his dreams are filled with this man.

He saw him today and liked him a little more.

In fact, his Dad doesn’t like him, and for good reason, he’s self-absorbed and likes men.

Look at this, what kind of dream he has! Amazingly with Yan Jing Ze…

Wait, Wei Lingxiu suddenly felt something was wrong.

He smelled the faint smell coming from Yan Jing Ze’s body and heard the clamor outside the door, “What a disgrace.”

“That bastard, he’s a disgrace to the family!”

“Grandma, calm down…”

Wei Lingxiu also remembered that when he first woke up, there were people in his room.

He instantly came to his senses and realized what had happened.

The matter between him and Yan Jing Ze was known.

“Yan, Brother Yan… What’s going on?” Wei Lingxiu froze.

“A servant from your family told me that you were looking for me. I came to this room with him. After drinking two glasses of wine, I was knocked out by the drug. When I woke up, we were lying on a bed like this,” Yan Jing Ze lied without a change on his face.

He still wants this wife, but he can’t let him know that he has collected money to set him up.

Wei Lingxiu’s face paled: “They don’t want me…” The man said that he only drank some rice wine, so why did he fall asleep…

Who wants to harm him?

When Yan Jing Ze saw him like this, he guessed that he must have encountered something.

In the memory of the original owner, Wei Lingxiu was a spoiled young master who loves to play and party. Although he does not gamble or do bad things, he walks dogs and teases birds on the street all day and never does serious things.

But in the memory afterwards? The young master who was beaten and scolded by the original owner and didn’t leave was completely different from the previous person who would stick his waist in the street and shout “I am the young master of the Wei family”.

In addition to being caught in bed and being whipped, it’s possible that something else has happened to this child.

Wait, why did he say “this child”? He has the memories of the original owner who is the same age as Wei Lingxiu, both of them are eighteen!

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about this and Wei Lingxiu’s door was knocked open again after he closed it when he drove the women out.

Because of the successive collisions, the door of this room has become shaky.

This time, all the people who came in were family members. Behind the family members stood a middle-aged man in his 30s and 40s.

This middle-aged man is Wei Zhiyuan, a well-known Juren Master in Donggu County, and the father of Wei Lingxiu.

“Bastard, how dare you do such a disgraceful thing to the family! I don’t have a son like you! Someone, arrest them for me!” Wei Zhiyuan said angrily.

These days, certain people have been playing profanely with young boys, but they are called elegant. Note that it is them who raise the young boys to play with instead of being played.

Throughout the ages, men who are willing to be beneath other men have always been despised by others.

Look at Yan Jing Ze’s figure, then look at his son… Wei Zhiyuan wishes he didn’t have this son: “Bring my whip, I will use the family method! I will kill this beast!”

As soon as Wei Zhiyuan’s words fell, he saw a tall man rushing toward him, their family’s servants around him went up to stop him, but one by one they were all knocked to the ground by him, followed by a hand, as big as a bushel fan, grabbing his clothes.

“You…” Wei Zhiyuan was dumbfounded. He is a Juren, a scholar with a respectable position. This man dared to grab his clothes!

It was the first time that Master Wei had encountered this situation when he grew up this old.

“Master Wei is in my hands, you are not allowed to make a move!” Yan Jing Ze said, those family members dare not do anything anymore.

Wei Zhiyuan was so angry that he started trembling. Yan Jing Ze had a hostage in his hand and turned his head and asked Wei Lingxiu: “Lingxiu, do you want to go with me?”

He was actually not sure about taking Wei Lingxiu before, he knew that the Wei family was not good for Wei Lingxiu, but Wei Lingxiu did not know that. Wei Lingxiu would probably not want to go with him.

But Wei Lingxiu’s reaction just now, perhaps he would be willing to go with him?

Wei Lingxiu was taken aback and subconsciously went to look at his family.

“Little beast, tell your whore to let go of your father!” Old Mrs. Wei looked at her son worriedly.

“Master…” Wei Zhiyuan’s stepmother looked at her husband distressedly.

Everyone was concerned about his father, but no one was looking at him at all.

At this moment, Wei Lingxiu was unexplainably sober, and a flame of anger ignited from his heart, almost burning his whole body to the ground.

In fact, he should have known it a long time ago, no one in this family cared about him.

Even if he could get a little money to go out and have fun, so what? The family members have not even known what he likes to eat all these years.

He accompanied the old lady to copy so many Buddhist scriptures before, the old lady did not even ask him a word, she just came up and convicted him.

His stepmother… she should not have forced herself to be good to him.

Wei Lingxiu blurted out, “I’ll go with you.”

When these words were spoken, Wei Lingxiu was indescribably relaxed all at once.

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Juren – (recommended man) a qualified graduate who passed the triennial provincial exam (#3)

Xiucai – (distinguished talent) an entry-level licentiate who had passed the college exam (#4)

Tongsheng – (child student) an entry-level examinee who had passed the county/prefecture exam (lowest #5)

I love seeing the aggressive side of Yan Jing Ze. ୧(๑>◡<๑)୨ He’s so big and strong~

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