BH (QT) 127 – Rogue Scholar (3)

Chapter 127 – Rogue Scholar (3)

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“Master Wei, don’t you want to drive Lingxiu away by making this scene today? You don’t need to drive us away, we’ll go ourselves!” Yan Jing Ze looked at Wei Zhiyuan who was being carried by him: “Don’t try to stop us, don’t even try to play tricks. The barefooted people are not afraid of wearing shoes. If you make a big fuss, I am not easy to mess with.”

The original owner’s memories are still rampant in his mind. Yan Jing Ze did not give the middle-aged man in front of him two slaps at this moment, which is already the result of his extreme restraint.

He is indeed not afraid of Wei Zhiyuan… Seeing Wei Zhiyuan staring at him hatefully, Yan Jing Ze leaned forward and said in a low voice: “Master Wei, if you attack me, I will yell everywhere saying that you can’t get along with me because you caught me sleeping with your wife.”

Yan Jing Ze’s words could not be heard by others, but Wei Zhiyuan heard it clearly and his face turned black.

Having a disturbance come to your door, Wei Zhiyuan originally wanted to wait until after today to teach this Yan Jing Ze a good lesson. Although there is no official in his home, he is also just a scholar, but he can deliver a post to the county magistrate of Donggu County. When it comes to dealing with a scoundrel, it is no simpler than that.

But what this bastard just said…

Unless this person can be killed in one go, otherwise others will hear this man’s nonsense and eventually make a scene, he will lose all his face!

“Master Wei, take your people away and let us out.” Yan Jing Ze said, letting go of Wei Zhiyuan.

Although he was very angry and wanted to hit someone, but he couldn’t afford to offend the Wei family.

What’s more, they are still Wei Lingxiu’s relatives.

Wei Zhiyuan was released by Yan Jing Ze and led the people to walk out, after a few steps, he turned his head again: “Wei Lingxiu, you did such a thing… I don’t have you as a son! Today you go out of this door, do not come back!”

Wei Lingxiu’s face paled.

These people from the Wei family came huffing and walked out huffing.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Wei Lingxiu: “Those people came to catch the affair in a swarm, obviously they set it up! If they don’t care about you, you might as well follow me, I’ll cherish you.”

Wei Lingxiu nodded with a pale face and immediately two red clouds appeared on his face: “Brother Yan… put on clothes.”

When Yan Jing Ze heard him say this, he felt a little cold—he was only wearing a pair of pants!

After finding the original owner’s clothes and putting them on, Yan Jing Ze became more embarrassed.

Donggu County is located in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. There are many rivers and water sources. Everyone is used to bathing. The original owner sweats a lot and has a lot of heat. It is winter, and he washes himself with well water so his body is not dirty.

But he does not love to wash clothes, the clothes on his body are tattered and dirty.

Look at Wei Lingxiu’s clean clothes and soft bed…

Yan Jing Ze’s heart thudded.

He also said that he would cherish Wei Lingxiu, but how would he cherish him in this situation? His family is poor and penniless!

Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze was simply struck by five thunderbolts, the whole person was frozen.

Wei Lingxiu had already put on his clothes at this time.

Too many things have happened in the past few days. Today, everyone knows what happened between him and Yan Jing Ze. Wei Lingxiu is still a little trance at the moment, but he is not completely unprepared.

A few months ago, after being saved by Yan Jing Ze, he had some strange thoughts about Yan Jing Ze, and did not even want to get married.

This thing is never allowed at home. He had long thought that he might be kicked out of the house, and he was actually expecting this now.

Thinking so, Wei Lingxiu lay on the bed, looking for his private money from the cabinet inside the bed.

It’s just that although the family doesn’t give less money for him, it’s also not much. He usually spends a lot of money, so he didn’t save much money for his own…

“Ahem… if you have any valuable things, take them all,” Yan Jing Ze said. Looking away from Wei Lingxiu’s lying posture on the bed, he was afraid that he would have a nosebleed again…

The original owner is just at the age of the blood and vitality, so he wants to get money to marry a wife… Of course, after he really has money, he will always want to go to the gambling shop to make a profit, and then lose all the money.

Wei Lingxiu was stunned and then began to pack up the jade pendants he had worn before.

Finally, he packed up a little baggage and got out of bed.

Yan Jing Ze asked: “That’s it?”

“Huh?” Wei Lingxiu was puzzled.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Wait, I will help you pack the quilt!”

As Yan Jing Ze said this, he stepped forward and rolled up the quilt, not even letting go of the mattress underneath. He also specially left a bed sheet and said to Wei Lingxiu, “Where are your clothes? Let’s pack it too!”

In the original historical trajectory, the clothes on Wei Lingxiu were later sold by the original owner, so Wei Lingxiu could only wear the dirty clothes of the original owner…

Wei Lingxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze dumbfounded.

Yan Jing Ze said: “You hurry up and pack up.”

Hearing this, Wei Lingxiu hurriedly went to pack his clothes, and soon took a pile from the box.

Yan Jing Ze wrapped the clothes in sheets, made a big package, and asked, ” What else are you used to using? Are those pens, inks, papers and inkstones very valuable? Bring them all!”

When Yan Jing Ze was speaking, his eyes gleamed when he looked at the book on the desk in Wei Lingxiu’s room.

After the money Wei Lingxiu took out of Wei’s house was robbed by the original owner, the way he came up with making money was to copy books.

Wei Lingxiu is not very knowledgeable, but his strokes are very correct. He went to the bookstore to take the book back to copy and make money.

It’s a pity that the original owner is a short-sighted person who only looks at the present. He didn’t think that keeping Wei Lingxiu could make him have more money. He always did things like killing chickens and getting eggs… There was a time when Wei Lingxiu copied a book, he snatched Wei Lingxiu’s books, pen, ink, paper, and inkstone and sold them for money.

At that time, Wei Lingxiu cried, but the original owner slapped him twice.

Of course, he would not do such a thing!

But since pen, ink, paper, and inkstone are valuable, then bring it all!

Wei Lingxiu: “…”

Wei Lingxiu had a bamboo basket he was carrying when he was studying. After hearing what Yan Jing Ze said, he put his book, pen, ink, paper, and inkstone into the basket and carried it.

And by this time, Yan Jing Ze had already started to pull the bed curtain – what a nice cloth! Take it away!

Watching Yan Jing Ze like the locusts passing the border and searching for the things in his own room, Wei Lingxiu, who was originally full of fear and uncertainty about the future, suddenly became less scared.

He is now a little worried—with so many things, can Yan Jing Ze carry them?

When Wei Lingxiu was worried, Wei Zhiyuan was staying in the hall of the Wei family with his mother and wife and was fuming: “What the hell is going on today?!”

Even if Wei Lingxiu really had an illicit affair with that scoundrel, he would not have called that bastard to his home on the day of his grandmother’s birthday party to mess around.

Not to mention that there were so many people to catch the affair together!

Wei Zhiyuan is not a fool, he can see the tricks.

“What are you so fierce about?” Old Mrs. Wei slammed the table: “If you have anger, take it out on that little brat! He’s been hanging out with that scoundrel for a long time. Today I am celebrating my birthday and he still doesn’t stop. He is not a decent person!”

“Is it really him who is not decent?” Wei Lingxiu asked.

Old Mrs. Wei said, “I was the one who asked Zhang Ma to bring that punk in.”

Wei Zhiyuan froze: “Mother…”

“Something happened to the Zhou family, keeping him at home will drag you down!” Old Mrs. Wei said, “He is just a wild seed.”

Wei Zhiyuan’s face was ugly: “That’s my son.”

Old Mrs. Wei said, “It’s hard to say!”

But twenty years ago, after Wei Zhiyuan got his Juren degree, he wanted to go further and get a Jinshi degree.

He went to the capital and went around everywhere, trying to meet some useful people and to find a good family for himself.

It was then that his former father-in-law, Master Zhou, took a liking to him.

Master Zhou has a daughter. Because of some things, she has a bad reputation, he can’t find a good match for her in the capital. So, he looked at Wei Zhiyuan, who has a good family and good looks.

When Wei Zhiyuan went to the capital, he realized that he was nothing at all. It was rare to have such an opportunity, so naturally, he firmly grasped this opportunity and married this Miss Zhou.

Although Miss Zhou has a bad reputation, she has not lost her chastity. However, Wei Zhiyuan is always made fun of by this and he always feels uncomfortable. In addition, Miss Zhou is hard-tempered and cannot get along with him. The relationship between the two became worse.

The most important thing is that Wei Zhiyuan married Miss Zhou and did not get much benefit.

Master Zhou does not like this daughter, and is not willing to help him, this son-in-law. Although Miss Zhou had a lot of dowries, she held it firmly…

In fact, based on his situation, it would not be a loss to marry such a young lady. After returning to Donggu County, no one knew about Miss Zhou’s previous affairs. But Wei Zhiyuan thought too well at the beginning, and couldn’t get the desired results in the end, he wasn’t satisfied.

He not only had trouble with Miss Zhou, but also complained to his mother in private.

Mrs. Wei didn’t like this arrogant daughter-in-law, she has long had her eye on her distant niece, and she was even more unhappy when she heard about it, so she started to target Miss Zhou.

Miss Zhou was not willing to suffer.

It turned out that Master Zhou favored the concubines and treated his wife badly. The wife was weak and unable to protect her children, so that Miss Zhou, who was born by the wife, developed a temperament that must fight for everything. Her reputation is not good, and it is also because she has cleaned up several concubines and were calculated afterwards.

Miss Zhou and old Mrs. Wei fought each other, during the period, Miss Zhou gave birth to Wei Lingxiu.

Mrs. Wei wanted to bring her grandson to her side to raise him. Miss Zhou was unwilling. The two sides continued to quarrel and became enemies. Miss Zhou was unwilling to see Mrs. Wei.

When Wei Lingxiu was more than two years old, Miss Zhou fell ill and died. The old Mrs. Wei finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then just after a year, she brought her son’s current wife back.

It’s a pity that the distant niece she had fancied in her early years has been married… But Wei Zhiyuan’s current wife, she is more satisfied of this one than the previous one, and no one knows how much she is satisfied.

As for Wei Lingxiu… When Miss Zhou just passed away, the old lady thought about raising her grandson. Unfortunately, this grandson cried and wanted his mother all day long, so the old Mrs. Wei didn’t like him anymore.

However, at that time, although the old Mrs. Wei didn’t like her grandson, she didn’t hate her grandson. Until Miss Zhou’s brother was admitted as a Jinshi, he also came to Donggu County to visit.

This Young Master Zhou is not easy to mess with. He learned that his sister had died and his brother-in-law immediately remarried. He was very angry when he saw that Wei Lingxiu was thin. At that time, Wei Zhiyuan was working as the chief bookkeeper in the county, he also had the idea to get rid of it.

These years, Young Master Zhou has been staring at them, and they are not allowed to treat Wei Lingxiu badly. It’s just that, he is in the capital and can’t take care of the details.

Seeing that this person sends valuable gifts every year, the Wei family is pretty good to Wei Lingxiu, but they feel more and more suffocated. Now, the whole Zhou family got into trouble, jailed, deported. They feel that they have turned over

It was Mrs. Wei who spent money to ask Yan Jing Ze to take Wei Lingxiu to the casino. She kept seeing Wei Lingxiu and felt uncomfortable, he wanted her husband to hate this eldest son.

As for today’s matter, it was Old Mrs. Wei’s instruction.

The Zhou family’s affairs are quite serious, and if Wei Lingxiu is kept, who knows if it will be a hindrance to his son? What’s more important is that after she gets older, she always loves to look back on the past, and the more she looks back, the more she hates the notorious Miss Zhou.

“Mother, you are confused!” Wei Zhiyuan said. Doing so would only ruin their reputation!

The old Mrs. Wei said, “Just cut off the relationship!” That Miss Zhou left a lot of dowry, she spent a lot over the years, she will feel at ease only when Wei Lingxiu is no longer there.

Wei Zhiyuan said nothing.

And at this time, Yan Jing Ze took Wei Lingxiu and walked out.

He was carrying a desk upside down, with several huge packages in the middle, and several packages hanging from the legs of the desk. He was like carrying a mountain but still walking very steadily.

Wei Lingxiu walked behind him, carrying a book basket and a stool, the whole person is a little confused.

Yan Jing Ze said his family did not have a table, so… the desk was also carried.

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The barefooted people are not afraid of wearing shoes – a person who has nothing fights a person who has a lot. A person who has nothing will always win. Because he has nothing to lose, he is not afraid of anything.

Jinshi – (advanced scholar), a graduate who passed the triennial court/palace exam (#1, highest degree)

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