BH (QT) 128 – Rogue Scholar (4)

Chapter 128 – Rogue Scholar (4)

The Wei family watched Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu pass in front of the hall and walked towards the gate.

Many of them are looking forward to Wei Lingxiu’s departure, but now that Wei Lingxiu is gone, they are a little uncomfortable.

In their imagination, Wei Lingxiu was driven out by them, but now… Wei Lingxiu followed the bastard and swaggered out on his own.

Seeing the appearance of these two people, they probably also cleaned the things in Wei Lingxiu’s room!

“Really shameless!” Wei Zhiyuan looked at the two people walking away with a sullen expression.

“Shameless!” The old Mrs. Wei said. Where did the pauper come from, even the stool had to be removed!

Mrs. Wei stood beside her with low eyebrows, and said nothing. At this time, it would be better for her to not speak.

However, she also didn’t like that Yan Jing Ze.

The dog-legged hooligans in the country have never seen the market before, so they look like this.

Thinking like this, they saw that Yan Jing Ze stopped at the gate.

The pile of things on the table is too high and he is too tall to get out of the door.

They saw Yan Jing Ze put the table down from his back, lifted it up in his arms, and walked on.

Wei Lingxiu followed him like a little wife and did not look back.

Wei Zhiyuan’s heart is burning, he flung his sleeves and left.

When he left, Mrs. Wei said, “What’s wrong with that Yan Jing Ze? He should have left when the matter was finished, why did he stay? He even made a move on Zhiyuan, really… really…”

Old Mrs. Wei’s heart feels suffocated when she remembers what happened before.

Mrs. Wei was also uncomfortable, but why did Yan Jing Ze do this? She had a guess: “This bastard is very famous for being a money-grubber. It is estimated that he has no money on hand and wants to raid and get things from our house.”

It was her idea to find Yan Jing Ze and lead Wei Lingxiu to gamble, but she did not expect that Wei Lingxiu would not enter the casino.

However, Wei Lingxiu mingled with such a famous scoundrel in Donggu County these days and his reputation became much worse. Wei Zhiyuan became less and less happy with this son.

Later, when she learned that Wei Lingxiu’s uncle was no longer useful, she was planning to do something to drive him out, but Mrs. Wei came to her and came up with such a play…

Before capturing the affair, they had gone to many people. It is possible that it won’t be long before Wei Lingxiu’s affairs are spread everywhere. The old lady is really cruel.

The old lady listened to her daughter-in-law’s words and thought deeply.

She had heard people talk about that bastard, knowing that he was a bastard, he was protecting Wei Lingxiu today is mostly for money.

And now that Wei Lingxiu has left with such a bastard, he will probably not end well in the future.

The old lady’s heart was instantly relieved when she thought of this.

Mrs. Wei’s heart was even more comfortable.

Without Wei Lingxiu, the Wei family’s fortune would all belong to her two sons, how good is that?

Mrs. Wei happily went to prepare for the birthday banquet in the evening.

This noon, just their own family had a meal, but in the evening, there will be guests coming. The time is just right to say that Wei Lingxiu and their family broke off the relationship…

What the Wei family thinks, Yan Jing Ze is not clear. He walked on the road with such a pile of things on his back, attracting a lot of people’s glances, and when he looked over, those people bowed their heads again and hurried away.

In Donggu County, who doesn’t know that Yan Da is not easy to provoke?

Of course, with that kind of family, it is impossible to give the original owner a good name, so they kept calling the original owner “Ah Da”. People in Donggu County are also calling the original owner Yan Da.

Yan Da in Donggu County has a bad reputation. At this moment, everyone saw that Yan Jing Ze was carrying so many things on his back. The first reaction was that he had robbed other people’s belongings, and when they saw Yan Jing Ze with Wei Lingxiu next to him…

“Isn’t this the young master of the Wei family? Why is he hanging out with Yan Da again?”

“He’s not afraid of his money being cheated by Yan Da?”

“Yan Da usually doesn’t cheat people, he directly robs them.”


The crowd whispered and just watched as Yan Jing Ze and Wei Lingxiu walked away.

There is still some distance between Yan Jing Ze’s home and the county seat of Donggu County. It takes half an hour to walk, it doesn’t matter if Yan Jing Ze walks by himself, but he is reluctant to let Wei Lingxiu suffer.

“Let’s go find a boat!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Wei Lingxiu was still in a bit of a trance, he felt the need to object but pressed it.

When he walked out of the gate of the Wei family, Wei Lingxiu could not help but regret a little, that was after all his home.

It’s just that he was caught in bed with someone. He probably cannot return there anymore. He thought of the family who does not care about him, his heart is suffocating…

There are many rivers and boats in Donggu County. All the houses in the county are built along the river and everyone goes out basically by boat.

Yan Jing Ze walked towards the pier and saw several boats, but when the boatmen in those boats saw him, they wanted to hold the boat and hide away—Yan Da is really tall and easy to recognize. He has been swaggering everywhere in Donggu County so these boatmen knew him.

Faced with such an Evil God… they cannot afford to provoke him, but they can still hide, right?

These boatmen wanted to hide, but Yan Jing Ze was in a hurry: “Who dares to run! Whoever runs, I will sink his boat!”

Those boatmen did not dare to run away.

Speaking of… If others said that, they definitely won’t believe it, but when it is changed to Yan Jing Ze, they believe it.

Who doesn’t know that this Yan Da’s strength is infinite?

Take a look, he can carry so many things easily and it is certainly not difficult to sink their boat!

The boatmen brought their boats back and each one looked at Yan Jing Ze fawningly: “Yan Da, what’s the matter?”

Yan Jing Ze picked a boat from among them and said to the boatman on that boat: “Bring the boat over! Take me to Xing’an Village!”

This boatman secretly cried out for bad luck.

They stay on this side of the pier trying to pull a few customers to earn some money, but sending this Yan Da to Xing’an Village, this person certainly won’t pay them!

Before, this Yan Da took people on a boat to collect debts and did not pay!

But he also dared not disobey…

The boatman pulled up to the dockside.

Yan Jing Ze walked onto the boat with such a big table on his back. Because the weight was too heavy, the boat immediately tumbled to the side, but Yan Jing Ze stood firmly and did not shake at all!

He lowered the table on the boat and jumped on shore to pick up the stool in Wei Lingxiu’s hand: “Lingxiu, the boat is a little shaky, you be careful when you get on board!”

Wei Lingxiu answered.

Just now, those boatmen saw the Yan Jing Ze and wanted to run, Yan Jing Ze also threatened people, which makes Wei Ling Xiu vaguely feel that something was wrong.

But looking at him now… Yan Jing Ze’s smile is not terrible, so he calmed down.

Brother Yan had told him before that he was always misunderstood and feared because of his tall size… it seems to be true.

Wei Lingxiu followed Yan Jing Ze and got on the boat.

Yan Jing Ze saw that he didn’t have much doubt and he let out a long sigh of relief.

In Donggu County, the place where the rich live and the place where the poor live are not in the same place. Wei Lingxiu didn’t go out very much before. Occasionally, he went to places where the original owner would never go. He had never seen the original owner, so the original owner was able to conspire with his subordinates and staged a hero saving the beauty.

After that, the original owner and Wei Lingxiu spent a few months intermittently getting along, but in fact, the total time of getting along was not much. The original owner wanted to make money from Wei Lingxiu and will pretend, so much so that Wei Lingxiu doesn’t know that the original owner is actually not a good thing.

He almost showed his true face just now!

He smiled and looked at the boatman: “How’s your business these days, old man?”

The boatman’s legs and stomach trembled: “My business is not good! I can’t even afford to eat!” So, don’t hit him!

Yan Jing Ze: “……” Do you need to be so afraid of him?

Yan Jing Ze gave up on the idea of talking to the boatman to show his gentleness and instead went to talk to Wei Lingxiu: “Lingxiu don’t worry, I will treat you well!”

“Mm.” Wei Lingxiu nodded his head.

Boatman: “……” This Yan Da is coaxing this young man? Aigoo, this young man is too stupid to be coaxed by Yan Da. It should not be that he gave these things to Yan Da, right?

He is not afraid that Yan Da will sell him?

The boatman sympathized with Wei Lingxiu, and at the same time, he quickly propped the boat on the ground—the river is shallow here, and most of them are holding a long bamboo pole and propping the boat. Of course, sometimes they also use oars, depending on what is convenient.

It is faster to take a boat than to walk, but it took a quarter of an hour to arrive at Xing’an Village.

Xing’an Village is crossed by a river. There is a vegetable field by the river. Behind the vegetable field, there are sparse houses. In addition, there are several places for people to wash and get on and off the boat. One of the best places is also paved with stone steps.

At this moment, some women were washing clothes on the stone slabs, chatting while washing them. When they saw a boat coming, they also took the tub by the way to get away.

It’s just that, as soon as they were done, they saw Yan Jing Ze on the boat.

“It’s Yan Da!” Someone said. As soon as these words came out, these women immediately hid from the other side of the slate, carefully looking at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

In fact, although the original owner made money in Donggu County, but in the village of Xing’an, where he grew up, he did not do anything bad.

This is also learned from his father, in fact, other bastards also do the same.

Rabbits do not eat grass at the edge of their nests. Their future marriage or funeral after death, they will need help from the folks in the village, so naturally they can’t do anything to the people in their own villages.

For example, if you want to eat chicken, you can’t steal it in your own village. If you want to steal, you can steal it in other villages.

But even so, the people in the village are still afraid of the original owner.

They usually threaten their children, saying: “If you do not behave, Yan Da will come to beat you!”

The children of the bears, who have been so scared, are all obedient!

Yan Jing Ze smiled at these women as kindly as possible: “Sixth Aunt, Sister-in-law Wang, Seventh Aunt… How are you!”

The women: “……” Is Yan Da possessed? Before, he either ignore them or curse and call them “stinky women”?

They were apprehensive when they saw a 17 or 18-year-old young man, coming out from behind Yan Da, smile at them.

Yan Jing Ze felt that Wei Lingxiu was a peerless beauty, but it was actually not so exaggerated.

However, Wei Lingxiu’s looks are truly outstanding.

He has black hair and snow-white skin. At first glance, he was pampered by a wealthy family. As for that face… his face still has some baby fat that hasn’t completely faded away. His facial features are beautiful. When he smiles at people, they can’t help but smile along with him.

This is a sweet young man at first glance.

Where did Yan Da trick such a young master from?

The women present all looked at Wei Lingxiu a little worried.

By this time, Yan Jing Ze had already carried the table on his back to the shore.

When he walked to the side of the boat, the boat swayed again, Wei Lingxiu nearly fell unsteadily, but in the end stood still.

When he stood firm, Wei Lingxiu took out the money and gave the boatman money—with Yan Jing Ze, he had always been the one paying, he was used to it!

The boatman didn’t dare to take it. He glanced at Yan Jing Ze and found that Yan Jing Ze had no objection before taking the money.

This young master is a good person! It’s a pity to be targeted by Yan Da, don’t be eaten alive by Yan Da in the future!

The boatman waited for Wei Lingxiu to go ashore and then departed with the bamboo pole.

At the same time, there was also an amazing news that spread quickly in Donggu County.

Donggu County’s Wei family, the wealthy Wei family of a Juren, their eldest young master is a two-chair and had been with Yan Da and was kicked out of the house!

“I’ve seen Young Master Wei, a very handsome man, he turned out to be a two-chair?”

“He always hangs out with Yan Da a few days ago…”

“He is really confused, even if he is a two-chair, he shouldn’t be with Yan Da…”

“Yan Da is not a good thing!”

“Today, I saw Yan Da carrying a pile of things, leading him past our door, tsk!”

“The Wei family’s young master is going to be miserable in the future!”

People talked a lot, but there was one thing that everyone recognized — Wei Lingxiu later would definitely not end well.

That Yan Da’s father is not a good thing, and Yan Da is stronger than his old man and also definitely not a good thing…

This young master of the Wei family should have been deceived by Yan Da. Now that Wei family has broken their relationship with him, he and Yan Da will have a good end in the future?

People in Donggu County sympathize with the eldest young master of Wei Jia and they also sympathize with Wei family.

The child raised well turned out to be a two-chair. Master Wei is really miserable!

Wei Lingxiu, who was getting sympathy, realized that something was wrong at this time.

When he had a conversation with Yan Da before, Yan Da said about his life experience. He sympathized with Yan Da and gave Yan Da some money.

At that time, Yan Da said that he would use the money to build a house, but now… he sees three broken houses!

What’s more, there is almost no other furniture in this dilapidated house except for a badly dilapidated stool.

Well, he only sees the main room now, maybe the other rooms are better…

The walls of the houses in Xing’an Village are all made of mud.

If anyone wants to build a house, they ask someone to dig a foundation, erect a few wooden boards about a foot open in the middle, fill them with soil, and pound them repeatedly with a hammer.

This way, the mud will be squeezed tightly and you can create the wall! Of course, the general mud wall is only over one meter high, and a wooden wall is attached to it, which is also convenient for opening windows.

Yan Jing Ze’s house is like this.

The house was built by his grandfather in his early years when he still had some money. The mud walls were solid, but the wooden roof on it was long gone… Anyway, every time it rains heavily outside, it rains lightly inside.

This house is dilapidated compared to other people’s houses in the village, and compared to Wei Lingxiu’s house, it’s more like heaven and earth.

Yan Jing Ze looked embarrassed: “That’s why I asked you to bring more things, haha… It’s a pity that your bed is too big to move, and now it won’t be possible to move back now…”

Wei Lingxiu: “…”

Farmers here don’t have a study room or anything. Generally, the houses are divided into two types: a hall and a sleeping room.

There are usually at least two sleeping rooms. If there are many people in the family, there will be a few more rooms. In the case of the main house, there is only one room for each family.

This house faces south and is generally located in the middle of a row of houses in the family home, with a stove at the back, which is used for dining and entertaining guests.

In Xing’an Village, it is very magnificent if you can put a table of eight immortals in the hall, and even more magnificent, that is, you can put two tables of eight immortals in the house.

Yan Jing Ze’s house, of course, belongs to the kind that is not dignified… Yan Jing Ze put the table down and looked at Wei Lingxiu embarrassedly: “Shall we… tidy up?”

Yan Jing Ze had to tidy up and then Wei Lingxiu saw… a bedroom with only one bed, it doesn’t even have a five-drawer cabinet.

And the bed, surprisingly, is still a door panel!

At the end of the bedroom, a door was placed on top of some broken bricks and used as a bed. On this bed, there was a tattered quilt and some tattered clothes, all piled together.

It is estimated that after the cold weather, the owner of this bed just put the quilt and clothes on his body to sleep.

Wei Lingxiu in the Wei family was not exactly valued much, but he had never seen such a bed!

When Wei Lingxiu was hesitating, he saw Yan Jing Ze take a few steps up and throw all the things on the “bed” to the side, and said to him: “Sit down and I will make the bed for you! You will live here in the future!”

As Yan Jing Ze said this, he dexterously began to open the package he had taken from Wei’s house and began to make the bed.

Before making the bed, he soaked his old clothes and used them as rags to wipe the door…no, the bed board.

The anxiety that rose within Wei Lingxiu was suppressed by Yan Jing Ze’s behavior.

Yan Jing Ze is still very good to him! Giving him the entire bed!

As for Yan Jing Ze being a bit poor… In fact, it doesn’t matter.

As long as someone cares about him.

Wei Lingxiu said: “Let me help.”

Yan Jing Ze agreed.

Because he suddenly realized that he had other things to do, such as making dinner.

But his family… doesn’t even have a pot!

The pot is also valuable. If there is a pot in the family, it will definitely be sold by the original owner, so of course there is no pot in their home!

In the memory of the original owner, after Wei Lingxiu, who was injured by the whip, came here, he had never taken care of him. He did not know how Wei Lingxiu spent a few months in such a house that could only shelter from the wind and rain.

That’s right, Wei Lingxiu only spent a few months in the original owner’s house before he was beaten to death by the original owner…

Yan Jing Ze was so angry that he became entangled. After the anger and entanglement – dinner is still not ready!

Wei Lingxiu came out of Wei’s house with money, but Yan Jing Ze really didn’t want to use Wei Lingxiu’s money… But all the money of the original owner had already been lost!

When Yan Jing Ze was torn, Wei Lingxiu said, “Brother Yan, I have some silver here. You can use it and buy some food.”

Wei Lingxiu also saw Yan Jing Ze’s tangled appearance and suddenly realized that… Yan Jing Ze might have no money.

Before at Wei’s house, Yan Jing Ze took off his clothes. At that time, he could see that he had no money on his body. Now he is in this house…

This family doesn’t seem to be rich.

Speaking of which, when Yan Jing Ze was with him before, he was the one spending money… Now he gave Yan Jing Ze money, he didn’t think there was anything wrong.

It’s just that his Brother Yan’s hand is a little loose… Wei Lingxiu suddenly became a little worried, worried about running out of money.

Although they took a lot of things from home this time, but he doesn’t have much money on him. It could take a few months to change the way he used to spend money, but now they need to include the money for food and drink, and they have to buy more things. It’s definitely not enough.

He must find a way to make money.

Wei Lingxiu thought so and Yan Jing Ze thought so.

He must make money!

He can’t let Wei Lingxiu raise him!

It’s just that the original owner doesn’t have any abilities, how can he make money? He can’t just collect debts like the original owner, right?

The more Yan Jing Ze thinks about it, the more headache he gets, and he feels a little depressed.

If he could have traversed earlier, it would have been better. If they hadn’t been caught in bed together, Wei Lingxiu wouldn’t necessarily have to follow him out to suffer.

How come he has no previous memories? If he had previous memories, maybe he would have a way to make money!

Yan Jing Ze took Wei Lingxiu’s money, went out dejectedly, and ran towards Donggu County.

He is going to buy something that he can use, buy a pot, he must be too late to make dinner, he also has to buy some…

Donggu County is a bit far away, but Yan Jing Ze ran and arrived in a quarter of an hour.

Then he started to buy all kinds of things.

People in Donggu County: “Yan Da must have gotten money from Young Master Wei! Only then can he buy so many things!”

“When Young Master Wei’s money is spent by him, it’s time to be kicked out.”

“Here comes Yan Da! Keep your voice down!”


Wherever Yan Jing Ze passed, everyone dodged!

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Yan Da – Big Yan

Two chair – (derogatory) neither male nor female

Table of Eight Immortals – square table for eight people

Wei Lingxiu: Yan Jing Ze is so good to me! He gave me his bed!

Oh this sweet summer child… that’s not even a bed. XD

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