Chapter 9 – Spicy Smoked Fish

The filming of “Daughter of the Sea” started.

Since the point is to engage in cultural invasion, it is only right to first portray life under the sea in a rather beautiful way. The pre-built underwater palaces and gardens, one of the five elders, Lich Aligeli, used his own hands to control light and shadow special effects. Even the Demon King Hill himself used magic to manipulate the projection stone to shoot 360° without dead angles, as well as a bunch of handsome men and… the peerless ugly girl’s affectionate performance.

Although that ugly girl is drawing a question mark in Hill’s mind.

In the first scene, the azure blue sky was first shot. The sky is of course the color that Lich Aligeli used to change with illusion. After all, the sky in the Demon World is very white. The bright blue sky is quite clear, and then the waves hit the camera directly (Hill gave a word to Aligeli in advance and asked him to lift the waves with water spells) Then the camera took the opportunity to enter the sea, all the way down. In front was a turquoise blue that was clearer than the sky, like beautiful cornflower petals, and as clear as glass.

At this point, Hill thought about it, and added a background sound very simply and straightforwardly:

“Unlike other legends, this story does not take place on land, but takes place under mysterious water, and the protagonist of the story…”

The lens of the projection stone pointed directly at Aria, following the setting of the script, Aria put on the appearance of just getting up, and then was interrupted by Hill—

“I want to see laziness, with the allure of innocence, not your current expression—your current expression looks like being frightened awake in the middle of the night! Are you a siren? Show the siren’s seductive nature!” Hill is almost speechless. Aria is very beautiful but she really has an excessive inferiority complex.

After being reprimanded by Hill, Aria shuddered even more. She was discriminated against in the Siren clan for being too “ugly”, and after being reprimanded by the Demon King, she was in complete disarray.

Hill did not expect to encounter difficulties at the beginning of the shooting, but looking at Aria’s fearful appearance, he could not say anything more. He can be cruel to his enemies, to those who have insulted his five elders, but he cannot say anything heavy to his people, especially a weak woman… Wait… Speaking of it, the other party is not a weak woman, right?

“Who are you?” Hill asked.

Aria flinched for a moment and said, “Aria.”

“Who are you?” Hill asked again.

Aria thought for a moment and replied, “Siren, Aria.”

“Who are you?” Hill asked again.

“Demon, Siren, Aria,” Aria replied.

“Yes, you are a demon, a siren, and lastly Aria,” Hill said.

Aria seemed to understand something, “King…”

Hill took a deep breath then carefully squeezed some magic power out of his body. However, in the eyes of the onlookers, the red eyes’ constricted sharpness is finally unfurling, and the momentum was like a wilderness storm that was crashing down. The corners of his lips raised coldly and peeled away the warmth:

“Yes, you are a proud and powerful demons. Your race is siren. You are the one I chose from the siren clan. And for that reason alone, you have reason to be proud and to hold your chest up to look at everyone.

The continuation of a race may be accompanied by many accidents, but we demons survive simply by perseverance and pride. Those harsh environments and terrible natural disasters cannot destroy us, nor can human armies and cold angels destroy us. Do you know what I am doing now? Making a game? No, I’m making an unmatched weapon. You are a participant in this weapon. So, Aria, take out your pride as a demon and shine. “

At the end, Hill smiled gently.

“Let all the demons look at you with admiration and let all humans be fascinated by you.”

Aria was already so excited that she was about to faint.

The words of Lord Demon King are really too exhilarating.

Be proud of being a… demon?

Aria clenched her fists and thought in her heart.

My name is Aria, I am a demon. Lord Demon King has given me an important task, so I have to do it well to be worthy of my demon identity, and more importantly, to be worthy of the trust that Lord Demon King has placed in me.

When she opened her eyes again, her eyes flashed with the usual seductive light as the fallen evening sun sank to the bottom of the sea.

Hill nodded with satisfaction, that’s right.

After all, [charm] is one of the racial talents of the sirens.

In fact, the racial talent of the succubus is also [charm], but the [charm] of the succubus can arouse male impulse and desire, while the [charm] of the siren is more hypnotic. But this is just more towards which side, if Aria wants to use the succubus kind of charm, it is also possible against the average human.

Hill thinks that this kind of Aria is really beautiful and she will definitely make waves in the human world. Then, he unexpectedly saw the Lich Elder Aligeli next to him almost throwing up.

Well, from the perspective of the Demon Race, it is probably seeing a peerless ugly woman acting coquettish in front of the camera…

It can also cause dizziness.

Hill thought to himself, it seems that their psychological endurance is not high enough. But after a long time, I guess they’ll get used to it. Hill thought without sympathy.

Isn’t there a saying in the previous life? Just vomit it out and get used to it.

The first scene was shot smoothly after Aria pulled herself together. And because the other siren actors were around, such as the female sirens who played Aria’s sister, everyone was inspired by what they heard, so the later scenes were shot smoothly and completed surprisingly quickly.

Hill was quite satisfied with this.

After the filming, Hill brought the staff to have a meal with him. For other demons, dining with the Demon King is naturally a supreme honor.

The recipe prepared by Irvine, Hill looked at in advance. What delicious bats, crunchy spiders, and blood sausage… Seeing that, he immediately lost his appetite. Hill asked Irvine to get some more fish from the frozen lake and then go to the desert to find a few of the previous magical beast to eat.

Hill found the recipe directly from the Internet and described it verbally to Irvine. Irvine had been working on it for a long time and he actually did it decently.

Irvine grumbled a few words about the Lord Demon King eating human food again, but he just grumbled a little bit, and after that he asked one more question: “Then, Lord Demon King, can I join the banquet tonight?”

If Hill hadn’t taken into account the identity of the Demon King, he really wanted to laugh out loud at him on the spot.

Is this the legendary tsundere?

What Hill provided is the recipe of smoked fish. In Irvine’s cooking, the surface of the magic fish is evenly smoked, the color is attractive golden yellow, the fish is semi-dried, the gravy is quite solid. Squeeze a little lemon juice on it, the fragrant aroma is quite rich, and the taste is excellent.

Another method is to cut the smoked fish and re-fry it on both sides to make it golden brown, and then follow Hill’s order to drizzle chili oil on it—these seasonings are actually available in the lower realm, but the ingredients and methods are problematic.

In the end, Hill asked Irvine to steam it again. The smoked fish produced in this way was almost tender. It was burnt on the outside and tender on the inside. It was very spicy when it was eaten, but it was not the dry spicy food, but the aftertaste spicy. The fish itself was tender and extremely textured, and a group of people couldn’t stop eating it.

And the wonderful thing is that the smoked fish, even the bones of the fish are crispy and delicious…

Aria has no psychological barriers. She has a low status among the sirens. She has indeed fished these fish, but she did not expect it to be so delicious. She was on the verge of tears. Previously, when she did not have the means to cook directly, she feels this fish is simply difficult to swallow… As a result, it can still be made so delicious?! No, the Lord Demon King deserve to be the Demon King ah.

At first, the Lich of the Five Elders, Aligeli, didn’t take it seriously. He heard Lord Demon King say that he would use the soft power method of “movie” to invade the human race, so he happily obeyed Lord Demon King’s order to “make movie special effects”. But now, he actually wants him to eat human food…

Tsk, okay, Aligeli said, let’s ‘know your enemy and know yourself to win a hundred battles’. Today, he will wrong himself and be aggrieved… Hey… This taste… Um… Um… How about a negotiation with the Lord Demon King and become more aggrieved in the future?

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