Chapter 8 – “Daughter of the Sea” officially started shooting

“I need your help,” The Great Lord Demon King said to Goldnia.

Then Goldnia learned that he was going to make a movie with the number one ugly girl of the Sirens.

And it is said that there is a kissing scene.

Goldnia: …………

There was a suspicious tremor in his body and he tried to comfort himself: “This, this is the king’s test of me, I have to hold on…”

Imagine, a big shot with a distinguished status in his previous life learned that he was going to have a romance with a very famous ugly girl. What a terrible thing this is.

Hill was extremely speechless when he heard about this. He wondered whether he should find some human actors as actors in the future. Otherwise, wouldn’t this be a terrible torture for the male demons?

But he has no time to take care of these at the moment because he has a lot of things to do. With the help of Baidu in the mobile phone, he wrote down the script and made a reasonable adaptation. Let the staff to prepare the shooting site and at the same time learn how to manipulate the projection stone to float up to do the moving camera…

In fact, Hill studied the magic power and spiritual power and found that the magic system here is quite easy to understand. Magic power and spiritual power are separated, and spirit power is used to mobilize magic power.

For example, if Hill wants the projection stone in front of him to float, he must first use his spiritual power to pull out a part of the magic power, let it lift the projection stone. Or say that he uses his spiritual power to lay out a track for the magic power to drag the projection stone to slide down the track. In this way, there is no possibility of shaking the projection stone.

Let’s say that you don’t use your spiritual power to manipulate the magic power and directly release it, it is estimated that the projection stone will immediately shatter.

Of course, Hill is in control of the essence of power. He does not have the memory of the previous Demon King, so he will not use the spell and so on.

As for the spell used by some mages, it goes like this: Suppose you use your spiritual power to twist the magic power into a rope and whip it hard at the enemy, this is a basic form of attack type magic.

The magic spell was researched by the masters. When you are chanting and using this spell, your spiritual power is like following the instructions to weave your magic power into a specific stronger rope. You don’t understand the principle but you can do this kind of attack exactly according to the instructions.

After all, Hill is in the body of the Demon King, and this body’s perception of power is naturally outstanding to the point of abnormality, so after he has basically studied the use of power, it is enough to face most situations.

After getting this done, Irvine came to report that the basic scene was ready, waiting for Lord Demon King to take a look. At present, there is nothing to do except filming, in other words, Hill has pushed other things to the five elders. He is very self-aware in this aspect, studying is to learn, but right now, he is still just studying. If he really allows himself to direct and deal with the affairs of the lower realm, forget it, the lower realm will be more chaotic.

The five elders are naturally quite excited about Hill’s appointment and they think this is a sign of the Lord Demon King’s new trust in them.

Of course, at the moment, only the death knight Goldnia, who was handpicked as the male lead, is not happy.

Of course, the original “Daughter of the Sea” Princess Ariel’s sisters, naturally had to find the “most ugly” girl in the sirens to play the role. With so many waves down, the lower realm whispered, they felt that their Demon King’s taste was simply awful.

Hill cried and laughed at this, well, you guys are happy.

After Irvine’s report, Hill immediately moved to see the scene Irvine had set up.

In Hill’s script, there are a total of four important scenes in the movie. The first scene is the Siren’s palace. Hill went to see it once, the original palace of the Siren family. How to describe it… The taste of the family is quite gloomy. Hill had to copy a sketch from the Internet by himself and build a structure that was more in line with the dreamy underwater palace.

It’s not troublesome for the Sirens to build this kind of building. The few mages among the sirens waved their staff and completed most of the work. The patriarch scoffed at this style at first, but after the construction was completed, his first wife asked him if the Demon King could let them live in the palace after the Demon King had used up the palace. The Siren Patriarch himself glanced at the newly built palace and then had to admit… It’s pretty good.

Afterwards, the Siren patriarch stammered and expressed this request to Hill. After thinking about it, Hill felt it was not a big deal. This was originally built by the Siren clan according to the blueprints he gave, so he agreed. Then it occurred to Hill that the demons’ tastes were not so homogeneous.

The second scene is the big ship of the human prince. Irvine directly took a battleship of the demon race in the endless sea for basic transformation. The appearance still looks a little broken, but Hill decided to use illusion to straighten the ship. It has to be gorgeous and beautiful. After all, the lower realm is in a difficult situation now, so he still shouldn’t be extravagant.

The third scene is the human prince’s palace, for this, Hill deliberately asked Monroe. Monroe is now accustomed to the Demon King asking him some weird questions.

The fourth scene is the Demon King’s Palace, oh yes, Hill got himself in in the script, replacing the role of the underwater witch. Since they want cultural invasion, they should make something big out of it.

After going through all the sets with Irvine, Hill felt quite satisfied, and then began to organize the actors styling. The siren named Aria had lime green hair originally, but Hill directly ordered to change it to red hair. In fact, Hill also understands that it is not necessary to restore all of them, but he always feels that the little mermaid should have the classic red hair and white skin. Thinking of the live-action version of the little mermaid shot by Disney in the previous life, they finally found a black person to act. Hill felt a mouthful of old blood in his throat.

He didn’t have an opinion on the actress, he didn’t have an opinion on black people, he just really couldn’t accept that Princess Ariel was forcibly changed into another race and ethnicity.

After determining the image of the female lead, it is time to determine the image of the male lead. Hill told Goldnia that he was going to play a human prince. Goldnia nodded, the marble-like face finally revealed some complex emotions: “It’s been a long time since…” After this sentence, he did not continue, but asked Hill what he should do.

In addition to the task of being stationed in the lower realm, Paladin Monroe also had to report regularly to the Church on the latest developments in the lower realm. All he reported to the Church during this time was that the Demon King was preparing an opera. He didn’t understand what the movie they were talking about was, so he reported it as he understood it.

After hearing the news, the bishops laughed. Is this Demon King completely ruined? The lower realm suffered such a great disaster and he actually began a greedy game of fun and games. But this is good, they can focus on the spoils of war from the lower realm this time. Well… they think the Magnolia Empire can share less…

What they don’t know is that in the future, this “opera” of the demons, which they look down upon, will make waves across the entire Magnolia continent.

At the same time, “Daughter of the Sea” officially started shooting.

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My update for this one is quite slow since this is a side project. It’s better to wait for more chaps to be uploaded and then read them all. (•́ .̫ •̀ ) Um. I hope no one was hurt by HIll’s preference. He was just expecting to see the Ariel from the old Disney animation… (;◔ᴗ◔;)

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13 thoughts on “SS Demon King Ch.8

  1. Hill is a little bit kinda hypocritical given that his actors aren’t mermaids and humans though? Like literally changing the race, not just changing ethnicity.

    But everything else though is pretty fun. I like this kind of magic system.

    1. but the siren one is literally a kind of a literal mermaid though… and the death knight was a former human, so yeah..

  2. Goldnia seems like an interesting character. I hope we get more of him & his backstory in the future. Thank you so much for the chapter !

  3. Haha, I agree with Hill. At least the actor should have some resemblance to the original disney princess!
    It feels jarring if the actor’s overall appearance and colour scheme feels different from the original princess.
    It’s like having sebastian become a blue lobster or toothless become a red dragon in a cgi film… noo…. too jarring. Or if the avatar characters went from blue people to light green people it is really really weird. But CGI someone’s skin colour is apparently racist as well so… yeah.

  4. Even though how he said it was rude and can be misconstrued, he was right about something. Bipoc rep doesn’t mean changing white characters to non white skin. For correct representation, there needs to be stories made about bipoc people. New stories in which they are not white from start and then changed to coloured skin just for some half-*ssed rep.

  5. I agree with Hill, tbh. It might be an unpopular opinion but what the original movie offered should stay as it is in any future adaptations even if they make wild plot twists to make it different because it’s one of the “basics”. If they can’t even stick to that then they might as well as make an original different movie instead of confining themselves to “adaptation”. It’d be like trampling on the essence of the original. It’s like making Princess Tiana white, it’s not right.

    Most of the old cartoons are very entwined with culture and the time period it’s supposed to be in, like Belle being bashed for reading books because women at that time were supposed to just remain uneducated.

    Ariel lives under the sea too. They don’t have much melanin there. I bet if mermaids really exist, they’ll be very ghastly and pale.

    1. And you have seen mermaids so you know that they are all pale…..right? Ariel is a fish she can be of any race. Yall are so sensitive.

      1. Oh dear, here we go. I agree with Hill. I’m sure the actress is an amazing person, but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not a case of “Ariel cannot be black” but more of a case of “she was never black in the first place, why make her black?” Alright, mermaids could probably be of any color just like humans, but Ariel isn’t. We already know she’s a light toned and red headed clumsily little fish. It’s like if they had a long blacked haired girl in a red dress play as Cinderella. Sure, she might be able to play the role, but that’s not the Cinderella we know. I don’t mind some changes in the script, with live action that’s inevitable. But keeping the main character the same is probably the most simplest thing they could’ve done. If they wanted a darker toned mermaid they could’ve made one of the side characters darker or maybe even made an original film from the perspective of a darker mermaid. If they really wanted to have a black main character, why couldn’t they have just chosen a different film? Princess and the Frog is waiting right there very patiently and as am I. This isn’t an attack to the actress, she looks beautiful and maybe she’ll play the role well, who knows, but she just isn’t the Ariel I grew up loving. I’m mainly criticizing the producers. It feels like classic pandering to the people in an attempt to show “oh look, we’re so inclusive! We hired a black Ariel!” If a live adaption is to go through so many changes, how much more till it’s not even an adaption as much as it is a different film? I’m sorry for this rant and I’m sure MANY people will find me irritating and rude, but this is how I honestly feel.

      2. The author of this novel is Asian, and I agree with them. Not just Americans watch Disney movies, the rest of the world grew up with a white redhead Ariel. Now the black Ariel looks like a stranger to us, it’s just a now.

        One of the basics of creating a character is that it has to be recognisable. If anyone here is sensitive, it’s YOU. None of us are being offensive, yet here you are taking offense.

  6. It’s so funny that many people are saying that a fish can’t be black. Well honestly Hill just feels very asian lol. Lots of asians have very eurocentric views and even don’t like their own darker complexion so I get it. I don’t like it tho but yeah (i’m a dark southeast asian girl who as a young girl wanted to be a mermaid because of Ariel and who really liked the darker Ariel. Who is fictional and a creature of myth btw)

  7. all of u saying that he wants the og adaption i get it but like… ariel is a fish T_T what actually changes about her character if the race is changed? like it has no actual affect on the plot or the story, her main thing was her beautiful singing voice so.. lolol

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