Chapter 7 – Make a Movie

Soon after, Monroe, the captain of the Paladins, delivered the news from the church. First, they agreed to sell some “local products” from the demons.

Second, Prismont, the diplomatic envoy of the Church of Light, violated the dogma, causing the negotiation to almost break down and causing great damage to humanity, so he was allowed to return to heaven on his own. That is to let him commit suicide.

Monroe’s face was iron blue when he passed the news to Hill. After this time of getting along, Hill now has a general understanding of Monroe. Although he seems to have a straight face, he is divided into general iron blue, more iron blue, and special iron blue… Now there is no doubt that Monroe belongs to the kind that is ‘really angry’.

Hill pondered for a moment, and asked, “Are you hating me? Do you hate me for ruining your colleague?”

Monroe did not answer.

Hill was ready to move: “Believe it or not, I am now communicating with the Pope to make the third condition, saying you…”

“It’s not you who killed him, it’s the church.” Monroe finally spoke. Although he felt that Hill’s behavior at this moment was a bit shameless, this shameless behavior was quite effective, “I still know this.”

“Do you think the church should keep him?” Hill asked.

Monroe hesitated and did not answer.

Hill said, “Don’t blame the church. The church is for your own consideration.” At this point, he deliberately smiled hypocritically: “Everyone does their job. It is his own stupidity that kills the emissary.” After speaking, he patted Monroe on the shoulder and said, “I hope you are not a stupid person. But relax, man, I won’t do anything to you. After all, you are now the head of the church’s garrison here, aren’t you? Congratulations on the promotion.”

Oh yes, the church stationed three teams of Paladins in the lower realm, and Monroe was finally promoted, he became the Knight Commander.

Monroe felt a little uncomfortable. He also understood that this was probably because the people at the church didn’t want to come here, so they let him take the spot. He was a little frustrated inside, but Hill was in good spirits.

This was mainly because he had just met his five elders. When he first came, he thought he had to deal with these five elders. After all, some of them seemed to be unfaithful.

But this time, the process of signing the treaty gave them a new level of loyalty to him, which is a blessing in disguise, Hill thought.

Hill told Binns, one of the five elders, to handle all the work with the church. Binns was the oldest of the five elders and his race was a ghost. He was the demon who cried when signing the treaty before.

Binns handled these things in an orderly manner. Of course, he couldn’t help but wipe his tears when he did them. The subordinate next to him skillfully stretched out the flask to catch the tears, and then explained seeing the confusion on Hill’s face: “After all, they are tears of a ghost, so they are very precious magical materials, and this is Elder Binns’ order.”

Later, Hill learned that Binns deliberately made himself more and more sentimental, and he would cry when he saw something so that he could collect this precious magical material anytime and anywhere. He was five hundred years old. The tears of ghosts like him are very valuable. Binns once also used his own tears to exchange with Albrecht Darkmoon, who was not an elder at the time, for the moonlight spring of their clan, after which Albrecht was almost hanged and beaten by his father.

Hill felt as if he had been cheated.

……forget it, it’s fine.

Hill changed his appearance and followed Binns for a few days. He explained that he wanted to make a small visit to see what the demons below thought. Binns also accepted his statement. In fact, he did this to learn more about the lower realm.

After snooping like this for a few days, coupled with some side conversations, Hill also has a general understanding of the lower realm, humans, and heaven. There are gods in heaven… or so they say, but no one has seen what a real god looks like. Anyway, the Church of Light said that so they all believed it. Believers can get something from the gods through sacrifices in the church and most sacrifices will be answered.

Of course, a small number of conditions are required.

For example, to become a paladin requires sacrifices of laurel, clear spring, verbena, and some mithril in the altar. If you have the qualifications to become a paladin, you will be fully awakened and you can use the power of the holy light from then on.

Hill has also gone through some of the books in the demon’s collections during this time, and at the same time he started to learn the writing here. In addition to this, he would go through his phone when he had nothing to do, and then he decided on his first plan, to make a movie.

Cultural invasion, the film is a very good means.

It is not difficult to make a movie in the other world. First of all, those special effects are readily available. Let the wizards sprinkle some spells on them and there are also light and shadow effects.

Even in the previous life, with the development of science and technology, the threshold for making movies has become lower and lower. Several students dared to go to the sea to make movies by themselves with a SLR or even a mobile phone. Of course, there are things similar to cameras in this magical world. Projection stones are generally used to record important meetings or martial arts.

Hill originally planned to study it by himself. After breaking two projection stones, he didn’t understand it at all. He felt like he was committing a sin. Forget it, he better learn it from scratch.

The first movie that Hill plans to make is “Daughter of the Sea”.

There is a race of sirens among demons, which can also be called mermaids. The first thing to do is of course to choose the actors. Hill directly asked Irvine to bring the most beautiful group of women in the siren race. In less than half an hour, Irvine knocked on the door: “King, I brought them all.”

Hill put down the book in his hand and nodded in satisfaction; “Very well, I’ll go see it.”

Irvine led him to a room, Hill pushed open the door, then was dumbfounded for a second, and then he said, “Excuse me.” He closed the door.

What should he say about the sight he just saw… The aesthetics of the demons seem to be different from that of humans. Those burly sirens, Hill felt that some female siren’s pectoral muscles are larger than his own.

Irvine proudly said: “My King, how is it? These are the most beautiful and powerful women in the clan, suitable for breeding your offspring.”

Hill: “…” This misunderstanding is too deep.

And to combine with women like this… He would rather have children with men.

Finally, he had to explain: “I want to make a movie… Simply put, I want to rehearse an opera.” There are no movies in this world, but there are operas. “I’m looking for actors, the kind of sirens that are more in line with human aesthetics.”

“Alright,” Irvine said with endless regret.

After a mess of toss, the actors were finally found. The little mermaid was played by a famous ugly girl among the sirens… Although in Hill’s eyes she was very beautiful, but other demons recognized her as ugly, and she herself was quite self-hating. After learning that she had been selected by the Demon King, she fainted with a scream and only woke up for a long time.

The Prince was still missing at the moment. Hill looked for a circle and felt that there was no one suitable. He was worried when Goldnia, one of the five elders – a death knight by race – came to report that the army had been officially disbanded. Goldnia is also a general of the demon race.

Hill looked at Goldnia, who was covered in black armor, and thought: “You take off the helmet and let me have a look?”

“Yes, My King.” Goldnia said without a ripple, and then took off his helmet with his chain gloved hand, and then revealed a pale but handsome face.

Oh, I didn’t expect it, a pleasant surprise.

Hill patted the table: “Okay, it’s you.”

“…What?” Goldnia asked blankly.

“You were once the unique Great General of our demon race,” Hill said seriously.

“No, My King, there are three other Generals like me in the demon race,” Goldnia said.

Hill: “…Stop interrupting me!”

Goldnia: “I’m sorry, Great Lord Demon King, please continue.”

Hill: “In the past, you used force and blood to make the enemy surrender. First, I will teach you a new method. It is more cunning but more effective…”

Hill’s voice is full of temptation. If in the previous life, his tone would directly remind people of a sentence: “Friend, have you heard of MLM?”

For the defeat of the demons, Goldnia was very much pained. The failure of the war made him suffer as a General, and the failure of the demon race made him suffer as a member. Then came the signing of unequal treaties, indemnities, and disbanding the army, all of which further deepened the suffering of Goldnia.

He wondered what hope there was for the survival of the demons under such circumstances. He came from humble beginnings, he knew how difficult life was for the people at the bottom of the demon race. He loved his soldiers and he knew how difficult it would be for these brothers of his to survive after the army was disbanded.

He even thought of resigning his position as one of the five elders and finding a quiet slumber in the dark forest.

The death knights are a race close to immortality, they are the demons with special sacrifices. To become a death knight, one must first have the consciousness to pay the price of life.

First, find a pair of armor and a long sword, and then use your own blood to write inscriptions and spells on the armor and the long sword, and then lie in the armor for seven days and seven nights without a drop of water or a bite of food. After a week, when the body is greatly weakened, let a companion insert the sword with inscriptions along the gap in the armor, let your blood flow on the armor, and keep it flowing. Those spells will make your wounds unable to solidify and you will drain away the last drop of blood. At this time, your body has died and your soul is still suffering.

After another month, if you survive, you can become a death knight.

The death knights were once all human beings developed by the Dark Church.

Goldnia hates humans, he loves the demons and the lower realms, so when the demons suffered such a devastating blow, it will undoubtedly make him feel frustrated.

But the reason why he didn’t go to slumber in the dark forest was that he still had a glimmer of hope, and that was their Lord Demon King.

Needless to say, Hill’s action of sowing discord in a few words during the negotiation, and having the emissary of the Church of Light who despised them killed, really stimulated them.

Goldnia discovered for the first time that the original method of killing was not only by force.

And now, his king is watching him, the king’s bloody pupils had a fierce and blazing fire. A gaze that made his blood boil and made him want to pick up the longsword in his hand and kill all his enemies for him.

“What is it? My King,” Goldnia said.

“Cultural invasion,” said the Demon King. “The first step is the movie. I need your help, Goldnia.”

Goldnia immediately half-kneeled on the ground, “I wish to graze the ground for you, My King.”

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