Chapter Six – Treaties and Negotiations

“This is the negotiation terms jointly proposed by His Holiness the Pope and the Kings of the countries. Please let the Lord Demon King look at it.”

There were quite a few people at the scene of the treaty signing, including ambassadors from various countries on the continent, emissaries from the church, and Paladin Captain Monroe and his group of paladins were also present. The place was in the Demon’s Great Hall, and the five elders of the Demon race were also present.

The emissary of the church handed the scroll up. Hill took it and scanned it, and found that he did not recognize the words on it. He twitched the corners of his lips without leaving a trace, and then tossed the scroll back and said, “Dictate.”

Then he swept a glance at the five elders below and said coldly, “You all listen well.”

The implication is that they all reflect on themselves and that this is the time for infighting?

The emissary of the church was flabbergasted by Hill’s action, but he was quite composed after all, so he said: “This war has killed a large number of young people and there is a lot of crying on the continent. In order to make up for the loss, the countries and the church agreed that it is necessary to compensate 10.09 million magic crystals.”

Hill didn’t know the price of 10 million magic spar, but he clearly saw that the five elders sucked in a cold breath.

Hill’s heart sank, he understood that this should be quite heavy for the demons.

“In addition, the Dark Church needs to cede the territory of the Magnolia continent outside of Famagusta.” The emissary of the Church continued.

Ceding land and making reparations, it was really a familiar routine.

At this point, the faces of the five elders were already hard to look at, and Hill’s face sank deeper as he said, “Continue.”

“The lower realm needs to disband its army and leave the entrance undefended and turn over the Sulam coal mine to the Church of Light for mining. Accept the Church of Light’s garrison in the lower realm,” the church messenger said.

The contents of these treaties were unfamiliar and familiar. Hill remembered the treaties he had read in his previous life when he was studying history. The contents of the latter treaties directly reminded Hill of the Treaty of Versailles.

The fear disappeared from the face of the emissary of the Church of Light, and he even became smug at the end of the recitation.

Hill could feel the anger of his five elders, his eyes swept over their faces one by one, and now he didn’t find their faces abominable. He saw that one of the ghost-like elders had tears in the corner of his eyes. The tears were like having the weight of a thousand pounds.

Hill was also able to clearly feel the anger and pain that gradually arose within himself.

When both sides are equal in power, diplomacy is power.

When there is a great disparity in power between the two sides, power is diplomacy.

This is the true rule of diplomacy.

He remembered the TV series he watched in his previous life had such a phrase.

Hill has not been able to feel the identity of the Demon King ever since he just crossed. He could feel the pain and depression of his subordinates when he came, but he couldn’t feel melancholy. He even turned into a human appearance in the mirror. Even now at the negotiating table, he still looks like a human. The original Demon King also liked to be in all kinds of appearances, so everyone didn’t feel much strange about it.

But now, watching the arrogant expression of the church’s emissary, watching the pain and anger of the five elders, several elders even looked at him helplessly. You know, each of those elders’ cruelty can set off a bloody storm in the outside world, and now they actually look at their Demon King with the helpless eyes of a child. Hill suddenly became fully immersed in this role.

He is the Demon King, he is no longer human.

There is no way for him to go back.

He and the demons are one in glory and one in defeat.

These demons are expecting him… expecting him to do something.

He has to take on his responsibilities.

Hill thought this way and then said, “These have all been discussed, I now have a question.”

“Lord Demon King, please say.” Although the emissary of the Church of Light used honorific words, there was no respect on his face. He even glanced contemptuously at the five elders of the Demon Race with a mocking face.

Hill’s expression remained calm: “Which countries can get the mined minerals? How much? Who will get it? What about the lost magic spar? Which countries can get it? Who will get it?”

The emissary of the Church of Light’s expression froze: “This, this, it is naturally our Church of Light…”

“Can you guarantee absolute fairness?” Hill asked, “Which country your Church of Light is close to is known to everyone present.”

Hill’s words were completely guessed out of thin air. Of course, it was not absolutely out of thin air. He felt that logically speaking, such a problem would inevitably arise on a continent where both theocracy and the secular kingship are located.

As expected, the representatives of those kingdoms changed their faces slightly.

And the heart of the emissary of Churh of Light is also full of shock and anger. What is going on? Isn’t the Demon King a brave and tactless guy? Is he sowing discord? How did he know the situation about the human continent? Was it the Dark Church that gave the news?

Hill guessed correctly.

The location of the Church of Light’s Holy City is in the Oitin Empire. The largest empire on the continent of Magnolia is named Magnolia Empire. Oitin Empire, with the support of the Church of Light, has been leaping to challenge the position of the Magnolia Empire… So, there are still a lot of conflicts between the two empires.

“Of course.” Hill actually smiled slightly when he said this. “This is your own business. Us demons only need to pay compensation. But I personally appreciate the one who has shown the strongest will in this battle——” Hill casually pointed to a male envoy who seemed to be inferior to other envoys: “This country. So, I propose that your church distribute more supplies to them. Of course, this is just my personal proposal.”

Hill knew that the treaty must be signed now, and the content of the treaty had been determined when he traversed, so he is unable to resist, and he couldn’t resist now. The content of the treaty is undoubtedly quite cruel and it even feels that the demons will never recover from then on. But Hill thought about his cheat cellphone and he had a new idea.

If you cannot rely on hard power for development, then rely on soft power for development.

Since the Church of Light cannot be defeated by the army, then cultural means should be used.

From Monroe’s mouth, Hill obtained this information: Most humans have never been in contact with demons. This is a particularly useful information. In Hill’s previous life, what would many people think of when mentioning the demons?

They will think of the unique C.C. witch in “Lelouch of the Rebellion”; think of the perfect demon Sebastian in “Black Butler”; think of Hellscream’s phrase “We will never be slaves… but we will be conquerors!“; think of the cool half-devil Dante in “Devil May Cry”, and also think of Neltharion’s domineering roar during the cataclysm: “Pain… Agony… My hatred burns through the cavernous deeps. The world heaves with my torment. Its wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage. But at last… The whole of Azeroth will break… And all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings!“; also think of the various succubus in the R-rated film (…?); even the adorable demon baby in “Beelzebub”…

In general, when mentioning the Demon Race to later generations of humans, especially to young people, their first reaction may be that they are so cool. Of course, the reaction may also be that they are the middle children.

Hill skimmed through his thoughts briefly in his mind, and then he became calmer and calmer on the surface.

His calm and steady attitude calmed the hearts of the five elders a little. The five elders, especially the dark elf Albrecht Darkmoon, whose admiration for the Demon King is beyond measure at this moment.

In such conditions, Lord Demon King is still so calm, and even provoked the human beings in just a few words. Lord Demon King is really too powerful!

The emissary of the Church of Light looked a little grim: “This is our own human affairs, so I don’t want to bother you, Demon King.”

Hill smiled, “This is the negotiation between the two powers of the higher realm and the Magnolia continent, and the lower realm. This is not just a matter for the humans themselves, right?”

The face of the emissary of the Church of Light has now become extremely difficult to see…

Upon seeing this, Hill stopped provoking, but said: “I have two requests here. After paying so much money, the demons must be quite strenuous. So, I hope the church can agree that we can sell some local products to humans on the continent, after all, we also have to live.”

The emissary of the Church of Light weighed the pros and cons and said, “I will report it to the Pope, so what is the second request?”

Hill smiled slightly and said, “The second requirement is the key point. If you don’t agree to this requirement, then let’s fight again.”

His words caused everyone present to change their colors.

The demons suffered an almost devastating blow in this battle but the human casualties were also quite heavy. In the end, those angels who descended had taken the lives of many outstanding and powerful men.

“You say.” The emissary of the Church of Light said through clenched teeth.

Hill said, “It’s very simple, I want you to die.”

“You!” The emissary of the Church of Light’s eyes snapped open wide.

Hill got up from his seat and walked directly to the emissary of the Church of Light. He didn’t walk fast. His appearance changed rapidly every step he took. His black hair turned into white hair, his height became taller, his muscles swelled, and the clothes on his body became the battle armor that the Demon King was used to wearing.

He stood condescendingly in front of the emissary of the Church of Light and said coldly: “We can pay compensation, we can give up our land, we can give up our minerals, because we lost. We lost to the brave warriors who sacrificed themselves on the battlefield, who brought glory and profit to mankind with their blood. But that doesn’t mean you can go around here and sully our dignity; it doesn’t mean you can talk to me with impunity and mock my elders.”

The cold, sharp eyes shot out from his red pupils like a blade, and his voice was whistling obliquely wrapped in the raging cold wind. The emissary wanted to retreat but he found that his legs were so stiff that he could not retreat. At this moment, the Demon King’s anger was like a monstrous flame, the sky outside was obscure and unclear. The emissary had issued an uncontrollable cry of sorrow from his throat, “You… you…”

The paladins led by Monroe immediately drew their swords.

Hill said coldly, “Do you want the negotiations to break down? Paladins.” The light of his eyes seemed like a severe frost pressing down on the realm, making the paladins unable to move.

Then, Hill used his fingers to pinch the lower jaw of the emissary of the Church of Light. Hill didn’t believe that the Church of Light was really that bright. In such an important negotiation, the life of a little emissary was irrelevant. He thought. Unless this emissary is the illegitimate son of the Pope himself.

After a few seconds, he sneered and said, “It’s so lowly that I don’t want to do it myself.” Then he turned back to his seat, turned his back to the people, and said: “The next negotiator is replaced by you, Monroe, and before the blood moon rises today, I want all the extra people to get out of my lower realm.”

After speaking, he sat down.

The expressions of the five elders are already close to fanaticism.

This is their Demon King, this is their supreme King.

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