Chapter 190 – Tiedan had died

They were very nervous, and in the end, Aunt Sun asked Zhu Zi to invite the village doctor to come and see Tiedan’s current condition.

The village doctor was urgently brought by Zhu Zi, who was in a hurry, so he didn’t say anything and just knew to hurry.

The village doctor didn’t know the situation and thought Tiedan was already in bad shape, so he came to confirm.

He didn’t ask much either, just carried his medicine box and hurriedly followed Zhu Zi.

Along the way, the villagers, seeing their appearance, seemed to guess something and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Oh, it seems that Tiedan from Aunt Sun’s family is not doing well.”

“How could he be doing well? He’s been sick for so long, I heard it’s a serious pneumonia, this illness can’t be cured at all.”

“Aunt Sun and Zhu Zi are also unfortunate, over these years, they only have this child Tiedan, why… If Tiedan is gone, the roots of Sun’s family will be cut off.”

“Doesn’t heaven allow good people to live long? Aunt Sun and Zhu Zi are so good, always ready to help anyone in the village who has difficulties, Tiedan is also very well-behaved and sensible, at such a young age, he helps with chores. When I saw him before, he would politely call me auntie, but now… oh, fate is so unpredictable.”

“We should all get ready, go to the Sun’s house later, comfort Aunt Sun and Zhu Zi, and see if there’s anything they need help with.”

“Oh, such unfortunate people.”

Meanwhile, news about 6-year-old Tiedan from Aunt Sun’s family had spread in the Dahe Production Brigade.

Jiang Xiao happened to be leaving home and heard the news.

Jiang Xiao had known about Tiedan from Aunt Sun’s family in her past life, but only through other people’s mouth.

Because in her past life at this time, she had already left Dahe Production Brigade.

It is said that in her past life, Tiedan from Aunt Sun’s family passed away from pneumonia at the age of 6.

Later on, Aunt Sun was so heartbroken and missed her grandson so much that she fell seriously ill that year and passed away within a month.

Only Zhu Zi and his wife were left, lonely and without anyone to accompany them, living a very desolate life.

Jiang Xiao didn’t care about what happened to Aunt Sun’s family, but the fact that Tiedan had died made her breathe a sigh of relief.

After being reborn, she detested and feared anything that was different from her past life.

It would make her very anxious.

Now, hearing that Tiedan had died just like in her past life, she breathed a sigh of relief, and even secretly felt somewhat happy.

Luckily, everything developed just like in her past life, without any changes.

Jiang Xiao wouldn’t feel a trace of regret for the death of such a young child like Tiedan.

Nor would she sympathize with Aunt Sun and Zhu Zi, who lost their child.

She always only cared about her own interests.


And over here, the village doctor who hurriedly followed Zhu Zi to Sun’s house was stunned when he saw Tiedan eating. He even rubbed his eyes, thinking it was an illusion.

“Doctor Zhao, look, is my Tiedan better?” Aunt Sun quickly woke him up and asked him to check Tiedan’s pulse.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”

Soon, his fingers were placed on Tiedan’s thin wrist.

His eyes were filled with astonishment and confusion, “Strange, strange, how is this possible? Yesterday, it was clearly not like this.”

“How could this be, could it be that my abilities are failing.” He muttered to himself while taking Tiedan’s pulse, while Aunt Sun and the others couldn’t wait.

“What’s the matter with my Tiedan? Is he all better?”

The doctor didn’t answer. He checked Tiedan’s pulse again and then asked him to stand up, thoroughly examining his body.

Then he looked at Aunt Sun and the others who were sweating profusely, “Strange, before yesterday, I checked Tiedan’s pulse, it was clearly weak and feeble, even… even…”

Even to the point where he could hardly feel a pulse, which meant Tiedan’s life was almost at its end.

But now…

“Now, when I check Tiedan’s pulse, it’s so vibrant, just like a completely healthy person!”

A completely healthy person? Aunt Sun heard this clearly.

“Does that mean, our Tiedan, is he already better?”

“Yes, according to his pulse, he’s completely healed.”

“I knew it, I knew it, it’s so good, so good, Tiedan, Grandma’s Tiedan.” Aunt Sun hugged the bewildered Tiedan in her arms, tears streaming down continuously.

At the same time, a heart was completely relieved.

“Zhu Zi, did you hear the sparrow? Our Tiedan is better, he’s better.”

“Yes, it’s all thanks to mother.”

“Yes, it’s mother’s credit, she brought that lifesaving fish soup.” Zhu Zi and his wife held hands tightly, tears flowing uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, the village doctor was filled with doubt. What lifesaving fish soup? Could Tiedan’s recovery be related to drinking some fish soup?

Naturally, the village doctor was happy for them that Tiedan was alive and well, after all, he was just a 6-year-old child with a bright future ahead.

However, he was also curious about how Tiedan got better. Did he take some miraculous medicine, or did he encounter a miraculous doctor?

With these thoughts in mind, he asked.

Zhu Zi and the others were straightforward and didn’t hold back. They explained how yesterday, Tiedan’s mother obtained a bowl of fish soup from Captain Xu Changyi of Qinghe Production Brigade.

“You mean, just because he drank that bowl of fish soup, Tiedan got better?” The village doctor’s voice rose slightly, clearly skeptical.

“Zhu Zi, if you don’t want to say, you don’t have to, I’m not insisting on knowing, but there’s no need to use such a clumsy excuse to deceive me.”

Could a bowl of fish soup cure an illness? Or bring someone back from the brink of death overnight? How is that possible?

“Doctor Zhao, they really didn’t lie to you, it’s really that bowl of fish soup, but it’s not just any fish soup. It’s a bowl of blessed fish soup, made from the Fish King caught by a blessed person. Its effects are definitely extraordinary,” Aunt Sun explained earnestly.

“Besides that bowl of fish soup, Tiedan didn’t eat anything else yesterday and didn’t see anyone else.”

“Doctor Zhao, you know our character, we have no reason to deceive you.”

“Could it really be because of a bowl of blessed fish soup?” The village doctor was baffled.

On one hand, he believed that Aunt Sun and the others wouldn’t lie to him, but on the other hand, he couldn’t believe that a bowl of fish soup could have such a miraculous effect of almost bringing someone back to life.

However, even if it wasn’t that bowl of fish soup, there were no medicines available that could have such an effect and make Tiedan recover overnight.

So, was it really the blessing effect of that bowl of fish soup that made Tiedan better?

“Is there any of that fish soup left? Let me see it.”

“It’s all gone, Tiedan drank all of it yesterday.”

“You mean, that fish soup was obtained from the captain of Qinghe Production Brigade? Alright, I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave.”

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