BH (QT) 94 – Little White Face (22)

Chapter Ninety-Four – Little White Face (22)

When Shao Guanqun and the others killed the zombies, Zhou Wenxiu already took Yan Jingze and drove a motorcycle to catch up with those who were running away.


Those who fled all came from the T County security base.


The T County security base was built in the economic development zone to the north of T County. The entire security base has more than 10,000 survivors.


The agriculture of T County is well developed. After the end of the world, the people in this safe base will not lack food and live a comfortable life.


Unfortunately, the passing army of zombies changed their lives, and they are now displaced.


The T County security base is a small base, lacking in gasoline and other materials, and there are not many cars that can be driven. At this moment, young people are running on two legs, while old, weak, and children are staying in the car. There are also some psychics, holding knives and hoes, and fighting with the zombies attracted by the movement and smell here.


The abilities of ordinary psychics are not strong, and they can’t kill many zombies with their ability alone. They usually hold weapons.


Now Zhou Wenxiu and Yan Jing Ze are catching up…


Zhou Wenxiu held the handlebar of the motorcycle in one hand and used the power in the other hand. Countless fireballs flew out in his palm, quickly killing a large number of zombies around.


These zombies are ordinary zombies, especially easy to kill.


However, the people of the T County security base did not understand the situation. They were all amazed, thinking that he was particularly powerful.


There was also a fire psychic who shouted: “Big brother, big brother, you are so amazing!” After shouting, this fire psychic looked at Zhou Wenxiu and noticed that Zhou Wenxiu was younger than him… and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.


Zhou Wenxiu smiled and continued to deal with the zombies.


He was reluctant to let Yan Jing Ze take the risk, so he took Yan Jing Ze away from the group of zombies behind him. But he couldn’t do nothing, so he simply killed the zombies in front.


Yan Jing Ze lay on Zhou Wenxiu’s back, his head a little uncomfortable.


He just shot, killing hundreds of high-level zombies at once, but not those mid-level zombies and low-level zombies – those will be left for others to deal with.


Now he still has to save a little strength, lest he encounters another crisis later and cannot do anything…


As Yan Jing Ze was thinking this way, the psychics who were chasing after them from the University City base came up and saw Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wen Xiu: “President! Young Master Yan!”


“You guys go to the back and kill the zombies,” Zhou Wenxiu.


These people rushed to the back of the group with a loud clamor.


And at this time, Shao Guanqun and the others were still fighting with the zombies.


The zombies suddenly died a lot, and the people from the S City base were a bit confused: “What the hell is going on here?”


“All the dead ones seem to be high-level zombies!”


“There are only mid-level zombies and low-level zombies left! Come on, everyone!”


“Some of the zombies at the back ran away! We’re saved!”



Yan Jing Ze killed hundreds of high-level zombies, but in this group of zombies, there are still more than a few hundred high-level zombies. To say the least, there are still two or three thousand zombies left.


This is also the reason why after Yan Jing Ze did it, he let Zhou Wenxiu carry himself and run – only by staying alive can he kill more zombies, his life is still very important.


As a result… just after the hundreds of high-level zombies died suddenly, the remaining high-level zombies turned around and ran away.


The high-level zombies were that smart that they knew they had to hide and escape at this moment. And it was their behavior that made the psychics of the S City base suddenly reduce the pressure and rejoice—they can survive, and the people they desperately protected can also survive!


That’s when the people from the University City base came.


Although the high-level zombies retreated, the mid-level zombies and low-level zombies are still there, and the people of S City Base are already exhausted… Now that the people of University City Base have joined the war, everyone has finally become relaxed.


The psychics of S City base who have almost exhausted their abilities have the opportunity to rest later.


“Old Shao, thank you for coming…” The leader here is called Sun Mengda. He is a fire psychic. He has been in friendship with Shao Guanqun, at this time spoke with a choked sob.


Many of the psychics he carried under his hands were still young… He was really uncomfortable watching these people die one by one on the hands of zombies.


“I’m not that dependable…” Shao Guanqun continued.


If it was only him, it would be useless.


Even if he brought thousands of people with psychic abilities over, it probably would not be useful.


They can win now, thanks to someone killing all those high-level zombies.


“Old Shao, who did you find here? Those high-level zombies, why did they all die?” Sun Mengda’s voice is a little cracked because he just cried, but still asked loudly.


Before Shao Guanqun could speak, the people of University City Base spoke up one after another, “Of course they were killed by Young Master Yan!”


“Young Master Yan is the best, just wave a hand casually and a large number of zombies will die.”


“Before, our base was besieged by zombies. We all thought it was over. As a result, Young Master Yan alone killed all those high-level zombies!”



The people in the University City base were talking excitedly while killing the zombies.


The people of the S City base were stunned.


Shao Guanqun and the others traveled all the way, actually, they had heard people talk about Yan Jing Ze’s deeds, but he didn’t really believe it at the time—with so many psychics in S City, no one can wave a hand and kill a large number of zombies!


He felt that the people in the University City base were bragging.


But now… seeing is believing, so he can’t help but believe it!


Shao Guanqun felt a little guilty when he recalled that he had felt that Yan Jing Ze had too many issues and disliked Yan Jing Ze a bit.


Why should he dislike Yan Jing Ze when he is so strong?


Seriously, as long as Yan Jing Ze is willing to continue killing zombies, he can do anything he wants! He is willing to support Yan Jing Ze!


Sun Mengda was even more excited: “Which one is Young Master Yan? Can I meet him?”


The man from the University City base said, “The President took Young Master Yan to leave. When all the zombies are killed, you can go to the back to find them.”


Sun Mengda did not know what to do.


Shao Guanqun said: “The one who drove around a while ago is the Young Master Yan.”


He felt that he could not call Yan Jing Ze’s name, so he should respectfully call him ‘Young Master Yan’.


Sun Mengda remembered it in his heart.


Without high-level zombies, it is still easy for so many psychics to deal with a group of mid-level and low-level zombies.


And seeing the victory behind them, the ordinary people who were running away in front of them stopped, hugged and cried.


They don’t need to die.


Zhou Wenxiu breathed a long sigh of relief when he saw this scene.


“Wenxiu, let’s stop and rest,” Yan Jing Ze said and then kissed Zhou Wenxiu on the neck.


Zhou Wenxiu was shocked and stopped the motorcycle with a sharp brake.


Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, burst into laughter


Their team stopped in the farmland next to the town.


There are overgrown weeds in the ground, but there are still some crops growing tenaciously. There are also some small rural buildings that were originally beautiful but are now gray.


Zhou Wenxiu drove his motorcycle to the threshing floor in front of a small building and used his fire powers to burn some of the dirty things on the threshing floor clean.


Only then did he let Yan Jing Ze get off.


Yan Jing Ze stood on the threshing floor and found that the scenery here is still good. It’s just that, when he looks at it using his spiritual power, he will find that the whole world is gray…


The people from the University City Base drove a lot of cars, and there were logistics personnel in the car. After Yan Jing Ze got out of the car, Zhou Wenxiu immediately asked the logistics personnel to arrange the place.


Without saying a word, the logistical staff first moved a recliner to Yan Jing Ze, and when Yan Jing Ze lay down, someone else came over to build a shed for him and moved a table and chairs.


After a while, the threshing floor was filled with various things, and there were even a few small snacks on the table.


There are beef jerky, plums, and even small pastries that have just been made for a short time, and even two pots of tea, a pot of chrysanthemum tea and a pot of green tea.


The tea is still brewed by a water psychic.


After the people from the small base hugged and cried, they all sat on the ground casually and started to rest. As a result, they happened to see this scene, and they were all confused for a while.


Such a kind of life is rare before the end of the world, and they have never seen it after the end of the world…


Who the hell is this person?


The remaining zombies were left to the people of the University City base to deal with. Shao Guanqun also saw this scene when he brought the exhausted Sun Mengda and others to look for Yan Jing Ze.


The corners of his mouth twitched.


They came all the way over, and when they took a break, Zhou Wenxiu always took extra good care of Yan Jing Ze. At that time, he was a little uncomfortable.


They are all big men, but Yan Jing Ze needs to be taken care of like this?


Now it’s even more exaggerated… Zhou Wenxiu is holding snacks, feeding Yan Jing Ze!


Shao Guanqun is really unaccustomed.


But at this moment, he thought that it was Yan Jing Ze who killed so many high-level zombies and saved his comrades.


If it were not for Yan Jing Ze, they would probably be dead!


Realizing this, Shao Guanqun suddenly felt that Yan Jing Ze being like this is not a big deal!


Even if he was asked to feed Yan Jing Ze, he was willing to do so!


“Young Master Yan, thank you so much before!” Shao Guanqun said.


Sun Mengda was actually stunned by Yan Jing Ze’s style, but his mood was not as complicated as Shao Guanqun’s, and he even felt that Yan Jing Ze was quite normal.


Isn’t it right for the strong to be respected and served?


Sun Mengda also said: “Young Master Yan, thank you for your life-saving grace. If you have anything you want me to do in the future, as long as it is not illegal, I will definitely help you do it!”


“Then you protect me,” Yan Jing Ze said. To protect his own person, he himself is not too weak, two is not too much.


Sun Mengda: “???” This person is so strong, he still needs protection?


However, the person in front of him can be called a national treasure, and he must not make any mistakes. They must protect him!


No, not only to protect him, but also to take good care of him, or else what if he becomes unhappy and doesn’t want to kill zombies anymore?


Suddenly, Sun Mengda understood why Yan Jing Ze was so lavish—the people in the University City base must also be afraid of Yan Jing Ze leaving, so they would be so good to Yan Jing Ze.


If they are kinder to Yan Jing Ze… can they let Yan Jing Ze come to S City security base?


Zhou Wenxiu didn’t know what Sun Mengda was thinking, he was asking Yan Jing Ze, “Is there anything you want to eat?”


Yan Jing Ze had just killed so many zombies, and he must be very weak now… Zhou Wenxiu was quite worried at the moment and wanted to let Yan Jing Ze rest well.


“I’m not hungry.” Yan Jing Ze said, “Just rest for a while.”


He was measured today and had no physical problems other than his brain was a bit bulging and throbbing.


“He’s going to rest, let’s talk about the rest later.” Zhou Wenxiu looked at Shao Guanqun and the others.


Shao Guanqun and the others could only leave.


Then Yan Jing Ze waited for them to leave before looking like Zhou Wenxiu: “I’m really fine today.”


“Then take a good rest,” Zhou Wenxiu said seriously.


And as they were talking, Sun Mengda brought another person with him and trotted all the way over, “Young Master Yan, we have some delicious food and useful things on our side, I’ve brought them to you.”


When he finished, a large pile of delicious food appeared in front of the man beside him all at once.


This man is the space psychic in their team, his space in addition to weapons, there is a lot of food and materials.


They do not really care much about these foods and materials, but they feel that they can give it to Yan Jing Ze to use!


Sun Mengda and the space psychic both looked at Yan Jing Ze with their glowing eyes—this is their idol, their savior!


Zhou Wenxiu: “…” He suddenly looked at these people a little unpleasant.


Yan Jing Ze: “…” This day is really comfortable… but really no need for this…


Yan Jing Ze took the food and added, “Why don’t you guys go get some more vegetables for me and come back? I want to cook.”


He didn’t feel hungry before, but now he’s really hungry.


“I’ll go pick vegetables right away!” Sun Mengda said. He gave of salute and immediately led a large group of people to go find vegetables nearby.


At the same time, he also felt a little uncomfortable – Big Brother wants to cook? How can a person like Big Brother cook! Is there anyone on their team who can cook? In the future, they can cook specifically for Big Brother!


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