BH (QT) 95 – Little White Face (23)

Chapter Ninety-Five – Little White Face (23)


This is a rural area. Although no one has been growing vegetables for the past year, there are always vegetables growing in the ground on their own.


Sun Mengda quickly brought some vegetables: “Young Master Yan, these vegetables have all been washed.”


After that, he pulled over a young man in his twenties and said, “Young Master Yan, this boy is a water psychic, you can let him work for you!”


Yan Jing Ze: “……”


Sun Mengda pulled another person: “He is a fire psychic. His fire control is particularly good, he can help you burn the fire.”


Yan Jing Ze: “……”


Finally, Sun Mengda also found an ordinary person: “Young Master Yan, this one is from that small base. He is a very famous cook!”


This arrangement of Sun Mengda is really considerate.


But Yan Jing Ze doesn’t need it.


He wants to live in the two-person world with Zhou Wenxiu. What needs does he have for these people to stay around for?


Yan Jing Ze asked the water psychic to leave some water, and drove the others away, preparing to cook.


But Zhou Wenxiu still did most of the work. The only thing he had to do was to throw the ingredients into the pot…


In the distance, Sun Mengda and others saw this scene: “…”


They thought that when Yan Jing Ze said he was going to cook, he wanted to eat delicious food. But now, it doesn’t seem like it. Maybe it’s a hobby.


A hobby of cooking.


Yan Jing Ze didn’t know that Sun Mengda suspected that he was cooking indiscriminately.


He still admires people like Sun Mengda, plus they gave him a lot of things…


After Yan Jing Ze finished cooking for himself and Zhou Wenxiu, he added water to the pot, threw in the uncooked spinach, beat in an egg, and took out a few from the things Sun Mengda and the others gave. They were produced before the end of the world, which has expired. He cut his ham and threw it in. Then he looked at Sun Mengda: “I have cooked a pot of soup. You can take it and drink it.”


Although what he threw in was expired ham sausage, but in times like this, it was already good to eat with expired ham sausage. Not to mention, he also helped to remove the impurities inside.


Sun Mengda did not dislike expired ham sausages at all, and was very moved: “Thank you, Young Master Yan.”


When Yan Jing Ze was cooking by himself, he still thought about them, how kind he is to them!


As for the fact that the dishes made by Yan Jing Ze may not taste good… They are actually at the level of Yan Jing Ze’s cooking.


Moreover, they have no time to cook right now. They just intend to eat some dry food and casually down it with water… Having a hot soup to drink is actually quite good.


Thinking this way, Sun Mengda brought the soup to his comrade’s side.


“The soup from Young Master Yan!” Sun Mengda said, “Young Master Yan is really a good man.”


The soup looked ordinary, but these people did not care, Shao Guanqun then immediately served a bowl: “He is indeed good.” When he asked others to come and kill the zombies, how many people pushed back and forth, but Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu immediately agreed, and he was grateful.


With that, Shao Guanqun picked up a bowl and drank the soup.


Today is quite cold, Shao Guanqun and the others drove the motorcycle all the way, they felt even colder. So, when the hot soup was in hand, he drank it and poured it into his mouth with the spinach inside.


As he was pouring the soup to his mouth, his face changed and was full of shock.


“Old Shao, what’s wrong with you?” Sun Mengda stopped serving the soup. This soup… isn’t it particularly bad?


Shao Guanqun was full of emotions: “It’s so delicious. This is the best soup I’ve ever had in my life.”


With that said, Shao Guanqun’s actions of drinking the soup slowed down. He began to drink small amounts with an intoxicated expression.


Sun Mengda: “……” Yan Jing Ze just cooked casually, can it taste good? And even if it is good, why drink small amounts?


So… actually, this soup is very difficult to drink, right?


But it was made by Yan Jing Ze, so even if it was hard to drink, they had to drink it.


Sun Mengda served a bowl of soup and took a sip with a fearless spirit.


Sun Mengda’s eyes widened suddenly: “It’s so delicious! I didn’t expect that there is such a delicious soup in this world!”


The rest of the S City base people: “……” Even if you guys want to please Yan Jing Ze, you don’t have to be so exaggerated, right? And you guys are like this, are you trying to trick us into drinking this awful soup?


However, even though they thought so, many people still had soup.


Yan Jing Ze is their savior, no matter how bad the soup is, they can’t waste it.


In the end…


“It’s delicious!”


“Since the end of the world, I have felt that nothing tastes good, but this… is too delicious.”


“Young Master Yan’s cooking skills are so good? No wonder he wants to do it himself!”


“I miss my wife…”



Sun Mengda slapped the man who said he missed his wife on the head – drinking the soup made by Young Master Yan, why do you miss your wife?


But… Young Master Yan is really amazing, the soup he made is so delicious!


The people of the S City base looked at each other and robbed each other.


Zhou Wenxiu noticed the distant scene.


So… when he felt that eating with Yan Jing Ze tasted particularly good, it was not the power of love?


“Sun Mengda.” At this moment, Yan Jing Ze suddenly called out.


“Young Master Yan, something wrong?” Sun Mengda came over with his bowl.


“That person is going to be a zombie, bring him here.” Yan Jing Ze pointed to a human being alone in the corner.


Sun Mengda was stunned and immediately ran over there. After a while, he carried a man over.


“Young Master Yan, he was indeed bitten. He just wanted to hold on and see if he could hold on… He didn’t have any malicious intentions, he was ready to shoot himself,” Sun Mengda said.


Most people don’t like those who are about to turn and are still with other people. He was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would be unhappy, so he helped to explain.


“I know,” Yan Jing Ze said.


This psychic is young but has a strong psychic talent. So, when he was bitten by a high-level zombie, he can still hold on for a long time, but he will not be able to hold it any longer…


All of these people have more or less dark energy on their bodies, so Yan Jing Ze did not notice his situation. Just now, with a spiritual sweep, seeing him staying alone and not eating, he realized that something was wrong.


“In the future, you can look for me for such trivial matters.” Yan Jing Ze said, “He’s already fine.” He helped this man to draw out the dark energy.


Yan Jing Ze obviously didn’t do anything. He just suddenly said that, Sun Mengda didn’t understand. The psychic who almost turned into a zombie suddenly felt relief all over his body. “I’m alright! I’m alright!”


Sun Mengda is confused, just like that?


This is too amazing!


How could a man who was about to turn into a zombie get better without even making a single move?


But this man’s face did get better!


Sun Mengda was so excited for a while that he especially wanted to do something for Yan Jing Ze, but it seemed that Yan Jing Ze had no use for him…


Should he find some new clothes or something to wear for Yan Jing Ze?


Yan Jing Ze didn’t know Sun Mengda’s thoughts.


He only needs spiritual power to treat a person bitten by a zombie. In fact, he doesn’t need others to come to him… He called the man over just to let people know that he has this ability.


The precious jade lands its innocent possessor in jail. His ability is amazing. If he doesn’t use it well, people may criticize him for it.


Since this is the case, it is better to take some more men and show some more of his skills, so that even if someone wants to do something to him, they have to think twice about it.


Of course, in the end times, a normal person will definitely try to protect him instead of hurting him.


Yan Jing Ze was able to heal someone who was about to become a zombie… As soon as the news spread, the eyes of the people present at Yan Jing Ze changed again.


It was at this time that the people from the University City base finally killed all the zombies and returned.


Yan Jing Ze had previously explained that if someone is bitten by a zombie, come to him immediately… Among these people, there are really some who have been bitten by a zombie.


Because they are all psychics and those zombies and not high-level zombies, they may not become zombies even if they are bitten. But they will still feel uncomfortable.


But now, Yan Jing Ze directly helped them get rid of those dark energies.


People of the University City base are more grateful to Yan Jing Ze.


When the people from the S City base inquire about Yan Jing Ze’s situation… They watched the people from the S City base vigilantly: “Young Master Yan is our President’s man. Don’t even think about it, got it?”


Sun Mengda: “……” I am straight, thank you!


The zombies ran away and most of them have been exhausted. The crowd simply rested in place for the night.


The best house in this village was cleaned up and given to Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu.


Yan Jing Ze used spiritual energy to make Zhou Wenxiu fall asleep and then exercised next to him at night.


His exercises are very effective, and his body is getting better and better. It won’t be long before he will have all the abdominal muscles and chest muscles!


After training for half a night, the next day Yan Jing Ze was a little bit tired.


On the contrary, Zhou Wenxiu… slept very well again and his abilities had increased.


People around: “…” I really didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze was so powerful and he was still tossed in bed…


When setting off, Sun Mengda brought a commercial vehicle for Yan Jing Ze to sit in, with thick fur on the seat.


Yan Jing Ze: “…” Actually, he doesn’t need this…


But the car seat can be put down, he sleeps on it quite well!


Sun Mengda intends to send the people from that small base back to their base, and then take Yan Jing Ze and the others to find those zombies.


Before, they were being chased by the zombies, now… they chase after the zombies!


And all of this, all thanks to Yan Jing Ze!


The people of the S City base, all of them can’t wait to serve Yan Jing Ze for good.


Zhou Wenxiu: “……”


Although a little depressed, but Yan Jing Ze was protected by such a large group of people, he was also relieved that he could come out to let off some steam and kill some zombies to exercise.


Recently, his abilities have improved rapidly, and he especially wants to practice with others.


Standing on the roof of the car, Zhou Wenxiu quickly used his power, he gave all the surrounding zombies fireball headshots.


Sun Mengda and others: “…” Zhou Wenxiu was even better than them!


They kind of know why Yan Jing Ze chose Zhou Wenxiu.


Yan Jing Ze is so strong, anyway, he can’t find someone stronger than him, so just find the second strongest.


The people from the small base were sent back, and the team composed of the people from the University City Base and the S City Base began to chase the army of zombies…


There are too many zombies, Yan Jing Ze kills at most a portion of them at a time. And every time he kills a portion, those high-level zombies will throw some mid-level zombies and low-level zombies to block them, and then run away.


Because of this, they almost lost the group of zombies several times… Later they were able to find them again, but it was all because of tragedies.


The zombies’ intelligence is not very good. Although they are aware of the danger, when they run forward, they will still be attracted by the living people in the various small bases that may be encountered on the road, and then they will be delayed…


There are also small bases near County C.


A newly built high-end community here is the survivor base in County C.


This high-end community has a two-story underground garage, many sturdy houses, and a villa area…More than 20,000 survivors lived here.


The life of the survivors here is not very good. Recently, they have begun to lack food, because the psychics occupy a lot of supplies not given to ordinary people, the two sides started a conflict.


As a result, there was a disturbance in the base, and suddenly a large group of zombies came and attacked the base.


The people in the base resisted desperately but only became ‘food’ to the zombies. In the end, the number of zombies increased…


Many people hid in the underground garage and blocked the entrance, but those zombies dug directly into the ground and got into the underground garage…


Many zombies who entered the underground garage grabbed the people around them and bit them. The rest of them panicked and backed away, but they had nowhere to escape.


People who were bitten by zombies also became zombies and walked towards the rest of the people with the zombies who bit them…


The screams resounded through the underground garage. Just when everyone was desperate and felt that they would surely be eaten up by the zombies, these zombies suddenly fell down and turned into ordinary corpses.


At the same time, the sound of fighting came from outside.


Are they…saved?


The people of County C Security Base carefully came out of the underground garage and found that the zombies outside had been killed cleanly.


Among them, a fire psychic killed the zombies with unspeakable elegance and amazing strength.


Many of the zombies who were fighting against others were killed by him with a fireball.


“President… I want to practice too!” Chen Shuxin, who was robbed of ‘monsters’, was speechless.


What’s the matter with their President, ah? Recently, he has been rushing to kill zombies all day as if he was venting his unfulfilled desires!


Chen Shuxin was slandering in her heart, but didn’t know that… she really guessed it right!


“We’ll practice later.” Zhou Wenxiu stood still, and Chen Shuxin and the others all followed him.


The people of the County C base felt that the person in front of them should be the leader. They were about to talk to Zhou Wenxiu when the gate of the community suddenly opened.


After being used as a safe area for a long time, this community was very dirty, and there were dead zombies on the ground…


At this moment, suddenly the fire psychics sent out fireballs and burned those dirty things cleanly, and while burning, the wind psychics also blew away the unpleasant smell, and then the earth psychics flattened the road again…


Their community suddenly has a clean and tidy road again.


At this moment… someone finally came along this road and walked over.


It was a very handsome young man, wearing expensive clothes that were out of place in this post-apocalyptic world, followed by a group of people…


Such an appearance made almost everyone’s eyes focused on him.


Yan Jing Ze felt embarrassed somehow and wanted to hide his face with his hands.


Those people from the S City base are too exaggerated…


These people begged him and wanted him to continue killing the zombies. They were very grateful to him, so they began to serve him… They just wanted to hold him in the palm of their hands as if he was a porcelain doll.


He is still very satisfied with being able to live well in the last days, but occasionally he feels… a bit ashamed.


Of course, right now, it is more appropriate to be happy.


That group of zombies that ran out of S City was killed!

<< ToC >>



The precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail. — an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.; one’s only crime was only to carry a jade. A man’s wealth is his own ruin by causing other’s greed.

The story was not clear to me but it was about some high-ranking official/noble who wanted to collect rare treasures, and then there was this man who had a precious jade. He didn’t offer the jade to the official/noble so he was somehow criticized or pressured to do so.

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