BH (QT) 96 – Little White Face (24)

Chapter Ninety-Six – Little White Face (24)


The people at the C County base looked at the laid-out deck chairs covered with blankets, the exquisite tents, the small solid wood coffee tables, and various snacks, they were all confused.


This is just too… Who is this exactly?


So, the person in charge is, in fact, this person?


While they were hesitating, they saw the previously powerful fire psychic walking towards the man who was being served by a group of people.


“Wenxiu, come and have a rest?” Yan Jing Ze pointed to the large recliner he was lying on. Embarrassment, no, enjoyment shouldn’t be his alone… Call Zhou Wenxiu to join him, too!


Zhou Wenxiu: “…no need.”


Zhou Wenxiu pulled over a stool, sat next to Yan Jing Ze, and looked at Yan Jing Ze with some concern.


Every time Yan Jing Ze does it, he worries, even though Yan Jing Ze has said many times that he will be fine.


“I’m fine,” Yan Jing Ze said. Spiritual power, the more you use it, the better you control it, the more you get used to it. He is used to it now, as long as he doesn’t overdo it, he won’t be uncomfortable.


Not only that, his body, after he exercises every night and then refines during the day with various elements, has also become very good!


Yan Jing Ze couldn’t wait to do something.


But recently they have been chasing zombies…They are very busy, sometimes even spending the night in the car, so they can’t do anything.


The survivors of the small base in County C need someone to settle down, but this doesn’t require Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu to worry. The two of them did not care much about it.


A large number of zombies from S City have all been killed… Zhou Wenxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, what are you going to do next?” As far as he knows, the people from the S City base all want to let Yan Jing Ze go to the S City base.


Yan Jing Ze said: “Go to the S City base first, and then go north.”


“Go north?” Zhou Wenxiu was a little puzzled. Did Yan Jing Ze already have a place he wanted to go?


Yan Jing Ze said: “Your parents are in City B, let’s find them.” The end of the world suddenly came, and the majority of the people in the University City Base lost contact with their parents and family members. Zhou Wenxiu was also one of them.


Zhou Wenxiu never said this, but Yan Jing Ze asked Zhou Wenxiu’s former classmates and found out about Zhou Wenxiu’s family.


Zhou Wenxiu’s family is wealthy, and his parents treat him very well. He definitely wants to go to his parents…


Hearing what Yan Jing Ze said, Zhou Wenxiu was stunned, staring at Yan Jing Ze in a daze.


Yan Jing Ze smiled up to him, “On the way there, it is estimated that we will have to kill zombies along the way, and by then the speed should be a bit slow.”


“Thank you.” Zhou Wenxiu’s eyes were a little moist, and his voice was a little hoarse.


He always wanted to find his parents, but he was too far away and he was not strong enough.


“What are you saying ‘thank you’ to me? If you really want to thank me, why don’t you…”


“Thank you for saving us!” A voice suddenly sounded. Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu turned their heads together and saw a middle-aged fat man approaching with a beautiful girl. The middle-aged man pointed the girl next to him and said: “Gentlemen, this is my daughter. Let my daughter stay with you and serve you!”


This middle-aged man is a psychic, his strength is not strong but he is considered good in this small base. He should be one of the leaders of this small base—the people in the small base basically hide in the base and do not go out. They seldom fight against zombies and the strength of psychics is generally not strong.


And his daughter… Although this girl is very beautiful, she is just an ordinary person. It is very difficult for her to live well in the last days.


Her father sent his good daughter to them, probably because he wanted to find shelter for his daughter.


It’s just… they found the wrong person!


Zhou Wenxiu refused without thinking about it; “No.” He didn’t need others to take care of him. As for Yan Jing Ze… to be honest, there are too many people around Yan Jing Ze who want to take care of him and he is a little depressed.


“Wait,” Yan Jing Ze said suddenly.


Zhou Wenxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze abruptly but saw that Yan Jing Ze was looking at the girl seriously.


Yan Jing Ze said again: “You can take your daughter with us, but your daughter does not need to serve us. I like men.”


When Yan Jing Ze said this, Zhou Wen Xiu’s tense body relaxed, but his eyebrows did not stretch – Yan Jing Ze kept staring at that woman!


Yan Jing Ze originally wanted to say something, but his spiritual power ‘sees’ Zhou Wenxiu’s jealous look, and immediately has no time to care about others: “Wenxiu, are you jealous?”


Zhou Wenxiu is indeed a bit sour.


Yan Jing Ze said: “I swear I have no interest in this woman, I only have you in my heart…” His love words came out in a steady stream.


Zhou Wenxiu: “…” This is too cringy… but he really likes to listen to it.


The middle-aged man who brought his daughter over: “…” He just wanted to find a shelter for his daughter, why should he eat dog food here?


People from the S City base: “…” Yan Jing Ze’s mouth is really sweet, which is too good at coaxing people!


He looks good, strong too, and so good at coaxing people. Undoubtedly no one can refuse him.


Zhou Wenxiu really softened suddenly: “I also only like you.”


Yan Jing Ze said: “The reason I’m more concerned about her is because her ability is very special.”


“Ability?” Zhou Wenxiu was a little surprised. He didn’t feel any psychic energy in this girl.


“Yes, this woman’s psychic ability is very special,” Yan Jing Ze said.


“She’s just not awakened right now,” Yan Jing Ze said.


“My daughter can awaken psychic abilities?” The middle-aged man got excited.


“Yes.” Yan Jing Ze said, “If you two are willing to join us and work for us, I can help your daughter awaken her psychic abilities.”


“We are willing!” the middle-aged man said without hesitation, such a strong team, who doesn’t want to join! Not to mention that after joining, his daughter will have a chance to awaken the power!


“Then it’s a deal,” Yan Jing Ze said.


And at this time, the people of the S City base suddenly realized that something was wrong: “Wait… Young Master Yan, you can make people awaken their psychic abilities?”


Yan Jing Ze said: “Yes, I can make ordinary people awaken their supernatural abilities… did I not say that?”


Sun Mengda, Shao Guanqun: “You didn’t say…”


“Then I’m saying it now,” Yan Jing Ze said.


Sun Mengda and others: “……”


It’s such an important thing to be able to make ordinary people awaken their psychic abilities! Why do you say it so lightly?!


Yan Jing Ze watched them tangled up and added: “This is very troublesome. Isn’t it the top priority to kill the zombies? I won’t toss about this.”


It takes him a lot of time and energy to make ordinary people awaken the psychic ability, he has no time for the time being.


“Then this girl…”


“She is of the light element, the zombie’s nemesis,” Yan Jing Ze said. The light in this girl’s body was a white color he had never seen before, and it was also very bright, indicating that she had a strong talent.


It’s a pity that the world is gray everywhere… She might have been suppressed by the dark energy, unable to awaken.


“There is also the light element?” Sun Mengda was stunned.


“There is.” Yan Jing Ze said, “I think I’ll make a dish later, let her use her psychic ability on it, it should be more delicious. She can also heal injuries…”


In a world where there is dark energy everywhere, how happy is it to have a light psychic helping out?


Yan Jing Ze has already begun to imagine a better life in the future.


The girl was also excited. She thought she would become a plaything in order to survive. As a result… she could have a bright future?


“But I don’t have time to help her awaken her psychic abilities right now.” Yan Jing Ze said, “Let’s wait until tomorrow to talk about this… Next, don’t let anyone disturb us.”


As soon as Yan Jing Ze said this, Sun Mengda immediately took the people away and thoughtfully lowered the curtain of the tent.


Every time, after Yan Jing Ze uses his ability, Zhou Wenxiu is nervous, which makes him guess—although Yan Jing Ze has a strong power, the use of the power may be conditional, for example, it will hurt his body.


Afterward, he kept observing and confirmed this.


Yan Jing Ze didn’t do much work every day but he always looked tired. He was still sleeping during the day… His health was not very good.


It should also be related to his killing of zombies.


After discovering this incident, Sun Mengda took care of Yan Jing Ze with more dedication.


How admirable is it that Yan Jing Ze is still willing to follow them around and kill zombies despite his poor health! He definitely wants to provide him with the best living conditions possible.


If Yan Jing Ze knew what Sun Mengda thought, he would definitely feel wronged.


He is always tired just because he keeps exercising every night…


But that said, it is still very comfortable for someone to serve.


The original owner doesn’t like to work and likes to be served, and so does he.


But sometimes, he is still willing to ‘serve’ people.


The people who disturbed their two-person world left, Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “I haven’t finished what I just said… You want to thank me, shouldn’t you take some action?”


As he spoke, Yan Jing Ze started to move.


He was really unlucky! When he first crossed over, his body was too poor, and when he got a little better, he encountered one thing after another, and had to chase and kill zombies…


It’s been so long, the relationship between him and Zhou Wenxiu is still so pure!


Zhou Wenxiu: “…”


Yan Jing Ze… seems like he can’t bear it anymore.


Yan Jing Ze always likes to kiss him and touch him, he should be very interested in him, but the attributes of the two of them may not be suitable…


However, Yan Jing Ze wanted it, so he should satisfy him.


Zhou Wenxiu kissed him and said, “Tonight?”


“Good!” The corners of his mouth twitched again when he met Zhou Wenxiu’s aggressive gaze.


He and Zhou Wenxiu, he is afraid the attributes do not match.


But this is the person he loves… should he put up with it?


Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu looked at each other, they were a bit torn.


The psychics of the S City base have already begun to help Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu prepare a place to sleep at night.


Select the best room in the community and then move out all the original furniture. The water psychics will clean it again. Finally, the space psychic will take out the furniture and daily necessities used by Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu and arrange it…


Before Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu could finish agonizing, their room was already set up.


Soon, the evening came as well.


Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu went into the bedroom together.


After thinking about it, Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but propose, “Let’s take turns one at a time in the future?”


Zhou Wenxiu was a bit confused: “One at a time?”


“I can’t be the bottom all the time,” he said through clenched teeth.


Zhou Wenxiu said: “Wait, you don’t want to be below?”


“Of course!” Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate.


Zhou Wenxiu: “…” So what was he struggling with before?


Yan Jing Ze also realized that something was wrong: “You… want to be below?”


Zhou Wenxiu gave an affirmative look to Yan Jing Ze.


Yan Jing Ze: “……” So, what exactly was he struggling with before? Had he known it was like this… he could have done it even if he hadn’t exercised his body, ah!

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