BH (QT) 97 – Little White Face (25 – End)

Chapter Ninety-Seven – Little White Face (25 – End)


Last time Yan Jing Ze suddenly showed amazing strength, Zhou Wenxiu had a feeling that he had been cheated, and now he feels even more so.


Although Yan Jing Ze is very strong, he had a headache and fainted before he moved… Zhou Wenxiu always felt that his health was not good, so he treated him as a white jade bottle and carefully guarded him.


But last night, this white jade bottle ‘Pa Pa Pa Pa’ smashed him all night without stopping.


Zhou Wenxiu: “…”


When it comes to this, he is not annoyed, but he is a bit depressed.


He clearly remembered that this person had no muscles on his body at all. Why did he suddenly appear full of muscles?


Zhou Wenxiu was exhausted last night and had no time to say anything, but today, he got up early…


Zhou Wenxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “What is going on with your muscles?”


“I insist on exercising every night!” Yan Jing Ze said: “Also… you know, I have awakened psychic ability.” No matter what, he can’t lose to Zhou Wenxiu in terms of physical ability, so he was particularly ruthless when he did the exercise before!


Zhou Wenxiu: “…” This change is too great!

“Don’t you like it?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Zhou Wenxiu blushed, pushed him away, and got up.

Actually, he was not the one who did the hard work night, but he was a little uncomfortable… Yan Jing Ze’s technique is too bad!


No, Yan Jing Ze’s technique is not poor, he simply doesn’t have a technique at all!

When Yan Jing Ze saw Zhou Wenxiu got up, he immediately got up: “Wenxiu, wait, I’ll go cook for you right away.”


He is in a happy spirit, so Yan Jing Ze now especially wants to do something!


Zhou Wenxiu… saw that Yan Jing Ze was energetic and refreshed, he was too lazy to help. He just used his ability to burn the sheets.


After cleaning up all the traces that shouldn’t be in the house, Zhou Wenxiu entered the kitchen. He saw Yan Jing Ze quickly used the knife and cut the already washed ingredients neatly. Yan Jing Ze’s knife skills was much better than his.


It seems that there is no need for him…


Yan Jing Ze’s knife skills are indeed fast and good, after all, he has spiritual power. As long as he is willing, it is not difficult to cut all the ingredients to the same size.


After the cutting was finished, Yan Jing Ze started cooking in a frying pan which is very rare. Of course, he made the rest by himself, but Zhou Wenxiu made the fire.


Yan Jing Ze rarely fries and he often cooks directly in a pot, he is not good at frying—when he was at the base, he also used his spiritual strength to steal some cooking skills.


After a while, there were several colorful and flavorful meals on the table.


Zhou Wenxiu was still a little uncomfortable and he was immediately relieved after a bite of the dish.


Although Yan Jing Ze pretended to be weak and caused him to agonize for many days, and also suffered a little bit last night, the ending is still good…


“Wenxiu, eat more.” Yan Jing Ze put the good food into Zhou Wenxiu’s bowl. He also knew that he was a bit too much last night… Isn’t that happy!


Zhou Wenxiu glanced at him and continued to eat with his head buried. The physical exertion was so great that he was hungry last night.


At this moment, a knock on the door sounded.


Yan Jing Ze rushed to open the door.


Outside the door were Sun Mengda and Shao Guanqun, both of whom had things in their hands. As soon as they came in, they saw the food on the table and their mouths watered.


After drinking the soup made by Yan Jing Ze, they admired Yan Jing Ze’s craftsmanship to the core.


It’s a pity that they can’t always eat it.


And now… early in the morning, Yan Jing Ze actually cooked several dishes!


Zhou Wenxiu’s life is too comfortable!


“You guys came over for something?” Yan Jing Ze asked.


“Young Master Yan, we want to ask about your next plan…” Sun Mengda smiled and looked at Yan Jing Ze.


They haven’t been in contact with S City recently, but they hope that Yan Jing Ze can go there.


Now, several large bases in the country have been connected and are committed to killing all the zombies in their land.


“I will go to S City,” Yan Jing Ze said.


“Young Master Yan, many thanks!” Sun Mengda was a little touched and couldn’t wait to treat Yan Jing Ze better.


But Yan Jing Ze didn’t have time to care about them. He went to talk to Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, what do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll make it for you.”


“Anything is fine,” Zhou Wenxiu said.


“Sun Mengda brought a chicken. I will stew the chicken for you.” As he said this, Yan Jing Ze looked at Sun Mengda and others: “Let’s take a rest and leave this afternoon. Also, you call the girl from yesterday.”


The zombies have been killed. Everyone rested for a while and set off in the afternoon, there were no problems at all. Sun Mengda agreed without thinking. As for Yan Jing Ze asking the girl to come over… “Young Master Yan, you want to help her awaken her ability?”


Yan Jing Ze nodded.


“Can we watch?” Sun Mengda asked carefully.


Yan Jing Ze looked at him with a smirk: “You can watch it if you want.”


Of course, Sun Mengda wanted to see, but he didn’t see anything!


After that girl was brought in, Yan Jing Ze let her move around the living room by herself and left her alone, while he kept circling around Zhou Wenxiu.


The fruits they sent were all washed and cut by him and fed to Zhou Wenxiu.


Sun Mengda was dumbfounded.


What kind of a person is Yan Jing Ze in front of Zhou Wenxiu?


In fact, Yan Jing Ze has always been very good to Zhou Wenxiu, but previously, Yan Jing Ze was always lacking in energy. Zhou Wenxiu took care of Yan Jing Ze more…


Now that Yan Jing Ze is like a little wife moving around Zhou Wenxiu, Sun Mengda is not used to it.


Zhou Wenxiu felt it was normal since Yan Jing Ze did the same before… And he knew it now, Yan Jing Ze was in very good health.


At least at this moment, his body is very good.


On the contrary, although he didn’t show it, he was actually uncomfortable.


Yan Jing Ze has no skills at all! With no ointments, he is injured!


“Wenxiu, you lie down and have a rest.” Yan Jing Ze asked Zhou Wenxiu to rest on the recliner where he had been lying in the past few days, and said: “I’m going to stew the soup.”


Zhou Wenxiu said: “I’ll help you start the fire.”


“No, you can just lie down and let others set the fire for me.” Now that there are several people from the S City base nearby, there is no shortage of people to set the fire, why bother Zhou Wenxiu?




“If you don’t lie down, I’ll kiss you,” Yan Jing Ze said.


Zhou Wenxiu: “……” Quite a few people are here!


Zhou Wenxiu laid down on the recliner.


I have to admit that this recliner is really comfortable. After people lie down, they don’t want to get up…


Zhou Wenxiu lay down and Yan Jing Ze immediately looked at the others and made them stop making noise.


There was no movement from the others, but it was even quieter at this time. For a while, there was no sound in the room.


Yan Jing Ze put the chicken into the pot. The psychic from S City, who was particularly good at controlling the fire, was asked to help with the fire. Then his spiritual power wrapped around Zhou Wenxiu’s body, shoving the fire element into Zhou Wenxiu’s body while using his spiritual power to calm him down.


This would definitely make Zhou Wenxiu very comfortable… As expected, Zhou Wenxiu slowly fell asleep.


Of course, Yan Jing Ze did not forget to dissipate all the dark energy around the girl he called.


This world is full of dark energy but not much light energy. It took Yan Jing some work to grab some and stuff it into the girl’s body.


This girl is very talented, in fact, she has been on the verge of awakening abilities. It’s just that she is always exposed to dark energy and is suppressed… It is not difficult for her ability to awaken.


Yan Jing Ze is multi-tasking. Sun Mengda and the others want to see the awakening process, but they don’t know why.


Yan Jing Ze… didn’t do anything!


They watched him taking care of Zhou Wenxiu everywhere and the care made them jealous…


The young girl sitting next to Sun Mengda was also a little worried, not knowing what she should do right now.


Yesterday, Yan Jing Ze said that she could awaken the psychic ability, she was ecstatic. She also fantasized about her future life and did not fall asleep all night.


As a result, after being called here today, Yan Jing Ze only asked her to sit and didn’t let her do anything else.


The girl was at a loss.


Not knowing what to do, she suddenly felt something appeared in her body…


She has awakened her ability!


The girl was full of surprise and she was about to exclaim.


“Don’t speak,” Yan Jing Ze whispered and glanced at her.


An intimidating pressure pressed down on her, making her unable to speak. The girl nodded her head in a hurry, indicating that she knew.


Only then did Yan Jing Ze take back the spiritual power that was pressing her and look at her: “Here, use your psychic power.”


The girl’s father is a psychic and she also knows how to use her psychic powers. At this time, she stretched out her hand, and a ball of light appeared in her hand.


Other people’s psychic abilities are used to kill, but her psychic energy can be used to heal.


Yan Jing Ze has long discovered the usefulness of this energy, and today he especially let her awaken her psychic ability in advance, also to…


“Not bad,” Yan Jing praised.


The girl’s eyes lit up—she was naturally happy to be praised by such a handsome man.


“Use your psychic ability on Wenxiu.” Yan Jing Ze pointed to Zhou Wenxiu, who was still asleep – Zhou Wenxiu suffered a small injury last night, cough!


For the sake of his own happiness, it is better to heal early.


The young girl who has just awakened to the light psychic ability; “……”


Zhou Wenxiu didn’t know anything, he just felt refreshed when he woke up, and the discomfort on his body had completely disappeared.


Moreover, Yan Jing Ze has prepared a meal, waiting for him to eat.


This is simply a divine day!


Zhou Wenxiu sat down at the table. Two chicken legs were placed in the bowl, and the chicken wings were sent over soon…


“No need.” Zhou Wenxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze helplessly.


“I want you to have them,” Yan Jing Ze said. His family’s President, he really likes him more and more, can’t wait to give him all the good things.


Zhou Wenxiu gave half of the chicken legs and wings to Yan Jing Ze: “It’s delicious.”


Yan Jing Ze smiled and ate.


After eating, they left and went to S City.


They have more than 1,000 psychics and now they are no longer threatened by high-level zombies. Naturally, they walked very smoothly on the way back, which naturally made Sun Mengda and the others very happy.


In particular, because there is no need to help kill zombies, Yan Jing Ze, who had been lying motionless all day before, has become full of vitality…


If Yan Jing Ze knows the speculation of others, he will definitely refute it.


He is full of energy not because he didn’t kill zombies, but because he changed his exercise method at night… He used to work hard every night, how can he have the energy to run around the next day? It’s different now. His exercise tonight is very good, which makes him feel good the next day and feels energetic in everything.


Who is tired of lying around all day?


The energetic Yan Jing Ze has been running after Zhou Wenxiu.


Zhou Wenxiu: “……” This person is too much, right? Toss him every day and night, but also find a little girl every morning to help him treat him, and then continue to toss at night…


With so many people on the team, he wants a clean house every night… Don’t know how others think.


What does he want?


Yan Jing Ze just wants to have fun!


The end of the world has come, of course, they must have fun when they still have time!


Everyone walked all the way, and after half a month, they arrived in S City.


Some people with psychic abilities from the S City base went back ahead of time. Naturally, some people reported the matter of Yan Jing Ze, so that someone came over before they even arrived.


Those who came were all the top psychics in S City. When they came, Yan Jing Ze was cooking for Zhou Wenxiu.


As for Zhou Wenxiu… Zhou Wenxiu’s recent physical state is too good. His strength has no place to use, so he is currently sparring with two people, Sun Mengda and Shao Guanqun.


He alone, actually suppressed both of them…


“You are Yan Jing Ze? You’re too strong!” The person from S City said as soon as he saw Zhou Wenxiu.


Zhou Wenxiu: “…I am not Yan Jing Ze.”


“That’s Yan Jing Ze,” Sun Mengda said and pointed to Yan Jing Ze who was holding a spatula and wearing an apron not far away – Yan Jing Ze made a lot of delicious foods every day recently, and he was almost craving to death, but he couldn’t eat it.


How come Zhou Wenxiu’s life is so good!


The people from S City: “……”


Yan Jing Ze ate a meal and talked to the people from the S City base.


It concerns about the matter of life and death of human beings, so Yan Jing Ze didn’t hide anything and said everything he knew. He gave out the black meteorite condensed from the black energy he extracted from the zombies.


Such things can be sealed up now, but in the future… it is best to let them leave the planet.


In addition, Yan Jing Ze also agreed to the request of the people in the S City base—to go to various places to kill zombies.


Of course, he can also do things like helping people to awaken psychic abilities. He is willing to do these if he can.


Yan Jing Ze spent ten days in S City and his story has spread throughout the entire S City base.


This is the end of the world, mankind needs a hero, and Yan Jing Ze is the best choice.


Ten days later, the S City base pulled up a team, ready to follow Yan Jing Ze and go north.


This team, which brings together the strongest psychics in S City, as well as thousands of psychics from the University City base, and even the best of other professions, is definitely one of the strongest teams in this post-apocalyptic world.


The team was about to set off. Before leaving, Yan Jing Ze went to meet the person in charge of the S City base and the person in charge of the team that followed him.


“I’m looking for you guys because there are some things I want to say,” Yan Jing Ze said directly.


“Young Master Yan, whatever you have to say, just say it,” those people said one after another.


Yan Jing Ze smiled: “I am willing to kill zombies, willing to do these things, all because of Zhou Wenxiu. He wants to take care of it, so I will take care of it. If there is no Zhou Wenxiu, there will be no me.”


At the beginning, he didn’t know why he crossed over, but when he really crossed over, he knew the reason.


He came for Zhou Wenxiu.


He hoped that Zhou Wenxiu would go well and be safe, and he would try his best to do what Zhou Wenxiu wanted to do.


Yan Jing Ze said simply but the people in the S City base were all astonished.


They all attach great value to Yan Jing Ze and don’t care much about Zhou Wenxiu. After all, there is no second person like Yan Jing Ze in the world, but Zhou Wenxiu is different.


Some of the people present even moved a small thought, thinking that since Yan Jing Ze likes men, why not send him a few men similar to Zhou Wenxiu… In fact, they arranged for such a person in the team.


But now Yan Jing Ze says so…These people don’t dare to move crookedly.


Sun Mengda and the others were also a little embarrassed. They had great admiration for Yan Jing Ze, and when they saw him treating Zhou Wenxiu so well, they felt that Zhou Wenxiu was a bit unworthy.


Now, Yan Jing Ze is clearly telling them that Zhou Wenxiu is important, very, very important.


Yan Jing Ze also found some signs, so he said so, and then left.


He also wants to find his family’s Wenxiu!


Life at the base is much better than outside and the nightlife can be a little richer, he doesn’t want to waste time!


On the other side, Zhou Wenxiu was taking a shower.


He doesn’t know where Yan Jing Ze is, but one thing is for sure, in the evening, Yan Jing Ze will definitely toss him for a long time…


Well, he likes it too, otherwise, he won’t be in the bathroom.

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Poor Zhou Wenxiu had to bear with Yan Jing Ze’s poor bedroom skills. HAHAHAHA! XD

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