BH (QT) 98 – Little White Face (26 – Extra 1)

Chapter Ninety-Eight – Little White Face (26 – Extra 1)


B City Security Base is the largest security base in the country. In this security base, there are even 7 million people.


Because of the large population, many people in it don’t see zombies very much. Their lives are almost the same as before the end of the world—they go to work every morning, go home at night, and if they make money, they can buy something to eat and other daily necessities.


It’s just that in the past, people made money and spent half of the money on food, but now, most people use most of their income to buy food.


Even so, they are still suffering from a lack of food.


Zhou Haisheng is an ordinary survivor in the B City Security Base. He is busy every day and can only earn enough food for himself and his wife.


But he is not ordinary… Who does not know, before the end of the world, he, Zhou Haisheng, is one of the top wealthy people?


Unfortunately, the end of the world came, his wealth is now gone.


At this moment, the money before the end of the world has long been useless. But he used to be the big boss, the people who manage the base will give him more food.


However, he, more or less, still got a little benefit.


He had several houses in B City before the end of the world, some of which were occupied long ago, but he also left a set for him to live. He did not have to be like those who came to B City later, because of the lack of places to live, a family can only squeeze in one room.


In addition, his years of experience in managing companies have also allowed him to find a decent job.


Ordinary people like him who are already in their fifties are mostly unable to find a job in the safe zone. They can only live with the minimum support and do not have enough food to eat. However, he has a job that can at least feed him and his wife.


His wife took a few more jobs to help people look after the children, and their family can save some contribution points.


After a day of work, Zhou Haisheng was a little tired.


His work does not require physical strength but it is very tedious and troublesome to do. The most important thing is… the world has changed suddenly and the hierarchy is disrupted. There are people who were a world away from him in the past but now they are more powerful than him, so they always come to show off their prestige in front of him.


This is also human nature, so Zhou Haisheng can still look away, but there are too many such people and it disturbs his work.


On the way home, Zhou Haisheng went to the nearby canteen where food was distributed uniformly and bought six C-class set meals.


Ordinary cafeterias only serve set meals. The set meals are divided into four types. Class A’s staple food is white noodles or rice and it is accompanied by good dishes. Class B is not so good, and Class C is even worse. Generally, it is a pancake of coarse grains mixed with vegetables. As for D… D is also a pancake with coarse grain mixed with vegetables, but the grain is worse than C, and the vegetables inside are also old and bitter.


Those who are on the base receiving low income are limited to two D sets per day.


Today’s C package as usual is the pancake, the pancake is not sold one by one, but according to the amount weighed. Zhou Haisheng said the amount and they weighed it for him.


Zhou Haisheng took out a thermos bucket to put the pancakes in and only then did he head home.


These six packages are food for him and his wife tonight, as well as for tomorrow morning and tomorrow noon.


Their family income is not bad and there is a balance in the contribution points on hand, but he and his wife have not spent much money and saved a lot.


When Zhou Haisheng arrived home, he saw a young man with two children leaving from his house. When he saw him, the man nodded towards him.


Many people in the base are very busy and don’t have time to take care of their children, so they will give a little contribution point and let others help with them.


Those who can afford the money, of course, have to choose a better person to help with their children. At least those who don’t even have a good place to live and don’t have enough food will not have a chance to find such a job.


Mrs. Zhou is different.


Although her family is now in decline, she has a house and there is no shortage of food and drink. The most important thing is that she is proficient in several foreign languages, has several musical instruments, has a good temper, and can teach children… Bring the children to her, everyone is assured.


And Mrs. Zhou subsidized the household more or less by helping people with their children.


When Zhou Haisheng entered the house, he saw his wife dressed in clean clothes and was arranging the table and chairs.


Although the end of the world came, Mrs. Zhou is still very particular about her clothing and even paints light makeup, saying that she is in a good mood when she looks at it like this.


Zhou Haisheng really felt better when he saw his wife.


The two took out the pancakes, divided them into six portions, took two of them and put them on a western plate. Mrs. Zhou poured two glasses of water and put them next to each other.


After such a toss, the unpalatable pancakes became less difficult to swallow.


The old couple sat opposite each other and ate, talking while eating, talking about all the things they encountered today.


Zhou Haisheng said: “I heard that a very powerful person appeared in the south, killing a large number of zombies… Various bases are also killing zombies. Maybe in a few years, all zombies will be killed.”


Madam Zhou’s movements stopped: “It would be great if it were really so…”


Zhou Haisheng nodded.


Mrs. Zhou said again: “If the zombies are gone, can we go to Wenxiu?”


Zhou Haisheng’s husband and wife were lucky, neither of them became zombies when the end of the world came.


Instead, their nanny turned into a zombie and kept knocking on the door frantically… If it was their relatives, they might open the door, but it was the nanny… The nanny suddenly knocked on the door of their room and did not answer when they talked to her… Zhou Haisheng and his wife naturally did not dare to open the door.


Later, when they knew what was going on with the zombies, they didn’t even dare to open the door.


At that time, the zombies were not strong. The nanny turned into a zombie, knocked on the door for several days, and did not break the soundproof door of their house. Later…the army came to rescue people.


They are lucky to live in this big city and have the military to save them. The only thing they have been worried about all this time is that their son is not doing well.


H City is over there but there is no army!


Their son is so far away and they don’t know how he is doing…


Although they know that the mortality rate outside is high, but as long as they do not get the definite news, Zhou Haisheng and his wife are convinced that their son is alive.


It is precisely because of this belief that they do not spend all their contribution points like others do, but save them.


In the future, their son will come back and they can always give him some family money.


When it comes to their son, both husband and wife are silent and continue to eat in silence.


This is the house that they lived in before the end of the world.


In fact, in this city, they have a bigger and better house, but this house has a good location and they have been living in it for a long time. Fortunately, they live in this small house. If they really live in the villa, they will probably be driven out long ago.


After eating the pancakes, Mrs. Zhou took the plates and went to wash them.


The water and electricity of the B City Security base have been reconnected. The electricity is limited and the price of electricity is still very expensive… This is also cannot be helped now that the energy is insufficient.


After eating, the couple turned on a small light in the bedroom and got together to read a book.


Watching TV costs electricity, and now there is nothing to watch, they usually read a book at night.


Before the end of the world, they bought a lot of books and they have never had time to read them, but now they have read almost all of them.


While reading, there was a knock on the door suddenly.


Both Zhou Haisheng and his wife froze, and both were a little scared.


The end of the world has come and there will be more criminals. Although their security zone is strictly controlled, there are still hungry people who take risks from time to time.


There are still some people who can’t stand too much stimulation and became crazy, so they can do anything.


Someone knocked on the door in the middle of the night, they couldn’t help but be a little scared.


“Is this the place where Zhou Haisheng lives?” a little trembling voice sounded.


Zhou Haisheng, who was originally very worried, heard this voice and his body trembled, and Mrs. Zhou even threw the book in her hand: “This is Wenxiu’s voice, it’s Wenxiu’s voice, right?”


Before Mrs. Zhou could finish her sentence, Zhou Haisheng had already rushed out: “Wenxiu? Is it Wenxiu?”


“Dad, it’s me!” Outside the door, Zhou Wenxiu heard his father’s voice and also got excited.


Zhou Wenxiu and Yan Jing Ze left the large army and came here early.


Zhou Wenxiu can still be calm when he was not close to B City, but he couldn’t calm down when he approached the B City Security Base.


Just at this time, the person who came to pick them up from B City Security Base arrived and told them some things about B City Security Base.


Knowing that his home was placed in a safe zone and learned that in this general situation, he can keep his house… Zhou Wenxiu is unable to stay at all.


Seeing this, Yan Jing Ze simply asked for passes from those who came to pick them up in B City, and then left the large army and brought Zhou Wenxiu to the B City security base in advance.


They arrived late in the evening, so when they found Zhou Wenxiu’s home, it was already dark.


Zhou Wenxiu was afraid of going home and hearing bad news. He didn’t dare knock on the door at first, but he still knocked, and when he heard Zhou Haisheng’s voice, Zhou Wenxiu was even more choked up: “Dad…”


Zhou Haisheng had already rushed to open the door. At the same time, Madam Zhou also rushed out of the room: “Wenxiu!”


As soon as Zhou Wenxiu entered the door, he was hugged by his father, followed by Madam Zhou who also rushed out. The three of them hugged and cried loudly.


Yan Jing Ze followed Zhou Wenxiu and entered the door. He closed the door thoughtfully, standing by and watching the family of three reunited.


The three cried for a long time before they finally stopped.


“Wenxiu, it’s good that you’re okay…” Mrs. Zhou grabbed Zhou Wenxiu and couldn’t stop looking at him: “Aren’t you in H City? How come you’re back? It’s so far away…”


“I…” Zhou Wenxiu didn’t say anything, but Yan Jing Ze interrupted: “Dad, mom, Wenxiu has been thinking about you all the time. He wanted to come to you a long time ago. This time there was a team coming over, so we came together. ”


Only then did Zhou Haisheng and Mrs. Zhou notice Yan Jing Ze.


The lights were not on and they could not see the appearance of Yan Jing Ze, but they heard what Yan Jing Ze said, so they were a little confused. Why did this person call them ‘Mom and Dad’?


At this moment, Zhou Haisheng turned on the lights in the living room.


Their son is back, for such an important matter, he doesn’t care about the electricity bill!


Before the end of the world, Zhou Haisheng was actually a little fat. Not only was he fat, his blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure were also a little high.


He worked too hard in his early years of business and his body was damaged.


But for more than a year since the end of the world, Zhou Haisheng has lost weight. Not only has he lost weight, but now his blood sugar is much better.


After all, there has been not enough to eat.


Of course, they are always short of food and lack of meat, which is not good for their health… Zhou Haisheng and Madam Zhou looked a lot older.


But Zhou Wenxiu is different.


When Zhou Wenxiu was a leader at the H City base before, he had to do a lot of things and worked very hard. In fact, he looked much more mature than before the end of the world and his face was a little more weathered.


But recently he has changed.


Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu left S City with a team of several thousand people, these thousands of people are still committed to letting them live comfortably…


They had delicious food at every meal!


Yan Jing Ze has also been helping Zhou Wenxiu to improve his abilities, and let the little girl with the light type ability throw light balls at Zhou Wenxiu every day.


That little girl has the light psychic ability. In the post-apocalyptic world, she is still white and beautiful. Zhou Wenxiu who was always thrown with light balls also slowly turned white…


In addition, since Zhou Wenxiu was born, in fact, he values his own image very much. When living conditions are difficult, he has no time to take care of it. When living conditions are good, he has time to take care of it.


At this moment, Zhou Wenxiu’s appearance was exactly the same as before the end of the world, and the ruddy complexion made people know that he was doing well.


When they saw such a son, Zhou Haisheng and Mrs. Zhou were overjoyed.


However, although Zhou Wenxiu’s appearance is good, compared with Yan Jing Ze, he is just ordinary.


When they saw Yan Jing Ze, Zhou Haisheng and Mrs. Zhou were stunned – this man is too good-looking, right!


Before the end of the world, they have seen all kinds of stars. But someone like Yan Jing Ze, such a good-looking person, is rarely seen, let alone this is in the end of the world!


Looking at Yan Jing Ze’s white and tender skin, it is obvious that he has not eaten any bitterness. Who is this person?


Zhou Haisheng and Madam Zhou looked at Yan Jing Ze puzzledly.


Zhou Wenxiu was going to introduce Yan Jing Ze when Yan Jing Ze spoke first, “Dad, Mom, I’m Wenxiu’s boyfriend.”


They were called Dad and Mom again… Zhou Haisheng and Mrs. Zhou felt particularly uncomfortable!


They once dreamed of their son coming back, marrying a daughter-in-law, and living a good life here, but always felt that dream was very unrealistic and even vaguely felt that their son might not come back.


As a result… their son is back!


Their son came back not to mention that he even brought a daughter-in-law back!


It’s just that, this daughter-in-law’s gender is not quite right.


If it was before the end of the world, if his excellent son brought a man back, Zhou Haisheng would be angry to death, but now…


Their company is gone. Giving birth to a child these days, it is not necessarily a good thing for the child. Since this is the case, what difference does it make if the son is looking for a man or a woman?


Zhou Haisheng froze, then looked at Yan Jing Ze and smiled, “So you’re Wenxiu’s boyfriend, so handsome.”


Mrs. Zhou even said, “Alas, you came all the way here, there is nothing I can entertain on my side… I’ll go get you something to drink.”


Zhou Haisheng’s collection of wine before the end of the world, the couple have not touched it. Mrs. Zhou bought health products before the end of the world, she also saved it. This time, Mrs. Zhou went to the kitchen to take the wine out, but also stewed on the bird’s nest. After thinking about it, she called Zhou Haisheng to go out to buy food—for everyone’s convenience, the cafeteria is also open at night.


In fact, they still have food at home, but the pancakes are too rough. Now they just want to go and buy the best Class A meal set for their children.


“There is no need to buy food. I have not finished the meal I cooked this morning,” Yan Jing Ze said. When he came out, he thought it would be evening when he arrived here. Thinking that there might be no place to eat dinner, when he left, he brought the food he had made.


For convenience, what Yan Jing Ze made to eat was egg fried rice and meat buns, which were placed in the bag he brought.


The food is already cold, but Zhou Wenxiu has fire powers, just heat it up and they can eat it right away.


While saying that, Yan Jing Ze was already taking out the fried rice and meat buns: “Wenxiu, you come and heat it up.”


Zhou Wenxiu used his fire ability and immediately heated up the food.


When Zhou Haisheng and his wife saw this scene, they were indescribably happy. Their son had already awakened his abilities, no wonder he could come back!


What a blessing from God!


And when they and Yan Jing Ze sat down together, they started eating…


This is too delicious. Since the arrival of the end of the world, they have not eaten such delicious food!


Their son really found a good match! Not only is he handsome, but he’s also such a good cook!


Zhou Haisheng and his wife couldn’t help liking Yan Jing Ze very much instantly. In addition, Yan Jing Ze had a very sweet mouth. He kept calling them ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ all the time. In a very short time, they accepted the fact that their son had found a boyfriend.


And at this time, the people of B City Security Base have been anxious – where did Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wen Xiu run off to?

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