BH (QT) 99 – Little White Face (27 – Extra 2)

Chapter Ninety-Nine – Little White Face (27 – Extra 2)


Yan Jing Ze was trying to please the old couple, telling them about Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu is amazing. He is the president of our University City base in H City. When the end of the world came, he awakened the fire psychic ability and saved his classmates…”


“I used to study in the University City but I was not in the same school as him. My school was worse… So, I admired him very much back then!”


“When the end times came, I was trapped at home and almost starved to death. It was Wenxiu who saved me.”



Yan Jing Ze praised Zhou Wenxiu over and over again.


Zhou Wenxiu was a little embarrassed and a little happy—Yan Jing Ze actually noticed him before the end of the world? No wonder Yan Jing Ze confessed to him as soon as he returned to the base!


It’s a pity that the two of them wasted a lot of time… It was all because of a misunderstanding!


Yan Jing Ze definitely felt that he was incompatible with his attributes and avoided him at the beginning.


Yan Jing Ze is really good at coaxing women! In a short time, he coaxed Mrs. Zhou into treating him like her own son.


Zhou Haisheng looked at his son: “Since you are living a good life in H City, why did you come all the way here? What if you encounter danger on the way?”


The people in their B City base are relatively stable, especially ordinary people who don’t need to go out of the city. Apart from the lack of living materials and food, at least they don’t need to face zombies.


But even so, they know it’s dangerous out there.


Recently, there has been a lot of news, among them it is mentioned all the time that zombies have been getting stronger.


His son came all the way from H City, he doesn’t know how much he has suffered.


Zhou Haisheng thought so and then looked at his son’s smooth face again. Well, his son should not have suffered.


“We came with the big army. Dad, have you heard? A very strong person came from the S City base,” Zhou Wenxiu’s eyes were a little bright when he mentioned this incident.


That very strong person is his partner!


“I heard. I heard that there was a person from the south who could kill thousands of zombies with a wave of his hand. He was extraordinarily powerful! Did you follow him? No wonder you didn’t suffer much,” Zhou Haisheng said.


Zhou Wenxiu said: “We didn’t follow him…” Yan Jing Ze was that person!


Zhou Haisheng is confused. His son just said that they followed the army, why now say that they did not?


At this time, the door of their home was knocked on again.


This time, when he heard the knock, Zhou Haisheng was not afraid, his son was there, his son is also a psychic.


“May I ask if Mr. Zhou Haisheng is here?” someone shouted courteously outside the door—this door was quite good, no one inside could hear anything unless they shouted.


“I’m here,” Zhou Haisheng said, went to the door, and looked out through the cat’s eye. He froze when he first saw it – there were several young men in military uniforms standing outside.


“May I ask if your son has returned?” the man asked again.


Zhou Haisheng did not say anything. His son just came back and someone came to the door for his son. His son should not have committed a crime outside, right?


“Mr. Zhou?” The person outside the door shouted again.


Zhou Wenxiu opened the door directly.


“Wenxiu you…” Zhou Haisheng was a little anxious. He didn’t know why these people were here. Why did his son open the door?!


Just as he was worried, Zhou Haisheng saw the man at the door salute towards his son and said in surprise, “Good day, Admiral Zhou!” Finding Zhou Wenxiu is equivalent to finding Yan Jing Ze… They’re really here!


Zhou Haisheng: “???” What happened? These people actually called his son Admiral?


Zhou Wenxiu moved out of the way, “Come in, you guys.”


The people outside immediately came in and said while coming in, “Admiral Zhou, I am very sorry that our base did not take care of your family. You can rest assured that they can get the best treatment in the future…”


These people are respectful.


Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu went north this time. They don’t know how many zombies were killed and how many safe bases they saved.


Recently the zombies are getting stronger and stronger and many security bases are attacked by high-level zombies. Even if the zombie siege is rare, but high-level zombies go into the base to steal people to eat when they are hungry, it happens almost everywhere!


But since the appearance of Yan Jing Ze, such things have been stopped.


Everywhere he goes, Yan Jing Ze will take out the stones he condensed with dark energy and put them together.


Then all the mid-level and high-level zombies nearby will be lured over, and once they come over, they will die at the hands of Yan Jing Ze.


Without the threat of mid-level and high-level zombies, the people in various nearby security bases would be able to live their lives properly.


On the side of the B City security base, it was immediately decided to give Yan Jing Ze a military rank.


But Yan Jing Ze didn’t want it. He said that his hobby was to be raised by others and he didn’t want to be too tired, so he didn’t want a military rank… In the end, this military rank went to Zhou Wenxiu.


Of course, Zhou Wenxiu himself also deserves it.


This whole journey, Yan Jing Ze has been killing zombies and so has he.


On the side of B City Security base, they have long received the video of Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu killing zombies. But communication is inconvenient in the apocalypse and Yan Jing Ze and their teams often change routes. The two sides have not communicated properly and they also did not take care of Zhou Wenxiu’s family in advance.


“Thank you. My parents are fine, I’m really grateful,” Zhou Wenxiu said. The B City base really did a much better job than he did. His parents are not young and have no psychic abilities, yet they still manage to live well in their own house.


“Admiral Zhou seriously, this is our mistake in the end…” The leader of the group took another look at Yan Jing Ze not far away: “Admiral Zhou, do you and Sir Yan plan to live here?”


“Yes,” Zhou Wenshu said. This is his home before the end of the world, although he knows that the base can arrange a better place for him to live, he still likes to live here.


“No problem, we will arrange your security personnel immediately, and we will send your daily supplies right away,” the man said again.


Zhou Wenxiu said a few more words to him, and he left.


Only when he was gone did Zhou Haisheng look at his son, “Wenxiu, what’s going on here?”


“Dad, Jing Ze is the one who is very good at killing zombies,” Zhou Wenxiu said.


Zhou Haisheng turned his head abruptly and saw Yan Jing Ze flashing a bright smile towards him: “Dad, I have a little skill…”


Zhou Haisheng: “…” Is this a ‘little skill’?


Zhou Haisheng and Madam Zhou were dumbfounded.


When Yan Jing Ze spoke before, he had been praising Zhou Wenxiu, and even said that Zhou Wenxiu had saved him. They always thought that Yan Jing Ze was not so good but as a result…


Previously, it was Yan Jing Ze who was praising Zhou Wenxiu, and then it turned the other way around.


Zhou Wenxiu began to say things about Yan Jing Ze.


Zhou Haisheng and his wife were dumbfounded. Later, Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu went to rest, and they were still dumbfounded.


What happened this evening was too incredible for them!


Zhou Haisheng and Mrs. Zhou didn’t sleep all night, and early in the morning, they met the people who came to deliver something again.


There were quite a few people who came here, all of them with psychic abilities. Among them are those who have only been heard of—the space psychics they have never seen before.


The space psychics started to put all kinds of things on the ground as soon as they arrived, and they had everything from food to other daily necessities.


These things, Zhou Haisheng and his wife will never lack before the end of the world, but since the end of the world, they have not seen it.


Not to mention, that good pork…


Before the end of the world, Zhou Haisheng and his wife will not put it in their eyes.  But now, looking at the fat pork, they are almost drooling!


The space psychic put down his things and left, but other psychics stayed behind, and some people began to help organize the ingredients.


How can a psychic do such a thing! The old couple were not used to it but Yan Jing Ze came out… and then another psychic burned the fire and asked Yan Jing Ze to cook.


Zhou Haisheng and his wife: “???” Psychics also do this kind of thing?


All right. People with psychic abilities do this kind of thing, it is not much… Yan Jing Ze is cooking!


They were watching in amazement when they saw another 17 or 18-year-old, extraordinarily beautiful-looking female psychic, throwing a ball of light at Yan Jing Ze.


“No need to throw for me, throw a few for my parents,” Yan Jing Ze said.


That female psychic’s ball of light was immediately thrown at Zhou Wenxius’s parents.


Zhou Wenxiu’s parents only felt soothed and comfortable for a while.


When Yan Jing Ze saw them like this, he smiled and greeted them.


Father Zhou and Mother Zhou are quite good. The original owner’s parents are also quite good, but unfortunately, when he crossed over, the original owner’s family has long been gone.


Yan Jing Ze made the meal before Zhou Wenxiu came out of the room.


He was too happy to see his parents yesterday and took the initiative a little at night. Yan Jing Ze also learned that his home is well soundproofed…


When they finished, it’s already morning.


He did not want to sleep and intended to get up, but Yan Jing Ze used his ability, so he fell asleep again and only now got up.


Forget it, Yan Jing Ze wants him to rest, so he should rest! Who doesn’t want to be a grandfather who lives a comfortable life?


Zhou Wenxiu sat at the table, waiting to eat, and then was pinched by his own father: “Why don’t you go and help?”


How can you let your wife cook and just sit by yourself?


“Dad, I don’t need Wenxiu’s help, I’ll do it.” Yan Jing Ze was particularly virtuous, and at the same time, the light psychic’s light ball was accurately thrown on Zhou Wenxiu.


Zhou Haisheng: “…” His son’s life is too comfortable!


Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu ate breakfast and went out. Someone sent Zhou Haisheng two new ID cards, one for him and one for his wife which will be credited with a large amount of contribution points every day.


Not only that, they also arranged two easy jobs for Zhou Haisheng and his wife. This job gave very little contribution points but it allowed people to do things and kill time.


Zhou Haisheng thought that after the end of the world came, he probably wouldn’t be able to turn over, but in the blink of an eye, he actually turned over again.


Putting away his identity card, Zhou Haisheng intended to make a trip to his place of work to resign.


When Zhou Haisheng arrived at his place of work, he was much later than usual and was already late.


So as soon as he arrived, someone said, “Do you know what time it is? Do you still want the job after coming so late?”


Another person said, “Do you think this is still before the end of the world, everyone is accommodating you? In the future, if you are late again, don’t come!”


Zhou Haisheng was a bit speechless.


These two people who said he was late have always been late, but he, because of strong perseverance, has never been late.


But he was too lazy to bother with people: “I came here to resign today.”


When Zhou Haisheng said he was going to resign, these people were all taken aback.


Their job is pretty good in the last days, Zhou Haisheng actually wants to resign?


Is he crazy?


These people looked at Zhou Haisheng with disbelief.


Before the end of the world, none of them had any money like Zhou Haisheng. Now they have a sense of superiority working with Zhou Haisheng, so much so that hearing Zhou Haisheng is leaving, they are a little bit reluctant to let him go.


“Old Zhou, this job is pretty good, what a shame to quit?” a person who has a good relationship with Zhou Haisheng said.


Those few people who always had opinions about Zhou Haisheng in the past were more or less embarrassed, and someone else said, “What time is this, do you want to disregard the source of food of your family because you are a little angry?”


Zhou Haisheng smiled: “My son is back, there is no shortage of contribution points at home now, so I want to resign.”


“Your son is back?” Someone was surprised and asked again, “He’s a psychic now?”


Zhou Haisheng nodded.


“Then your days will be better! But you don’t have to quit your job. Isn’t it good to earn more money to subsidize the family?” Some people here also have family members who are psychics, even relying on psychics to get this work.


But even so, everyone is still working… Low-level psychics can’t earn much, stronger psychics go out in the field and it is possible to encounter danger.


“My son is successful and doesn’t need my subsidy.”


A person who had a bad relationship with Zhou Haisheng curled his lips: “No matter how promising he is, it’s not good for you to take your son’s like this unless your son is that successful!”


As this man spoke, he pointed to the promotional screen at their workplace.


On that screen, the scene of Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu coming to the base in B City is now playing. The host is still introducing Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu hoarsely, and inserting some videos of them killing zombies.


Of course, Yan Jing Ze discovered the secret of psychic power, found the light psychic ability, and so on, other things were also told one by one.


The people here in B City have long known that a strong psychic has come from the south, and now they have seen it with their own eyes…The people working with Zhou Haisheng are all very excited.


Zhou Haisheng suddenly said, “That Zhou Wenxiu is my son.”


The office suddenly became quiet.


Zhou Haisheng said again: “Yan Jing Ze is my son’s boyfriend.”


People in the office: “…” Before the end of the world, all of them were jealous of Zhou Haisheng. After the end of the world, they finally became psychologically balanced, and as a result, something like this popped up…


They are jealous again!


No matter what these people thought, the propaganda about Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu started overwhelmingly at the B City security base.


The two of them, however, cannot stay here for long.


There are still a lot of zombies out there. After they rest for a few days here, they will have to set out with more people to kill the zombies.


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