BH (QT) 100 – Little White Face (28 – Extra 3)

Chapter One Hundred – Little White Face (28 – Extra 3)


Although it is already March, the northernmost part of the country is still cold.


A group of psychics wrapped up tightly in their clothes, walking slowly in the snow with one foot deep and one foot shallow.


They have had a hard time this winter.


In the middle of winter, many zombies were frozen and did not come to attack them at all, but because of lack of heating, a lot of people froze to death.


“It’s too cold…”


“Thanks to the cold, all the zombies we have here are frozen, otherwise…”


“Alas, let’s not talk about this. In this cold day, we cannot drive cars, where do we go to find food?”



Before the end of the world, when it snows, someone should spread salt on the road to prevent the road from being frozen.


But this is the end of the world.


In the past, when they were stable, they complained about this and that all day long, and felt that their job was difficult, and their life was hard. But now that the end of the world has come, they realize that the past is a fairy life.


The hot pork stewed vermicelli, the fragrant fish stewed, and the white dough steamed buns… They just think about it and their saliva can’t stop running down.


But they are not miserable here, anyway, the zombies here are frozen, right?


“Should we melt a hole in the ice to catch fish?” a fire psychic suggested.


The others agreed, and just as they were saying that, the wind psychic in the group suddenly said, “There are zombies coming!”


As soon as the wind psychic’s words fell, they saw dozens of walkers of all heights, both male and female, running towards them.


Ordinary zombies are inconvenient to move even if they are not frozen in winter, but these zombies are not affected at all, they actually beat them back again and again.


One of them, who was careless, was also grabbed by a zombie and was bitten on the neck.


“No!” these psychics cried out in alarm.


They also want to escape but the speed of these zombies is too fast. They can still block these zombies by using their powers head-on, but if they turn around and run away… these zombies will definitely pounce on them from behind and bite them to death.


“Old Zhao, we’ll stop the zombies, you go back and report the news!” one of the psychics said. The one called Old Zhao is a wind psychic, among them, he is the only one who can escape.


As he said that, this psychic also wanted to kill their comrade who had been bitten on the neck – he couldn’t just stand by and watch this comrade turn into a zombie.


Old Zhao answered with tears in his eyes and was about to run away, but at that moment, they suddenly felt a heavy pressure on their bodies. Something was pressing over them, making them unable to move.


Is this a zombie’s move?


These people are thinking so and they saw the zombies in front of them, all fell down…


At the same time, a motorcycle came from a short distance.


There were two people wearing helmets and mink coats sitting in the motorcycle. Seeing them, the two men turned over from the motorcycle. At the same time, the huge pressure pressing them also suddenly disappeared.


“You saved us? Thank you!” The leader of the psychics said, and then he saw the man who was driving the motorcycle just now, take off the helmet on his head.


It was a handsome young man, and as soon as he took off his helmet, he said, “You’re welcome.”


And at this time, another man also took off his helmet.


It was a much more handsome young man. He stood beside the psychic who was bitten in his neck, and after looking at it, he said, “He can still be saved.”


Can still be saved? The leader of the group was confused, and at that moment, the wind psychic informed again, “There is a large group coming.”


There is indeed a large group of people coming.


Thousands of psychics swarmed around the two young men who came first. These people also pulled out a young girl, and then the young girl threw a few light balls towards their comrade who was bitten on the neck. The wound on their comrades’ neck surprisingly healed…


This was just the beginning.


These people followed them to the base, and that’s when they realized that these were the people sent by the country!


In a large force of several thousands of psychics, the earth psychics helped them build their houses. The water and fire psychics cooperated, boiling hot water and making a warm house so that those dirty people in their base could comfortably take a bath, clean up and get less sick. Their wounded were also treated…


The center of this group, the man named Yan Jing Ze, also directed these people to find a warehouse full of grain nearby, so that they would no longer lack food.


These people only stayed at their base for one day, but after a day, the lives of the people on their base have undergone earth-shaking changes.


They have also been registered and a large base will contact them in the future!


The most amazing thing is that because they are relatively cold here, they think it’s best to have a few fire psychics in their base to help keep warm. The person named Yan Jing Ze pointed out dozens of people from their base and took out a piece of fire-red stone and placed it among them…


One night passed and dozens of fire psychics were added to their base.


This Yan Jing Ze is simply their benefactor of reconstruction!


When Yan Jing Ze left, the earth psychics of this base had already made a statue for Yan Jing Ze at the gate of the base.


Such things happen in various places.


For the next ten years, Yan Jing Ze was running around to help various bases.


Slowly, there are fewer and fewer zombies…


It’s been 20 years since Yan Jing Ze came to this world. The end of the world is over, new communication equipment is activated, and the Internet is reopened. People scattered in various places finally live a relatively stable life.


Yan Jing Ze was followed by a large group of people for 20 years, and finally, he was free. He put on a mask and sunglasses, and wandered around the security base in B City alone.


Wandering around, he saw a group of people talking about him.


“Why isn’t Sir Yan a candidate in this election for Prime Minister? I want to elect him!”


“Didn’t Sir Yan say that he wants to rest afterward?”


“It’s actually nothing, isn’t a vote for Sir Zhou the same as a vote for Sir Yan?”


“That’s right! I heard that Sir Yan was very weak when he first awakened his abilities. If it weren’t for Sir Zhou, he wouldn’t have survived.”


“Sir Yan likes Sir Zhou the most!”




Yan Jing Ze walked away slowly with his hands behind his back.


Zhou Wenxiu is a person who likes to do things and wants to do more for this country. The previous leaders of the older generation have been very devoted to cultivating him.


Zhou Wenxiu will become the leader of this country reborn in the ruins, there is no doubt about that.


As for him…


One day, when people were online, they suddenly saw a live broadcast room on a certain platform.


Among the many live streams such as “Fire Psychic Teaches You to Cook”, “The Wonderful Use of Earth Ability in Building Houses”, “Wind Love – Wind Psychic Leads You to Parkour” etc., a live stream named “Yan Jing Ze’s Live Broadcast” is really striking.


Who is Yan Jing Ze? This is the guy they privately call the Savior! How dare someone use him to become popular…


All those who saw this live stream immediately clicked in, intending to scold the anchor and make him cancel his account.


As a result, as soon as they entered, they saw Yan Jing Ze.


The living Yan Jing Ze.


Although he is already in his early forties, Yan Jing Ze is still so handsome… The people who originally wanted to scold someone, when they saw the person smiling inside, they were charmed and forgot everything.


“I have nothing to do, so I picked up my old job before the end of the world and became an anchor. I hope everyone likes it,” Yan Jing Ze said with a smile.


“Love love love it! Definitely love ahhhhhhhh!”


“Love you for 10,000 years!”


“My whole family loves you!”


“Mom, come and see Jing Ze!”




Yan Jing Ze said again: “I will share the cultivation method of psychic powers here in the future. Some people are curious about why I am so strong. I can also share it… Don’t worry, I will release the video after the live broadcast. You can watch it repeatedly.”


The dense gift pop-ups instantly covered the face of Yan Jing Ze.


“My Sir Yan’s handsome face can’t be covered, turn it all off turn it off!” Almost all of them, in the next second, chose to turn off the pop-ups and gift reminders.


Nothing can stop them from looking at Yan Jing Ze!


Unfortunately, the beauty and prosperity of the world is not theirs…


Alas! Although General Zhou is the most powerful person, he can turn several top powerhouses by himself, and he has the ability and wrist, but he seems to be a bit of an alpha male. He probably doesn’t know how to spoil someone!


Sir Yan is such a powerful person, he is willing to let him cook…


Everyone was thinking about this and suddenly they heard Zhou Wenxiu’s roar: “Yan Jing Ze!”


Before Yan Jing Ze could say anything, Zhou Wenxiu had already come in and said with a red face, “Yan Jing Ze! How dare you leave marks on my neck!” He went to the meeting today and everyone was staring at him, he was especially embarrassed!


Yan Jing Ze blinked, his face was full of innocence.


“You don’t stop early and stay late, why do it today.” Zhou Wenxiu was full of irritation just now, but seeing Yan Jing Ze’s face, he couldn’t get angry anymore: “Many people looked at me meaningfully. They asked me if you are very enthusiastic… You… Today’s meeting will be on TV!”


“Actually, I have always left marks on your neck…” Yan Jing Ze said.


“What?” Zhou Wenxiu was dumbfounded.


“But before you get up every morning, someone throws light balls at you, so it will soon disappear…” Yan Jing Ze said. He doesn’t know if it’s because of too much exposure to light powers, Zhou Wenxiu’s skin is getting better and better, and it is especially easy to leave marks…


Zhou Wenxiu: “…”


“Let others think I am very enthusiastic, we being very affectionate is also good. Not many people will specialize in setting up the persona of loving and caring wife?” Yan Jing Ze said.


“Are you the wife here? Who is tossing me every day?” Zhou Wenxiu thought that because Yan Jing Ze had a light psychic under his hands, so he tossed him every day, without rest, and was a little angry. He bit Yan Jing Ze’s neck.


But he was not willing to bite and in the end, he only kissed.


Yan Jing Ze felt tingly by his kiss that he suddenly thought of something: “Wait… Wenxiu, I’m on the live broadcast.”


Zhou Wenxiu: “……” He’s really going to bite!


People watching live: “……”


They’re on the wrong side! Standing on the wrong side!


Admiral Zhou is not an alpha male, he is just prideful ah!


Yan Jing Ze is not virtuous ah, he just loves his wife!


Wait, Yan Jing Ze said in public before that he likes to be raised?


Sir Yan, you really have the nerve, huh? You even let your wife raise you!


By the way, in the videos of these two, Zhou Wenxiu always stood in front of Yan Jing Ze when killing zombies. Sometimes the zombies were too many for Yan Jing Ze to deal with. It was Zhou Wenxiu who kept him protected…


While they admired Zhou Wenxiu’s strength before, they took it for granted, now…


Wake up, Sir Yan, don’t do live broadcasts, get up and work!


How can you be an otaku at home when your wife is running for Prime Minister!


Yan Jing Ze: “……” Why not? His family’s Wenxiu is willing to raise him, ah!

<< ToC >>


THE END! OH!! We reached 100 chapters! UwU

The next Arc is about a scum President and his white moonlight~ (*u*)

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