BH (QT) 101 – The President (1)

Chapter 101 – The President (1)


The apartment is small but the layout is very cozy.


The interior design is the popular Scandinavian style nowadays. The beige-colored sofa in the living room is not big. There are a few soft pillows on it. Opposite the sofa is a big TV. There are many discs under the TV and also stereos etc. On the wooden shelf next to the TV, a pot of hanging orchids has grown very luxuriantly, hanging down many branches.


Yan Jing Ze woke up on the sofa. This body should have fallen asleep on the sofa before, that’s why his body is a little sore.


Where is this?


Yan Jing Ze stood up abruptly and noticed that there was a mirror on the porch next to the living room. He walked over and saw in the mirror a young man with black eye bags under his eyes, wearing a wrinkled suit and looking very drained.


This is not him!


Everything here is just too unfamiliar… So, he has traversed?


Yan Jing Ze felt that he had crossed over, but he did not have the memories of the original owner of the body nor his own before traversing. Everything was vague for him which made him a bit torn.


Well, how did he traverse? Now he does not know anything, what to do?


While he was wondering, Yan Jing Ze’s phone rang.


He touched his phone and glanced at it and found that it was after 8 a.m. At the same time, the facial recognition activated and the phone unlocked automatically.


His phone received a message, a person named “Old Cai” sent some photos, and at the end, there is a sentence: “Old Yan, I do not mean to blame you, but… you should not be fooled by Jian Yunxiu, he is not a good thing!”


Who is this Old Cai? Who is Jian Yunxiu?


When Yan Jing Ze clicked on a photo, he saw a blurry photo of a man and a woman entangled together.


Of these two, the man in his early twenties looks pretty good, but the woman is different. This woman is in her forties, and she is a little fat…


This is a rich woman who raised a small fresh meat? This woman is very lucky!


That is, combined with the words sent by that person… Is the man in it Jian Yunxiu? The original owner wouldn’t have a relationship with him, right?


That would be disgusting…


Yan Jing Ze began to look through the previous chat records and found that going forward, the original owner had a fight with this person named Old Cai. The cause was that the person named Old Cai sent a video to the original owner with the text: “Yan Jing Ze, your dream lover went to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ to play and was reported!”


After that, it was the original owner who insisted that Jian Yunxiu was not such a person and would not go to the ‘Heaven on Earth’. Old Cai ridiculed the original owner, feeling that the original owner had a bad vision, and the two finally had a fight.


During the period, Old Cai also mentioned another person’s name. He told the original owner be nice to a person named Dong Qinglin. Saying that there are very few people like Dong Qinglin who are good to the original owner and let the original owner cherish it.


Yan Jing Ze: “…” He only looked at the chat history with this Old Cai and he was already worried.


The emotional experience of the original owner of this body seems to be very complicated… He doesn’t understand anything, can he handle it?


Also, the person in the photo below is the original owner’s dream lover. The original owner’s taste… he can’t bear it!


Yan Jing Ze was thinking so, and clicked on the video that Lao Cai sent a few days ago, which is said to be the arrest of his dream lover in the “Heaven on Earth”.


This video was shot at the entrance of a club. The person who took the shot was using a mobile phone. Because it was dark and shaking, the picture was very unclear, and the quality was similar to the photo that Old Cai just sent.


And this person who took the video was still saying while filming, “It’s Jian Yunxiu! It’s Jian Yunxiu!”


A young man in a white suit appeared in the picture. His expression was cold, his brows furrowed, and he looked a little impatient. While behind him, a policeman was pushing him.


After being pushed, his voice immediately rang out, “Don’t touch me!”


While talking in such a way, the man’s face also turned to the camera…


Obviously, the video was blurry, but Yan Jing Ze still got a good look at him and his heartbeat immediately sped up.


He fell in love at first sight!


The person in the video is a little impatient and looks angry, but how does he look so good? In this world, how can there be such a lovely person?


He knows why he crossed over! It must be for this person!


This is his male god!


The video was over, Yan Jing Ze clicked on it immediately and watched it again.


That’s when he suddenly realized something – the man in the photo he’d seen earlier with a fat woman in his arms looked like his male god!


But that is definitely not his male god.


Even if his male god is turned into ashes, he will not be mistaken!


At this time, the video was played again and Yan Jing Ze’s head started to feel dizzy. The memories belonging to the original owner suddenly appeared in his mind.


And as soon as he had these memories, he wanted to curse.


This original owner is really disgusting, he is simply a scum!


People like him should be euthanized!


The original owner, like him, is called Yan Jing Ze. He is twenty-eight years old, born from a wealthy family… a president.


The father of the original owner was born in the countryside and his family was very poor, but he was very clever and quite capable. When he went to work in a mine near the village, surprisingly, he was able to hook up with the only daughter of the coal boss.


The father of the original owner yearned for a rich life. He was very ambitious and did not hesitate to join the family of the coal boss.


According to local regulations, a family that has recruited a son-in-law can have two children. The original owner’s father and original owner’s mother gave birth to the original owner’s sister and the original owner, two children.


At that time, it happened to be the most profitable time for the coal industry. After giving birth to two children, the business has been very good. The original owner’s father got a lot of money from the original owner’s grandfather who had no place to spend it and began to open the company.


The father of the original owner is a capable person. At first, he opened a supermarket and retail and quickly seized the market with his abundant capital. Later, he began to do real estate and other industries… In short, he made an unknown amount of money.


As early as when the original owner was in his teens, his wealth exceeded that of his father-in-law. He also engaged with some young women outside, but he did not abandon his wife, so he only changed the name and surname of the original owner.


According to the words of the original owner’s father, he was just playing with the women outside. The family at home is still the most important… In short, he is still caring for his wife and children, but it does not prevent him from playing with women outside.


Of course, he is also very careful and will never produce another son. In this regard, Yan’s father has a saying, that is, he has a lot of wealth and is now ranked high, but if there are more children… In the next generation, wouldn’t the assets of the family become inferior to those of families with only one son or one daughter?


Anyway, he only needs his wife to give birth to a son and a daughter.


The original owner was raised in such a family.


When the original owner was just born, the father of the original owner was still living under the hands of the old man. He circled around his wife every day and did things like washing the diapers for his son… He went out when the original owner was three years old. It was when the original owner was 12 or 13 years old that he made a name for himself.


Then he took the original owner and the original owner’s sister to the city. He spent money to let them study in a private school.


At that time, the original owner was in the second year of middle school.


The original owner’s grandfather has mines and money in his hands. The next generation of his family, the original owner, and the original owner’s sister, he treasures them in his heart. He thinks that since the family has money, the two children can do what they want to do, do not have to study hard.


So, when the original owner was in elementary school, he didn’t focus on learning anything at all. And then he suddenly entered into the prestigious middle school…


He was undoubtedly at the bottom of the grades.


In addition, he is still a nouveau riche. He just knows how to buy all kinds of expensive clothes and shoes, but he doesn’t know anything about matching. He doesn’t know all kinds of talents. He can’t even speak in Mandarin…


As a matter of course, the original owner was looked down upon and rejected by others.


The original owner was also fierce and had a fight with someone… As a result, the family of that person was not simple. The original owner’s father was not so good at the time. In the end, it was clear that the person provoked the original owner first but he asked the original owner to apologize.


In this way, the original owner’s status in the school plummeted even more. He also knows that the family is unreliable and no longer confides to the family. And so, he lived a year with this kind of life.


It was also at this time that the original owner met the white moonlight of his heart, Jian Yunxiu.


When he was in his third year, Jian Yunxiu entered this school and attended the first year of middle school.


Jian Yunxiu’s family background is top-notch in such a school. He is also a well-known child prodigy, a musical genius, and he is full of glorious lights.


For such a person, the original owner is both envious and jealous, but also will circumvent. As a result, Jian Yunxiu actually took the initiative to contact the original owner.


That time, the original owner was bullied and beaten. He was hiding alone behind the school cafeteria indignantly vowing to take revenge when Jian Yunxiu suddenly appeared.


Jian Yunxiu took the original owner to the school doctor to treat his injuries and then comforted the original owner by teaching the original owner how to match clothes and how to deal with the people around him.


Jian Yunxiu is obsessed with cleanliness and doesn’t like to be in contact with people, but he always comes to the original owner, leaving a deep mark on the original owner’s heart.


At that time, the original owner regarded Jian Yunxiu as an angel and as his own salvation.


Unfortunately, he and Jian Yunxiu had only been together for a month, and before he could get acquainted, something happened to his family.


His mother found out about his dad’s cheating and made all sorts of trouble. His dad also gave up and wanted to change his name. When the two were arguing around, they also found out that he was being bullied at school…


In his third year, the original owner changed his name, moved to a new school, and started a new life.


The original school was left behind by him and only Jian Yunxiu was engraved in his heart.


Not long after the original owner left that school, Jian Yunxiu went abroad to study.


When he arrived abroad, his musical talent was completely revealed. At the age of 17 or 18, Jian Yunxiu became a recognized young prince of music.


His family is good and he has won many awards in music. Although he is a low-key person, he has inevitably become popular and attracted the attention of countless people.


The original owner was one of the people who followed him.


After leaving the middle school and changing his name, the original owner’s father realized his neglect of the family. He had feelings for his wife and children, so for a few years, he completely broke off contact with the women outside and devoted himself to educating his children. Therefore, the original owner and his sister were transformed and became outstanding.


The original owner has changed especially.


He developed late and his grandfather fed him too well when he was a child. He was actually a fat man when he went to the prestigious middle school, a dark-skinned fat man from the countryside.


This is also one of the reasons why he was bullied.


But then… he grew taller and his skin whitened. Compared to before, he has completely changed his appearance.


Not only that, but his family also became very rich.


The original owner then mulled it over and wanted to go after Jian Yunxiu – as time went on, the original owner discovered that he liked men and he liked Jian Yunxiu.


But the original owner heard that Jian Yunxiu had a person whom he liked for many years and had been looking for that person. Others also told him that Jian Yunxiu had a bad temper and was particularly indifferent to people and difficult to contact.


The original owner had changed completely in front of others. He was confident enough to the point of being arrogant, but in front of Jian Yunxiu, he still had an inevitable inferiority complex.


After receiving this news, he dared not approach Jian Yunxiu and only dared to pay attention secretly.


In addition to this, the original owner also thought of finding someone who looked like Jian Yunxiu and raise him as a stand-in.


The substitute that the original owner found was Dong Qinglin.


Dong Qinglin also plays music. Once when the original owner went to a restaurant to eat, he saw that he someone playing the piano in the restaurant and he looked very much like Jian Yunxiu. He was attracted to him and learned that his family was very poor and his mother was seriously ill. He let the assistant draft a sponsorship contract to support Dong Qinglin.


The original owner’s heart was still full of Jian Yunxiu at that time and did not do anything to Dong Qinglin. He just let Dong Qinglin pretend to be Jian Yunxiu in front of him.


And the house he is now in was bought by the original owner for Dong Qinglin to live in. He often came here but didn’t sleep with Dong Qinglin, he only let Dong Qinglin wear the clothes that Jian Yunxiu often wears and play the piano for him.


But Dong Qinglin fell in love with the original owner.


He is very attentive to the original owner and changes his way to please the original owner. When facing the original owner, he is meticulous, and even whether the original owner goes to find him or not, he will prepare the original owner’s favorite meals and wait for the original owner.


The original owner gradually got used to having such a person around him and brought Dong Qinglin to a few friends, and he also had some affection for Dong Qinglin.


He felt that he had nothing to do with Jian Yunxiu, so he wanted to keep Dong Qinglin by his side.


But one day, Dong Qinglin, who had been very well-behaved, suddenly turned away from the original owner and began to get close to other men.


What about the original owner? He said he loved Jian Yunxiu but could not let go of Dong Qinglin. He felt all kinds of jealousy, and at this time, Jian Yunxiu had an accident. All kinds of negative news about Jian Yunxiu was flying around.


Some of the news was fake at first glance, but the original owner believed it and felt that Jian Yunxiu was a person with a chaotic private life. The unattainable appearance in the past was all pretending.


At this time, Dong Qinglin wanted to terminate the sponsorship contract with the original owner. It let the original owner discover that he was in love with Dong Qinglin.


There is a problem with the original owner’s brain circuit. After he realized that he was in love with Dong Qinglin, he actually felt that Jian Yunxiu was only helping him to show his nobility. He also thought that Jian Yunxiu and those who bullied him were the same thing, and finally hated Jian Yunxiu.


In order to show his loyalty to Dong Qinglin, he also started to deal with Jian Yunxiu, fabricating black material about him. He even said that when he was in middle school, Jian Yunxiu was bullying others.


It was then that he and Jian Yunxiu had their first meeting since they grew up.


After encountering a lot of trouble, Jian Yunxiu, who was exhausted and very haggard, reacted unexpectedly after seeing the original owner.


Jian Yunxiu was very happy at the time, his eyes were shining brightly. He called out the name that the original owner had used before, saying that he had been looking for the original owner…


As a result, the original owner was furious and gave him a slap.


Yan Jing Ze backhandedly gave himself a slap, the original owner is simply not human!


Fortunately, this matter has not happened yet, and the Internet has just begun to have a variety of black material of Jian Yunxiu.

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