BH (QT) 102 – The President (2)

Chapter 102 – The President (2)

The time when Yan Jing Ze crossed over, Dong Qinglin has been distant from the original owner for almost three months and has been very close to another man. The original owner was jealous and couldn’t sleep at night, and felt very uncomfortable.

As for Jian Yunxiu…

Yan Jing Ze opened the dialogue window with “Old Cai” again.

After transferring from the middle school where he met Jian Yunxiu, the original owner did not go to another middle school but stayed at home to be taught by a tutor. After studying this way for a year, he took a good high school entrance examination. He met Old Cai in that high school and they became best friends.

Originally named Cai Heng, Old Cai was a rich second-generation like the original owner. When the original owner raised Dong Qinglin as a substitute, Old Cai felt that the original owner was crazy—even if he couldn’t catch up with the original, he didn’t need to spend so much money to raise a substitute.

But the original owner insisted. Later, seeing Dong Qinglin’s well-behaved attitude, he also introduced Dong Qinglin to Old Cai.

Over time, without knowing what was going on, Old Cai’s impression of Dong Qinglin got better and better. He even began to persuade the original owner to forget Jian Yunxiu and live with Dong Qinglin.

Of course, at that time, the original owner was still thinking of Jian Yunxiu, and he refused to agree until Jian Yunxiu’s black material was everywhere.

Just a week ago, a big event happened in the entertainment industry.

The police received a report and destroyed a nest involved in illegal crimes called “Heaven on Earth”. In the course of their duties, they also arrested many famous stars in the entertainment industry.

These celebrities gathered in the “Heaven on Earth” to take drugs, and… In short, when these people were pulled out, their clothes were not properly worn, and there were even delirious female celebrities who rushed to the police fully naked.

Then it was called a group of demons.

Jian Yunxiu… is also inside.

He was filmed when he was taken out of “Heaven on Earth” by the police. It was the video that made Yan Jing Ze fall in love at first sight before.

This video has long been circulating everywhere.

Who is Jian Yunxiu?

He is the most famous pianist in China. He has won many international awards, held many solo concerts, and even played the piano at the opening ceremonies of some important international competitions!

He is also a well-known composer and singer. He doesn’t take the path of the entertainment industry, but he writes his own songs, which are highly praised in the industry and have also won many awards.

When he was only 17 or 18 years old, some very famous pianists and singers abroad began to call him “little prince”. Today, he is recognized as one of the top musicians in the domestic music industry, and they call him “The Little Prince of Music”.

In addition to this, Jian Yunxiu also has a very good family background.

Although he never mentions his family members, netizens have already picked it up. He is the son of Jian Qishan, chairman of Detai Pharmaceuticals.

To be talented, to have good looks, to have a family background…

No matter how low-key Jian Yunxiu is, his popularity is still very high.

Some people who don’t know the piano at all have heard his name and can say things about him, and some have become fans of him purely because of his face.

Everyone thought he was a noble and unattainable young prince.

Such a person, surprisingly, was brought out by the police from “Heaven on Earth”…

The Internet exploded all at once and they all said that Jian Yunxiu’s persona had collapsed.

Yan Jing Ze clicked on the video again and looked at it, feeling a little distressed for Jian Yunxiu inside.

Although the original owner quarreled with Old Cai, saying that Jian Yunxiu should have entered by mistake and did not do those dirty things, in fact, his heart had already been affected. He felt that Jian Yunxiu was not as noble and pure as he thought.

But then Yan Jing Ze knew that Jian Yunxiu must have entered by mistake.

At that time, those people in the entertainment industry who were brought out were disheveled while Jian Yunxiu was neat from head to toe. His white suit was not even a little wrinkled… He was definitely too unlucky and was accidentally involved in this matter!

The original owner was very concerned about Jian Yunxiu and knew a lot of things about him, and he had the original owner’s memories, so of course, he knew that too.

And one of those things is that Jian Yunxiu has a very strong cleanliness fixation.

Jian Yunxiu used to go to performances and was unwilling to shake hands with others. How could he go to “Heaven on Earth” and mix with a group of dirty and smelly people?

Only by watching the video, he could already see that Jian Yunxiu was very confused and very uncomfortable… The original owner did not understand Jian Yunxiu at all. Surprisingly, after being accused repeatedly, he really believed that Jian Yunxiu went to such a place and did something bad!

The original owner was convinced and more people on the internet were also convinced. In the past few days, many people have said that Jian Yunxiu’s previous appearance of being unattainable was pretend, saying that he can get the current praise thanks to various gold masters.

There are even people who say that as long as they have money, they can sleep with Jian Yunxiu.

This matter continued for several days. In the past few days, the original owner did not help Jian Yunxiu at all but has been struggling with Dong Qinglin’s affairs.

The sponsorship contract between the original owner and Dong Qinglin was about to expire. Dong Qinglin has said he wants to cancel the contract, but the original owner is reluctant from the bottom of his heart and has not slept well for several days.

Yesterday was the last day of the contract, and the original owner came to his house where Dong Qinglin was kept and wanted to talk to Dong Qinglin.

Dong Qinglin was not there, the original owner waited all night without seeing anyone. After calling Dong Qinglin, the phone was turned off, and finally fell asleep on the sofa.

When the original owner wakes up… he becomes him.

Fortunately, he came through!

Luckily, he crossed over!

Yan Jing Ze felt unable to breathe when he thought of what would have happened if he hadn’t come.

In the original course of history, the original owner woke up and saw the indecent photos sent by Old Cai, “Jian Yunxiu hanging out with a rich woman”.

He could tell at a glance that the person in the picture was not Jian Yunxiu, just a man who resembled Jian Yunxiu, but the original owner could not see it and felt cheated by Jian Yunxiu.

This fool didn’t even think, with Jian Yunxiu’s family background, does he need to mess with a rich woman?

In short, the original owner is brainless. After seeing the photos, he feels that the pure white moonlight in his heart is not pure.

At this time, Dong Qinglin came back and wanted to terminate the sponsorship contract with the original owner, saying that he was unwilling to be someone else’s stand-in… The original owner felt that Dong Qinglin was pure and unpretentious, and found that what he loved was actually Dong Qinglin.

In short, the original owner refused to terminate the sponsorship contract, but at this time… the original owner also refused to admit that he liked Dong Qinglin.

After that, the original owner has been pestering Dong Qinglin and not letting go. Sending Dong Qinglin all kinds of things, helping Dong Qinglin do things, showing his deep regret every day… Even if Dong Qinglin had another man not inferior to the original owner, the original owner also insisted to be the male mistress.

The original owner felt that Dong Qinglin loved him and was not with him solely because of Jian Yunxiu.

At that time, Jian Yunxiu was already too black to turn over.

Some indecent photos of “Jian Yunxiu” with other people have been exposed on the Internet. Not only that, the music that Jian Yunxiu just released is also suspected of plagiarism…

The most important thing is that the Jian family didn’t even care about Jian Yunxiu.

The original owner was already very disappointed with Jian Yunxiu at this time and felt that he would lose Dong Qinglin all because of Jian Yunxiu, so he began to deal with Jian Yunxiu.

He did not only hire the water army to blacken Jian Yunxiu, but also went to the door to find Jian Yunxiu, slapped Jian Yunxiu, called Jian Yunxiu shameless, and told Jian Yunxiu that he fell to this end all because of him.

At that time, Jian Yunxiu lost his spirit and became lifeless.

That slap… Those insults…

Yan Jing Ze thought of this and wanted to beat himself again.

Jian Yunxiu, the young prince of music, was subjected to verbal abuse and online violence for the next two years. He suffered from severe depression, recuperated, attempted suicide, and continued to recuperate.

In the end, he went abroad in disgrace and ended up with too much bad luck and died in a plane crash.

The only thing that makes Yan Jing Ze happy is that the original owner was also on this plane and died together.

Jian Yunxiu died a pitiful death, as for the original owner… died a good death!

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and continued to comb through the memories of the original owner.

The original owner was confused, but he was awake.

When the original owner inquired about Jian Yunxiu’s news, he once inquired that Jian Yunxiu had a person whom he liked for many years. Jian Yunxiu was still looking for that person. Later, the original owner went to find Jian Yunxiu. Jian Yunxiu opened his mouth and called out the original owner’s original name and said that he had been looking for the original owner…

Jian Yunxiu was so happy back then…

The person he likes is the original owner.

Jian Yunxiu likes the original owner for so many years, has been looking for the original owner, and finally met the original owner. He was so happy to finally meet the original owner but was slapped in the face by the original owner.

Later, he was insulted by the original owner and learned that the original owner was the one who dealt with him…

How sad was Jian Yunxiu at that time?

What did the original owner look like when he was in middle school? He was dark and fat, and he was at the bottom of the school. He was bullied by everyone, so Jian Yunxiu always came to him to help him.

At that time, Jian Yunxiu had always ignored other people in the school, he was only interested in the original owner.

Such a sincere feeling…

Yan Jing Ze was distressed.

A few years ago, the original owner could obviously go to Jian Yunxiu. That was a happy ending. The original owner felt inferior and said that he liked Jian Yunxiu, but he didn’t even dare to say thank you to Jian Yunxiu, so he only dared to find a substitute.

As for the fact that the original owner likes to be with the substitute…

Anyway, Yan Jing Ze doesn’t understand this.

Why is Dong Qinglin pure and unpretentious? Didn’t he collect the money?

The original owner was a president, he had money in his hands, and he didn’t bother to deceive people. He made it clear to Dong Qinglin from the beginning, he only looked for Dong Qinglin because he wants Dong Qinglin to be a substitute.

Dong Qinglin has been with the original owner for three years. In these three years, the original owner gave Dong Qinglin money which is at least 5 million.

If someone gives you a house to live in, buys you a car to drive, and gives you 100,000 “salary” every month, gives you a little more money at every turn, only to let you play the piano in another person’s clothes when he needs it, and learn from another person, would you do it?

Yan Jing Ze believes if he went online to post recruitment, there will certainly be countless people scrambling to apply for jobs.

It was Dong Qinglin who took so much money from the original owner and still looked aggrieved. Just because Dong Qinglin liked the original owner, and the original owner did not like Dong Qinglin before.

But wasn’t that the deal from the beginning? The agreement was all signed as a sponsorship agreement!

What’s even better is that Dong Qinglin has recently hooked up with someone else!

All in all, Yan Jing Ze has no good feeling about this Dong Qinglin, and does not want to entangle with this person. He only wants to see Jian Yunxiu now.

The “Heaven on Earth” incident just came out and there are messy photos on the Internet… He doesn’t know how Jian Yunxiu is now.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t stay in the place where the original owner had raised Dong Qinglin, so he got up and went to the door.

At this moment, the door of the house opened and Dong Qinglin walked in.

Dong Qinglin is similar to Jian Yunxiu in fifty to sixty percent. If you look at the profile, you can even see a similarity in seventy to eighty percent.

But he didn’t have Jian Yunxiu’s distinctive refined temperament.

At this moment, Dong Qinglin is holding a folder, wearing a gray turtleneck sweater that Jian Yunxiu would not wear, a black jacket, blue jeans, a pair of Martin boots on his feet, looking very youthful. He is looking at Yan Jing Ze with mockery on his face.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Is this person sick? Why should he be mocked?

“Yan Jing Ze, today our contract expires, from now on, we have no more relationship.” Dong Qinglin looked at the man across from himself and said coldly.

“Good.” Yan Jing Ze directly agreed.

This contract must be terminated quickly! He didn’t want to get involved with Dong Qinglin anymore.

With such a person by his side, even if Jian Yunxiu liked him, he might not want to be with him!

Now Yan Jing is grateful for one thing—the original owner did not sleep with Dong Qinglin.

At first, the original owner did not have any interest in Dong Qinglin, but later… After Dong Qinglin left, the original owner was interested in Dong Qinglin, but the original owner still said Dong Qinglin was a substitute, so Dong Qinglin had to listen…

Thankfully, the original owner never confessed to Dong Qinglin, nor did he sleep with Dong Qinglin.

The fact that Yan Jing Ze agreed so quickly made Dong Qinglin confused: “You agreed?”

“Yes, is there anything else? Should I sign the termination of contract?” Yan Jing Ze asked. The document Dong Qinglin was holding should be the termination of the contract.

Dong Qinglin obviously didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. He was a little overwhelmed by the reaction but he quickly took a deep breath and said: “If you want to sign, we will sign. There is also this house. I am used to living here and want to buy it from you.”

Dong Qinglin said and gave the termination document to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze drew out a pen to sign and while signing, he said: “In fact, our contract has no legal benefit. You don’t have to go straight away. I can’t go to court to sue you. There is no need to sign any contract cancellation… As for this house, can you afford it?”

If he hadn’t come, but the original owner was here, this morning would have been a blast.

The original owner waited for Dong Qinglin all night and saw Jian Yunxiu’s “indecent photos” early in the morning. When Dong Qinglin came, he was already angry. Dong Qinglin took out the cancellation paper to terminate the contract but was torn by the original owner. Said that he would not terminate the contract even if he died. Dong Qinglin quarreled with the original owner, saying that he would not renew the contract after he died anyway…

Two people refused to give in, in the middle, Dong Qinglin also mentioned buying this house.

Then the original owner didn’t know what he thought, he gave the house directly to Dong Qinglin.

The original owner has never worked hard to earn money. You wouldn’t know how expensive wood and rice are if you’re not in charge, would you? This house is located in B City, although not large but it is more than 120 square meters. The location is very good, and it can’t be bought with less than ten million!

Dong Qinglin, a guy who only knows how to spend money, wants to leave. Why did the original owner stop him? He also sent a house worth ten million and continued to give 100,000 dollars of “salary” every month after that…

What a loser!

“How much money do you want?” Dong Qinglin looked at Yan Jing Ze disdainfully.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I originally wanted to sell this house. I will find someone to estimate the price in two days. If you want to buy it, you can ask my secretary. You have his mobile phone number.” Dong Qinglin’s family was so poor that his mother relied on him to pay for her medical treatment, so how can there be money to buy a house with the money he gave? Yan Jing Ze suspected that Dong Qinglin wanted him to send it by himself.

But it is impossible to give away the house for free, no matter what! By the way, the car that the original owner gave to Dong Qinglin was given when he first met. At that time, he didn’t care about Dong Qinglin so he didn’t write Dong Qinglin’s name… That car, he also wanted it back!

“I don’t want to get involved with you too much, please make a price quickly!” Dong Qinglin said. Is this a way to hold him back? But he didn’t want to get in touch with him anymore!

This scum, he has to kick him as far away as possible!

“Then fifteen million.” Yan Jing Ze said: “When you have the money ready, you can find my secretary and ask him to arrange the itinerary. I will transfer the account.”

When Dong Qinglin heard the price, his eyes suddenly widened, and he looked at Yan Jing Ze incredulously.

“Is everything okay? I’ll leave now if it’s okay, I have something to do,” Yan Jing Ze said, turning around and leaving.

He was going to talk about the car but was too lazy to talk about it with Dong Qinglin.

Let the secretary talk about it later.

As for him… he’s going to find Jian Yunxiu!

While Yan Jing Ze walked fast, Dong Qinglin stood in place, he was dumbfounded.

This is not what he thought!

He thought that today, he would be the one who didn’t want Yan Jing Ze anymore and kicked him with pleasure, but what happened? How does it look like Yan Jing Ze kicked him instead?

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