BH (QT) 103 – The President (3)

Chapter 103 – The President (3)


Yan Jing Ze didn’t know Dong Qinglin’s entanglement. He had the memory of the original owner, so he was not afraid of anything.


After going out, Yan Jing Ze first called his secretary. He asked the secretary to come and meet him at his house, then he went to his car and drove home.


Yesterday, the original owner was heartbroken for Dong Qinglin and made himself look ghastly. He decided to clean himself up first before going to Jian Yunxiu.


As for Jian Yunxiu’s residence… the original owner had already found it!


When Yan Jing Ze arrived home, the secretary had not yet come, he sent a message to the secretary and went into the bathroom.


After taking a shower and shaving the stubble off his face, Yan Jing Ze changed into a high-fashion suit.


Although the man who appeared in the mirror still has some black and blue under his eyes, his spirit is much better. Looking at it… he is still quite handsome.


The original owner’s father was born as a farmer and had not read any books. However, he can still hook the only daughter of the coal boss who has seen a lot of men in the city. When he was young, he was a good-looking man. The original owner is like his father, he looks equally good.


When the original owner was young, he became a dark-skinned boy by running all over the mountains and was raised too fat by his grandfather. So, he became a fat dark-skinned boy.


Yan Jing Ze touched his face and went downstairs.


The original owner’s father is very caring about his son. The original owner has just graduated, and a decorated villa has already been put under his name. This is the current set. The original owner usually lives here, even if he goes to Dong Qinglin to watch Dong Qinglin’s piano performance for a few hours, he will not stay overnight, he will always come home.


This is the site recognized by the original owner and the place that makes the original owner feel at ease—the walls of this villa are covered with photos of Jian Yunxiu.


There are photos of Jian Yunxiu participating in the performance, private photos of Jian Yunxiu, and even photos of Jian Yunxiu secretly taken by the original owner.


In all the photos, Jian Yunxiu is dressed in white. Sometimes his face is expressionless, and sometimes he shows a faint smile. Just looking at it makes people’s hearts beat faster.


Yan Jing Ze felt that he was too happy.


It’s a pity that such good photos were later torn by the original owner. And because Dong Qinglin hated this villa, he even sold the villa.


What a dumbass.


When Yan Jing Ze went downstairs, his secretary was already waiting.


Although the original owner was the president, he did not rely on real talents to become the president. He mainly relied on his father—the company that the original owner now manages was given by his father.


Of course, the original owner is not useless, at least he can still manage.


As a president, the original owner has a piece of standard equipment for the president—a glamorous female secretary.


This secretary is mainly responsible for the life of the original owner, such as helping the original owner pay Dong Qinglin or something.


“Secretary Zhou, I don’t need to pay any more for Dong Qinglin in the future. I seem to have given Dong Qinglin a secondary card? Cancel it. And the house he lives in, you can find someone to estimate and sell it… The piano and other things inside can be sold first, they are not cheap. Yes, there is his car, bring it back to the company as a public car,” Yan Jing Ze said many things in one breath.


The original owner has not had a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past few years, and he has no bad hobbies. He has more money, but he has nowhere to spend it. Dong Qinglin always cooks for him. He always cares for him very much. So, the original owner naturally treats Dong Qinglin very generously.


For example, when Dong Qinglin studied piano, the original owner spent a lot of money to find him the best teacher.


Of course, these have to stop now.


Dong Qinglin is already in love with someone else, why should he be taken advantage of?


That’s right, Dong Qinglin has another object. The person’s surname is Gao and his name is Gao Bohao. Although Gao Bohao’s family is not richer than his family, Gao Bohao is very capable and much better than the original one.


In the original course of history, in the next two years, the original owner entangled Dong Qinglin like crazy and angered Gao Bohao. So, Gao Bohao brought down the original owner’s company…


However, Yan Jing Ze did not hate Gao Bohao, that was the original owner’s own doing.


Anyway, he will draw a line with Dong Qinglin in the future, Gao Bohao will not come again to trouble him.


Secretary Zhou is the same age as the original owner and is also 28 years old. She is extraordinarily beautiful, has a hot body, and an outstanding appearance. So, it is not embarrassing at all for the original owner to take her to whatever events.


At this moment, this gorgeous secretary looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise: “Are you sure?”


Yan Jing Ze said, “Sure.”


“A few days ago, didn’t you still…” Secretary Zhou looked at his boss hesitantly. When Dong Qinglin was so obedient to her boss, her boss dismissed Dong Qinglin. But a few months ago, after Dong Qinglin suddenly stopped sending meals to her boss and didn’t text and call her boss, their boss suddenly became attached to Dong Qinglin. He asked her to prepare gifts to send to Dong Qinglin. He also asked her to pay attention to Dong Qinglin’s movements.


In the past few days, it was because Dong Qinglin had thrown a big tantrum.


She thought Dong Qinglin, the substitute, would soon be able to turn over!


Yan Jing Ze said: “I originally thought… it would be fine to stay with him for two more years, but he didn’t want to stay, so just let him go… Now the most important thing is Yun Xiu’s matter.”


Secretary Zhou was taken aback, Yan Jing Ze was very concerned about Jian Yunxiu before, but he didn’t mention him at all in these few days… Why is he thinking about him now?


“Yunxiu was framed, I must find a way to help him clear his name! You help me to find a good public relations team and then look for a good agent…” Yan Jing Ze ordered a large number of things and finally said: “When the matter is done, I’ll give you a pay rise!”


When Secretary Zhou heard the last sentence, she was in high spirits: “Don’t worry, I will get it done for you!”


Yan Jing Ze went out with Secretary Zhou and then got into his car.


He was going to find Jian Yunxiu.


Behind Yan Jing Ze, Secretary Zhou watched him leave before getting into the car and then heading to the place where Yan Jing Ze gave Dong Qinglin residence before.


She has the keys there, so go ahead and sell those expensive musical instruments now.


Thinking that Dong Qinglin was about to be swept away, Secretary Zhou suddenly felt a little sympathy for him, but soon felt that something was wrong with her.


Dong Qinglin relied on his face to get several million from her boss, and now she’s hooked up with Gao Bohao. Why should she sympathize?


She might as well pity herself.


Whenever Yan Jing Ze makes a phone call, she had to come no matter what she was doing, and only got 20,000 yuan a month.


Secretary Zhou went on an errand, while Yan Jing Ze drove up the street. He thought about something, he first went to the supermarket and bought a can of good milk powder, and good tea leaves, as well as sugar.


He remembered that Jian Yunxiu likes to drink milk tea.


But Jian Yunxiu has a habit of cleanliness. He would never buy the milk tea from the milk tea shop near the school, so he would bring it all by himself.


After buying something, Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and went directly to Jian Yunxiu’s community.


Jian Yunxiu was born in the Jian family. His father was indeed Jian Qishan, the chairman of Detai Pharmaceuticals.


In recent years, there have been more and more pharmaceutical companies, so Detai Pharmaceuticals has not earned so much. But their company has some drugs that are recognized by the people, so the Jian family is still very rich.


But Jian Yunxiu’s relationship with his family is not good.


It is said that when Jian Yunxiu went abroad to study, he did not use his father’s money. In the original course of history, Jian Yunxiu’s black material was flying all over the sky but Jian Qishan did not care.


Jian Yunxiu was ill and committed suicide, he tossed for two years. In the end, a teacher abroad contacted him, he finally had a place to go so he prepared to go abroad.


Jian Yunxiu has the talent, his domestic black material is not known by many people abroad. After going abroad, if his illness is treated properly, he can have a bright future.


Unfortunately, the plane crashed.


Yan Jing Ze memorized the time of the plane crash several times and decided to remind the airline in advance.


What about the people in a plane… Except for the damn original owner, no one else deserves to die.


Back to business.


Because Jian Yunxiu’s relationship with the Jian family is not good, and B City is a place where every inch of land is for the rich, so even if Jian Yunxiu is a well-known artist, he lives in an average place.


At least, it is not like the community where Yan Jing Ze’s villa is located, getting in and out is troublesome.


The houses in this community can even be easily bought.


The original owner bought a house here, Yan Jing Ze swiped his card and walked directly inside.


He knew where Jian Yunxiu lived. Yan Jing Ze carried the can of milk powder and went to the place where Jian Yunxiu lived.


Just don’t know if Jian Yunxiu is at home.


Jian Yunxiu is at home.


He lives on the top floor of a twenty-floor building in this community.


His home is not large, there is not much furniture in the house. The decoration is also cold and bland, more seemingly boring.


At this moment, Jian Yunxiu was sitting on the white marble stool beside the white marble dining table, his face a little pale.


There were several reporters squatting in front of his house, and there were people calling out, which put him under great pressure, and his whole nerves were tense.


“Yunxiu, shall we call the police?” the person sitting opposite Jian Yunxiu suggested.


The person sitting opposite to Jian Yunxiu is a student named Yu Ye whom Jian Yunxiu met when he was studying music abroad.


Back then, Yu Ye’s family was quite rich, so even if he was not talented, he went abroad to study music. Unfortunately, he was out of luck. After two years of studying, the family went bankrupt and his father became an old debtor.


Yu Ye immediately became a poor man, not to mention continuing his studies, even eating became a problem. It was Jian Yunxiu who helped him.


Then he started to follow Jian Yunxiu to mix.


Jian Yunxiu’s habit of cleanliness is very serious. There is a social disorder, he doesn’t like to contact people. He acted as Jian Yunxiu’s agent, helping him to receive various jobs.


But that’s all he can do. He didn’t learn anything properly before, he doesn’t know much. This recent thing, he has tried his best but still can’t solve it.


First, a week ago, Jian Yunxiu received a message that the person he was looking for was in the “Heaven on Earth”. Jian Yunxiu rushed over but the police received a report and surrounded the “Heaven on Earth”.


Jian Yunxiu was taken away by the police just like that.


This is a misunderstanding. Jian Yunxiu actually didn’t do anything. After registering at the police station, he could go home… But the video of Jian Yunxiu’s “arrest” was posted online!


Even if Jian Yunxiu went home, even if they clarified, many people would still turn a blind eye, thinking that Jian Yunxiu must have done dirty things!


Moreover, in that video, Jian Yunxiu had a bad attitude towards the police.


He is familiar with Jian Yunxiu. He knows that Jian Yunxiu is obsessed with cleanliness, he was unhappy when he was pushed by the police. But others don’t think so! They think that Jian Yunxiu himself did such dirty things, but still gave the police a scowl, which made the people feel disgusted.


In addition to this, last night, there are some “Jian Yunxiu” indecent photos were spread everywhere.


Yu Ye was 100% sure that it was not Jian Yunxiu.


With Jian Yunxiu’s habit of cleanliness, even if he meets someone he likes, maybe he will only have a platonic relationship with that person. Facing such a middle-aged woman… Even if Jian Yunxiu only shakes hands with her, he would have to wash his hands ten or twenty times in private!


He knows but others do not. Many people on the Internet felt that the person in the photo was Jian Yunxiu, and some people went down and said bad things about Jian Yunxiu.


Jian Yunxiu doesn’t like to socialize with people. Some old artists invited him to participate in activities out of good intentions. He always refuses as much as possible. Going out… he can’t go with people to have fun because of his cleanliness. But he is too outstanding, too sought after. His fame and other aspects have overwhelmed those people.


How can such a person not attract people’s jealousy?


Anyway, quite a few people hate Jian Yunxiu. Some of them don’t hate him but they won’t help him out at a time like this.


Yu Ye was very anxious.


Jian Yunxiu was also uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do.


Now Yu Ye proposes to call the police… Jian Yunxiu said: “Don’t call the police!” He had just gone to the police station a few days ago and had a psychological shadow of the place.


“Then what to do?” Yu Ye asked.


Jian Yunxiu said with a pale face: “If we don’t open the door, they will naturally leave.”


It can only like this… Yu Ye said, “Alas, Yun Xiu, if you do not spend money to find that fatty and keep some money in our hands, then we can also go and hire a water army or something…”


Jian Yunxiu didn’t mix in the entertainment industry. He couldn’t mix in the entertainment industry like this, so naturally, he didn’t make a lot of money.


After buying this house, he usually spends a lot of money to buy some musical instruments or something. Jian Yunxiu keeps asking private investigators to find someone… They actually don’t have any savings.


“Don’t call him ‘Fatty’!” Jian Yunshu was somewhat agitated and scraped his nails on the tabletop.


“Okay, okay, I won’t call him that,” Yu Ye said, looking at the door again anxiously.


Those reporters are squatting directly in front of their door… What can they do?


Just as he was worried, Yu Ye suddenly heard a voice: “Who are you people? What do you want to do squatting in front of someone else’s house?”


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Water army – those paid group of netizens


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